UN tries to thwart fully-approved Canadian infrastructure projects, supports similar ones in China, and I don’t remember voting for those clowns

None of the three Canadian projects that the UN wants halted have even a fraction of the magnitude of any of the problems the Three Gorges Dam created, but, hey, this is Canada. You want to steal lunch money? Those dumb Canadians (or their government anyway) will roll over in a heartbeat, without a fight, without a whimper. Read on…

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  1. “The latest UN salvo is too much; it is absurd, unwarranted, unfair, political and none of their damned business”

    The SCOC made a ruling that the aboriginals MUST be properly consulted… But since that ruling the BC Courts have ruled that aboriginals have absolute approval (yes/no) rights and the Metis activist (Jody) AG did not challenge those rulings…

    What do you expect! when the door is wide open the UN will come in and make demands///You’s are screwed

    1. Except the BC Courts are not the final word on the matter……and in fact, two Supreme Court of Canada decisions issued on July 26, 2017 made it abundantly clear that, while the federal government has a duty to consult, that does not mean that First Nations can veto a project.

      The Chippewas of the Thames First Nation decision ruled that the consultation with the Chippewas had been adequate.

      The Chippewas were objecting to a reversal and expansion of a pipeline owned by Enbridge. The Supreme Court ruled against the Chippewas in that case and in doing so affirmed that, provided consultations are adequate, First Nations don’t have the legal authority to stop developments in their territory.

      “The duty to consult does not provide a ‘veto’ for indigenous peoples over Crown decision,”

  2. I wish there was a judge that would stop windmills for lack of consultation.

    There should be unanimous agreement from all First Nations prior to the installation of any new windmills.

    Windmills kill eagles and potentially deprive First Nations of eagle feathers.

    Semi-Sarcasm off

  3. If it was a state-run project it would be ok, Canada still has a “capitalism” problem in their eyes. I’ve been listening for years, when they chirp stuff like “deconstruct capitalism” they mean it.

  4. OK, I’ll bite: If Canada decided to ignore these UN pronouncements, what are the avenues of enforcement that the “UN” bureaucracy would apply?

    Because it has to be a actual state agency hiding behind the meaningless “UN logo” that enforces this blather or it’s just hot air.

    America has constructed and continued connections and development of natural gas pipelines along the Rover infrastructure in Pennsylvania and other states which is linked to Canadian pipes further north, and I haven’t heard any serious discussions of UN approval being required (possibly because the UN’s committees know it will lose face once we ignored them).

    But these “anti-racism” UN bureaucrats are posturing as if they have the leverage, an “enforcement mechanism”, hiding behind their “UN logo” – so who are they?

    It just sounds like they’re trying to throw political cover in hopes of meaningful actors to obstruct, but the project can otherwise move forward without issue.

    1. It doesn t take much to fool Justin Turdeau especially when his advisers have already drank the UN koolaid.

  5. If this is to continue being a country we have to start acting like one. No one gets to shut down necessary infrastructure ever. If necessary call out the army. Tell the UN to go to hell and all the green freaks and the Indians can join them.

  6. If you didn’t vote PPC, then you did vote for these clowns as it was the only party that didn’t bow down to the UN, accept the 2030 and aboriginal rights stuff the UN puts out. All the others supported this UN thing. Sorry.

  7. You want to know why they do it? Xi is not Trudeau. And Trudeau is not Xi. That explains everything!!!

  8. for at least 25 years,i have been warning people about the u.n. they said i needed help………who needs help now???

  9. Know what your talkin about robert, try to tell people who have been brainwashed by the mockingbird media and it’s impossible. This turd that toronto gave us all, is a bought and paid for marionette, dancing around the world like a drunken low IQ uncle at a lower caste wedding. Thanks for the 1 way ticket toronto.

    1. Would that be no nuts and no jobs? When the government makes it impossible to get a job, I don’t care how big your nuts are you have to get the hell out of here.

  10. The Prime Minister, politically, can’t be honest about his goals and actually say that he wants to kill the economy of much of Western Canada but he is happy that the UN can do so on his behalf as one who automatically supports the uber state in all things. It’s so much easier to do the “Butt’s declared correct thing” without the bother of getting citizen consent.

    Agenda 21 sounds initially like a tinfoil hat conspiracy but after a little research into the activities of the greens and more importantly, the political left now residing within the greens, the UN and their hopes of global governance is becoming more of a reality by the day. The UN is as big a threat to liberty, national sovereignty, and reason as any foreign or domestic enemy has ever been. No western nation should fund or belong to such an organization.

  11. Remember.
    We are no longer a sovereign country with self direction.
    Didn’t our fearful leader call us a “post national state”? We are only a state of the UN mega project.
    His view is that we must obey our unelected, self appointed overlords.