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  1. What kind of judge would let accused terrorists out on bail? A Canadian judge.

    So a father-son accused bomb-making team are set free on bail.

    An accused rapist is not only set free on bail, he’s allowed to move to Germany.

    Has anyone ever read our national anthem? “Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee?”

    Is anyone standing on guard? Anyone…?


    1. Because neither the judge, nor the prosecutor, nor the government have to worry about becoming targets of the cultural enricher, of undetermined religious orientation, struggling with mental illness. They know that the victims will be ordinary people. People who just like after Danforth jihadist attack, in a final act of contempt for the victim, will then used as props to show off skills of the local Mooselimb butcher err surgeon.

  2. Why I don’t trust Polls

    But the most thoughtful answer comes from British sociologist Frank Furedi in Spiked. He argues that in an era of political correctness, the pollsters were blinded by voter self-censorship.

    “In a world where language is systematically policed, where people are continually warned ‘You can’t say that!’, it is inevitable that many people choose to keep their opinions to themselves…


    1. “Many people choose to keep their opinions to themselves…” and always have.

      “Political Correctness” be damned! We ignore or lie to pollsters because it is nobody’s business but our own.

  3. Maxime Bernier
    PPC supporters, don’t waste your time arguing with stupid trolls.

    Try instead to convince people like
    who are disillusioned with the old parties and are looking for an alternative.

    We need to think strategically and focus our energies where it is most useful.

    Replying to

    The more I listen to
    , the more I’m sick to my stomach. I’ve thought about not voting this year for the first time since I could vote. We need change real change I’m thinking that’s



    1. Gottcha!.. However…”No More P.M.’s from Quebec thnx! Can’t remember any good that has come from them!

  4. Mailvox: a perspicacious analysis
    RS points out how the Narrative is pushed in the media:

    Suffice to say that given the political climate in the West and saying (as I do)that skinheads, neo-Nazis, and the like aren’t a problem in the West as this article assumes, It basically demonises whitey and Trump supporters.

    I just want to point out something. We know of documented incidents of violence, hatred, and intolerance of SJWs, abortion-supporters, the Orwellian- Antifa, amongst others. We know how “the Left” likes to accuse anyone who disagrees with them: conservatives, nationalists, Christians.

    So, with that in mind..read the article carefully. This is what I got out of it:


  5. Maxime Bernier thinks he is at the forefront of a political revolution sweeping across Canada.

    But as national leader of the new People’s Party of Canada, Bernier faces the challenge of getting voters familiar with his party platform and personal commitment to stand behind his party’s policies with the next federal election just five months away.

    Bernier said unlike many other right-wing conservative populist reformers in the world today, he wants to appeal to the intelligence of Canadians rather than their emotions.

    “We want to bring bold reform to Canada based on strong Canadian values and principles, what I call the western civilization concepts of freedom and personal responsibility,” said Bernier.

    “A poll done two months ago showed that 52 per cent of Canadians want real change…want to vote for a new party. We are that party.”

    Entire article here


    1. If one thinks that one can appeal to the intelligence of Canadians that person has not been paying attention. Canadians have been dumbed down, propagandized and at the trough far too long to engage in rational thought. It is only what the average Canadian can get from someone else that matters to them. Just pay attention to any news story and you will see the gimme gimme attitude in everything from floods to child care. No matter what goes on in Canada the bleat is always, “what will the government do about it” , the “it” does not matter.

      1. Canadians are vacuous INMATES of a huge VOLUNTARY PENAL COLONY. They wander around like Penguins chanting “I AM CANADIAN”

      2. Well Old White Guy the vast majority of Canadians who now support the PPC movement do all plan to be knocking on doors explaining the PPC Platform to every Canadian household and pointing out the corruption that has infiltrated our native homeland.

        This war against the corrupt left and Globalist will not be won in the media or online here but in our streets, coffee houses, neighbourhoods, workplaces and within our families and friends.

        We here at the PPC are a very motivated patriotic bunch and we will press through all of the lies and negativity that will be thrown our way for we will not be tarnished.

        There is a revolution happening in Canada and in order to see it Old White Guy all you have to do is to just pay a single visit to your next local PPC riding meeting or to see Max himself when he is near you to see the movement hands on and you will see the possibilities are not just mere hope but an army of Canada loving Canadians who have had enough of the corruption within all the levels of our governments, institutions and media.

        We all here at the PPC do know that we are at war for our Canadian homeland and we will stand on gaurd for thee to take back our Canada from the communist leftist globalist clutches of evil that has infiltrated our country.

        The PPC movement will never surrender no matter how bleak it may look for giving up is never an option for our war veterans never did give up on our homeland and neither will we at the PPC.

        Oh Canada

      3. owg, good one. If the people of Canada DO want “real change”,it will probably be in the form of a massive movement to the Far Left. If JWR and Philpott announce they’ve joined the Greens tomorrow as I expect,that movement may happen a lot sooner than we think.

      1. Can’t imagine Max has much support in Liberal Quebec.

        Maybe if Max renounced his Quebecoisness and moved to Alberta?

        Even if he isn’t as intellectually light as Trudeau or even less dishonest than The Lying Spawn, 50+ years of Canadian politics leaves me more likely to vote for a Russkie than a Quebecker.

    1. https://youtu.be/yfvuZrfLpqM

      Here is that interview with the French CBC (TLMEParle) in case you were wondering what was said. There are no other available interviews in English with Omar Khadr, like this. Unfortunately, the moderator asks the questions in French and there are no English subtitles, however Omar answers the questions in English so you get an idea of what was asked.

      Omar Khadr was well spoken. However, I did want to smack that stupid grin off his stupid face. Read the scathing comments afterwards, there’s not too many. I like what Réjean Gadbois said, in part: ” Quebecers are very angry about CBC propaganda. Only leftist elite from Montreal love Islam. We true Quebecers are very furious about Omar Khadr and those vermin of the CBC.”

      Another writes: ” JUSTIN IS A HERO FOR JIHADISTS”

      Personally, I am glad that that French CBC show lost their Twitter account because of having a terrorist in the house. Having the audience applaud him when he was introduced, was sickening.

      Secondly, this is a total insult to the Americans: In the comments -Trudeau and Michael Werner took care of sending the money to Kadr’s people on a “July 4th” – the American holiday. Blood Money it is. It was vindictive. This is hateful. It is cringeworthy.

      For this alone, Mr Trudeau should be removed from his position, forthwith. Repeat: He is a hero for jihadists. No wonder they have “no money right now” for our Canadian Veterans. Under this criminal PM we never will.

      He is an embarrassment!

  6. Kate;

    Do any of your Saskatchewan readers know how this happened? https://usudbury.ca/en/news/current-news/972-university-of-sudbury-welcomes-new-president-and-vice-chancellor . Who is this amazing person with a rocket up her career rectum?

    She is a one person wrecking ball it seems as firing this guy is one of her priorities: https://www.change.org/p/the-university-of-sudbury-board-of-regents-in-favour-of-david-shulist-s-j-pour-le-p%C3%A8re-david-shulist

    The new president at this “Catholic University” founded by Jesuits thinks it is the right to thing to get rid of the Catholic Priest that is that institutions chaplain.

    The odd thing is that she, the president, was promoted to this job from the U of R where she was previously promoted to the head of a newly founded department that according to the convocation ceremony had zero graduates. WTF. If I read this right she, went from the founder/head of practically nothing to the President of a University. How did that happen? Anybody in Sask got a clue?

    1. I lived in Sudbury for 10 years and never heard of Sudbury University. The photo shows it to be on the campus of Laurentian University so perhaps they have 1 building. The programs are very limited – Culture & communications (french only), indigenous and religious studies and philosophy. I suspect this is a continuation of high-school for french-speaking catholics (or First Nations) who can’t get into a real university.

      This reminds me of the Catholic hospital. At one time Sudbury had 4 (well at least 3) hospitals and one was to be shut down. The Catholic hospital was run by the nuns and they did not give up easily. In fact I think they kept the parking lot (a great source of revenue) in a compromise. The hospital had been built through donations but the sisters technically owned it. It would make Trudeau smile.

  7. CBC this morning blames recent attacks against Jews in Germany on Nazis running rampant in Europe. Nothing to do with Islam. Islam is a religion of peace. Meanwhile the Blazing Cat Fur website has the story that Groper is spending a million dollars each to Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal for homosexual parades. I guess that is more important than funding a permanent memorial for Canadians killed in Afghanistan, that the public can visit. And Trudeau’s Toronto Star is trying hard to get the lion’s share of Groper’s bribes to the media. The Sunday edition is mostly filled with Ford is Hitler stories and Scheer will lose in Ontario because of Ford. Although they also had a story that everyone in Alberta is worried about global warming.

    1. “….everyone in Alberta is worried about global warming.” In Redmonton only and Nenshi and his fans.

      Just ask anyone how much CO2 should be a part of our atmosphere. Pick a number 0-400 ppm CO2 (we are currently at 400 ppm CO2. Apparently that’s too high to the warmists).

      Ask them why they picked the number they did.

  8. More parental supervision would help these kids … who started throwing rocks and then beat the crap out of an adult who told them to stop … is there a no shit Sherlock file?


    And then this curious paragraph…

    “A 13-year-old girl has been charged with one count of assault after the attack. She is also facing another assault charge over a different incident, in which two girls aged 10 and 14 said they were assaulted at the same park a week earlier.”

    Curious because all the kids are under 12 and can’t be charged, plus the fact that the video is labeled “Woman brutally assault[ed] by group of boys at Saskatoon’s Pleasant Hill Park”.

    1. “all the kids are under 12 and can’t be charged”

      i wondered about the effect of increasing the age of criminal responsibility from 7 to 12 maybe 30 or 40 years ago. We weren’t sending 7 year olds to long terms of hard time. What it did was reduce the effect of the courts in ordering treatment. About the same time we threw all the nut cases out of the loony bins to go die in the streets, all in the name of human rights.

    1. Nelson Mandela was another very bad one. And very racist. I am sure some of the white elite were bad bastards as well. A lot of coverup by the media for the elite. Would have liked to see the files on PET and Obama. Another 2 slime buckets.

  9. What Our Veteran’s go through. I had an Uncle from the WW2 who after the war could never hold a job and would just disappear for a couple of years at a time. He would do handy man jobs here there and all over the USA and Canada. He never got a pension or had treatment, just told to tough it out, he had PTSD. Have a cousin who came back from the Bosnia conflict with the PPCLI, the butchery of the moslem’s messed him up. He has PTSD, no one in the family can find him. Give this link a read. Then tell me we don’t owe them a debt.

  10. The media is reporting that the United Nations has asked Canada to take some of the migrants pouring over the United States/Mexican border. Sure no problem, we will take anybody here in Trudeau’s Canada.

    1. The UN will be telling him not asking. The UN runs Canada’s Immigration I hope he takes 50,000 of them and they burn down Montreal.

    2. Why is the UN asking for this? If needed, should the request not be from the US? What responsibility does the UN have for this fiasco? Perhaps they supplied the busses. Rebel needs to check this out. Cannot depend on those other news outlets.

  11. Prime Minister Dias of UNIFOR has a story in the Toronto Sun, ranting how evil Scheer is for being against his union participation on the panel that will decide what media gets Groper’s bribe money. He explains that he will be there to make sure money goes to legitimate papers not some basement blogs. As he states, Scheer should be ashamed of himself.

    1. https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/dias-scheer-should-know-shrinking-media-hurts-democracy

      OJ – here is that article, I’ve included it.

      I saw Evan Solomon speaking with our Heritage Minister, Pablo Rodriguez today… Evan was repeating himself and so was Pablo. The interview went nowhere. The latter saying that there are 2 panels and all selections are at arm’s length from the government.

      Blah, blah!
      It’s commie wags payoffs time. They have no shame. Pablo wanted to make us believe that this is to help out small town papers that would otherwise be defunct. Now the little folks can stay informed. What a laugh.