37 Replies to “Liberals Hate You”

  1. There’s a long long list of jobs that require folks to wear those goofy safety vests.

    I’ve seen some people that help seniors bring groceries out to their cars wear them here in Calgary…

    And the folks that wear them to build subsidized housing for people that Liberals love to tout as “their people”.

    I doubt that the Liberals see the person in the above photo as anyone but the enemy though, just look at him, with a beard and all.

      1. Seen any in a grocery store lately? At the gas pump next to you? Getting smokes or a case of beer? Our current MP in my riding has been invisible for the last 4 years. Not even a flyer. Well, maybe one. CPC, too. Yeah, I’m voting for the invisible MP. Not.

        I wore blue, flame retardant coveralls with bright yellow and white, reflective tape sewn onto them, so some guy driving in the dark could see me walking about the lease of a drilling rig, day or night. Even my boots had reflective tape. Shone like a lamp in the dark. Maybe .gov will “ban” stuff like that…to protest some squish they favor.
        These “politishuns” can’t relate to any kind of working guy or gal and they all look stupid with a bunch lined up behind them, while announcing some fatuous crap to get elected, using your money.

        Safety First.

    1. These days you can’t even step into many shipping/receiving areas or get out of your vehicle in the parking lot of a construction site without wearing one! Many courier & truck drivers must wear them now.

    2. I live out in the Ottawa Valley countryside off a concession road.

      With the evenings getting darker earlier, I wear a safety vest whenever I walk my dog.

      Only a manipulative, duplicitous operator like Butts would read anything sinister into a working stiff in a safety vest.

      Indeed, perhaps he should be counselling his own leader to wear one this coming Hallowe’en, especially if he opts to do his trick-or-treating in blackface.

    3. *
      “A world away from Jean Chrétien praising the dignity of work.”

      “Khadr was arrested by Pakistan authorities for his role in the bombing,
      but was later released without charges on the request of… (wait, wait)
      then Prime Minister Jean Chrétien.”

      that was omar’s daddy, btw… welcome back khadr.


  2. The Liberal Party clearly loves the unemployed, particularly those in western Canada. That’s why it created so many of them both during NEP I and NEP II.

  3. I have vest like that and a hard hat to go with it , Just in case I am asked to work construction again, and I don’t vote libtard, or wear a cap backwards

  4. Why would Mr. Butts do this?

    Desperation, thy name is Gerald Butts ($180,000 for the move from Toronto to Ottawa; settled at $121,000).

    Jason Kenney is a friend of mine, as it happens.

  5. Yes they really really hate and despise us, and want us replaced by obedient, low IQ, mass imports, the sooner the better.

    Funny thing is, I got a vest like this in the trunk of my car. Had it for years in case I need to do some repairs on the side of the road at night, a concept entirely foreign to Butts and his UnMes.

  6. Butts’ dad was a coal miner. If he’d worked in an open pit mine he probably would have owned a vest. Gerry makes his incompetent diddler of a friend look like a saint.

  7. Butts hates that there are people who work, like his father did. Because he fears comparison with them.

    1. Excellent point. He matches the profile of those russian peasants who got elevated to positions of power by the communist revolution. Sufficiently ruthless, sufficiently shameless, entitled and always willing to lick the right boot to advance. Just don’t remind him where he came from.

    2. Butt’s old man has more gonads than him. Cape Breton coal mines aren’t for the timid sort.
      If he’s so caught up on carbon based fuels (he doesn’t drive or fly?), go nuclear then. Pound for pound Uranium is the better fuel, by a long shot. Uranium is a byproduct of coal seams, in case you didn’t know. They show up quite well on a well log, if you know anything about geology. That’s how they map coal seams underground.

      It’s not about better fuels, though. It’s all about you and yours dying for Muddah Earth, so Buttski can crow how he “saved the Planet(tm)” for his own use and his Oligarch pals. All the “useless mouths” get recycled. You know “carbon neutral”.

      Like they say in Caper lingo…”stick ter yer knittin”, Buttski.

      1. As a Caper born and raised we would never say something that tame, in fact Kate would censor what I would say.

        1. Don’t worry, I’m quite aware of that fact. LOL! Stick ter yer knittin’ is for polite conversation, ’tis my experience.

    3. So how do we know that that poor coal miner was actually his father, and not just the victim of his parasite mother?

      Were any here present at the conception?

      He hates the man he calls father because the man he calls father hates him. One day we’ll learn that the man isn’t his father.

      Just like Justin.

  8. I think Justys friend Buttsy is afraid of manliness and construction workers, he only likes the Justy types, the Dalgliesh, Ingvaldson/Levin types, you know when around children, the “Skip the Britches” type dudes.

  9. Parasites resent their hosts because the parasites know in their heart of hearts that the hosts are far worthier individuals whose lives would be far better if they didn’t have to feed the parasites. The Libs and the NDP who at one time used to at least claim to represent the best interests of the working people have become the parties of the parasites, the takers, the deadbeats living off the hard earned wages of the workers. Gerald Butts and Justin Hairdo epitomize the parasites, individuals who in their entire worthless existences have never produced anything of worth, anything of value, have only lived off what they were given by or could con from people who actually better society. No surprise that they sneer at people who actually work for a living in a pathetic attempt to make themselves feel superior.

  10. This is a work vest, and is not a costume. Of course, the Drama Teacher In Chief knows all about playing dress-up with costumes.

  11. As noted in the Twit thread, this exposed Butts and his Liberals BLIND SPOT.

    They are totally out of touch with blue collar working Canadians, this re-inforces their elitist attitudes about everything, but clueless about……………..the MIDDOW CLATH.

    Hopefully, this continues the backfiring Liberal machine. First the Fake Security threat, now this, Jagmeet’s “Oh Yeah, Coalition YES” moment, what’s next? The oppo is now committing unforced errors in multiples. Interesting last week of the campaign coming up.

  12. Should I go to vote during my lunch break, I wonder if I’ll be allowed into a polling station wearing my safety vest since the Liberals now consider that to be wearing ‘colours’.

  13. Wtf is Kenney doing?
    “once great Liberal Party”? Really? Why the compliment? Reminds me of that brilliant PC ad from last election “Just not ready”, leaves open the option, “well, maybe he can learn on the job…”as if Justin isn’t retarded, completely unfit for the position. Like, a dog or hamster is more than “just not ready”. No amount of training could ever make it ready. Kenney is implying that the Lieberals have the potential for greatness, it has just been temporarily usurped by this Trudeau cabal. I’m predicting, after PC’s win minority, Trudeau resigns shortly after. Libs prop up PC’s until they can pick new leader. Then – according to Kenney – the Libs can return to greatness because they’ll be rid of Trudeau and his Butts buddy. He sounds more like Kinsella bemoaning the Libs’ fall from grace than somebody who sat as a Reform MP in Opposition to this “once great” party
    Good work Alberta. You’re in good hands. Good luck with that independence fantasy if this – an admirer of the Cretin Libs – was the most conservative guy you could scrape up

    1. Kenney is a swamp dweller, straight up. In Ottawa 1997 to 2015, 20 years.

      First rule of the swamp; a few individuals must be thrown under the bus from time to time, but the great institutions of the swamp must be circled by all wagons. No exceptions.

      Liberal Party
      Privy Council

      No true swamp dweller will ever do anything to actually harm any of these; they would instead take the bullet for the “team”.

      Their team, never has been and never will be, your team.

  14. Well, it’s hatred for sure, mostly based on fear and inferiority complexes….kind of an Oedipus thing.

    The urban male Liberal base (which teams up with the “awww, he’s so cute” ballots cast by women) contains large numbers who favour dependency over self-sufficiency and independence. Rough hands and rough talk scares the crap out of these little fellows. They instinctively know how long they’d last in any kind of a struggle, and the knowledge of their considerable deficiencies is what torments and drives them.

  15. Buttttttttttttttttt didn’t the Lieberls give the appearance that the guy who has his hand up the sock puppets butt moved on to take the heat off Turdeau re. the SNC affair? (We’ve been aware he’s been back to help out the Lieberals with the election).

    Just a few days ago per the Post Millennial ” …Gerald Butts spread false information attempting to further tie the Conservative Party of Canada with the “Canadian alt-right”. He got called out a year ago for his dirty tricks:

    We had our Reichstag moment the other day when the Lieberals staged a security threat costume party c/w the MSM.ca propaganda machine spreading the party line: It’s all the fault of conservatives and keyboard warriors spreading lies & hate on-line.

    “Everything I tried to do in the last four years has been focused on bringing Canadians together” says Jesse Trudeau.

  16. Joel in AB

    The guy is white! And probably an Alberta RedNeck. Butts would never hire anyone like that!!!

  17. I channel surfed onto the CTV News channel, at 2 pm Eastern, and when asked about the Butts-yellow-vest tweet, CTV politics editor Don Martin defended Butts, stating that it is his job in the Liberal war room to “keep the Conservatives off balance”, and “what he did was understandable”. Our media cartel at work.