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    Being about to retire finally from public life, I beg leave to offer you my grateful thanks for the many proofs of kindness and confidence which I have received at your hands. It has been my fortune in the discharge of public duties, civil and military, frequently to have found myself in difficult and trying situations, where prompt decision and energetic action were necessary, and where the interest of the country required that high responsibilities should be fearlessly encountered; and it is with the deepest emotions of gratitude that I acknowledge the continued and unbroken confidence with which you have sustained me in every trial. My public life has been a long one, and I can not hope that it has at all times been free from errors; but I have the consolation of knowing that if mistakes have been committed they have not seriously injured the country I so anxiously endeavored to serve, and at the moment when I surrender my last public trust I leave this great people prosperous and happy, in the full enjoyment of liberty and peace, and honored and respected by every nation of the world.



  2. The University of Alaska was, until recently, a centre of climate pseudoscience whose objective was to destroy the industry that put bread on the table of most Alaskans.

    Alaskans have finally had enough of tenured Democrats from the lower 48 both sucking their blood and stabbing them in the back.

    The university’s budget has been cut 41 percent to allow the state to maintain the current level of Alaska Permanent Fund dividends, paid for out of oil revenues—$3000 per Alaskan man, woman and child, often enough for a family to live on when the man of the house is between jobs.

    Meanwhile, 2,000 university employees, including professional climate hoaxers, face termination and, with no other job prospects in Alaska, having to leave the state for good. Actual Alaskans get to keep their own money.

    This is what government by normal people looking out for the interest of normal people looks like. First order of business—give working people back the money they worked for, and serve notice to the bloodsuckers to move on.


    1. Not Stupid those Alasakans.
      When we leave…we might wanna entice them to join us while they, can help us construct a real CONSTITUTION…..NOW THAT would be a country..!!

    1. 5. Scheer’s sins are not yet deal breakers

      No Free Speech, refuses to stand up for conservatives see Cooper in Alberta

      Same Liberals Platforms

      No Balls

      No Defunding the CBC

      Keeps and will continue all UN deals on immigration, Paris accord (carbon tax)

      Keeps pandering to all tribes that separate us.

      Sold out to the Milk Cartel

      That’s just a few there’s more

      PLease Scheer’s sins are not yet deal breakers exactly if your a dam Liberal or LibCon.

      1. As I have said many times, todays conservatives are liberal lite and the Sheer one is obvious.

      2. Re Max will defund the CBC.

        Actions speak larger than words. In Parliament Max voted against a bill to privatize the CBC.

        1. Oh come Joe how many times do you need to bring that up.

          I have answered your question three times already

          I understand you like sowing doubt but if that is what you need to do to have people to vote for Scheer well I feel sorry for you

          Yes Max voted against it and so did Scheer because the Bill introduced was never ever going to pass. The Conservative party member who table that bill didn’t do it to actually make it happen it was all for show no substance just like Scheer is.

          Brad Trost’s Bill C-308 was defeated by a vote of 260-6 at second reading Wednesday. Just five other members of Parliament — all of them Tories — backed the Saskatchewan MP’s bill: Ontario MP Harold Albrecht, Saskatchewan MP David Anderson, and Alberta MPs Blake Richards, Arnold Viersen, and Kevin Sorenson.

          None of the MPs who voted in favour of the so-called Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Privatization Act have endorsed Trost in the leadership race or his rival, Ontario MP Kellie Leitch, who is calling for the CBC to be “dismantled.”

          Max and the PPC want to defund the CBC from Government Spending and let it be supported by viewers who will pay the CBC money out of their own pockets like they do in the states.

          1. Angel,

            It’s irrelevant what other MPs did. Mr. “true conservative” Bernier, voted against the bill to privatize the CBC.

            You said, “Max voted against it … because the bill was never going to pass.” This is interesting. Max abandons his principles to vote on the winning side?

            Makes me doubt Max’s promise to balance the budget in two years. Sounds a lot like another party leader.

            I would be more impressed if Max, and his followers, said; “Yep, I totally blew that vote. I should have voted for it.” Instead we get Micky Mouse excuses.

          2. Joe Max was in a leadership race and he already stated his position on the CBC so he had no choice but to vote against it.

        2. Max the 1% man won’t be doing anything except for the remote possibility of helping Dustbin get re-elected.

          1. Bull

            Watch for all the PPC signs when the election gets called that will be your first indication.

      3. Scheerdeau.
        Same old same old….
        Kissing Upper/Lower Canada’s (_i_).
        Kissing the UN’s (_i_)
        Kissing the Monopolies (_i_)
        Kissing the Climatista’s (_i_)
        Kissing Islamic (_i_)
        ….and decidedly Anti Free Speach.

        Yea…..not a hope in hell am I or my family voting for Gutless wanker.

        #Bernier Nation

    2. Here’s a nice slow pitch over the plate for our sports fans.

      Qutoes from: Why The PPC And FCP Matter / http://www.poletical.com/peoples-party-maxime-bernier.php

      *As a voter, I’d like the option to vote against the established parties when they become too out of touch or corrupt.

      *For me, I like having parties like the Freedom Conservative Party on standby in case Jason Kenney tries to take Alberta back to the old PC era of decay, cronyism and arrogance. So far, it’s looking like he might.

      *As for the PPC, if they build a solid base, grow past Bernier and elect a leader who is more competent and genuine, I would consider them as an option if Andrew Scheer or any forthcoming CPC leader makes all the wrong moves.

      *Essentially, parties like the PPC and FCP are good not only for disengaged members of society, but for all voters. For people like myself, whose political loyalty only goes so far, having other options on the table is better than being stuck. Pledging unbounded loyalty to any political party is not only stupid, it’s impractical. Unbounded loyalty means sticking with a party or organization that has gone off the rails or become corrupt to the core. Those who blindly support a party like that are the real perpetrators of corruption.

      *With that said, it’s important to acknowledge that Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives are not that kind of party. If you’re a Bernier supporter, you’re disagreeing with me, but there isn’t a single bit of evidence to show that the CPC is corrupt, out of touch or taking conservatism in the wrong direction.””

      *Furthermore, Scheer’s support for supply management and the Paris Agreement don’t make him a liberal. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made to accommodate the electorate—these decisions are more strategic than ideological.

      1. Yes, you have the right to protest vote. Alberta used that right 2 elections ago. That’s why there are no elected members to the right of the UPC now in Alberta, because of the known price of vote-splitting electing Notley.

        I don’t want Trudeau for another 4+ years, so I’m holding my nose and voting PC.

      2. What a load of bull.

        *With that said, it’s important to acknowledge that Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives are not that kind of party. If you’re a Bernier supporter, you’re disagreeing with me, but there isn’t a single bit of evidence to show that the CPC is corrupt, out of touch or taking conservatism in the wrong direction.””

        *Furthermore, Scheer’s support for supply management and the Paris Agreement don’t make him a liberal. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made to accommodate the electorate—these decisions are more strategic than ideological.

        Scheer couldn’t even support his own member Cooper’s Free Speech

        Conservatives are not corrupt so by your thinking the CPC moved right on top of the Liberals Platforms so they are technically the same Globalist party that’s why we call them the LibCons.

        Furthermore, Scheer’s support for supply management and the Paris Agreement don’t make him a liberal I disagree as Scheer is a liberal in a blue suit who supports the Globalist Agenda of the Paris Accord and you left out his support for the UN and all of their policies like on immigration.

        It must suck being a CPC Scheer supporter That’s why everyone is moving to the PPC and Max has balls Scheers sheered his off as soon as he won the leadership by cheating with the milk cartel.

        Max didn’t quit the CPC it was the CPC that quit on all conservative thinking.

        1. Chris Burke

          Follow @chriswtburke

          My plan this year was to vote @CPC_HQ and @AndrewScheer but the more he speaks, the more he looks like @JustinTrudeau lite. I had lost all hope in Canadian politics until I started to research @MaximeBernier and @peoplespca #hoperestored #commonsenserevoltuion

        2. Angel.

          Flipping EXACTLY..!
          MAx has a COMMON CA N A D I A N Sense Agenda and Platform.

      3. Maxime Bernier Retweeted


        So they’re saying this is not a good time, Max…

        But as Ronald Reagan asked, “If not us, who? And if not now, when?”

        John Robson: Why should Maxime Bernier wait?

        Haven’t we all waited long enough?

        Is Maxime Bernier perfect? No. Oddly enough, neither am I. Or possibly you. Is starting a new party easy? No. Is standing on principle easy? No. Will it work? Probably not. Damon Runyon said all life is six to five against and the odds here are worse. But is running against the Liberals from the mushy middle a sure bet? Hardly.


        1. absolutely absolutely.
          at BEST it’s gonna take 3 or 4 elections for the PPC to really get going. hopefully a couple minorities to accelerate things.
          that’s the reality of ‘same old same old’ cdn politics.
          but the alternative, is 3 or 4 elections of treedledee tweedledum.
          then what?
          another 3 or 4 elections of tweedledee tweedledum eh?

          I am looking at the medium term here, the only REAL choice is to
          get. the. process. of. REAL. change. started.

          1. The only real change you will see is Scaredy-cat Scheer ruining this country since his CPC has adopted all of the Liberals platforms.

            Scheer’s Conservatives are as leftist as Trudeau’s.

            As for PPC forming government in October 2019 it’s been happening all over the world that first time parties make it.

            Canadians finally have a party that supports Canadians and not the leftist elitist Globalist.

            Your all in for a surprise.

    3. The libcons left me, not the other way around. And that article was a waste of time. My vote is going to the PPC. End of story.

      1. If parties like Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party can gain traction in Canada without beating down Conservative support, it would be a sign that Canada is in the process of achieving some kind of balance.

        You the CPC Party don’t get it

        Canadians are done with the Liberals and Conservative Party of One.

        You LibCons are both corrupt and Globalist Controlled.

        Canadians are taking back their country with the PPC Common Sense Platforms and Max who doesn’t care about political Correctness and he is leading a Party that puts Canadians First, not the immigrants, environmental and globalist agendas.

        The LibCons had there chances and they blew them all away so finally we Canadians can take back our country in October 21 2019.


    1. “Struggle for separation”?????
      Read the article if you are going to post link. (same author as previous linked piece)

      “Alberta independence isn’t worth fighting for”
      “independence isn’t attainable unless you fight violently for it” & “I’m not advocating starting an Alberta FLQ… quite the contrary.”
      “I’m instead suggesting that people put their independence energies into more practical and self-serving vehicles so that Alberta can carve out a new identity within Canada.”
      “I will outline some ideas for Alberta separatists to put their passions into more practical and successful pursuits.”

      Is JH same author of “Alberta Separation Is A Great Idea” / http://www.poletical.com/alberta-separatism.php

      Looks like CPC fans want to shutdown that “voting for Max is voting for Western Separation” meme making the rounds.

      1. Yeah. Same author.
        Alberta separation IS a great idea….but futile. Obviously.

        That’s why I’m outlining a new, more realistic path.

    2. The thing Alberta should do is lobby for the dissolution of Confederation. That way there is no Canada to fight against. Canada isn’t a real country, it is a political construct and if I’d dissolved no one would miss it.

        1. But JJM who cares if you are missed? The future is what is at stake.
          And the fact that nobody would miss Alberta much is exactly why it should leave.
          Canada has run its course. The Trudeaus – with a lot of help – have quickened its demise.

          1. Nobody would miss Alberta leaving


            I would miss Alberta

            Everyone from coast to coast to coast would miss Alberta

            Your letting the Globalist win

            They want Canada to breakup just like they want the USA to break up as well.

            I firmly believe that the goal of the PPC is to use our Constitution to build Pipelines East and West no matter what BC or Quebec or any environmental group has to say and no judge can block it period.

            So you have to ask yourself that if the PPC can do this why did the LibCons ever offer it?

            Oh that’s right they are leftist Globalist Elitist controlled.

            Lastly the sooner Canada and Canadians kick out the Corrupt Pro Islamist Oil out of Canada permanently the better.

            They use the billions that we pay for their oil against us by supporting their groups here.

            The PPC is the only party offering this so how can you not vote for them it would be stupidity.

            I Love Dirty Oil it’s the largest environmental cleanup the world has ever seen.

            Oil in sand, processed and Oil is now out of the sand.

            You can bet your bitumen on that…

        2. Well, I’m not a born and bred Albertan, but I wouldn’t miss you guys in the least if we did leave.

    1. Does this mean that Google is Russian?



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  3. After a week of personal time in B.C., Great Leader Kim Sung Trudeau is back on the job. He stays in B.C. as he makes a fisheries announcement and then attends a barbeque. All this time in B.C. has nothing to do with the election of course. That would be a misuse of taxpayer dollars for political purposes, and he would never do that.

  4. Study finds Americans diet composed 86% of “ultra-processed” foods.


    ” the term “ultra-processed” was defined as foods that “are industrial formulations made entirely or mostly from substances extracted from foods (oils, fats, sugar, starch and proteins).” These foods are usually created in laboratories and derived from hydrogenated fats and modified starch.”

    Not quite soylent green, but we’re on our way. I can hardly way until the ultra-processed food processor bumps into the composting cemetery.

  5. If I have to hold my nose to vote it will be going to the party with the most likely chance of to get rid of the what’s been proven to be the most useless tool we’ve ever elected to the run our affairs of state. Gerald Butts is now back, if he ever was really away, in their desperate to hold onto power.

  6. This article is well worth the read. It is on Haiti and the comparison to Baltimore, Detroit or any large black dominated area is profound. 3 times the US rebuilt Haiti and the Africans each time destroyed it and it turned into what we see today. The same thing is happening to Africa itself as we see daily.

    I remember years ago flying over Haiti on the way to the Dominican Republic after Jacques Cousteau talked about all the forest in Haiti being cut down and the wonderful rich top soil running into the sea. For miles I could see the Caribbean brown rather than blue, incredibly sad.


    1. As long as they embrace Voodoo as their national religion they are not going to improve their lot in life.

    2. Old joke.

      “Give a European a pile of bricks and he will build you a city.
      Give an African a city and he will make you a pile of bricks.” – ANON

      And it is not only Africa doing that trick these days.

    3. How come I never saw this on the CBC?

      “This sort of thing has happened over and over again in Haiti. It seems that we would have learned something from it. In the 18th century Haiti, then called Saint-Domingue and ruled by the French, was the most prosperous colony in the New World. Its enormously fertile soil produced a great abundance of crops and drew thousands of White French settlers. Unfortunately, Black slaves from Africa were imported to help with the work. In the late 1700’s the madness of the French Revolution, with its truly nutty doctrine of racial equality, infected many Frenchmen and the Black plantation workers were encouraged to revolt. When they did they brutally murdered every White man, woman, and child in the colony and declared Haiti a republic. What had been the richest and most productive part of the New World promptly sank back to an African level of squalor, misery, and poverty. The roads and cities built by the French fell into ruin. A peculiarly African mixture of anarchy and despotism took the place of French law and order.”

  7. Climate Barbie burned jet fuel at taxpayer expense to Toronto this morning. Trudeau’s Bell Media had her on their CP24 tv station to explain that the Conservatives are evil regarding global warming. Don’t be evil, the media reminds everyone to join Team Trudeau.

    1. Holy eff. If I didn’t lie to women, I would never have gotten laid. She pursued him but it’s his fault.

  8. National Post website reports that economists state Groper’s dramatic increase of “Guest Workers” is driving wages lower for Canadians. The guest worker program was set up to provide seasonal workers for agriculture, etc. but Great Leader is now allowing eating establishments and temp agencies etc. to bring in workers and keep wages down.

  9. Great Leader Kim Sung Trudeau just finished his press conference in B.C. While most of his loyal Unifor journalists stuck to the Liberal Party script, one reporter had the nerve to question Groper about why taxpayers are paying his expenses for coming to B.C. to attend two fundraisers and make election stops today. The reporter also asked him how much carbon was spewed into the air flying there. Justin answered by of course going on a rant about Hitler Harper and the evil Conservatives. And Macleans magazine based on the most recent polls show that Justin is heading for another victory, perhaps with a coalition with the NDP or Greens. Eight more years of Great Leader Justin. They will build statues of him in every town and city.

    1. “one reporter had the nerve to question Groper about why taxpayers are paying his expenses for coming to B.C. to attend two fundraisers”
      The government of Canada is using tax dollars to poll people about attitudes related to recent government of Canada initiatives from climate change policies to infrastructure spending. If you get one of these calls, as I did, let em have it with both barrels. I was polite but firm.
      I asked the guy, “why are government of Canada tax dollars going towards political polling that should be paid for by the Liberal party of Canada? ” He hung up on me; imagine that.