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  1. Advice from antifa Swedes from a muslim shithole that they welcomed and created. No need to wish them bad luck as their future at home is written by allah.

  2. Just another den of … “alternative lifestyler’s”… who DEMAND you change YOUR lifestyle to be more like theirs.

    No. Thank. You.

    That’s the LAST polite response they’ll get from me.

    1. who DEMAND you change YOUR lifestyle to be more like theirs

      Correction: who DEMAND you change YOUR lifestyle to be more like the one they DICTATE that you must have.

      And a big Salmon Arm salute to them from me.

      1. Whatever a big salmon arm salute is … I’ll give them one too. And then pummel them senseless with a 30lb dead Sockeye

        1. Are you kidding me? Salmon Arm BC; where the Prime Minster of Canada, Pierre Eliot Trudeau, gave the finger to every Canadian west, east, north, and south of Quebec.

          But especially the west.

        2. Yes, the railway speed limit through Salmon Arm makes an arrogant prime minister’s coach a sitting duck towards the end of tomato season. Western Canadians turned out to greet PET with such enthusiasm that by the time his train got to Ontario it was dubbed the Caesar Salad Express.

  3. What ever happened to the beautiful and sexy Swedish Bikini Team? Oh well. Just another illusion shattered. On the plus side, one does not need Murray Povitch to affirm who the father is. (Savante, you ARE the father!)

      1. Surely those women would have more taste than to stop for Prinz Dummkopf and Baron Buttshead.

  4. If anyone really wants to live like the swedes well by all means be my guest and book a one way flight to neverland and don’t let the door slam your arse on the way out . While you are at it you would do us all a service if you took sock monkey with you .

  5. Raising your child to be used firstly, by you and secondly by other adults in the leftist green media complex should be answered in Greta’s own words.

    “How dare you!…How dare you!!”

    1. I caught some of her performance at the UN while flicking through a few channels earlier today.

      My immediate thought was: she’s mad as a hatter.

  6. Greta was speaking to the UN General Assembly today… “you have stolen my dreams and childhood” is all I really got from it.

    She yelled at the adults.

    Which is to be expected, coming from where she’s been.

    1. Except if she had her way, anybody who didn’t believe her would the ones burned at the stake. After all, that’s how heretics used to be punished.

    2. Actually her rant reminds me of those film clips from Mao’s cultural revolution.
      Where the students got in front of the school assembly and denounced the teachers.
      Red book 101.

      1. Yes! I was thinking exactly the same thing. It was quite a performance, hissing and spitting like a cat. All I could think of was the Cultural Revolution, where everyone who disagreed or wasn’t pious enough was sent to reeducation camps.

    3. And the eco left will ditch her just as quickly as the French did with Joan of Arc … when her usefulness has expired. i.e. … soon.

  7. “If people can’t control their own emotions, then they have to start trying to control other people’s behavior.” – Robin Skynner

    Where statism meets totalitarianism.

    1. She looked ”a little pissed off”? No, she gave him a death glare. This hateful child thinks she’s more important than the POTUS. It will be interesting to see how she’ll react when people lose interest in her and start ignoring her. My prediction – not well.

  8. I’m sure Blackie will be in Montreal to greet her. Should be a great picture of him groping her. Maybe he can do it in blackface and buy her a few drinks at a bar.

  9. Red Greta’s latest speech is nothing but a diatribe filled with ad hominem arguments along with a threat thrown in for good measure. To find out that she is part of some “anti-fascist” league is not at all surprising. Anyone who questions her wisdom will be branded as such.

  10. The children need to lead the way in the fight to save the planet.
    Let’s start by shutting off the air conditioning in all the school buildings from kindergarten to university.
    And this winter turn the heat down to 10C in all of the schools and university buildings.

    Same with all the government buildings.
    Every government that preaches about global warming needs to shut down the AC completely in all government buildings and turn the heat down to 10C in all government buildings this winter.

    They are having another climate orgy next Friday, maybe this solution should be proposed.


    1. This is where I remind you all that Nancy Pelosi urgently wants 16yo’s to have the vote. Let that sink in as you observe the petulant childish face contortions little Greta pulls.

  11. Children used as pawns and props by totalitarians. Nothing new here from Greta Goebbels or her Marxist enablers.
    History and body counts are replete with this nonsense. In fact Greta quite resembles a girl in a Nazi brownshirt poster.
    What’s next Pee Wee Herman asking the world I know you are but what am I? Asked and answered, but here goes. Moron.
    Then again Pee Wee rode a bike so doesn’t qualify for the ocean going, jet setting climate hypocrisy gravy train.

  12. It is over. We have lost and the climate totalitarianism mob has won. There is no one pushing back on this madness. Trump nor any of the respectable climate scientists who know better are not pushing back. Certainly not Canada. We are doomed by a cult that is led by a 16 year old savant that can see C02. Un f^%king believable! Standby for heavy taxation rolling and the loss of our way of life.

    Here is my solution to the climate crisis – thanks to Maggie’s Farm. Ban all air travel completely. Now! Result? Cruise ship industry would tank immediately as no one could fly to the departure destination anymore, not to mention the elimination of the massive carbon footprint of these ships. Tourism would die completely all over the world. Italy demands that now. Imagine the loss of that carbon footprint. It would be massive. Brings new meaning to “tourism in your own home town.” No more destination weddings (thank God). No more face to face UN meetings all over the world. No more UN relief flights. Let them all starve. After all a human body is comprised of 18.3% of that nasty carbon anyway. No one, certainly not the UN, will notice or grieve the loss of millions of Africans or East Indians or other Indigenous folks. The UN delegates would be limited to video-conferencing. That is if Vanuatu or Zimbabwe, or Ghana have such technology. No more Amazon, or UPS, or FedEx and on and on it goes. We would all be limited to the 10 mile diet. Within walking distance. No more trucks, no more ships except sailing ships, no more trains, no more trade – nada thing. The world would become a bigger place overnight. Yay. Lets go back to the medieval times for a show and a chicken dinner. Yummy. Can’t wait.

  13. The found a 16 year old, we can surely find a 5 year old to rebut them.
    That kid that did the Mini-AOC would have been perfect.

  14. What’s funny about this is that no one has had the balls to say, “Hey, she’s 16 years old, for Chrissakes. Tell her to go get a *&^%$^* job, work for twenty years, and then maybe she’ll have something worthwhile to tell me… and maybe I’d consider listening.’

    1. Lots of people have said that. The problem is that there is an entire industry built around climate change/global warming and they are using her as a lightning rod. She is obviously a true believer but she’s only repeating catechism to the flock, the lines are all written by the activists, lobbyists, etc. running the show. The politicians and leaders extolling her virtues are either knaves in on the game or virtue signaling fools. They are all contemptible.

      1. Ah yes the whole industry built on a system of taking wealth from those that earn it.
        What could go wrong.
        As the number of takers increase, and those on the take start to demand more, the system needs to turn up more capital at exponential rates that the global domestic product cannot provide.
        Therein is the flaw in their system.
        Its maintenance is dependent on the very thing it purports to shut down.
        Its really kind of funny.
        They reject capitalism, yet capitalism was what created Industrial production and the means for a middle class to exist. Because of this mass production, grocery shelves are filled, we don’t get relegated to wearing rags, and the freedom to travel further than the distance you could walk in a day is possible. All the things they currently take for granted.

        So new plan.
        I won’t argue with them I will respond with only one statement
        Ditch every item currently in your possession that was produced and delivered using any means that where derived from mass production.
        Them first.

        1. It’s always those who have the least who are the ones accused of hoarding their “wealth”.

          I heard that same malarkey in Sunday sermons 40 years ago. I was expected–nay, commanded–to “re-distribute” my apparent abundance with strangers in foreign countries. I could have argued that I earned what I had and that I should be allowed to keep it. However, the response would likely have been that what I earned was obtained illicitly and immorally (stolen native lands and all that baloney) and that what I earned really belonged to someone else, therefore I was obligated to surrender it.

          It’s not wealth “re-distribution”–it’s wealth confiscation. Of course, the lefties in the congregation saw it as “social justice”.

          Yet, it was lefties like that who, a few years later, branded me as a freeloader because I was drawing pogey as I was one of the many who couldn’t find a job. That was due in part to the one of the greatest “wealth re-distributions” this country has ever seen, namely PET’s NEP.

  15. I don’t think her apology for wearing an antifa T-shirt holds water after seeing her and her mommy and daddy all wearing them.
    Were mommy and daddy’s shirts borrowed too?

    “Yesterday I posted a photo wearing a borrowed T-shirt that says I’m against fascism. That T-shirt can apparently to some be linked to a violent movement. I don’t support any form of violence and to avoid misunderstandings I’ve deleted the post. And of course I am against fascism”

  16. Since, by the rationale levelled at us by lefties and the eco-nazis (but I repeat myself), we have somewhere between seventeen months to eleven years to save the planet, I feel good knowing that the likes of Greta Van Unstable and Fruit Fly Suzuki are going down with me Thanks to my firing up the grill for my steaks, cranking up the furnace/AC, and driving to the corner store in my pickup for smokes.
    If I’m hurrying up the demise of Mother Earth with my horrid habits, I’m having fun doing it, unlike the perpetually offended scolds on the left.

  17. They are brazen; displaying their political cause and allegience. This shows they are not interested in “saving the planet” rather in controlling it. They are Marxists in green suites – Watermelons.

  18. Normally I believe children are best raised by their parents. In this particular case Child Welfare, or whatever they are called in Sweden, weren’t doing their job.

    1. Maybe they have. Has it ever occurred to anyone that Greta Carbonthingy is exactly what socialist Sweden (in its pre-Mohammedan form) wanted to produce?

  19. Get the Hell back to school and learn some history!!!

    Everything that happens on Earth happens in cycles. The only straight line is in man’s mind. There are no straight lines in nature. Everything is nature is formed by spinning spheres, or waves.
    Spinning spheres emit waves. We know this happens with the planets; they emit electromagnetic wave. Waves are everywhere in the Earth’s atmophere (and in outer space) and waves create cycles. Cycles affect just about every aspects of our lives on Earth.
    There are lots of different cycles of different lengths. However, the major cycles tend to be somewhat harmonic (they’re divisible by three, to find the next higher or lower cycle). Major cycles are 7, 19, 57, 172, 515, and 1030.
    Stephen Puetz wrote a book on the probabilities of cycles, tracking cycles back through the beginning of time. It’s called the Unified Cycle theory and you’ll find it in my recommended book list.
    Below is the civilization chart I created (featured in the video). The data comes from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration—from the Greenland Ice Core Research project ending in 1992. Ice cores are an extremely accurate method of determining temperature back through the centuries.
    You can see the large temperature peaks every 1030 years – the red arrows. These extremely warm and wet periods supported bountiful crops and major societies grew to the height of their power.
    The correlation of warm and wet climate with the rise of major civilizations is striking. When the climate turns warm and wet for long periods, the world’s greatest empires have emerged – Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Mayans, the Vikings, and so on.
    When the climate grew colder, these great cultures fell into ruin. Bad things start to happen when climate turns cold and rainfall stops. Rome burned as it got colder. Hadrian’s Wall was built to keep out invaders at the bottom of a cold spell. Social mood always turns negative with colder climate. And that brings about riots and wars.
    Cold periods often get labeled as dark ages, because there is little advancement of living standards.
    So here we are at the top of the Modern Warm Period. Unless this time is different, the Earth is going to get a lot colder and dryer. Most likely for several hundred years. We’ll also see a major financial collapse. Yes, that’s one of the great features of the 172 year cycle. It’s happened throughout history, like clockwork.
    Let’s look at climate cycles over the past eleven thousand years … the big picture:
    In the chart above, you can see that we came out of the glacial period about ten thousand years ago.And then we had these up and down periods of warm and cold … cycles. It’s like a giant sine wave. Temperature moves up and down over time … on a fairly predictable schedule.
    Today, we’re in what’s called the Modern Warm Period. And there’s climate mania!—Even though it’s been warmer on Earth many times before and in fact the trendline shows it’s gradually getting cooler, because the Sun is cooling. Nobody disputes that—well, no astrophysicists, at any rate.
    The next cold period is signified by the dark blue blob right below Climate Mania. It’s starting now. But, how do we know all this?
    In the early to mid 1900s, Dr. Raymond Wheeler, with a team of 200 researchers analyzed climate back 20 centuries to 600 BC. He used tree rings and sunspot records to plot both temperature and rainfall over that entire period.
    He identified major climate cycles of 100, 170, 515, and 1030 years and predicted extreme weather at about the year 2000, followed by a turn colder and a long-term drought … and sure enough, that’s what seems to be happening. You can find his drought clock here. My video on Dr. Wheeler and his seasons is here.
    The picture above shows Dr. Wheeler with “The Big Book,” over 2000 pages of all his data on climate cycles in which he correlated major events throughout history. He’s shown how climate cycles repeat with event patterns over and over again. The Big Book exists in the archives of Baruch College, in New York City.
    Above is a picture of The Big Book today. I tracked it down in New York City recently.
    In Dr. Wheeler’s own words:
    The divisions of history long ago observed by historians—ancient, Medieval, and modern—are more than divisions of history. They are long climatic cycles.
    The six century BC, the first AD, the fifth AD, and the 10th and 15th were all natural turning point in history, marked each time by the decline and fall of civilizations the world over and the birth of a new era. In each case these centuries terminated 500 year cycles in long range weather trends. Each was an exceptionally cold period in history..
    The six century BC, the fifth AD, and the 15thmarked a end of the still longer cycle, on the order of 1000 years. These centuries were characterized by exceptionally profound reorganizations and revolutions in the civilizations of the world.
    Current events show that another world convulsion is occurring second only to (1) the emergence of rational thought in the sixth century BC, (2) the fall of Rome and other ancient civilizations in the 5th-century and the beginning of the medieval world based on feudalism, and (3) the final collapse of the Middle Ages in the 15th-century. The current convulsion is comparable to the birth of Christianity in the first century and to the birth of the modern nation as a fuedal principality in the ninth and 10 centuries.
    All of these reorganizations of society were marked by spurts in the evolution of democratic institutions.
    In fact, the global temperatures have gone sideways since 1998 and the recent drop in solar activity is warning of much colder times ahead.
    The head of the International Space Station, a Russian astrophysicist, with a name I can’t pronounce, has publicly predicted a mini ice age.
    Next 25 years
    The above chart shows the projection of solar maximums over the next 50 years or so. These cycles happen every 11.2 years and fluctuate in terms of their intensity over decades. The most recent solar cycle has been far less intense that previous ones and because the sun is responsible for our warmth, less intensity results in colder temperatures on Earth, just as it has during similar periods (the Little Ice Age, for example, on the “civilizations chart” above.
    The Sun and the Planets are the main drivers of climate change on our tiny, little planet—we know that. And we can’t change Mother Nature.
    Science tells us it’s going to get colder. If history is are guide, the colder climate will last for hundreds of years.
    You see, history repeats … over and over again. So if you want to know the future, you look at the past.

  20. Breitbart reports that Greta and her allies have filed claims against five countries. China is not on the list.

    1. Greta Goebbels should sail to China and threaten their leadership and countrymen.
      Then we wouldn’t have to listen to her ignorance addled brainwashed garbage ever again.

      1. I believe the actress is a comedian, doing a parody on Ernman. She is a reasonably competent operasinger, or was. What she does to her daughter is despicable.

  21. Sung to the tune of “Puff the Magic Dragon”

    Greta the magic retard
    Sailed across the sea
    To look for more Global Warming nuts
    As gullible as she.

    She sailed the Atlantic ocean
    To spread her message far and wide
    While the media tried to frighten us
    Telling us to buy the lie.

    Greta the magic retard
    Sailed across the sea
    To look for more Global Warming nuts
    As gullible as she.

    Sara called her Jesus
    I know that’s strange but true
    And to the brainwashed children in our schools
    They all believed it too.

    Greta the magic retard
    Sailed across the sea
    To look for more Global Warming nuts
    As gullible as she.

    She gave them all anxiety
    Telling us we’re going to die.
    Whilst NASA fudged their climate graphs
    To buttress Greta’s lie.

    Greta the magic retard
    Sailed across the sea
    To look for more Global Warming nuts
    As gullible as she.

    To calm the little children
    Pills were spread far and wide
    While doctors prescribed citalopram
    Sertraline and fluvoxamine

    Greta the magic retard
    Sailed across the sea
    To look for more Global Warming nuts
    As gullible as she.

  22. I don’t really know much about the girl, but if she pisses you guys off THIS much then she must be doing something right.

  23. All I can say is they must have some good drugs at the Soros mansion.

    Parallel to this, Lizzie May is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The climate is changing every day, and now there’s Nazis signing documents. Why it’s all too much, must have a lie down and perhaps take a few bottles of pills or something.

    I’m fed up with the leftist bias of our media and fifteen political parties (at least they aren’t smart enough to merge into one, then we would really be fooked).

    Counter-revolution may be the only answer, but for the time being, would say, vote for Max so the elites get the message. Voting for Scheer just says “I am okay with the nonsense, I just want tax credits for my hockey playing kids.”

  24. “Greta The Magical Retard”? Seriously? You realize you are picking on a victim. Greta has been victimized by her parents and the industry backing them. Her childhood, the one we all had, the one we want all children to have, has been stolen from her. She has been made a plaything of greater powers who will most likely discard her like an odious dead fish when she is no longer of use to them. She will end up a shell of the person she could have been, filled with fears and phobias, wracked with an undeserved guilt and reviled by society when the truth finally comes out.

    If you need to turn ire on someone how about malevolent Malena Ernman and sadistic Svante Thunberg, her parents. They are the glory seekers who, instead of helping her daughter with her fears, cultivated them, turning her into the wreak she it today for their own personal gain. An expose of their affiliations may be a better use of your time.

    We need to call out those responsible for these atrocities, not their victims.

  25. I don’t think her angry speech is going to change any minds. It actually didn’t make the news tonight lol. They just said she addressed the UN but didn’t include a clip of it.

  26. Being righteous Swedes, they must have some EU blood in their hypocritical veins, and thus are too arrogant to jump off any number of available bridges in Stockholmistan.

  27. Greta was speaking to the UN General Assembly today… “you have stolen my dreams and childhood”

    No. Gang Green has stolen your dreams and childhood
    (as an aside: how can a girl whom claims to “see CO2” have had her dreams stolen when she is living a waking dream?)
    10:10 Climate Change: Disgree? We kill you!!

    Polar Bear

    Yeah. Who is it that has done the dream and childhood stealing?! Who are the scaremongers?

  28. Now folks, some kid who knows nothing except what her teachers told her would like us to abandon free enterprise and return to the feudal system, perhaps we will all go raiding in longboats in between chanting praises to Gaia. All those in favour, say “I’m crazy.”

  29. Re: Greta the Magical Retard.

    The whole family looks screwed to me. In 20 years from now, you’ll see them on Youtube, under: ”Celebrities Who Lost Their Fame.”

    Probably from eating too much herring that was packed in leaded cans!

  30. It’s a bit long, but well researched and written. A complete dunce could easily learn something from it: “Climate Hype is a Cover Up” July 6 2019 Ron Clutz

    Go to: Science Matters https://rclutz.wordpress.com/ for more

    You know, when you’re fed up with the bilge pumped by our Media Party or our Poly Tishuns on Globble Warmening and there isn’t a game on.

  31. Why do the global warmers ignore China?
    It has nothing to do with pollution or the environment.
    It’s because China is already communist.
    The goal of the global warming cult is world wide communism.

    1. Why do they ignore China, India, Russia, and the US who are doing nothing while taking an elephant dump on Brazil who is also doing nothing. Apparently Canada will solve all climate problems on its own.