11 Replies to “The Mob Veto Privilege”

  1. People who have everything who think they have nothing and are oppressed need to be hospitalized in a mental institution. Either that or strip them of all wealth and the perks associated with it and really show them some oppression.

    1. Couldn’t agree more.

      Keep in mind very few of these brats’ parents earned the kind of money required to pay $54,000 a year in tuition fees honestly.

      It’ll be a beautiful day when the brats are spending every day working dawn to dusk in the boiling southern sun, doing the back-breaking farm work they insist white people won’t do, so the sons of farmers can have a good education.

    2. Yup. “You think you’re oppressed? Here, try this: first, you’re expelled. No refunds. Second, you’re now trespassing, so we’re going to have you arrested, so that you have a criminal record. Third, they’re going to find hard drugs in your dorm room when they come to get you. Do you see how this oppression thing is played yet?”

      Lord, but these people piss me off. Grow the eff up and learn how to adult.

    1. But who is the leader?… It is not happenchance that all their Talking Points are Binary, those that come from a Computer that knows only two states… They don’t recognize the shades of grey that define reality….The usual Marxist’s think tanks using Programmed simulators that are tested against probable Polling results….

      These are Binary Clones without a clue of why they chant their stupidity……

      1. It was Russia that interfered in 2016! They can’t also conclude that Ukraine & others interfered

      2. Orange man bad for investigating an American’s actions in the Ukraine! but Hillary hiring contract CIA folks to investigated Orange Man in 2016 is OK.. (Russian, Ukrainian & UK)… The Spying by Obama OK

      3. Orange man bad for investigating his political rival Joe Biden! But every Democrat in America is the possible Candidate….Not one primary vote has been cast… Joe may be dead before Nov 5, 2020

      The fight against human Binary probability will get interesting when we realize their vulnerability….

  2. Canada now has 765,000 muslim voters according to the Toronto Sun and they are voting as a block in ridings to get their muslim candidate elected. Their first priority is immigration with health care right behind it, which means more and more muslims. There are now 1.3 million muslims in Canada with more arriving every day. Bet your boots Trudeau promised the king of Jordan that we would accept a large group of the muslim refugees that are in Jordan.

  3. I don’t care. I await the day when they are out on their own in the big bad world without any life skills. They can follow a Raven’s ass from dumpster to dumpster with their mouths open to the sky. Waiting for Mr. Raven to shit so they can eat. Nature is very efficient at replacing organism’s that can’t figure out how to sustain themselves and survive. Nature doesn’t care either if they live or die. They think they are in a Disney movie were Bambi is so sweet and precious. And they are important, they will get slaughtered in life. They will be roadkill on the highway of life. Hey something stinks around here.

    1. That’s one possibility. The one that scares me far more is people being too afraid to show them reality, and thus reality bends to their wills. Viz the kangaroo-courts of the Human Rights Commission.

  4. That university is a private business. The administration should have expelled all those responsible and risk the temporary loss of a little business. As it stands now, they are condoning behavior that makes them a joke or worse, another Marxist appendage on the road to destroying the freedom that allows them to be in business.