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      You wanna see real fanatic?

      Liberal immigration minister Ahmed Hussen isn’t commenting about
      remarks he made at a Somali independence festival where he
      suggested Liberal opponents are racist Islamophobes who
      dance with white supremacists.”

      What’s a Somali independence festival… and why can’t
      they have it in, well… Somalia?


      1. What “Somalia”, precisely?

        It’s a failed state.

        Only the fellows in that northwestern arm (roughly, the bit that used to be British Somaliland) seem to have got their act together.

    2. I’m guessing that Barbie’s professional photographer traveled with her to take these stunning photos. What’s another few grand? I don’t know whether to laugh or puke.

  1. She thought she was ice fishing and that it was so warm, due to you-know-what, that the critters had melted. (“What do you mean that ice fishing doesn’t involve fish made of ice? Don’t you know the science is settled on that, too?”)

  2. “there’s no line in the fishing rod.”

    That could be the new line for someone really stupid, like “not playing with a full deck” or “not the sharpest knife in the drawer”

      1. Barbie would never catch, kill, and eat another living thing … purely catch and release … just tormenting the fish for her own sport and amusement.

        Like everything else she does …

  3. “…there’s no line in the fishing rod.”

    And there’s no bait except the promise of sunshine and lollipops. But don’t knock it – she and turdo hooked millions of Canadian suckers.

  4. Heels and no line are ridiculous. Also a two-handed grip at the tippy tip of the rod and standing too far from calm water. She could have written this up in a funny truth-telling way and become a candidate for PM some day. “Here I am pretending to fish at Iqaliuit despite the heels and no fishing line. Iqaluit is a great place to be and today’s announcement helps protect it.” A politician who provably is telling the truth….. is news.

  5. The corrupt Liberals are even inept at being corrupt Liberals. I went a long way down her feed and there was not one supportive tweet. I would have thought the Liberal party had an entire department dedicated to placing false positive tweets on it’s members’ feeds.

    My favourite from a number of great replies…

    Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for life.
    Give him someone else’s fish and he will vote for you.

  6. “There’s no line in the fishing rod.”
    If you can think of a better fish pun, let minnow.

    1. You made that joke just for the halibut? You’ve got me floundering for a proper response. It’s enough to give me a haddock.

        1. They were kind of crappie, weren’t they? I know what you’re thinking: turbot for the grace of cod go I.

          1. I was wondering when Kenji would jump in. I guess he took his time sardine through the comments and was probably sharked by some of them.

          2. @1:32 B A
            Re: Kenji

            Salmon with me, I thought perhaps eel went out for a drive in his Plymouth Barracuda.

    2. I seem to remember that Kate doesn’t want us to get into piscine matches….

      1. What? No piscine matches?
        But I thought we were pooling our resources and having a whale of a time.

        1. Uh, whales aren’t fish. I suppose did that on porpoise. (Whale sharks, however, are.)

    3. Didn’t the 1962 version of Mutiny on the Bounty feature Marlin Brando? It was made a year before that Steve McQueen movie The Greatest Skate.

    4. If there’s no line in Barbie’s rod, that means she didn’t try tying on a hook. Was she trying to fish nautilus? Was she trying to oyster self by her own petard?

  7. They were there fishing for votes with the bait being promises beyond their wildest dreams. Barbie and Ken dolls/ Catherine and Justin, hard to resist such glamour.

    1. Anybody want to bet that the CBC will give glowing reports of her as a fisherfolk sort and brag about “the one that got away”? Since there’s no line and, obviously, no hook, that would make “catch and release” rather easy for her, wouldn’t it?

  8. When she’s re-elected in October with a huge majority of the votes it’ll give you a really good indication of the depth of the average Ottawa citizen.

    1. Some of us already know that. Ever been to Resolute Bay (Iqualuit)? I wouldn’t eat any fish caught in that bay, especially at low tide.

  9. She has a little person work the reel because she can’t reach the crank. Can you say little person or is it vertically challenged?

  10. There’s a fine line between fishing and standing on the bank looking like an idiot!
    I see her and all the other Trudeau Liberals as the latter.

  11. It’s obvious they weren’t really fishing, nobody’s holding a beer. It is a scathing indictment on the intelligence of Canuckistani voters that these smug, smarmy incompetent yahoos are going to get reelected.

  12. Only have my iPhone for reference but I think the rod is photoshopped in – pretty difficult to hold a rod the way she is.

  13. In other news regarding the Liberals using taxpayer money for election purposes, Groper and his wife will be attending the homosexual parade in Vancouver Sunday. No word on whether their children will be prancing with them.

  14. This is just to show how bad things are up north. Climate Barbie went ice fishing but she realized she wouldn’t catch any ice so why bother with the line and hook and stuff….

  15. Sadly, the fish jokes will be fin ished soon.

    What the jokes say, though, is that she’s managed to tip the scales to outright contempt from mere anger. And that’s good!

  16. With apologies to Mother Goose…..

    Simple Barbie went a-fishing
    For to catch a whale
    No hook, no line, she did just fine
    And caught a bit of tail….