Hockey Night In Deplorable Land

Face the tolerance. Permit it to pass over you and through you.


Heh. New Rules.

Call it retribution or punishment or just payback, but causing pain to wrongdoers is a conservative principle we seem to have forgotten. The left needs to feel the pain that comes from their choices. If they want a world where people suffer for speaking, well, I prefer they didn’t, but I damn well know that if that’s the new rule, their side is going to get it shoved down their throat.

Indeed. #FireJessAllen is trending #1 on Twitter at the moment.

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    1. I lasted a whole minute before I realized I couldn’t give a flying f*ck what these shrieking, bigoted, self-important, hate-filled woketards had to say.

      Not at all surprised to see that I am far from the only one here who felt that way.

      1. There is hope….. I saw the problem immediately. Luckily they are equiped to solve it.

        The girls simply need more DNA in their diet.

      2. We’re not into hockey, but we’re still outraged that Don Cherry, who is 85 and an outspoken sports ICON, as well as a proud supporter of our military veterans, was FIRED by Sportsnet and is being castigated for speaking his mind. He reminds me of Jack Munro who led the ranks of the IWA before the BC logging industry was pretty much decimated. The females on this panel are wet behind the ears and woefully ignorant.

    2. Never seen these women, except the black racist on the left of the screen, this show must have a viewership of 12 and they’re paid to be in the audience — probably work for the show.

      P.S. Don Cherry should run for office. Too bad our Supreme Court Judges weren’t elected. If he moved to Alberta for six months he could run for the Senate. He would break voting records.

      1. A lot of things to correct here: Not only are our judges not elected, our senators are not elected. And, Cherry is too old (75+) to be appointed as a senator.

    3. 35 + year old white women are the enemy of Western civilization. The Facebook type. They despise white men. They celebrate the murder of the unborn. They litigate a payday through either alimony or through child support payments for children they loathe. Men need to stop being held hostage by these venomou snakes. If your going to pay you ought to pay for quality. My suggestion is younger European women. Ramen noodles, Facebook, sweat pants and programs like The Social are not for me.

    4. I believe Jess Allen needs to be put live on one of these radio stations…and get grilled live… and maybe it will teach her to shut her mouth!! Come on Jess…explain yourself…you fool!!

  1. oh there will be fallout.
    radioactive nuclear fallout.
    all landing on the progressives.
    -gee, whats this white flaky stuff? hand me the dandruff shampoo.

    1. Canadians are stupid socialists there are more of them than there are of us. It is a losing battle, they will only ever understand being kicked where it hurts and kicked daily. They are ignorant mental midgets and I don’t give a darn what color they are they are ignorant.

  2. I never never thought I would say that The View is relatively tame.

    But after having watched The Canadian Version of The View…

    1. Diversity is the mind-killer.
      Diversity is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
      I will face my Diversity.
      I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
      And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
      Where the Diversity has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

      1. Nice “Dune” reference!

        “For He IS the Quizno’s HatRack!”

        Oh, and the preview told me everything I needed to know, thank you!

    1. Agreed! I do not watch any of those stupid “chick panels”. They are all screeching harridans who are not fit to do anything!

  3. Canada needs more civil disobediance. Those in ‘power’ and the perpetually offended need to be told to piss up a rope and given the middle finger.

    1. Yep tell them to FOAD. I usually tell them when they cross my path and stamp dere widdle feet and wing dere widdle hands when I offend them. “I DO NOT CARE NOW PISS OFF” I am me, I will never be what you want and go FO now and take your friends with you.

      1. I have of late become a member of the Hitchens Club:
        “My own opinion is enough for me, and I claim the right to have it defended against any consensus, any majority, anywhere, any place, any time. And anyone who disagrees with this can pick a number, get in line, and kiss my ass.”

        And the Orwell Club:
        “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”

        And the Mark Twain Club:
        “I never let schooling interfere with my education.”
        “The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.”

        1. Heareth what Aristotle said: “Masculine republics give way to feminine democracies, and feminine democracies give way to tyranny.”

          We are well down that road!

  4. “Ya know, ya can see other things … see the world, eh? With that $5,000.00/year spent on Hockey” … I paraphrase the LOON with a vagina (presumably).

    What an ignoramus. While she was showing her kids around the Toronto “schools” … my kids (who played Competitive, “traveling” soccer – I assume the same for Competitive Hockey) … were traveling the entire State, and even the whole USA. They were in small towns, big cities, rural zones, urban zones. They saw a shitload more of “the world” than this twit ever has. Oh, and as IF participating in a traveling ($expensive$) sport precluded any and all other trips and activities … is just such a ridiculous leap of BIASED illogic.

    Oh, and hey! genius … my daughter continued to play in COLLEGE … which afforded her even MORE travel to all parts of CA (a much more DIVERSE State than the city of Toronto, or whatever echo-chamber you’ve crawled around your entire life). Yep. My daughter … a GIRL … was encouraged to play COMPETITIVE sport. And its made all the difference in her becoming a successful adult. You stupid (see you next Tuesday).

    The picture this leftist (see you next Tuesday) painted is so utterly steeped in her animus and hatred for “white boys”, that it just spittled from her lips and oozed from every pore of her (homely) persona. What an utter waste of space she/it is. What show is this that gives her a platform? It would be on my immediate BOYCOTT list … if I ever tripped across it by accident.

    1. My son played hockey from the time he was 5 years old until 17. he discovered girls and hockey went by the wayside. I did however get to use the new equipment I bought the year before he quit, he was a big boy.

    2. And she gets to rail on “people like that”. (her words)
      “I dismiss THOSE PEOPLE…”
      So she can say those things, but Don can’t.
      What a useless echo chamber of a show.
      BTW, Don did not mention race.
      Why is Don called racist, bigoted, and misogynist? Kindly give us the quotes. They can’t. They only have their labels.

      1. Oh! Oh! Oh! … call on me! Call on me! I know the answer!!

        “Dog whistle”

        Don Cherry didn’t cite race … heeeee “dog whistled” it. See how that works!? Everything you white people say is “racist”. … and when it isn’t in any way “racist” … it’s, it’s, it’s … a “dog whistle”.

        1. You have a big mouth! I was in agreement with your first comment! I agreed and still do emphatically…
          Then you went ahead and turned into The witch on ctv.
          You are no better than her. And neither is your family. My parents are both immigrants. They ALWAYS wore Poppy’s. My father if he were here, would have something to say to you. You’re unworthy of words you speak. You desposible createn of man. Get it Right or shut your filthy twisted useless mouth

  5. I could not finish the video. Too upset!
    When grown adults have to invent “subtext” to interpret what was said, and meant, we are witnessing the collapse of sane society.
    “You People” was an accurate focus on those who will not wear a poppy. PERIOD!

  6. Note: to the much-older “black woman” with too much makeup …

    There is NO difference between FREE SPEECH and “racist, bigoted, speech”. NONE. In fact, the very definition of FREE SPEECH is allowance for “speech that offends”. YOU … don’t get to choose (for others) what speech they shouldn’t hear. You ignoramuses learned NOTHING about the Genesis of the US Constitution. You are attempting to drag us BACK to the RULE of a FASCIST Dictatorial State.

      1. Yeah … I know Canada doesn’t HAVE a 1st Amendment to your Constitution. Yet your forefathers and mothers FLED a corrupt Monarchy which crushed its people under the bootheel of arbitrary taxation and enslavement. A monarchy who carefully controlled speech.

        The Utopia of Socialism-land these harpy’s envision … is nothing close to the reality it will actually be. A reality that would already have imprisoned them for “hate speech” toward “mean white boys”.

  7. Couldn’t subject myself to more than a few seconds of the hate projection from those bilious eco-feminist-leftist witches. It was good to be reminded once again of why I don’t watch anything put out by the mainstream media that masquerades as news, commentary, and thoughtful discussion. May the corporate entity responsible mercilessly go bankrupt and soon. Its easy to see now why so many Canadians vote Green, NDP and Liberal. They must watch this kind of bilge.

  8. So it’s OK for her to lump and denigrate a whole group of our population (that no doubt includes many new Canadians) but it was offside for DC to make an observation. Just WOW.

    1. Liberals have taken ‘hypocrisy’ to such dizzying new heights, it is well past time society invents a new word for it. Because the word ‘hypocrisy’ no longer even comes close to conveying the enormous breadth and width of the left’s duplicity.

      This absolute unwillingness to recognize their own enormous double-standards infects every single ideology these people hold dear. On a sub-conscious level, many of them do realize this though, which is why they routinely hide like cowards from public debates with Conservatives.

  9. How many stored surplus calories were in that studio for the taping of that show? Unspent energy clucking about things which are all touchy-feely and dont better their lives nor our lives. The hurt feelings were palpable.

    1. Interesting that Don has actually done something in his life. As a coach, he reached a level most of us can only dream of.
      His detractors? Useless chatterers and academics who contribute nothing, and would not be able to survive a minute if they had to compete for their jobs, as athletes and coaches do.

    1. UnMe is fairly representative of the lying, cheating, prevaricating sociopaths currently running Canadian media. He’s internalized the agenda, as they say.

      But I think he might be better at it than these broads. Jeeze.

  10. Lol! About 50 seconds – the part where that awful condescending woman said “maybe it’s because I don’t worship at the alter of hockey..?!!” Blechhh.

  11. And they wonder why their viewership numbers keep on going down.

    I skipped through the clip, same SJW boilerplate that you see everywhere, no difference between them and a bunch of second-year university “studies” students. But it was pretty funny watching the first speaker deploring Don Cherry for saying “you people”… and then proceeding to do exactly the same thing to hockey families. Absolutely typical SJW.

    I can’t boycott Canadian media any harder than I already am. They get no money or clicks from me, unless as in this case Kate points out something for special mockery.

  12. well I beat all of ya.
    having recognized the black woman from watching the hens clucking YEARS ago . . . . . .
    *I never hit the play button*.

    1. Maybe, maybe not. I had no idea what this story was even about, nor had I ever seen her or her show, and I knew instantly what was up, so i didn’t watch it either.

    1. They lack the warmth and depth… and everything else!
      I’m sure the word itself feels guilt for being used in such a manner!

  13. Heya it’s good for the ratings to be an urban bigot (great tag by the way), as their show continues its agonizingly slow circle of the drain.

  14. I made it to 1:07 where I hit the part about white boys before I quit. Infuriating because if she said something like that about brown boys or black boys she’d be Don Cherried too. Since it’s white boys it’s okay.

  15. just before the 8 min mark the second from the left called people who like hockey – “you people” – and no one batted an eye. The hypocrisy burns

  16. Oh the Canadian The View ..
    How quaint and the clapping seals as well
    As a guy who escaped the Canadastan Gulag some years ago and gave up tv in 2014.. Never fond of DS except when he put too many men on the ice but is entertaining..but away from the game a stand up guy !! And to stand up to these fascists and not cave is a show of real character !!
    Of topic a bit .. hope all ready for more diversity .. in Nigeria and could write pages on the “ Canada “ connection. .. but just recently checked the official exchange rate site .. huge advert for “ go to Canada “ easy no age limit and a huge photo of a a couple .. not getting off a plane but pulling huge suitcases on a road with evergreen trees in background.. hmm.. every block has a hand made sign “ visas to Canada” .. and .. will stop there .. took screen grabs a pics but can’t post in comments .. but soooo many are going .. 1000’s
    Diversity is our strength !!

    1. I can even deal with the clapping seals … but the shrieking girls … are worse than fingernails on the chalkboard

  17. I stopped listening to Rush Limbaugh’s commentary on the impeachment hearing today, to watch/listen to the entirety of this Canadian version of The View.
    I don’t doubt that Rush is right, this impeachment is a farce, it isn’t going anywhere and the MSM coverage of it will be an epic fail.

    Back to The Social… having looked at the gal’s histories while semi watching the entire clip posted above, the gals all have complete undergrad degrees, a BFA from York Uni, studied journalism at Ryerson, BA history from Western Uni (and former employee of Rogers, who fired Don Cherry), a teacher who then studied journalism at Seneca College, and the four are now listed as “personalities”.

    So they’re about the same as you’ll find in any suburban area near Toronto, right out of the pages of

    It’d be interesting to hear the discussions they have with their spouses, how they’re able to dominate all conversation by throwing “diversity” in all its facets into all aspects of conversation.
    But aside from learning that I’m wrong, mostly because I’m not in agreement with them, I didn’t learn anything from this aside from “marc, you’re wrong”. I wasn’t entertained though I do find the moderator’s face really easy to look at, even while the others are speaking. Maybe, “especially” while the others are speaking.

    Doubtful I’ll ever see another 10 seconds of this show. Unless of course I live a horrible life, end up in hell, and have to watch an endless loop of the 3 uglies on the left of the screen and none of the pretty gal on the far right.

    Isn’t the game of these shows, that they have 3-4 shouting down the 1 token “normal” person?
    It’s Canada, so maybe they couldn’t find any normal gals in the Toronto region.

    Only 1 guy in the audience? the one that appeared to be looking for approval to his partner during applause breaks?

    So diverse.

    1. “….so maybe they couldn’t find any normal gals in the Toronto region..”
      Being from there, there probably aren’t any. Those ones left. Too interested in what you wear, what you drive, what part of town you live in, who’s your Daddy, how much money you make, where you vacay………chirp, chirp, chirp. The “men” aren’t much better. Normies are out numbered in TO. I’ll take comments for $500, Alex.
      There’s a saying I learned years ago about gals like this, in a male crowd. Not going to repeat it here, but use your imagination. I’m sure you will discover one pretty similar, if not the exact words. Nope, no hints.

  18. Toronto seems to emulate the worst of the US. The Democrats, AGW, The View, Beto la trudeau. Toronto seems to want to be taken seriously but I think for the wrong reasons ie lack of critical thinking. A well deserved inferiority complex.

  19. This is the reason that I don’t pipe cable sewage into my home.
    Thank you for reaffirming my decision to cut the cord; because I couldn’t tolerate more than 60 seconds of such utter claptrap.

    Furthermore, Don Cherry said no “racist” thing. What he did say was “you people” who weren’t wearing poppies. The people propagating the shaming of Don Cherry are full of crap.

    Geez, I wear a poppy and my forebears were on the “other side”.

    Later when my father came to Canada circa 1958, a retired brigadier general who was doing job placements out of the Salvation Army at the time and opposite my father during WWII, found him his first job in Canada. Ironically, it was to blow up some more stuff; namely the navigation hazard called Ripple Rock just out of Campbell River.

    What an utterly stupid cackling hen party, and not an ounce of reason among them.


    Hans Rupprecht – Commander in Chief
    Army Group “True North”
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army

    1. Cool, Hans. Seen the photos of the blast and read the history. Awesome pics! You’ve put a “face” on some Canadian history, sport. Cheers.

  20. These people stand on a Soap box and preach their perfect world philosophies and cry because people say bad words back…

    Stand on a real soap box and do the same preaching… Enjoy ducking the tomatoes and crap!

    None of them are brave enough to stand in the real world and preach. They are perfectly fine doing it from the safety of their studio.

  21. Livestock! If Marci hasn’t figured out that she is the token whatever she will likely never figure anything out. How can anyone so untalented be so hateful?

  22. Took 16 tranquilizers and made it to the 4 minute mark.

    And the postal code for Dildo, Newfoundland is A0B-1P0

  23. Well I gave it a good shot but really could not get past the 30 second mark . Its’ crap like this that clearly identifies why Canada is so screwed .

    1. “My thought was “just 8”

      Is there any good excuse not to have my hands on my balls? I guess being in public?

  24. A couple of years ago she got into trouble for trashing a cop and playing the race card in the hope of getting off. Unfortunately for her it was all caught on camera.

  25. I think what ales this homely feminist the most is that the handsome white boy hockey jocks never gave this hag a second look and past her over the hot chicks.

  26. How is it that these leftists have taken over the entire cultural fabric of Canada?

    History – check
    Government – check
    Media – check
    Academia – check

    What has to happen in order for a return to balance?

    I am convinced that Canada is well on its way to totalitarianism and like the frog in the warm water, we are not noticing that the temperature is rising. In fact, I’m not even certain that anyone is really going to care as long as we can all keep our phones and devices.

  27. I suspect that Jess Allen has anger in her heart for hockey players due to the fact that she hung around the arena waiting to be noticed by the boys in their jerseys……and not one of these white boys considered her “puck bunny” material.

    she has never forgiven them.

    1. She is swearing on Twitter that she was a “prom princess.”

      If that’s true (and that is a very big if), it proves there’s never a bucket of pig’s blood around when you need it.

  28. I made it to WHITE BOY’S and that was it…Jess Allen is so full of herself…she is butt ugly…white boys she only wishes she could have one! The Social is racist!! DON CHERRY is not a racist. Hey Turdope said people kind and he wasn’t Fired to bad!

  29. Lanny Po twitter – “Cannot to begin to express my outrage at this arrogant, pretentious bitch.
    Will society express the same outrage as they did with Don Cherry? Or is okay because it trashed white people? Sickening.”

    Uh huh.

  30. So we got four angry & ugly feminazis from the GTA (sounds familiar?) slamming Canadian traditional society, slamming Canadian men and calling anyone who disagree with their garbage “racists”. I loved the diverse audience those faggot CTV types attract. Especially that cucked bisexual beta male at first, obediently looking at his wife for approval.

    Canada is fucked. We lost our country and there is nothing we can do. Too late… The darkies & low IQ Trudeau voters won.

  31. This is the calibre of person on “The Social:”
    Gets pulled over. Gets a warning. Writes a column in the Globe that she has been racially profiled, “driving while black.”
    Video shows she ran a stop sign and her race isn’t visible.
    Rather than thankful she didn’t get a ticket she uses it to trumpet her oppression.
    All of them are the same.
    We need to defund the grievance studies in our Universities. This is what you get for subsidising and developing a sense of victimhood as primary lens for perceiving reality.

  32. L-The Social: a program where arrogance and ignorance meet and meld.

    They do remind me of a scene in Macbeth, though.

  33. I don’t know how women can be expected to be taken seriously with mindless programs like The View and Social. And, while I am at it, I would like to rant about the bedroom hair (long, flowing locks) increasingly worn by women who should look professional. The long, loose hair just looks inappropriate on news reporters and politicians. Chrysta Fredland and Jody what’s her name are both guilty here.
    I am reading The Madness of Crowds by Douglass Murray– great book. He devotes a chapter to women and feminism. He is right on target in suggesting women are constantly sending mixed messages. Do they want to be taken seriously as adults, or do they want to be sex objects? Extra long hair especially on women over 35 is not a good look. Long hair tied back would be a big improvement in a professional setting.
    (Sorry, I guess my rant is a bit off topic.)

  34. First exposure to that program. Need to find a decontamination booth.

    Couldn’t take much of Harpy Marxist but found her racist, sexist rant offensive and, in a way, inspirational.

    It inspired me to go add a few #FireJessAllen tweets to the accumulating pile.

    She has a perfect right to offend me. Free speech is offensive speech, but under ‘those people’s’ rules her speech is not acceptable. As long as old white men get fired for a poor choice of phraseology they are willing to apologize for, young shrill women should get fired for racist, sexist rants.

    Hopefully you people agree. Somebody suggested “you people” is their new go-to phrase wherever they can fit it.