20 Replies to “Republican Fascist”

  1. Oh please. She’s neither “prominent” or a “Republican”…She’s a Republican about as much as Kim Campbell is a Conservative. Following Navarro on twitter during the 2016 election was like reading missives from a star struck member of the Hillary Clinton fan club.
    Thankfully she’s removed “Republican strategist” from her twitter bio.

  2. RINOs and CINOs – the bane of my existence and as always taking up oxygen from real conservatives. And yeah with friends like this who needs enemas…

  3. She standing in line to “Do” Hunter now that he is single?.. Make America Moral Again?…HAHAHAHAHA!

  4. I am right wing in that:
    -All people of able body and mind should earn their own living, stop wanting me to pay for your stuff.
    -Mind your own business, keep your nose out of mine, and quit telling me yours, I am not interested in your fetishes.
    -I can have an opinion, and have the right to voice it, even if it is different than yours.

    1. Sorry Davis, that makes you a hate monger. Your comments have been sent to the thought police and you should remain where you are until they arrive.

  5. Navarro only exists on CNN to give a false sense of balance to their brain-dead viewers.

    NO true conservative would ever collaborate with the hate-filled, anti-American, anti-freedom scum on CNN. Besides, it goes against every fibre of CNN’s being to offer any real counter-opinion to their hallowed ideological narratives. She is there strictly for her never-Trumper credentials.

    I don’t think RINO accurately describes her, she’s more like a double agent to me.

    1. I’d rather join the “undocumented” migrants in a tent on Wilshere Blvd. than ever appear on CNN.

    2. Exactly. She’s not only a Never Trumper but has turned 180 on all conservative policy’s. I’ve seen her debate issues that don’t involve Trump and she’s taken the liberal side. That’s the beauty of the Trump phenomenon. It’s exposed people like her and others like Jennifer Rubin, David Frum, Max Boot. Jeffery Lord who was the ONLY person that supported Trump on that ridicules 9 person panel on CNN was eventually FIRED. Alan Dershowitz who is a Dem and voted for Hillary was oddly never invited back after being a regular pundit because he constantly schooled the idiot Jeffery Tubin. Can’t have that kind of DIVERSITY. Even just ONE pro Trumper or a liberal that stands on principal can not / will not be tolerated.
      CBC does the same. During the Harper years they’d bring on a Conservative (can’t remember the name, sorry) who hated Harper. Perrrfect. Now days when they want to bring the ‘diverse’ view they will bring on Michael Coran or Charles Adler. I guess they think we’re dumb.

  6. You see since it involves Donald Trump, apparently common sense, rule of law and reality can be dismissed to discredit him.
    Now we know with certainty the lunatics were running the asylum, aka the executive branch of the Obama presidency.
    Check out the bleatings of James Comey on the news of FBI sexy spygate; besides his dossier inspired Sgt Schultz routine btw:
    What could we do? Trump is evil. This moron is still clinging to Russian links to Trump. Comey et al’s end must be very near.
    What’s that saying about being your own lawyer. Ironically he is a lawyer. I think I hear his actual lawyer whispering “shh.”

    “Really? What would you have the FBI do? We discover in the middle of June of 2016 that the Russians were engaged in a massive effort to mess with this democracy to interfere in the election. We’re focused on that and at the end of July we learn that a Trump campaign adviser — two months earlier, before any of this was public — had talked to a Russian representative about the fact that the Russians had dirt on Hillary Clinton and wanted to arrange to share it with the Trump campaign,” Comey said.”

    You mean the one the FBI or CIA or some other intelligence operative sent? Sgt Schultz can’t see the tunnels? Fugget about it.

    “The former FBI head also warned that the Russians would again work to re-elect President Trump, saying their initial actions were “an act of war” and criticized the president for “refusing to accept that.”

    More hilarity. Once again, the root of the thing, the actual evidence that links Russian efforts to Trump, is to be assumed?

    “A foreign adversary intervened in America to damage our democracy to hurt one of our two candidates for president and to help the other. That’s an act of war. And they not only did it, they exceeded their wildest expectations because look at where we are as a country now, how we are at each other’s throats. So, they will be back again, they will work to re-elect Donald Trump,” Comey said.”

    The first domino? I might change my vote from Brennan with this Comey performance, refutable by a 1st year law student.


  7. She’s just as ‘Republican’ as … James Comey, or Robert Mueller.

    I guess this is what’s called having a “Big Tent”. O’well … there is always a foul-smelling, low corner of the tent where the floor is covered with rocks. Thank God our (R) tent was ‘large-enough’ to overcome these FOOLS.

    1. Good point. I’ll wait until Bruce Jenner is pregnant, then I’ll listen to Ana Navarro.

  8. The root of all evil is not money.

    It is women who don’t know when they’re well off.

    That’s almost all of them—which is why women can be trusted to thrust “feminist” globalists into office over the objections of their menfolk, who will have the job of cleaning up the messes made.

  9. Gotta love Lemon yellow journalism:
    Media 2016: If Trump wins, the economy will crash.
    Media 2019: Trump has nothing to do with the economy.


    Exactly right, mind you. Trump must go with the neo-regals re- installed into their halls of power with the deplorable serfs back where they belong, acquiescing to the self-satisfying wisdom of the establishment elites who hate others’ hate speech.

    In praise of Vincent Lombardi this paraphrase of DeMarxists’ juxtaposition of hate: Trump isn’t the only thing, he’s everything.

    Hillary said she lives rent free in Trump’s head while she lives in denial that Trump lives rent free at both the WH and CNN.

  10. Social media companies can do what they like. Private enterprise and all. If they want to ban conservatives that is their perogative.

    Oh. And bake me a cake.

  11. “She’s against free speech”

    No she’s not. You don’t know what free speech is. When a private platform stop hosting you, that’s not an infringment of your free speech rights in the least. At all.