I, Napoleon

Dr. Mengele — call your office.

During the panel discussion, the endocrinologist detailed the dangers of medically treating children who are confused about their gender and showcased video clips of doctors Ilana Sherer and Johanna Olson-Kennedy, both of whom medically treat “transgender” children. […]

Gender-confused teen girls as young as 13, Laidlaw warned, are having their breasts removed via mastectomy procedures, and boys the age of 17 are developing penises the developmental age of a nine-year-old’s or losing sexual sensation all together due to hormone blockers. Laidlaw cited TLC’s “I am Jazz” star Jazz Jennings as such an example. Jazz, who is male-to-female transgender, has reportedly never experienced sexual sensations or orgasms because of puberty-blocking drugs, the endocrinologist said.
“Under the nebulous concept of ‘gender identity,’ children as young as 8 are receiving injections for gender transition treatment,” explained Laidlaw, according to The Christian Post report. “The phrase was defined in a recent court case as a person’s ‘core internal sense’ of their own gender and that it was the ‘primary factor’ in determining their sex, not biology,” he added, noting that this information is false.

By the time they’re old enough to sue these perverse quacks, most of these kids will be dead.


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      1. Ha! I think you’re right. Forget Kate’s famine … just disconnect everyone’s “devices”.

        And cut off TV … and channels like TLC …

        Laidlaw cited TLC’s “I am Jazz” star Jazz Jennings as such an example. Jazz, who is male-to-female transgender, has reportedly never experienced sexual sensations or orgasms because of puberty-blocking drugs, the endocrinologist said.

        Programs like “Jazz” … which serve to “normalize” insanity … desensitize insanity should be BANNED. Actually, I don’t believe in “banning” things … but that includes NOT banning the OUTRAGE over SICK programs like “Jazz”.

        1. They can ban the show but since she/he was 14, Jazz has been on a campaign to educate people about transgenderism, which means children. The show represents a couple of months of her life only.

    1. People ask, “Show me god and I will believe”. I say, “Here is evil, do you now believe evil exists.”

      They say, “No, that is not evil, that is good.”

      I say, “Then you have your god, and I my enemy.”

        1. The left argues there is no god because they see no evidence. However, when faced with a clear evil, they respond that is not evil, but good, i.e. mutilating little kids out of some sick sexual perversion.

          Their god is evil, plain and simple. They are not and never will be your friend, they are your enemy and seek to destroy you.

          Get it now?

  1. I’ve quoted the following here before and I apologize for doing so again. Increasingly, no matter where you look, our society and western civilization is under assault.

    “We come to our world expecting to see light and so we see light. But it is not light at all. It is, rather, twilight. If we look closer, we see that the shadows have already begun growing longer.
    And there, off in the distance, we dimly apprehend a darkness, gathering, and it is coming our way.” Curtis R. McManus

    “It occasionally happens that a period in which one had hitherto been looking for the coming to birth of new things, suddenly reveals itself as an epoch of fading and decay”
    Johann Huizinga

    1. In a similar , Murphy-esque vein:

      “Beware the light at the end of the tunnel.

      It’s probably the oncoming train”.

  2. This not only borders on insanity but crosses well into negative territory. For most of it we can thank the education system that has made every perversion under the sun welcoming and main stream under their no nuts left behind policies. There just aren’t enough letters in the alphabet to accommodate every mental patient desperate to get on the LBQrstu bandwagon. Sooner or later someone will have to tell these people they are nuts and if they want to abuse the medical system they will have to do it on their own dime.

  3. I think that rough beast that was slouching towards Bethlehem arrived and checked in.

    1. You nailed it! I’d modestly suggest that people on this site are “the center” and perhaps we can hold, despite the poem’s bleak forecast.

  4. Every liberal, lefty, or progressive – no matter what place they claim on the spectrum of insanity – should be made to explain this. They own it. They created it.

    1. – Won’t happen – they KNOW they’re right, and no-fair confusing them with the facts. One quote I read, described socialism, global warming alarmism, social justice etc as “ideals so pure they must never be tested”.

      Or as George Orwell (who’d know) put it, “So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don’t even know that fire is hot.”

      1. a certain amount of merit in that statement.
        I’ve come to believe there is a quantity of ‘button pushing’ involved in all this leftism.
        basically a ‘fun’ thing to do out of boredom or something far more sinister.
        the left is doing this merely to get a ‘rise’ out of the normals. a cheap party trick stunt.
        publicity stunts in the age of social media? ya doan sayyyy . . . . . .

        a pox on them. there WILL be a day of RECKONING.

    1. Probably sued into silence, or had mental sex changes to become more “liberal”.

      Frankly, it isn’t safe to opine conservative these days. Isn’t there a chapter in Brave New World about this? I think I’ll get another copy and read it again, instead of watching the “news”.

    1. Charles adler smeared Jason Kenny pretty bad the other night. Adler must have turned into a progressive for better ratings. He sure throws softballs when someone from the left is on his program.

  5. Most importantly the parents have been removed from any decision making unless they support these medical experiments.

    Hopefully the names of the doctors, psychologists, judges and politicians etc. who are pushing this evil are being recorded. If society ever returns to normal, there should be show trials.

    1. It’s well on it’s way, the infestation has permeated the education system in the guise of Health which is part of the sex ed package.

  6. The rot of this Mengele-like lunatic fringe group on display now, like an old time fairground freak show. We shake our heads in dismay and feel repulsed but…when does the perversion become compulsory?

  7. There is a description of what’s coming up in The Island of Doctor Moreau.
    The “scientists” are doing this because it is after all a “science”.
    And you people are no “scientists”.

    Being normal is not normal, its a degenerative state according to “scientists”

  8. As an experiment, let’s do a search of this site, and see how many times so called “conservatives”, have said something to the effect of “child services needs to get involved”.

    SUCK IT PRINCESSES. This is exactly what “government protecting the children” looks like. It looks the same as driving through potholes on a government run road. It looks the same as dying on a waiting list while Jack Layton flies to the Mayo. It looks the same as the RCMP running into a disaster zone and scooping up all the guns they can destroy property to find. It looks like the government run fire service helpless to stop California burning in any way. It looks like a California drought to save the delta smelt. It looks like the EPA spill in the Animas River. It looks like people paying Al Gore to live on private jets while the cook over dung fires in the dark.

    Either start voting for far less government than you always have, or STFU.

    1. Kevin, can you give me some guidance on how I can vote for “far less government”. The only route I see is just not voting at all. Tho that is still not a vote for “far less government”.

      There is no political path to far less government.
      Your rude little lecture is conservative or libertarian virtue signalling.

  9. There is no such thing as a transgendered child. There are, however, many very sick parent’s who are completely and utterly destroying the lives of their children because they themselves are sexual perverts doing some vicarious horse shit.

  10. A “sane” society requires boundaries.
    For agreed upon norms can only be applied within geographical area held and controlled by the group.
    This is why the Un and our progressive comrades want no borders.
    An Independent area,formerly known as the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan, is now necessary,if we wish to live under rule of law and to allow our children a future.
    Our Progressive Pedophiles intend no future for your children.
    And the Son’s of the Desert Pedophile intend no future for all.
    Death Cults are like that.

  11. THIS is BEYOND Fucked up…..!! And you thought that giving GAYS the right to Marry was the end of the Road..??

    DREAM ON. We already have legalzed Beastiality & Sodomy for 14 yr olds in Canada…expect more PERVERSION & DEVIANCE.

    As for Social media. it was this exact subject that got me permanently banned from Twatter. I had the Audacity to question the prevalence of Trans in our society – stating that current information showed the % of trans in our society stood at an unwavering 0.04%…so why all the Screeching and Moaning..?

    BAMN – off to the Twatter Death Kamp I was sent.
    We are living in a time when de-facto National Socialists are ruling our country. Fcuking NAZI’s…right.??

  12. If society cannot agree that conducting life-changing experimention on children is wrong…then I fear we’re regressing. It is ethically wrong to do this to children.

    Historical ignorance surrounding previous experiments and long-term effects on soldiers ,prisoners (criminal and internment camps) is itself almost criminal. As are the profoundly inhumane effects of coerced sterilization. And this is coercion when dealing with children because we know it’s not difficult to manipulate kids this age into believing almost anything. With teens, research is indicating that ROGD, rapid onset gender dysphoria, is highly skewed towards girls with autism and gay/lesbian teens. These are confused teens grappling with spectrum disorders and their sexuality. Physicians and politicians are failing these at risk kids.

    As for suicide risks, I think we will find that the high suicide risks for these kids will remain remain high or go higher after transition. Why?
    1) because their underlying issues are not being resolved (medical malpractice)

    2) they’ll realize as adults they’re autistic or gay/lesbian not trans but because of medical experimentation very few people of either sex will be attracted to them. (Incels)

    3) the inability to ever have children will be a constant reminder of what was done to them (sterilization)

  13. Research is also starting to show that this is mainly an issue of the affluent. Kids from immigrant backgrounds and working class kids are generally not afflicted with ROGD or early transitioning intervention by parents. Perhaps another indication that it’s more of a fad and social contagion among the upper classes. The upper classes have always been more susceptible to strange fashions and fancy both as a way to differentiate themselves from the masses and as a form of social currency among their peers.

  14. My niece has a fun, cute, smart 7 year old girl. Happy family; dad, mom, boy, girl, dog & lots of family activities outdoors & indoors in all seasons. Last week the 7 year old said “When I grow up, my wife is going to go to work, and I’m going to watch TV all day.”
    That’s SCHOOL, not home. No time for politics, but they are sort of conservative and traditional.