Who made your job – a government, or an entrepreneur? We ignore the difference at our peril

There exists across the nation various individuals that love to start businesses, love to run businesses, and have the wherewithal to do so. A side effect of this passion and financial ability is the enormous boon that their creations provide to our society. But they only come out to play under certain conditions. Read on…

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  1. “If you’ve got a business–you didn’t build that.” Barry O’Bummer, professional grifter

  2. It is going to be so sad watching government pensions go bust because Western economies have gone permanently ex-growth. Then watching the 70-something retired bureaucrat crowd trying to get up off the rocking chair to riot about it…

    1. Government pensions will never go bust. They will tax the rest of us into the f-ing soil before they let that happen.
      You and I will be eating cat food and shoe leather under a bridge before any Unifor member ever has to suffer the insult of losing a penny in inflation adjusted graft.

      Remember, government pensions include MP pensions. And MPP/MLA pensions.

      1. And then there are the kiddies who claim that we, the greybeards and silverbacks, have to be nice to them because they claim they’re paying our pensions.

        Uh, no. None of them are paying for mine as I don’t intend to take any government money unless I absolutely have to. I had enough of that while I drew pogey during the 1980s.

        1. I tend to agree with you about OAS/GIS but you should absolutely be taking your CPP (if you are 60+)
          You paid into it. It is your money (plus whatever your employer kicked in). Unlike OAS which comes out of general revenues.

          If you don’t need the money, take it anyway and donate it to anti-union and pro-conservative causes. If you don’t take it, it’ll just be put back into the pool for some grifter “fisherman” from the Maritimes or retired “civil servant” from Toronto to take. I for one don’t want to see more money going from hard working people to the parasites of society.

          1. You’ve got a point but it’s one of those situations in which no matter what I do, I lose.

            If I don’t take government money, it’ll go to a professional layabout. If I do, I have to pay income tax on it, and that tax money will be spent on….. a professional layabout.

        2. “…because they claim they’re paying our pensions…..”

          I don’t know about that. But one thing is certain (as I reminded our kids when they teased me about the 2015 federal election results), they’ll goddamned well be paying our considerable public debts….on top of their own.

  3. Society is on it’s way down and when we hit bottom the pain will spread through the entire body, that includes the so called elite socialists and communists. We will take everything they have.

  4. I started/ran 4 businesses in my life. I had an interest in business back into my teens. I never had a business degree but ran my businesses on the ‘money in,money out’ principal. Business people nurture their creations and dedicate huge portions of their time to them. Hard lessons are learned. You save more than you spend. Invest wisely after serious thought.

    With what I hope is the wisdom of time I have come to realize that a large portion of the population is not capable or not inclined to understanding the need or discipline of creating wealth. They are prepared to consume that wealth by whatever means they can acquire it. Most politicians curry votes by promising to give wealth to voters. Any idea that this will limit their potential or ultimately doom them to servitude is more than they want to think about. Challenge these people with a balance sheet or a budget and you will receive blank stares. As fundamental as how you support yourself it met with blank stares.

    Where does that leave people like me? I am on the downside of life and the outcomes being crafted today will not likely affect my life. It will seriously impact my children and grandchildren. Unfortunately, as bright as my family members are, they have been educated in a system that is ran by progressives/communists. This might be too extreme for some to accept but that is my view. The +/- of business outcomes have been replaced by progressive social consensus. Economics plays a small part of that outcome. I fear the progression of that realization. Patient planning that takes years to realize is not part of today’s life style. I do try to teach my grandchildren the value of long term planning and investing. We will see how that works out.

  5. Governments suck money out of an economy. What is taken in taxes, is never equalled in what is given back to the people.

    I am waiting for the central banks to foreclose on the world’s indebted governments, voila, a one world, bank controlled, government.

  6. Most Canadians have no clue about the difference, proved by them not rejecting out of hand any idea of government investment, addled as they are by the progressives who tell us our rich, pampered society is enabled by the state and its false hobgoblins.

    Not reality, which is people who work their butts off. I know a few rich people, they are all relentless labourers in their craft.

    Perfect for milking by the coercive bureaucratic state, who try to end ultimately up golden goosing them out of existence.

    I disagree to some extent with Dr. Murray on another post. Dumb economic ideas are enabled by wealth creation.

    They percolate in good times, not bad. Revolutions start when there is improvement, but becomes outpaced by expectations.

    Those unable to accumulate capital are not attracted to capitalism but they are still living the good life wrought by its entrepreneurship. Those who can’t acquire assets can blame consistent economic growth for the run up in assets.

    And they’re all coming into better income years whilst the taxman awaits, but not just them.

    This is when the really bad economic decisions truly happen, as Bubba Clinton needing just a little more;

    Now we have Bernie and Tulsi storming the gates.

    Here another 30c/l carbon tax oughta do get the revolution going, plus eternally landlocking Alberta crude, her expectations statist staunched firmly and finally, with three hostile parties running the federal government.

    Anything less than a Conservative majority will light that fuse, so buckle up Canada; voters will fail to heed this at their peril.