A Senate Democrat Poll Goes Horribly Wrong


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    1. unDork, you , with some one tool I yer mouth, and there being a sucking sound……………………………

    2. And yet several months ago, you were squealing for Ruth “Rusted Out” Ginsburg…

    1. Lev, the results were here last evening on the link I saw posted and Kavanaugh was way ahead, like about 3 to 1, but I can’t find it now.

  1. Clint wasn’t an option. That’s the point of this type of poll to contrast one directly against another.
    Bizarre that those who want a left leaning judge to “win” the poll would choose Ruth Bader Ginsburg. If a smart person was running the poll they would have choose a Judge that isn’t / wasn’t so far left.

    1. If you are talking about sitting Supreme Court justices, what is the difference among Breyer, Sotomayor, Kagan, and Ginsberg?

      1. ” what is the difference among Breyer, Sotomayor, Kagan, and Ginsberg?”

        Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan are alive and have a pulse? or is this a trick question?

  2. Still no shortage of people willing to fall for RBG. Where were they six months ago when she needed them?

    1. Has Ginsburg been showing up for court? I tried to Google it but I think Google is hiding the results. Time for the other judges to fire her for lack of “good behavior.” Who’s she going to appeal it to – the Supreme Court?

      1. If the poll intended to ask if I preferred really old, infirm, Justices who cannot keep their own head propped up, whose writings may or may not be their own … but come from some leftist clique surrounding her … OR … a young, vibrant, highly educated and respected Constitutionalist Justice … then uh, yeah, I’m going with Kavanaugh

  3. Obviously the Russians are hacking the poll,

    … or maybe the Chinese
    … or North Koreans
    … or perhaps the Elbonians 🙂

        1. Joe, that’s far too small a percentage. That’s the percentage of Americans who KNOW Elbonia is a jOKE. 76.8% of Americans give Obama full credit for rescuing the Muslim population of Elbonia.

  4. How horribly unfair that Trump supporters should hijack the Democrats’ transparent public relations gimmick.

    1. ya. 305 p eastern std and poof !!!

      heh heh. coulda been anybody’s finger on the delete button, dnc, a twittertwit, or ms rbg herself? nah, she’s senile now.
      yupper dupper. rbg. a cross between very high office aka ‘cast iron rice bowl’ (google it) and a ‘Weekend At Bernies’.

  5. Who are the brain dead 30% that prefer Ginsberg? Oh right the same 25% that still support Turdo.

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