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  1. Maxime Bernier

    “Canada needs a common-sense foreign policy focused on the security and prosperity of Canadians, not an ideological approach that compromises our interests.”

    The exclusive priority of the government of Canada on the international scene should be to manage our relations with other countries in order to protect and further the interests of Canadians. Unfortunately, that’s not what’s happening.

    There is a growing trend to dilute national sovereignty, and to favour increased international policy coordination as well as the redistribution of wealth from rich to poor countries under the supervision of the United Nations. This globalist vision has been heavily promoted in Canada under Justin Trudeau, who believes that we are a “post-national state” with “no core identity.”

    Over the past several years, Canada has signed many UN treaties, accords and compacts on issues ranging from global warming to migration and sustainable development, that tie us to this corrosive globalist agenda.

    Meanwhile, as our national debt continues to mount, the Liberal government devotes more and more resources trying to solve social and economic problems in other countries. It spends billions of dollars every year to help countries in Africa and Asia build roads, educate children, and reduce their CO2 emissions. It plans to spend $1.4 billion every year to offer abortion and reproductive health services to women in developing countries.

    The United Nations is a dysfunctional organisation where non-democratic countries, because of their large numbers, have the most influence. This leads to ridiculous situations. For example, several of the member states on the UN Human Rights Council are among the worst human rights offenders in the world. As one country among almost 200, Canada has no interest in seeing the UN grow into a more powerful, quasi-world government.

    There is no persuasive moral or economic efficiency argument for development aid. Countries that remain poor are those where governments are still crushing private initiative. Until they liberalize their economy and free their citizens, no amount of development aid will solve their problems. On the contrary, it creates a cycle of dependency and often helps these authoritarian governments stay in power.

    Our plan Read it here:


    1. You have my Vote…MAX.!! I’m done being one of the Herd….and told the Conservative phone solicitor who called me last night – Exactly that.. And ya got my wifes vote as well and possibly my adult kids too….

      I refuse to vote for a near carbon Copy of PM Dipshit in that Mr Dairy Queen will continue to Kiss Islam’s ASS, continue with a form of a Carbon Tax, Support supply management among other things.

      A Weak and pliable candidate.
      Not voting for that.

  2. Maxime Bernier

    Considering their tax won’t reach Paris targets, the Liberals are either:

    -hypocrites who don’t really care about saving the planet despite what they pretend;


    -cynics who care about saving the planet but care even more about being re-elected.

    Which one is it?

    National Post
    Federal carbon tax would need to hit $102 by 2030 to hit Paris targets: PBO (link: https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/federal-carbon-tax-would-need-to-hit-102-by-2030-to-hit-paris-targets-pbo?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1560439850) nationalpost.com/news/politics/…

    1. The problem I have is that Man Made Global Warming or Cooling or Climate Change or whatever the heck they want to call it doesn’t exist and is based on highly questionable and false science. The closest thing I would describe it to would be “scientism” based on a kind of quasi religious belief based around progressivism. I find it a real shame that Maxime Bernier would buy into that Global Warming scam in the first place. Please tell me I’m wrong.

      1. PPC Foreign Policy: Focusing on the Security and Prosperity of Canadians

        Canada needs a common-sense foreign policy focused on the security and prosperity of Canadians, not an ideological approach that compromises our interests.

        A People’s Party government will:

        Continue to work closely with our allies to maintain a peaceful international order, but will not get involved in foreign conflicts unless we have a compelling strategic interest in doing so.

        Prioritize relations with our main trading and defence partner, and work with the Trump administration, or whoever occupies the White House, to reinforce our friendship and cooperation.

        Withdraw from all UN commitments, including the Global Compact on Migrations and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, that threaten our sovereignty, and reduce our presence in UN institutions to a minimum.

        Liberalize trade with as many countries as possible, while ensuring our security and protecting our economy from the threat of potentially hostile foreign investors.

        Save billions of dollars by phasing out development aid, and focus Canadian international assistance exclusively on emergency humanitarian action in cases such as health crises, major conflicts and natural disasters.

        Global Warming and Environment: Rejecting Alarmism and Focusing on Concrete Improvements


          1. I was calling out the Liberals platform on Climate Change and asking which is it are they actually doing?

            Under no circumstances was I ever agreeing with the LibCon’s on Their Alarmist Climate Change Platforms.

            No worries I have your back, you are not alone for the PPC family is 40,000 members strong and growing.

            The PPC is the only Federal Party that can save Canada from the Globalist Left.

            Please help me by joining the PPC family and together we will all defeat them once and for all.

    2. Neither. They are simply sly. They intend to raise the tax annully, after the election of course. And the rebate won’t raise. I think if you go back to what they said when discussing the “tax on pollution” (as if there would ever be a tax on Liberal BS) you will find they said as much. It is in the plan.

      1. We have, more to the point, our broken electoral system has allowed a party with 39.42 % of the vote, having 63 % of the electorate cast ballots, to run roughshod over those who wish to be free. All socialists should be removed from Canada, or at the very least all positions of power. That would apply to all greens, and the n d p. Those who wish to live in a socialist paradise could go to Cuba, Venezuela, NK, or other such bastions of freedom where everyone has “everything”.

        1. “All socialists should be removed from Canada, or at the very least all positions of power.”

          Tough to do without becoming like them.

          1. No, at times severe punishment has to meted out to those who would destroy you. Would you have said the same about Germany in 1940? Probably, because you would not have seen where things were headed, we are headed down a similar road. I see it, do you not see it.

          2. old white guy, other than waking the people up to their machinations and voting them out there is nothing we can do short of starting a civil war.

          3. Ken, I would be in favour of that. If a civil war is what it takes so be it. It ain’t happening in Canada, it takes balls to fight for freedom, assuming one even knows what freedom is.

          4. old white guy, a civil war is a drastic final step.

            Both my wife’s and mu family lived through and suffered through a civil war and it is not pretty. Her paternal grandfather was grazed by a bullet fired by an anarchist, almost executed on another occasion by an anarchist Makhnov army leader who at the last moment realized that the family had helped the anarchist’s epileptic father during an extremity in the field. Earlier the Bolsheviks had her grandfather pegged for an early morning arrest and a ‘radish’ warned them in time and they escaped into the night. Her maternal grandfather had to hide in the forest for months and escape hidden in a wagon load of hay. The Red partisans also came for my paternal grandfather, but he was hiding in the Ural Mountains.

            You want to be real careful what you wish for. Civil war is hell on earth. Better to vote them out if you can. If not, well…

          5. Ken, I am well aware of the results of a civil war or an un-civil war. As far a voting evil out it is difficult if not impossible when all parties embrace the same crap.

    3. Thinking that a tax will stop people from driving to work or heating their homes is beyond stupid. I suspect the only way a tax will ever work is by crushing the economy instead of reducing consumption. Our whole civilization is built on cheap energy.

      1. “Our whole civilization is built on cheap energy.”
        seriously, I wonder if any in the present gubbamint are aware of this vital fact.

        there I go again, attempting to apply logic to figuring out LIEberals.

    1. David Menzies said he was the only member from the Press that showed up for this twit’s day in court. It was revealed that at the time of the assault he was intoxicated. In Canada, public drunkedness is a defense rather than an offense.

      They had evidence on camera of what he did and the guy only got 8 months suspended sentence and cannot ever be within 100 feet of a Pro- Life rally. In the comments, someone said that he should’ve been fined $4000 additionally. I agree. He didn’t even get a slap on the wrist. Some justice. This post nation is gone to the dogs.

      Someday- Karma. He’ll always be known for this act, though, the little thug. He will go on to molest, because he got away with this. In my opinion, additionally, he should’ve been ordered to get Professional Counseling. He is on the record now, he better watch his assets.

      1. pfft.
        Ive said it for YEARS, half joking half serious.
        *if ya wanna off sumbuddy in Canaduh, practice driving DRUNK, measure the qty necessary to put you over the limit and how far ahead of time, stalk the target and when they leave their home, restaurant, workplace, wtfever, RUN THEM OVER*.
        thus, oh, 3, 4, 5 yrs max instead of 25.

        and speaking of karma, oy vey I can tell you a LOT about that, good and bad.
        I was attacked in grade 7 by the sandbox bully local hitler yout’ who decided it was HIS turn to beat up hb for fun.

        no one but Ms Karma and Providence knew I was ready for my very. first. adrenaline. rush.
        fight or flight choice did not exist, there was NOWHERE to flee in the school yard he hadnt followed me already.

        quick version:
        7 *years* of resentment and fury over being beat up by anyone who chose to, translated into me
        POUNDING THE LIVING SHYT out of said nazi wannabe.

        he hung himself that nite, so embarrassed he got beat up by the kid who always lost the fight.
        I never had to contend with sandbox bullies after that.
        30 years later in my poli sci course @ McMaster U we were covering the arms race and nuke deterrence
        and I had that eureka moment:
        migawd migawd migawd. THIS is what I did in 1963 !!!! THAT is why NONE of the bullies came at me after that !!!

        the exquisite, exceptional unique irony of nuclear deterrence:
        the FACT one has the capability of rendering unimaginable ruin on the opponent, and you C-O-M-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-E same,
        *is the very reason you dont have to!*

        1. “…you C-O-M-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-E same…”

          Speaking of communication, have you considered communicating in a coherent manner? Maybe starting sentences with capital letters? You clearly know how to use the “shift” key, so why not try it?

      2. Well let’s put this way: I can end up in prison for inciting violence if I accurately express my thoughts as to what a measured punishment for left wing terrorism should be. He engages in left wing terrorism and goes home laughing. Like I said before: we haven’t been a nation of laws for a while. This can only end bloody.

  3. Maxime Bernier

    Interesting view from abroad.

    Maxime Bernier: Make Canada FREE Again. A new hope. PPC.

    Politics in Canada has seem desperate for some time. But in the last 6 months we have a seen the birth of a VERY impressive 3rd party, The Peoples Party of Canada, lead by Maxime Bernier. Do they have what it takes to take it all the way? Libertarian Conservatives in Canada.


    1. How many are quitting simply because they put in the minimum time required to collect the nice parliamentary pension? Nah, it couldn’t possibly be anything like that, would it?

      1. Yes, of course. Plus, they probably are getting too much flack from their constituents. That’s what happens when there is plenty of voter fraud.

        Remember when we said “non merci” to Stephane Dion when he tried to foist the Green New Deal on Canada? “We gonna make da moneey wid it?” “Ah, encore, nooooomerciyousillythief!”

        So what does Trudeau do? He made Canada a FUBAR post national, pennyless entity full of phoney galoonies!

        So say there fella- have a nice Friday and aaaallll daaaay!

  4. Let the games begin. Nationalists/Populists/Deplorables unite.

    Are the lefties catching on they are being played by the plantation owners? Since the shoe fits, is the author (researcher at Ontario Civil Liberties Association & former professor at the University of Ottawa) making the case that Canaduh is of the globalist fold?

    From Dollar Hegemony To Global Warming: Globalization, Glyphosate, And Doctrines Of Consent

    There has been an unprecedented campaign to re-engineer social consensus in the West. Part of this strategy, involves getting populations in Western countries to fixate on ‘global warming’, ‘gender equity’ and ‘anti-racism’; by focusing on identity politics and climate change, the devastating effects and injustices brought about by globalized capitalism and associated militarism largely remain unchallenged by the masses…


  5. This video deals with the physics of attempting to fly an aircraft with battery power. There’s some complex math that lasts a few minutes, but please bear with it. And you’ll see why battery powered flight for large planes is still decades into the future. (Contrary to what the Green cons are telling you.)


    1. Not just decades.
      They keep talking about energy density increases in batteries (energy / kg) and if they can just increase it by a few hundred percent.
      Trouble is, batteries with as much energy as petroleum based fuels would be incredibly dangerous.
      Gasoline contains more energy than dynamite, but can only release it slowly as it burns, limited by available oxygen (what makes air fuel explosions so dangerous).
      A battery with a short can dump that energy very quickly, and if the battery had anywhere near the energy of gasoline, the rapid energy dump would be an explosion, not a fire.

      1. absolutely.
        an episode of ‘Mayday’ detailed how a cargo plane went down when improperly stored and labelled lithium batteries caught fire and burned at 1,000 degrees, dooming the plane.
        ‘battery flight’. delusional.
        gimme some time to work out and then I can THROW a goddamn lead acid battery thru their fcukin orifice window.

    2. It’s been done. The Solar Impulse 2 flew from Japan to Hawaii non-stop, as part of its world-circling odyssey.

      – Mind you, it carried one guy – and took 118 hours…

      – And left Japan after a very long delay because the weather wasn’t quite right…

      – And was carried to its start point in a cargo 747, while its crew followed it around the globe in another jet…

      – But it DID IT! Yeah it really did it, it MADE IT! Yeah, uh-huh, yeah…

      Why can’t I ever get gravy jobs like that? 🙁

      1. Also, the problem with battery powered aircraft is they never get any lighter… As consumable fuel aircraft fly, they get lighter and more efficient as the fuel burns off. If a battery powered plane takes off at Max gross allowable weight, it will REMAIN at Max gross weight the entire flight! Most large aircraft can take off weighing more than they can land at, so they have to jettison fuel in order to land right away again (in an emergency), not possible with batteries, so a redesign is in order, which might make the aircraft heavier, which makes more issues again.. The only way it might work is to have the entire surface of the aircraft covered in solar cells to recharge or keep charge as it flies, knowing full well, there are only so many watts per square meter, available to charge.. Which begs the next question; how long to recharge the aircraft after a flight? A day? A week? Like any Fossil fuel vehicle, a quick fill up and your on your way again. How many spare aircraft would be required so an airline can fly all its routes, while the others are recharging? How much electrical infrastructure would be required to charge an airport full of planes? They’ll be kicking this can down the road for a while!

        1. Zon, Zon, Zon, c’mon Zon; get wit’ da program !!!
          the tactic is the THROW THE SPENT BATTERIES INTO THE OCEAN.

          1. Ohh, riiight, it’ll neutralize the Fukushima foul up!
            Here, take all my tax monies!!

  6. Islamic Terrorist Convicted For Mass Murder Plot Granted Canadian Citizenship

    Zakaria Amara is a convicted terrorist, serving a life sentence for his role in a plot to murder dozens of Canadians. And now, thanks to a Trudeau government bill passed through the Senate, Amara will be given the privilege of Canadian citizenship.

    He came to Canada as a teenager, became a Canadian citizen as a young man, and, by the time he turned 20, he was behind bars and charged with terrorism. An IDEAL Canadian citizen, no?

    Amara was the ringleader of a sophisticated terrorist cell known as the Toronto 18. He recruited, trained and groomed fellow Islamist extremists and worked towards a deadly terrorist plot.


    1. Oh, terrific. Just what we need: another mockery of our legal system, thanks to our corrupt and inept federal government.

      Years ago, I was a contractor at a certain government establishment. Part of what that involved was to undergo a background check and, yes, that also included checking for a criminal record. Nowadays, I doubt that would pose a problem to any more.

    2. Just as I suspected was happening; Canadian citizenship is now worthless. I once was proud of this country. Now, I’m ashamed.

    3. Why are they such idiots? This doesn’t make sense.
      Then again we have leaders who say things like:

      ” Da Proof is da proof”…
      “We gonna make da moneeey wid it”…
      ” MADAME, Madame-Madame Madame Madame Madame…”
      “Ah, ah, ah, ah”
      “Water box drink bottles”…

      The Liberals are dangerous thugs.

        1. Yes, I know Agenda 21 and the Bilderbergs etc.
          It’s their established doctrine for decades, shame on them.

          We have everything trying to kill us. Big this and Big that.
          All hypocrites. Even Big Agri with WEED KILLER SPRAY.

          BIG PHARMA: “Yes you too, can become any gender you want.” Ha!

          I could go on and on, but I won’t. Life is beautiful!
          Have a nice weekend fellas.

    4. well well well.
      ‘nother promise kept !!!
      aaaaaaand the TURDoo2.0 continues to SHYT on Canaduh !!!
      and hard core LIEberals cream their pants waiting for october !!!!

    Leftists have turned comedy into a problem you need a break from.
    June 13, 2019 Daniel Greenfield

    Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

    Leftists have never been as humorless, unfunny and touchy as they are now. And they’ve never poured as much time and money into late night comedy, Netflix comedy specials and assorted people angrily shouting things about Trump and their confused sexual identities into a microphone, as they are now.


  8. Drink Box Thingy? Weren’t unbreakable thermoses better, keeping drinks cold or warm?

    I like Buddy’s video yesterday – kept me in stitches after viewing that!
    I’ll never look at another box again without a chuckle!


    1. But it’s made of plastic. We are all going to die!
      Doubtless also radioactive and contains a nanogram of something evil.

      1. But it’s not single use plastic, so Barbie-boss will ok it.

        You watch there will be so many exceptions, the list will be endless. The biggest beef will come from the Medical Profession. The Liberals have opened up a Pandora’s Box. A big one. They want to trash a multi-billion dollar business. We’ll never hear the end of it.

        1. No! NO!!! Plastic BAD! As bad as Orange-Man – or even WORSE!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

        2. It’s also a way of further hobbling Alberta. Oil is often used as a feedstock in the production of plastic. By banning those plastics, those hydrocarbons won’t have a market.

          It’s all part of Ottawa/Quebec’s war on Alberta. It won’t be satisfied until this province becomes Venezuela North.

    1. That the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the Canadian Govt, should be considered OLD NEWS…..and anyone with a bit of curiosity would know that. (I’m not knocking what you posted Larry at all – Quiggen is Bang on), What pisses me off..?? The willfull Ignornance of the Canadian Public & the Willfull promotion of Islamization by: Liberals – Leftists & the Media….right alongside the Deafening Silence by Feminists.

      Although the Report I am linking to is one that is about the US, one can easily see that said distinction is one not made by the MB, as they sure as shit penetrated our sieve of a Government as well and likely along the same time line.

      The Penetration of the US govt by the Muslim Brotherhood.
      By Clare Lopez an ex CIA Analyst – Excellent Read..to say the least.


  9. http://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/politics/sajjan-taken-to-task-about-white-supremacists-in-the-canadian-forces-%e2%80%93-military-says-its-dealing-with-the-issue/ar-AACRCjE?li=AAggXBV&ocid=ASUDHP
    Bernie I Know Hate Farber is on the war path because 3 dozen soldiers might be “white supremacists” or don’t like Islam. The Proud Boys are haters as well. Bernie is the anti-free speech self-loathing control freak asshole who would have you bound and gagged and probably take every asset or cent you ever earned if you said or wrote something like, Sharia law and its practitioners have no place within Canadian society.

  10. http://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/detroit-police-chief-faces-backlash-over-neo-nazi-protest-at-pride-event/ar-AACScms?ocid=ASUDHP
    So the police escorted the Nazi scumbags in order to keep the affair violence free. I’m sure the cops weren’t too happy about being called names. But when these scumbags are out in the sunshine everyone gets to see exactly what they are.
    Maybe Leftys should stop calling everyone who disagrees with them a Nazi.
    It’s been said that when this counter protest took place last week Bernie Farber initially thought it was the Canadian Forces.

  11. The Raptors won last night, 114-110, and as expected there was an explosion of Raptor-mania, with lots of people celebrating.

    Naturally, CBC News and CTV News were on top of things, with wall-to-wall coverage of the celebrations. As CBC Morning host Heather Hiscox exclaimed this morning, “All of Canada is one Jurassic Park!”. I woke up at 3 a.m. to channel surf — to find out which team won — and on the CTV News channel a young woman reporter was desparately giving a blow-by-blow account of young men trashing a police car. But an aware news producer realized that this bit of rioting was not representative of the Toronto fans, so her report was soon cut off. As well, a man was shot at the corner of Yonge and Dundas, where celebrations were going on, and he is in the hospital with serious injuries. Seven men were arrested for that.

    SDAers want to read a sociological perspective here, so sociologists term the celebrations that went on “sports fan indentification”, a sub-set of “group identification”. Sports fans cheer, in order to become part of the shared experience and commonality of other fame cheering a team. Sociological research has discovered two empirical facts: (1) that fans identify with a team with various intensity, and (2) the fan intensity increases if the team is winning, as opposed to a team losing. And clearly, as the Raptors went deep into the finals, more and more fans jumped on the bandwagon to identify with the team.

    1. Its tribalism. Successful warlords have been relying on this for millennia. The world is, at heart, tribal. But Globalists, demagogues, tyrants and communists will try to make it otherwise. First with arguments, then bribes, then restrictions and always it ends with violence.

    2. “We the north” has got to be the dumbest thing I’ve heard. The number of Canadians who speak ebonics is minuscule. Can anyone decipher what is meant by this slogan?

      1. ” Can anyone decipher what is meant by this slogan?”

        It seems they feel superior because they are on “top” or “north” of the teams that they compete against. I think they must’ve thought of a few slogans before they settled on ” We the north”…
        The following is from the web:

        • fans are disappointed in the teams new slogan because they feel ‘We The North’ was more of an inclusive saying however, according to Raptors fans, ‘North Over Everything’ basically implies that we’re superior and everyone else is ‘beneath us’.Oct 22, 2017…

        So obviously the fans won that one. I only watched the last 10 minutes of the game last night but did you notice the Raptors had new team shirts, with their name as simply, ” NORTH”.. ?

        Could this be a dig at our freezing Northern weather perhaps? Likely no, but the center of the universe if one is from the USA, is the USA. Rightfully so.

        Now their new slogan is:
        We. The. Champs.

        So, they’ve got that, for one year, for sure.
        We’ll never hear the end of it.

        P.S. There was one non fatal stabbing and a police car burned in T.O. atfer the game but the Press won’t tell you much about that.

        PPS. Another silly thing …they call Toronto “6” after the area code “416” but some say “4” for the same reason.

        I say :
        ” later” for “g’bye”…

        1. Raptors? Chuck that one into my Don’t Give a Shit” file. Bring on the Riders – human sacrifices for the Eskimos.

          1. I’ve never figured out the allure of basketball and, frankly, I don’t even consider it to be a sport, so I fail to see what all the fuss is about.

          2. @ 11:24 am – reply to ‘the fuss about basketball’ ?

            From a personal perspective it is rather interesting to see men who are at a minimum of 6′ to a maximum of 7’1″ in height, as in the case of the Raptors. They are a sight to behold! I guess I am a voyeur!

            However, imo, the game is too long, therefore the players get injured. It’s the price of being a millionaire, I guess, ‘poor’ them!


            PS: Repeating – still say that baseball is the perfect game, if one likes Sports.

          3. Nancy Ross – “still say that baseball is the perfect game”

            Until they brought in the designated hitter and destroyed the only strategy in the game – substitution.

          4. Scar @ 6:58 pm
            My all time favourite was game 3 of the World Series between Red Sox and Dodgers in 18 innings leading to a 3- 2 Dodgers Victory. At 7:20 hours and the longest game in World Series history, it was unforgettable. I watched it all. See reminder:


            Don’t know much about the rules except on TV it reminds one of what summer is all about. It is the sound of summer.

            I don’t watch much sports but occasionally I will tune into the last of anything to watch the joy of winning and the tears of losing.

            Thanks for your input.

    3. It is hard for me to imagine that anyone outside of Toronto even cares about this win. This team involves a lot of international players — very well suited to our post-national state –but it does take something away from the idea of cheering for the “home” team.

      1. Yes, but CBC News says that the Raptors are “Canada’s team”, so it must be true (sarc).

      2. Yeah, it baffles me. But there you have it. There was a lot of noise in Calgary in the 17th Avenue bar-district last night. I had no idea why, b/c Calgary isn’t in anything right now, and then I saw a reference to the Raptors. This city, more than most, should be antipathetic towards anything Toronto, but there’s no accounting for taste. Or brains.

        1. I had a devil of a time finding a Globe and Mail in downtown Calgary Friday morning. Everybody seemed to think it was a historic document, with the Raptors on p.1 and all, and wanted it as a souvenir. I finally found one at a 7-Eleven and the clerk said “This is history!” I said, “Well, it will be for a couple of weeks.”

  12. Great Leader Kim Sung Trudeau is using our dead troops from the Afghan war to promote himself today. He burns jet fuel to Whitby and the Highway Of Heroes to plant a tree. He then burns jet fuel to Toronto for a dinner at taxpayer expense. Nothing to do with the election of course.

    1. I don’t buy any of Justin’s empty gestures towards faux patriotism. He is a globalist and a phony. He cares nothing about Canada. Anyone who does care about the country will be voting ABL in the next election.

    2. juthtin & the military.
      when the TURDoo 2.0 spoke at the Normandy anniversary, I very clearly and most enjoyably imagined a mortar shell form that day suddenly appearing, whizzing right at his head and DETONATING in just[in] the exact spot to blow his goddamn LIEberal skull to minute pieces.
      I hate the bastard that much.

  13. Global News, if one watches the TV version, is politically-correct, like all TV national news. But the web page version can surprise on occasion, like today’s piece emphasizing that — even with the strong pro-Liberal support by our media cartel — Canadians maybe are not fully embracing the Rt. Hon. Justin’s leftist ways:

    …where this poll shows that only 32% of Canadians say the Right Honorable One deserves re-election.

    Over at CTV News — where the corporate honchos embrace Liberal Party-ism full bore — they paint a much brighter picture in their poll — stating that Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are “recovering” from the March/April doldrums, and the SNC Lavalin scandal:

    (Keep in mind that the CTV post is a CP-wire story written by one Joan Bryden, who has dedicated her life in journalism to boosting the federal Liberals with every word written).

    But leave it to the Liberal-loving senior editors at CTV News: if one reads the posted article carefully, one sees the C’s leading the Lib’s by something like 38% to 29%, a gap higher than the lead shown by Global TV.

    Go figure. I realize polls in the summer, before the election, mean nothing. But they must be throwing a scare into the biggies in the boardrooms of the PMO, the Liberal party — and the associated boardrooms at CTV, CBC, the Star and the Globe and Mail.

    The crux of the situation is that Rt. Hon. Trudeau is banking on his media “reforms” — buying off the establishment media and censoring the reformist social media — to carry his corrupt party to at lease a coalition victory with the NDP and Greens. The corporate media — given payoffs — were supposed to defeat the Ontario and Alberta parties in those elections, but failed. The difficulty is that Andrew Scheer is not Doug Ford or Jason Kenney.

    1. Will that carbon tax be imposed on Alberta if the Liberals are chucked out of office? If Andrew “Milkman” Scheer becomes PM, it probably will.

      Rupertsland now!

      1. I believe you are right, we are run by morose milkmen. they all run around with their own milking stools, and buckets and udder balm for their wee delicate hands. Their one goal in life is to milk the taxpayers. And as the taxpayers tits run dry find other methods such as blood letting etc.

  14. Canada is the ONLY country in the world destroying its resource sector. Canadians have to be the dumbest SOB in the world. Canada’s elected politicians want an end to oil and gas and all mining. They have said so publicly. Time to separate from the lunatics in the PENAL COLONY known as Canada. Wake up Alberta and Sask. get the hell out. Make your jail break while you can. If Indian bands of a couple of hundred welfare bums are called a nation. It is time that Alberta and Sask became real Nations. Force a UDI Referendum in each Province.

  15. Makes The Case For Trust-Busting Big Tech Companies
    In Glenn Reynolds’ new book, ‘The Social Media Upheaval,’ the popular blogger and law professor persuasively fleshes out his argument for breaking up the Silicon Valley giants.

    Reynolds argues that the social media giants have made it clear by deleting or blocking speech they label hate speech (which, as Reynolds has contended elsewhere, is simply free speech they don’t like) that they do not wish to act as platforms for individual political speech. “Social media companies themselves seem to regard the speech of their users as a collective good subject to their own control,” says Reynolds.


  16. This is where the left as in Liberal/Labour/Democrats are heading. In England the Left want Ecological Limits placed on work of 10 hours per week. Seeing what Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada and their Liberal Voters in Eastern Canada are doing to the Resource sector is this really that far fetched. I think this is were they are headed. Can you survive or your family survive with only 10 hrs of paid work per week? Liberal Insanity, what is even more insane is all the fucking idiots that they have convinced to vote for them. Canadians better get surgery, so that they can unhinge their jaws like a snake. Because this way they can open their mouths wider so they can eat more shit.

    1. I think the Liberal plan would be to combine a 10 hour work week with a guaranteed basic income. I don’t believe they have thought about where the money would come from. It will be communism with a few elites running the globalist show. Trump was the last opportunity for people to pay attention to the big lies that are being spread in the interest of global UN based control, but I am even losing faith in him. There is too much resistance to Trump by the globalists or Trump himself is just controlled opposition and is not really making the effort to take down the corrupt forces in America. In Canada we do not even question the onslaught of globalist communism and the death if free speech.

    2. Now that would be a quick way to destroy a civilization. Mind you, it is well on the way to destruction from within already.

  17. 22 suspects in Michigan child sex sting include bank executive, senate candidate

    A newly formed Genesee County Sheriff’s Office task force dubbed GHOST recently arrested 22 people on suspicion of soliciting sex with children in a five-week sting operation.

    “We used to worry about children when they were outside the house,” Sheriff Robert Pickell said, announcing the arrests Monday from his effort to infiltrate what is sometimes called the dark web. “Now we have to worry about them when they are inside the house, up in their bedroom and browsing on their computer.”

    GHOST is an acronym for Genesee Human Oppression Strike Team.

    Pickell said the suspects represented a wide demographic swath, ranging in age from 25 to 71, and they worked in a variety of jobs, that included fast food and factory workers, a senior bank executive and even a candidate for the U.S. Senate.


  18. YouTube’s Arbitrary, One-Sided Policies Threaten Free Speech In America

    The nation is witnessing increased suffocation of free speech in the past weeks, from YouTube banning right-wing figures to Pinterest censoring pro-abortion content. YouTube’s recently updated policies defining prohibited material is undeniably ambiguous, deeming material able to be censored if “inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.” This vague statement draws no lines in what it can censor, making these new policies dangerous.


    Not only do YouTube’s policies set an ambiguous precedent, but its censorship is also biased and unfair. It began by banning alt-right content, which morphed into targeting conservatives such as comedian and commentator Steven Crowder. Though YouTube retracted their ban on Crowder after recognizing their censored content could become inconsistent, their ambiguous hate speech policies can justify censoring all kinds of content.

    Our free society facilitates and preserves public discourse through the freedom of speech. The freedom to speak necessarily goes two directions, however. It must defend all views so that none are silenced. Making offensive speech into a crime is “inco

  19. Yes the new unbiased poll shows Great Leader with a commanding lead. Eight more years of Great Leader Justin, and then his son, Glorious Leader can take over.

  20. Maybe I am slow on the uptake but is it actually Max Bernier posting here ?
    I was always under the impression it was some joker just reposting his tweets ?

    Then I read things posted in response to questions and written in the first person…

    June 14, 2019 at 2:29 am
    I was calling out the Liberals platform on Climate Change and asking which is it are they actually doing?
    … Please help me by joining the PPC family and together we will all defeat them once and for all.””

    1. I really don’t think Max has the time to post here for he is way to busy building a national political party.

      I believe the poster is trying to convey their thoughts about the PPC and Max here on SDA.

      Max’s official twitter page and the official PPC web page are the official places of where Max’s communications to all Canadians come from.

      I don’t mind the posts showing the actual tweets of Max and the info of the Platforms of the PPC but to post in the first person and acting as Max should cease and maybe some mental health help for the poster should be in order.

      1. so ya caught on finally?
        the ones needing mental health help would instead include the spawn and his, er, peoplekind’s supporters.

        1. Well I like Max and the PPC conservative platform is the best.

          Especially defunding the CBC let alone kicking out the UN and the crazy climate bullshitters

          I’m done with the LibCons being in power federally.

          Way past time for a real change

          The PPC gets my vote and monetary support.

          Scheer is just another center left spinless pandering globalist like Trudeau

  21. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/anger-as-christchurch-mosque-accused-pleads-not-guilty/ar-AACRDPp?li=AAggFp4&ocid=mailsignout
    What a surprise, Tarrant has pled not guilty. So its going to take til next May to start the trial and that will last at least 6 weeks.
    So basically the idiots in NZ have a “justice” system as pathetic as Canaduhs where a whole bunch of lawyers and their minions rub their hands like be-shitted flies over all the money they’re going to make.

  22. I’m wondering just how serious Max and the PPC really are.

    Took a few minutes today to review the Conservative and PPC candidates for my riding Ottawa West – Nepean.
    Cons is a Retired Army Capt with a history of serving, a statement of intents and a developed program.
    PPC has a name that I all I could find was a reference to a college wrestler with a modicum of success. No info.

    This is how the Cons lost the riding last time, running a police officer with no history or presence (who replaced one of the possible leadership candidates to take over from Harper, but left politics after no leadership race called.).

    So I went to the PPC website and looked at the candidate list.

    Lots of empty ridings.

    Vast majority of candidates with no info, no Twitterings, FB or websites.

    This approach will be more hurtful than useful, will draw off needed votes to dump the Lib this Oct. Primary focus is to dump the Liberals.

    My riding has historically switched between Lib and Con on a regular basis. As much as I prefer your platforms, you’re doing more harm than good here. In this riding a vote for PPC is a vote for Liberal.

    With just 5 months to go, seriously bad form.

    1. “With just 5 months to go, seriously bad form.”
      So Grumps, more bad form than the Dairy Queen?
      When is a conservative not a conservative?
      Anywhere in Eastern Canada.
      From well west of you,I no longer care who governs in the East.
      Will be voting MAX, hoping it all burns.
      Best result I can hope for is a Green,NDP, Liberal alliance.
      The better for my fellow westerners to see Confederated Canada is beyond repair,reform.
      Bills are coming due,looks to me like we gotta run.

  23. “Primary focus is to dump the Liberals. ”

    Gotta start somewhere.

    While I understand some of the informed PrairieWest followers are wanting to go, I don’t believe the regular joe and jane will support the effort if a possible relationship can be obtained with a majority Con gov’t. PrairieWest will not carry the majority urban voters under those conditions, certainly not Calgary, Edmonton or Regina and Saskatoon. It is not wishful thinking on my part, I’m in the west on a regular basis and I listen to people I talk to about this. I have family there, too.

    And definitely more bad form than the Dairy Queen. A one-man party is not the way to win anything. A lot of people vote for the candidate and not the leader.

    While the current Con leadership is a drip, at least the membership and riding candidates appear to be organized and informed. There is at least the possibility of a leadership conference, slim but there.

    Vote Max, in the west you have a lot of space between Con and Lib so a few PPC votes won’t cause too much difference. I wish I could, but like I said that in my riding a vote for Max is a vote for Liberal. Just the way it is here considering the lack of presence of the anointed candidate.

    BTW, a lot of the strongest Con in Harper’s Gov’t were from East of the Man/Sask border. Any one of them would have beaten Trudeau had Harper stepped down 2 years before the vote. I liked Harper, still do, but he was seriously damaged goods. I did vote for his candidate here.

    The next few months will be interesting.

    Thanks for keeping it civil, discussing issues and not parentage or intelligence. Discussions like this are important.

    1. Let me fix that for you.
      “”The primary focus is to dump political party leaders who support the globalist agenda.””

      Gotta start somewhere like the deplorables in Spain, Italy, Hungary, Austria and Britain did by electing populist leaders who stand for their countries and not for some supra national entity like the UN.

      Did your MP vote to support the Paris Accord (an agreement within the UN framework convention on climate change) last year?
      How about the other CPC MPs? Back in 2016 the CPC MPs voted against the accord. Since then the climate change scare has been soundly refuted. Can you explain what is going on with your MP & the others that they would give their support to a supra national entity that that is promoting a scam?

      1. And here’s how things turned out in the recent Australia election known as “the Climate Change Election”.

        (Reader beware of leftist bias)

        “”” The election gave added evidence that climate wars have become an adjunct of the politics of grievance that have brought populists to power in America, Europe and elsewhere, and have rent electorates into bitterly opposed camps of urban and provincial, young and old, activist and cautious.”””

        Sadly the CPC shows no leadership on this file.

      2. You didn’t fix it for me, not even close. In fact, you missed the point completely: What is PPC/Max doing?

        Not a chance that Con will have a leadership convention before October. This isn’t a few platforms, there are many. Resources, Prov/Fed division of power, Taxes, CO2 BS correction, Jobs and Economy.

        Job 1 is to make sure the Liberals lose everything. Con majority. 4 more years of left is the end.
        Job 2 is realigning the Con party’s goals to be intelligent and acceptable. But if the Con party is not in charge, no use.

        My concern with PPC is they appear to have a lot of empty suits in ridings, no profiles or info. Are they just there to get some votes to get funding for the future? This is dangerous as it takes votes from the Con and can cost seats in very many close ridings.

        Are they serious for this election or just playing the game to get the funding? At this point in Canada’s situation this is very dangerous.

        Perfect result would be a Con minority with PPC holding the seats to join for the majority and straightening out the Con platform. But as I see it right now, the PPC is questionable. Wish it wasn’t.

        1. The PPC needs candidates in 90% of the ridings to get him into the debates. Bernier has lots of support

        2. “The PPC is questionable”? No questions in my mind. The country needs a new party that represents the values of conservative voters and the PPC is a good first start. People also questioned Farange’s new Brexit party. How did that turn out?

          “”My concern with PPC is they appear to have a lot of empty suits in ridings, no profiles or info.””
          And my concern is those soooo well credentialed Con MPs don’t represent their constituents but do the bidding of the Con Party elites. What is the point of voting for an MP that doesn’t represent you??? To give power to the party elites??

          “””Not a chance that Con will have a leadership convention before October….””” . The problem is not only Scheer. I don’t believe for one second Scheer the Steer is calling the shots. He’s just the puppet the party puts forward for the party insiders to get a hold of power. The CPC held its policy hug in Halifax just last year and resorted to underhanded tricks to frame policy i.e., on supply management. The CPC could have come clean of this whole tainted milk stench of Scheer’s but chose to piss all over its grass roots just like it pisses over the conservative electorate.

          We can go on over Cooper and Mansur and free speech and conservative values and this attitude of entitlement to conservative votes etc etc etc. It’s been covered by others in this blog better than I can which you conveniently ignore along with the questions I posed you about your well credentialed CON MP.

          1. And Grumps, thanks for the morning laugh. We have the LPC insiders a la Kinsella out to do Trudeau in and the press starting to turn against Trudeau and then we have the state propaganda organ calling for Scheer to up his game…it’s almost like the Canadian establishment who had it in for Harper and foisted Turdo on this country now wants to flush that embarrassment of a turd. The ultimate irony would be for Bernier to split the vote and the establishment gets stuck with another 4 years with the festering turd it foisted on us.

      3. How about Salim Mansur – will not be a Conservative MP because? Because he was out of line with the establishment lackies in the Conservative leadership. No candidate will step out of line; like it or not, they will prefer their pensions to their principals.

        Liberals in blue suites.

    2. “While I understand some of the informed PrairieWest followers are wanting to go, I don’t believe the regular joe and jane will support the effort if a possible relationship can be obtained with a majority Con gov’t. PrairieWest will not carry the majority urban voters under those conditions, certainly not Calgary, Edmonton or Regina and Saskatoon.”
      Well grumps,thats an interesting take.
      Could you make a case for the continuation of Canada?
      What possible relationship could be obtained with a conservative federal government,that would improve the current abuse?
      And what kind of guaranteed deal,that a later Liberal Government will not betray?
      The Urban centres are a slight problem,one that goes away if we decimate the civil service.I guess it really would be the inverse of decimate as we desire to free 90% of these “highly skilled persons” to thrive in private enterprise.
      Most of my life we have had Liberal Government Federally.
      The stealing has never reduced.
      What kind of conservatives believe the government knows better than the individual,on how we conduct our lives?
      Are there any conservatives in Canada?
      Because the socialism is relentless.
      As for how the “average voter” is trending, 57% for independence,with no leadership?
      The average worker has seen the shrinkage of opportunity,the new “middle class” are all government employees.
      Price of living has nearly tripled over last decade,yet government assures us inflation is extra low.
      I can make the case for ditching Confederation,just on the dollars,debt and past treatment of the West,so have many others.
      What case can be made for continuing Confederated Canada?

      1. All good points of discussion and a lot I agree with. Most are outside the original question though: PPC strategy and goals.
        Will the PPC candidates finally show up and let us see if they are worthy or if they are an empty suit? Max can’t run in every riding, the people around him must be worthy too.

        I must look at my own riding and determine the best answer based upon history of the vote. PPC has little chance of success with an invisible candidate, and will only draw off Conservative support and probably hand the Liberals the riding. Yes, 2 or 3 % is a big difference here, and in many other ridings.

        4 years of Con Lite compared to 4 years of Lib Globalism? Con Lite. There are Premiers who will be in the discussions and not be ignored.

        1. Sorry Grumps.
          The question from out west is simple.
          Why should Canada continue?
          What is in it for us?
          What difference does it make if our federal overlord wears a blue tie or a red one?
          What does Confederation have to offer?
          We fully understand the CON.
          Why should we trust our Eastern Comrades this time?
          Been there done that; Your(Ottawa’s) word is worthless.

  24. Good News. After taxpayers pouring millions of dollars into Bombardier, the company is building a new plant. In California.