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  1. The NHL must follow Blackie’s rules for recruits in the Canadian Armed Forces, and only hire black, muslim, lesbians, in wheelchairs.

  2. Pre-Boomer & Six Team Saturday* Night Hockey in Canada; * & Wednesday — earning One point out of a required Ten — towards a free beer during Stanley Cup from money accumalated at a $ 1.00 / bottle during regular Season. Maple Leafs win Stanley Cup– when?

    Michael McCallion
    9 mins ·
    Lets see: if you are an anti-Semite or anti-Zionist [same thing__ regardless of the sophistry by the unreasoned iteration of most North American JournOlists __ } anyways ” If ” as this sentence began reading the Tablet Magazine referencing The Labour Party of U.K. and it’s anti-Semite Leaders Corbyn then just in thinking will be pleased by Corbin’s practiced pattern of anti-semitism.
    Possibly if you are an anti-semitist or a jew-hater — especially a Jew — jewhater will be upset the New York Times & possibly Washington Post are recognizably pulling back from Their support of the Democrat Leadership effort to use any possible means to criticize President Donald Trump’s Administration. Especially now; not hiding the incredible __ Turn Around in the Economy and unemployment __. The continually failing effort to cover-up the incredible misuse of Power by the Soros/Clinton Family cabal; is chasing voters away from any iteration of Democrat.
    Drawing a direct comparison between Democrat CYA activities & the Liberal Party of canada is especially difficult since the Trudeau Dynasty has not unfolded as the Laurentien/Franco Elite control od the Privy Council became fully displayed through inept practices from the Socialism efforts of the justin Trudeau ‘Special Advisor’ destroyed Ontario’s Economy and actually made Ontario a __ Have-Not _ province in the laurentien gambit to gain more and more largesse from the Regional Equalization stuff-ing. This was seriously damaged even further when the Toronto N.D.P gurus following the Gerald Butts Socialism betrayer’s of Canada’s English Culture by destroying Alberta’s economy under the N.D.P. Government.
    The First step(s) for recovery in Ontario & Alberta has happened with the ‘Slam -Dunk” removal of Ontario’s Branch Government of the Liberal Party of canada and Alberta’s __ continuing N.D.P. coddling of the Liberal Party of canada’s uncaring Effort to Change — All of Canada into a click-heel image of “One World” Europes’ abandonment of Democracy by Re – creating the European Monarchy through a __ never to be held accountable Bureaucracy __ . I guess not providing any sense of history has hidden the development of Europes Monarchial establishment and Courrtier -Class; [ read bureaucrat } during the Dark Ages.
    Also forgotten was the 1920’s Germany’s extraordinary element of Uniformed Party Members of National Socialism; used as weaponized alternatives against the Communist Socialism thugs. The Fascism of the Russian Bureaucracy controlled Government of leftist terrorism fighting against the similar leftist terrorism of the Germany National Socialist — re-identifying itself as being a rightest political party until the Communist fascim was physically eliminated by ‘brute force’.___ Germany then re-identified as a leftist Fascist party joining with Mussolini’s Fascit Italia and Persia/Iran’s Fascism.
    The Courtier Class is now established with the One World European Union; it is merely a couple of Genaerations before the Monarchy of Kings & Queens and Shah’s or Caliph’s are back in Place.
    The U.S.A.’s formerly recognized ” Paper of Record ” the New York Times appears finally appears to be moving towards regaining Its reputation. The Washington Post is a Very Rich Man’s plaything and no one, not even the Very Rich Man, has any idea what comes next.
    Canada as the remaining Federation of nine Provinces & three Territories is at the near point of the ‘long term’ discussions of [ –changes to Canada/Quebec’s borders –] which has been sititng in one of the Privy Council’s Office secretive vaults. Probably only opened every decade for more ‘ what-if ‘ or when there is an easily maniputable Liberal Party Administration on hand

  3. What’s with all these NHL wannabes complaining about coaches snapping the waistbands of their panties?

  4. Oh well. If the NHL is too stupid to figure out that sissifying the sport might cost it a good chunk of its fan base, then it deserves to pull the trigger on itself.

    Then again, I said the same thing when the end zone mincers in the NFL went down on bended knee…but I think just about everybody except me a is still tuning in.

      1. I must admit that I enjoy girl’s curling more than the men’s. Something about a trim and fit woman bending over with a broom in her hand … must be my “Boomer mentality” or my “toxic masculinity”. Go Sweden! So my viewership goes into the women’s curling purse. Looks like the women curlers win the SWEEPstakes!

        1. Yeah, gotta agree. Curling seems to be, to me, one of those sports in which women can compete on a level playing field with men, and as a male viewer i prefer to see female broomers.

      2. Alas, curling at the national and international association level is already very politically correct. For example, one of the justifications for the dreadful mixed doubles format, which is being promoted very hard by the WCF, is that it requires use of one of each, man and woman (note how there is no parallel men-only or women-only doubles). The MD format dumbs the game down by diminishing the importance of the strength advantage men naturally have in sweeping and throwing hard. At the grassroots club level, curling is already sensibly egalitarian with men and women competing on an equal basis., where the strength advantage is inconsequential in the face of poorer skill and technique.

        The CCA announcement about the prize pot is purely symbolic – Brier games attract about double the viewers vs the Scotties (https://edmontonjournal.com/sports/curling/terry-jones-curling-television-rating-continue-to-soar). And that’s where the ad money for the CCA comes from. The money the teams get is completely unrelated to their tv popularity anyway.

        1. I dunno about that, CanSco. I appreciate your obvious knowledge of the mixed doubles format but at the Sochi winter games the most entertaining curling was in the mixed doubles (the fact Canada won gold while the heavily favoured men’s and women’s teams soiled the sheets, so to speak, is a contributing factor). The constantly hilariously on-ice bitching between the Russian pair, a married couple, added to the enjoyment…and the fact that they were to be disqualified from medaling based on a failed drug test by the hubby made it even more fun. Much like the rugby 7’s format in the most recent summer games, smaller sometimes is better.
          As for the pussification of the NHL, I’m surprised it’s this game that’s following the NFL’s lead in getting woke. Guys who in the past would pick up their dislodged teeth from the ice are now pissing and moaning about getting a kick in the ass or being talked to in a rough manner by their coaches. It’s only a matter of time Akim Alieu gets his special try-out to return to the league, ala Colin Kaepernick.

  5. I am certain that most defensemen feeeeeeel bad that there aren’t enough “minorities” on the ice. So when a Hockey player ovvvvv culller enters the zone … they welcome him/shim/her with open arms and a limp stick. It’s the only way to level the playing field of white Hockey privilege. Alllllll those white kids whose mommies and daddies drove them to practice and bought them the top equipment. Ohhhhhh mammmmaaa … the poor Res. kids never got anything from their alcoholic, druggie, parents. Come on in to the zone! Bienvenidos ! Mi Hermana!

    Cultural Rot … nay … cultural Attack is ugly business.

      1. Yao Ming, 7’6″, was the tallest player in the NBA when he played for the Houston Rockets 2002-2011, the exception that proves your “rule”.

        1. There’s a difference between lack and absence. No one (except possibly you) said that there are no Asians in the NBA.

  6. Ron Maclean, Jessica yanic, cbc, Trudeau: “We need to make hockey more like soccer.”

    My new sport is ridiculing anyone who watches the NHL. (and badminton)

  7. I already don’t follow hockey and I don’t watch the CBC. At all. Ever.

    My reasons for despising hockey go back to childhood, my reasons for boycotting the CBC go back to bill C-17 in the Mulroney Era. Kim Campbell and her gun confiscation woke me up. Turned out that was just the latest installment of a program in motion since 1965, and I’d been asleep.

    So for all you hockey fans who just FINALLY woke up because the CBC did to you what they’ve been doing to gun owners since the 1960s, welcome. We’ve been wondering what it would take to get your attention.

  8. Mark Steyn:

    Friday December 6th marks the thirtieth anniversary of the “Montreal Massacre” – a grim day in 1989 when fourteen female students at the École Polytechnique were murdered by a man known to posterity as “Marc LĂ©pine”

    The Men Who Walked Away

    1. And this has exactly WHAT to do with the above cartoon or NHL coaching “abuse”?
      The ReaderTipsThread is below, Dumbass.

        1. Still has nothing to do with your 4:46PM post. Buddy posted about the “Montreal Massacre” on the Reader Tips thread @
          December 6, 2019 at 8:08 am where it was on topic, as a Tip. If an intelligent reader clicks on the cartoon, it links to an article about NHL players crying about abuse from 3 coaches.

          Your comment, clipe, has nothing to do with any of it. Twit.

          1. You call me a dumbass for linking to a Mark Steyn article which is either above your level of comprehension or you didn’t read it.

            I’m betting you didn’t read it TL;DR because it was above your level of comprehension

            And I’m the Twit?

          2. “You call me a dumbass for linking to a Mark Steyn article”

            Yes, and I didn’t read it. Why didn’t I read it? Because it’s OFF TOPIC. It does not belong on this thread, Dumbass.
            There is a thread for off topic links/posts. It is 3 threads down the front page. Twit. Post it there and I might read it.
            It DOESN’T BELONG here, Schtoopid.

          3. So an article by Mark Steyn that connects Wokestan to the white-washing of

            M LĂ©pine was born Gamil Gharbi, the son of an Algerian Muslim wife-beater, whose brutalized spouse told the court at their divorce hearing that her husband “had a total disdain for women and believed they were intended only to serve men.” At eighteen, young Gamil took his mother’s maiden name. The Gazette in Montreal mentioned this in its immediate reports of the massacre. The name “Gamil Gharbi” has not sullied its pages in the thirteen years since.

            is off topic?

            Get a grip you pickaninny

          4. Yikes,

            Stop yelling…need a hug……

            Civility trumps your aggressive yelling and name calling. You lose all credibility. You think you have a valid point, others don’t think so. My suggestion would be to make your point without the nasty….not a good look for anyone.


          5. Nothing to do with it? Clipe’s example isn’t key to the original post. What is, is:

            To return to Gloria Steinem, when might a fish need a bicycle? The women of Montreal’s École Polytechnique could have used one when Marc LĂ©pine walked in with a gun and told all the men to leave the room. They meekly did as ordered. He then shot all the women.

            Cultural emasculation is the topic under discussion, is it not?

    2. Hey clipe,

      Thanks for the link. I think it right fits in with the Wokestan, albeit tangentially. It was a great read and needed to be linked to.

      Thanks again.


      PS: I would be nice if OZ didn’t call anyone names from behind his/her/zim/zee/zer computer screen. Just be civil…..that’s all…..

  9. I have stopped watching pregame shows and intermission bafflegab.
    Just the actual 60 minutes of play suits me fine.

  10. Good one. I am waiting for the photoshop of the NHL’s new woke heroes, Ron “Stone Free” Maclean and Akim “Can’t Skate” Aliu, proudly modelling the NHL’s newest mandatory equipment change – pussy helmets.

  11. The Sports are being dumbed down to allow access to the SJW controllable talent…. ESPN, what was the remnants of ABC’s greatness… They hired that Loud Mouth N-Yorker SMITH who never played any Sport @ any level… All Sports are becoming a virtual game like blind man Marbles.. No talent advantage necessary….

    Maclean was always just the CBC bouncer to control Cherry….Zero sports knowledge…

  12. Interesting to read how bad it has gotten to watch hockey in Canada. I am a sports fan in the US who was driven to move my interest to college football from the NFL, because the pro football coverage beats you over the head with their wokeness.

    At the same time, I enjoy both the Premier League and NHL a lot, and the US coverage of both injects virtually no politics or social issues into their coverage. Canadian fans who don’t want to completely give up the NHL might want to stream the NBC hockey coverage from the US, though I have to warn you listening to Mike Milbury do analysis might make you wish for a short story on the Zimbabwean MTF transgender national team instead.

    1. You should be beaten on the head with your own shoe…..haha…..One of the best hockey clips ever……( Milbury in the stands in New York, beating a fan with his own shoe). Milbury is a bit much, although he is a far cry from the nauseating Ron McLean (Always thought he was a Judas in waiting…..Cherry trusted him), and the rest of the CBC/SPORTSNET buffoons.
      I listened to Kevin Bieksa on SPORTSNET, Bieksa being a notorious thrash talker which generally wasn’t PC by any stretch. His take was that 15 years ago, abusive behavior by a coach was accepted. He was referencing verbal and physical abuse. In my 3 years of Junior hockey I was the target of racist comments and spat (players and fans) on as well by a few coaches. They were isolated instances and the blame went where it belonged, on the individuals that did this, not on the “Toxic White Male Culture of Hockey”….by the way, there is no such thing. The vast majority of coaches, players and fans are just there for the hockey, not politics or racism or any other versions of being WOKE.

      So let’s lay off the “Hockey needs a come to Jesus moment and haha “The Conversation” what a joke…..

      I have cancelled my Rogers NHL package and will NEVER…yes I’m yelling…haha….watch CBC/SPORTSNET again.


      My thanks for giving us a spot where people can still speak their minds.

      I used your quote when writing my final good bye to SPORTSNET for deleting my comments….
      “You don’t speak for me”


  13. yo, Oz, you got OCD?

    anyways dear SDA, I have NOT watched a complete NHL game, the last time I confidently recollect, dave keon screwed up a bet I had by scoring a goal.
    back in the mid 60s.
    talking to a dear friend just ‘tother day how the world will end when all possible puck trajectories have been played out.
    back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth,

    how thrilling.