Florida man arrested in connection with fake bomb case…

Updates at Gateway Pundit“Here is his van. The man is described as 56 years old – prior arrests for terroristic threats (against judges).”

Update: Suspect identified as Cesar Sayoc, Jr.

On LinkedIn, Cesar Sayoc identified himself as “Promoter, booking agent Live entertainment, owner, choreographer.” He wrote that he was a veterinary medicine graduate, saying,


“Career decision of becoming a Horse Doctor was always a love for animals, which were here first and never do anything to anyone. And respect all living things. My family very sound Sayoc name in Medical field Grandfather Col. Baltazar Zook Sayoc that perfect the conversion oriental eye to Americanize. The first plastic surgeon to be observed by 8 million people in NY city Hospital. He over through Communist Philippines liberated island. He built all hospitals in Philippines islands and sets standards highest level. Most surgeon use his instruments which are patented. And a lot surgeon use today. Also Sayoc intl. schools marshals arts Kali that used to over throw communist party . Also one 5 Hero’s disciplinary my mother Madeline Sayoc Giardiello First president Pharmacy Cosmetic Association, Who Who Business Women of Year, Soul buyer consultant for Home Shopping Network, head number 1 marketing consul in World Aventura Marketing consul, up for city counsel women Aventura.”

Well, then.

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  1. Let me guess.

    A bachelor of white working-class or peasant background, of at best average appearance, not well connected or well spoken, unable to afford proper representation, with few male friends and thought by his female neighbours to be “creepy,” and whose attempts at clearing his name will never be believed by a jury of women and minorities, no matter how obvious it becomes that he didn’t do this and he is being used as a scapegoat to cover for Deep State agents.

    All the “People” will have on him is that he once went to a meeting of a bogus “patriotic” organization led by a Deep State informant.

    It’ll be more than enough to make him the next innocent white man condemned to be the sex slave of hardened criminals for the rest of his days.

    A function of the bogus patriotic organizations is to collect names of men who will be easy to frame for stuff like this.

    Team Wile E. fully expect to never be charged with anything. On the contrary, they’re dreaming of promotions even now.

    1. yah james, us’n cons always advertise like that. He ain’t no con…full stop….butt the libbies will run with that

      1. Not that I think this is likely but wouldn’t it be funny if he was in AutoZone to purchase some cleaning materials to remove all the stickers that someone covered his van with the previous night. 🙂

    2. He should have dressed in black, covered his face, and said he was Antifa
      Hey wait, antifa members are against judges too. And they violently protest, but hey Molotov cocktails are “OK”.

    3. *
      so whenever some muslim goes apeshit
      and murders someone like nathan cirillo
      or goes on a shooting spree along the
      danforth… they’re just mentally ill
      loners… but this dude is a bona-fide
      member of donald trump’s inner circle?


  2. The whole thing is ludicrous – did everyone miss the fact that the press invented the story? – no bombs were delivered to anyone.

    At most, this is a moron making a gun of his thumb and forefinger, and saying “bang!”. Or, the mailer is conducting a false flag on behalf of the left. Given the Kavanaugh scam, the false flag is almost certainly the motivation of the mailer.

    1. Percisely my thoughts. After Failing miserably with Brett Kavanaugh and seemingly in trouble at the ballot box, along comes this “dandy”….(how convenient eh.?), with the MAD cartel instantly jumping on it as “proof” the Repubs & the Donald were involved.

      This was nothing less than a false flag perpetuated by some beyond dumb patsy, I mean just look at the so called “bombs”, even the muslim kid with the clock briefcase made better ones..!!

      This whole thing stinks of DNC / DEMS / HRC / Waters / Pelosi Machinations….

      1. What creeps me out is hearing Hillary quote scripture, “suffer the little children”…Blasphemy.

        1. Which brings to mind another old quote:
          “The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.
          An evil soul producing holy witness
          Is like a villain with a smiling cheek,
          A goodly apple rotten at the heart.
          O, what a goodly outside falsehood hath!”. (William Shakespeare)

          1. I prefer Matthew 7:15-16: “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them.”

            Progressivism, climate change, identity politics, income redistribution, …. All bearing rotten fruit to divert you from their real purpose which is to control your lives with them in power for the sake of “civility.”

            Sure Hillary. If only Donald Trump hadn’t told people to blow the WH up, or punch somebody in the face, or run people of restaurants because they “don’t belong” and “want to destroy everything (they) stand for.” If only Donald Trump hadn’t accused others of treason, racism, insanity, irredeemability, dishonesty, incompetence, collusion with a foreign power, misogyny, with a refusal to be civil to them.

            No Donald Trump didn’t do anything like that. He dared, with a tone they don’t approve of, to disagree with their policies, which are unpalatable to a majority of Americans, to not take their whack a racist garbage, and to meet their insults in kind. BTW, how many media outlets were targeted by this latest lunatic? That’s right – none.

            I know the mediocracy is busy with their usual we’ve got Trump this time slime du jour, so it’s OK they missed the court appearance of a fool who threatened to shoot Trump. Joe Biden thought he was taking Trump out to the woodshed, but it turned out Kamala Harris got to him into an elevator, so only she came out alive. Plus, the NYT missed their own reporting about Trump being assassinated. So much fake news, so little time.

            Right, it’s Trump’s fault.

            The truth is they lose on policy so turn to slime, spin and obfuscation, which they project on and accuse others of.

    2. Poor Elizabeth Warren never received a bomb.
      Not worth blowing up.

      Also she being 1/2400 native American helped save her life.

    1. Who cares? Unlike James Hodgkinson, House Whip’s Steve Scalise would-be assassin, he has harmed no one. Unlike the scores of Democrats who have committed violence against republicans at every level.

      1. I agree that really this is just some stupid idiot and we shouldn’t blame Trump or republicans or conservatives but this is real life. Liberals will howl about this forever. I also don’t think Bernie should be blamed for James Hodgkinson either btw.

        We are not dealing with reasonable people here. You always have to remember that. I’m old enough to remember Eric Holder telling supporters to kick opponents when they’re down. I remember Clinton saying Democrats shouldn’t be civil until they get back in power. None of that matters.

        The story is Donald Blumpf inspired a derranged magatard to bomb Democrats and so he must be removed from office.

        1. The media cries about Trump calling out their bias, incompetence and fakery, that being what makes them the enemy of the people, and blames him for this nutbar ( who switched from Dem in 2016) for these fake attacks.

          They are so blinded by their self-importance that they intentionally overlook no news media was sent these packages from the latest lunatic, only people who threatened and dissed the GOP and Trump recently.

          Trump of course, “started it,” when they so magnanimously called his possible candidacy from day one to be a “joke,” including the genesis or Russia, Russia, Russia. They went on to call him a traitor, racist, misogynist, lunatic, failed billionaire, and on and on, non stop. No, these fools “started it” and Trump being Trump, they were met with a broadside from him, just ask Texas Ted, Jeb and Marco what happens when you go after the guy.

          I’m sure they’re pleased as pink at this revelation. Too bad about reality. Certain people think certain things when certain people say certain things. Some of them certainly turn into violent morons. It’s not a one way street Maxine, so you can tone it down. Let the DeMarxist fascist division ride this into election day as more proof they don’t care a whit about the nation; just “resisting” and crushing Trump and power pillaging the people and their will, who have no right to interfere with “everything they stand for,” so not entitled to civility.

          Having said that, it would be better if the idiot rightists didn’t play the Dem fascist game eh?

    2. Wow! I’m surprised the FBI missed me! Cause that van looks JUST LIKE my old Land Rover which sits in my driveway most of the time. Yep. I’d say most every Trump supporter has a vehicle like that … call it our “deplorable vehicle”. Wow! I even have the very same Democrats in the ‘crosshairs’ like this “fellow Trump Supporters” van … even the same picture of Obama riding a tricycle … in the crosshairs. Cause I learned that trick from the Gabby Giffords shooting after “crazy Sarah Palin” showed me how to do it.

      Phew! That was a close call. I could be in FBI custody today … just as could any other Trump supporter

      EXTREME SARC. finished

    3. Actually, I think it will drop out of the news now “the perp” is caught. No new non-explosions and fake bomb deliveries. But the “caravan” progresses.

  3. Oh god,I was WRONG!!! Cue the Jimmy Swaggart type tears.

    Here I figured it were ( “were” is used here as I am an ignorant right wing redneck who doesn’t know it should have been “was”) a false flag op, when all along it was a WHITE MALE HISPANIC, just like the guy who plugged L’il Trayvon, Obama’s would-be Son, ( what in hell was his name anyway, Hebrew sounding white hispanic is all I remember, oh yeah,Zimmerman,cousin of the folk singer I think).

    Thank all the deities no one took up my offer to “bet the farm” on it being an FF op, when all along it was a filthy Republican Trump MAGA supporter veterinarian! I humbly apologize to all the targets of the maniac,Hillary,George,Barry, CNN, Brennan, Maxine and any other Democrat I have wronged with my suspicious,paranoid ravings.

    Were I a Yank, I’d go to the polls in a series of fetching burkhas and vote numerous times to bring sanity back to the USA in the form of a Democrat House, Senate,and eventually the Presidency, where in 2020, we will finally have the chance to right the wrongs of 2016 and elect Hillary to her rightful place in American politics.

    Yep, that goddamned Republican secret right-wing MAGA operative sure f***ed up on this one, the Dems will win the mid-terms in a landslide despite all the insanity of the Right! I bet Trump secretly hired the guy, probably offered him a night with Stormy Daniels for his work.

    I hope the acid from my sarcasm doesn’t do harm to this site.

    1. It still is probably a false flag as far as I am concerned. Timing was sooooo convenient. This guy was A-one material for setting up, either as witting dupe (a favorite FBI play, if you recall some of the islamist terrorists caught in the act) or as patsy. Look at his supposed record and history.

      The problem for both FBI and CIA is that they have lost all trust and credibility.

  4. What will interest me the MOST … is hearing from all the local people who knew this guy … knew the van … and just shrugged him off as a typical nutter with some axe to grind. I want to hear if any of those neighbors were “afraid” of him? I want to read about his typical public interactions … was he so unhinged that everyone shielded their children if he walked-by … or was he just like another part of the ‘street furniture’.

    And OK … this is all over now … so show us EVERY “bomb” … which are STILL being reported as “dangerous”. OK … what was the triggering device? Hint: an Amazon clock with no timer device isn’t it. OK … what was the composition of the accelerant? OK … what was the ignition device?

    And uh yeah … I’m still waiting for any ONE of the Antifa Thugs to be brought to justice. Ohhhh yeahhhh … THEIR Terrorist activities are just … “FREE SPEECH”. OK ACLU … are you sending a crack team of Harvard-educated criminal attorneys to defend Cesar’s Free Speech Rights? I hope ALL your attorneys haven’t been deployed to Tijuana, Nogales, and El Paso.

    1. His skin tone is so WHITE … because he lives in a van … down by the river … in FLORIDA!!! … where he always slathers on plenty of SPF60. So much, in fact, that his epidermis has lost ALL melanin completely.

    2. White man … white van … white white white white white white white … will be oft-repeated with every news report. Gotta reinforce the narrative.

      Does my Swedish ancestry get me into the square head club? Will 23andMe report on my square headishness?

      1. “Does my Swedish ancestry get me into the square head club?”

        No. Square heads are most definitely German. But we will have sex with your women.

        1. I’m still good … my Alsatian great grandfather on my father’s side married a German girl … so I’ve got far more Squarehead in me than Elizabeth Warren has Cherokee in her.

          1. I looked it up and as a contemptuous term, squarehead can refer to German, Dutch, or Swedish. My apologies. You are equally entitled to all the contempt you can get. As all ethnic slurs are firmly founded in fact, I can attest that Germans are definitely pig headed. I don’t know that Dutch or Swedes have done enough to earn the title.

            I saw a clip on TV showing the reason blackface is verboten. It showed a women telling a person in blackface “I will pay you every penny you’re worth” to which the person in blackface replies “But I need some money to live on.” The best humour is racial, closely followed by sexual pervert humour.

  5. If on the level, other than getting a long stay in jail or mental hospital, hard to see what he was trying to accomplish. The Scalise shooter was a much better shot than this guy was a bomb maker, that’s for sure.

  6. News reports he’s a Trump supporter (of course) and I’d like them to find out if he was paid to do this. No way he did it on his own.

  7. Hmm, I thought that the perp had a sense of humor and a sense of irony, so I figured not a Leftie.
    OTOH this guy doesn’t look like he’d fit the profile either.
    If he has been pulling this kinda crap since 2002, what’s the tie in to Trump again? I’m not excusing sending cartoon bombs, which is despicable, but how is this different from sending powder, faux anthrax, through the mail?

      1. No, that did not happen. The mistaken staff at ABCnews have been reeducate ,,. er, gone on a vacation. USSA, USSR without the gulags … yet.

  8. Something does not add up here. Smells too much like that poor film maker who took the fall for Benghazi. What page is this from in “Rules for Radicals”?

      1. They were affixed to the INSIDE of UV-protected glass (special ordered for WHITE vans). And the perp ran the AC all day long, so the paper and vinyl never dried out. And my schlong is a full 10”, when flaccid!!

        In a related story … the FBI, ATF, SS, PI, etc. … STILL CLAIM … the “devices” were/are “dangerous”. However NO DETAILS are forthcoming. I see a long delayed trial in the offing as the defendant is declared “mentally incompetent” to stand trial. Therefore, no evidence will be brought forward, that would allow intelligent citizens to draw their own conclusions about this whole ODD affair. The defendant won’t be able to testify about the people who were encouraging him to … take action … against the people plastered (pristine) in his windows.

  9. So let me get this right.
    # 1.The guy likes in Florida, in a pro Democrat area, van covered in Trump stickers (van in pristine condition, stickers intact) when guys with a single trump bumper sticker get their trucks torched
    #2 lives in Florida but manages to get packages delivered all over the US, no cancelled postage stamps, no questions asked by UPS despite crude packaging and poor spelling. Hmmmm sounds right.
    BTW Broward County sheriff is a Clinton supporter.

  10. “Florida man”, OK?

    Soooo, that bomb at CNN, how did it get there?
    Courier, what courier, can you identify this courier, who delivered the package Mr(s) courier?
    If a courier, how did the package get to the courier, did that Florida guy drive all the way to NY from Florida, and back, in time to mail the other bombs?
    Maybe he flew, standing in long slow lines at security, with a “bomb”…
    If a courier, why put stamps on it?
    Maybe he mailed the “bomb” to the courier, yet, the stamps have no postmark….
    No police would post a photo of such a “bomb” and package when that is part of an active investigation, so who did photograph it?
    Since they stood around and photographed it, they obviously knew it would not explode, who and how would they know that?

    And this is not even counting the fact that this thing is obviously made such that the maker KNEW it could not explode, so, why does CNN continue to use the word “bomb”?

  11. This does not look good for the midterms. It will be interesting to see how the people react when they vote.

    1. That … diagnosis … is forthcoming as any trial including any evidence is delayed and eventually abandoned.

  12. 2002 arrest affidavit related to Cesar Sayoc making a bomb threat. It states he called Florida Power and Light and said it would be ‘worse than September 11’. “Defendant also threatened Florida Power and Light representative if they cut his electricity.”

    So it would a appear that this person left the democratic plantation a long, long time ago and given his proclivity with electricity, my assertion that the perp didn’t even have a dim bulb in their thought balloon has proven correct.

    So with a reported 58 years in prison upon conviction, the perp will be out at the age of approximately 108, should Mr. Sayoc live that long.


    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group ‘True North’

  13. This is an outrage.

    Cesar Sayoc has been set up because he’s a Trump supporter and he’s poor.

    He didn’t do this. It doesn’t matter. If the Deep State have their way, he’ll die in prison.


    1. Watcher, Interesting, and not surprising. An msm article read earlier today said he was a registered Republican ,another article said he was a reg’d Republican since 2016. That’s only two years and the guy is 56 years old.

      I asked the question,what was his political affiliation BEFORE 2016, you just answered my question. Thanks.

  14. Whatever this nutter’s political affiliations, one thing is clear: Folks on the right are condemning his actions and demanding that he be charged to the full extent of the law.

    When folks on the Left, be they Antifa or SJWs or BLM members, do bad things, what occurs amongst folks on the left? Either nothing OR they double down and start calling the victims of such actions to be racists, homophobes, bigots, etc.

    That is a HUGE difference but one will we never hear about from members of M.A.D.

    1. So is there any connection between Mr. Sayoc and creepy porn lawyer Mr. Avenatti…?


      Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief
      1st Saint Nicolaas Army
      Army Group ‘True North’

      1. Funny you should ask, Hans the Irredeemable …

        It was reported that the Pseudo-bomber worked as a bouncer at the very same … Gentleman’s Club … JUST LAST NIGHT !!! Yeah … just a coincidence that CPL’s “client” happened to “perform” at the exact same club. I expect MORE highly suspicious coincidences to be revealed in the coming days

        1. Sorry … I am NO Kennedy conspiracy theorist … however … I cannot escape the word … “Patsey” … that keeps flashing in my mind. This is EXACTLY the kind of LOON the CPL seems to be expert at dredging-up. And if we are to BELIEVE that he’s been driving his political billboard of a van around town for a couple years … then he wouldn’t be hard to find.

          1. After Mr. Avenatti’s unhinged ‘gang rapist’ gambit this level of stupid would not surprise me…

            BTW thanks for digging up that connection.


            Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief
            1st Saint Nicolaas Army
            Army Group ‘True North’

          2. so kenji, Traficante’s, File’s, Hunt’s, and Plumlee’s confessions were for what reason????Oh, and the dark skinned man who was the shooters that was seen by several witnesses was also a bullshitter when he confessed. Good lord boy, I expected better from you!

          3. Yeah, yeah … my brotha from anotha fatha … lets just say that I “believe” in Kennedy conspiracy LITE.

      1. It would appear that it is quite possible that this fellow is a recent Republican “convert” of convenience. If so, will we hear about it? There are too many questionable clues attached to this crime, such as timing, dud bombs, vehicle plastered with Trump paraphernalia in a Democrat neighborhood.

    1. There would appear to be some support for that theory:

      4:00 PM — According to the suspect’s cousin, Sayoc was a gym rat who took steroids. “He’s been in the strip clubs since he was 22, that was his life,” Sayoc cousin tells the New York Post. “He was a male dancer and he wanted to be a wrestler. He was taking steroids. He was all buffed up…. He was built like a rock.” The relative also described Sayoc as a “lost soul” and “loose cannon.”


      Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief
      1st Saint Nicolaas Army
      Army Group ‘True North’

  15. 2013 there was a study that concluded that dims do NOT do empathy worth shit. No conservative would plaster his/her windows with crap like that van had. Most don’t put anything, or just a “fish” or a support (for veterans or cancer survivors, or some such) , butt then the libbies will not grasp that, even if you tell them. They are that stupid. There is enough time before the election for the facts to come out. This is comedy central playing out!!! The bugs bunny org is on the phone to these clowns:-)))

  16. Funny how the FBI can solve the “mail bomber” case in 3 days in which Dems were targeted and no one is injured due to fake bombs.

    Yet know nothing about the Vegas Massacre over a year later where Conservatives/Christians were targeted and 58 people were killed and 450+ shot.

    1. Remember when the political class are threatened, stuff gets DONE. The Vegas Massacre was only ordinary citizens…

      It’s like the old saw:

      First the government takes your tax dollars, THEN they leave you for dead.


      Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief
      1st Saint Nicolaas Army
      Army Group ‘True North’

  17. So how many people here think this Sayoc character could have driven around town in that van for days (as per the twitter photos conveniently surfacing from left-wing sympathizer “Mahmud Mohamed”) and the cops were never going to pull that over for obstructed vision? In urban Florida, not rural Iowa or some place where nobody might care that much.

    This and other details, for example the courier delivery to CNN in NYC, the home delivery to Soros (as reported) — not really what I would imagine the Cesar A. Sayoc we are being told about might be easily capable of doing or finding out.

    But who would be able to do those things? Hmm. Who would know about home addresses better than the guy who lived in that home?

    It could be real. But odds on this being some sort of set-up, the latest convenient nutcase. I will be less skeptical if he survives to trial date. Would not be that surprised if a “fellow inmate stabbing incident” removes any chance of him being coherent enough after the drugs to say in open court, “they done set me up, yer honor.”

  18. Gotta love our news media saying this is all due to the toxic political environment in the US. How about asking who is making it toxic? They won’t of course, the truth does not fit their agenda.

    1. Laura and guests are right, everybody, especially the loonies of the right and left need to calm down; but that won’t do.

      You must support the globalist oligarchy or you’re of culpable character, consistently challenging civic collectivist consensus, therefore deserving of violence against you as well as responsible for it.

      Oh, and all other violence too; you, Trump and the rapist. No, they don’t mean Bubba.

      Remember you have to been exiled from restaurants and other public places because you don’t “belong.”

      How will the become civil again?

      All they have to do is shut up and put them back in power to lord over them. That’s the only way they can be civil.

      Because when a leftist moron attacks someone, it’s Trump’s fault for inciting the moron with his incendiary rhetoric.

      Because when a rightist moron attacks someone, it’s Trump’s fault for inciting the moron with his incendiary rhetoric.

      That’s because Trump’s a racist and 17 other things.

    1. Thank you for posting that, one of the funniest scenes ever done by Mel Brooks,and he did a LOT of ’em!

      Within a few days we might have a real picture of who the Mad Bomber really is and WHY he pulled this stunt. Not that the FBI will do much to help.

  19. After all the nonsense from the Kavanaugh hearing the lesson that should have been taken to heart is innocent until proven guilty.

  20. I think the angriest Dems are those that didn’t get a fake bomb mailed to them to burnish their heroic pedigrees with and trade war stories with Bill’s wife in the Fabulist Lounge about being under ‘sniper’ fire.

  21. Setting aside, for the moment, that this “bomb” drama seems like an episode of South Park, I remain baffled at the pretense that the devices that Sayoc sent are anything other than cartoon bombs (or cargo cult bombs), granted we have only seen the one delivered to CNN. Like the commenter below, I too noticed the weasel words used by Director Wray. I think that Law Enforcement has expanded the definition of an improvised explosive device beyond credibility. It’s like pretending a can of beans is a lethal weapon.
    From the Althouse blog and ConservativereeHouse
    “Sundance is struck by the same statements of Wray about the devices.
    Initially Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated Mr. Sayoc could face up to 58-years in prison under the indictment. However, that statement was later corrected by DOJ spox to be a maximum of 48-years was possible from the current charges.
    This is particularly curious given the very carefully worded statement from FBI Director Christopher Wray about the nature of the device(s): “energetic material that can become combustible when subjected to heat or friction.” While Director Wray went to great lengths to state the devices were “not a hoax“, if the device was an actual explosive device the charges for each of the incidents would equal a life-term.
    The terminology: “energetic material that can become combustible when subjected to heat or friction“, could literally mean just about anything from CoffeeMate powered coffee creamer, to any other powered combustible.
    As former federal proseuctor Andrew McCarthy noted,.. if…. the mailed IED devices were “functionally explosive” they would fall under the category “weapons of mass destruction” [defined here by U.S. code] and the indictment would include 18 US Code 2332a [SEE HERE] The absence of this charge infers the devices were not functionally explosive.”

  22. “The absence of this charge infers the devices were not functionally explosive.”

    So it was 1st Amendment protected political comment?

    1. If you are asking me, I’d say no it is not protected speech. I’d say the perpetrator threatened other persons which is a violation of federal law.
      You’d have to ask a legal expert on the line between threats and constitutionally protected speech. From CBS: ” For more than four decades, the Supreme Court has said that “true threats” to harm another person are not protected speech under the First Amendment. But the court has been careful to distinguish threats from protected speech such as “political hyperbole” or “unpleasantly sharp attacks.”
      Let’s not conflate threatening another person and violation of postal laws with constructing a weapon of mass destruction.

    1. Man are you an idiot. No explosive, no detonators, and no triggers. The first clue it’s fake was that the post office delivered the packages on time. And Soros’ package was hand delivered. Definitely false flag.

      1. I’m awaiting more evidence. He’s probably a hoaxer, but that doesn’t make it a false flag.

        Why do we care what motivates these lunatics, unless of course we want to brand our political opponents with that broad brush?

        Voters may have noticed this nonsense as SOP for the neo-fascists, unwilling to defend their Obamacare, open borders and massive socialist government policies.

        Notice how easily they meld with fascism; proof the left right continuum is not linear, but dynamic?

        A much better dynamic is melding of conservatism and contemporary libertarianism, which is the neo-collectivists’ greatest fear, thus the uptick in shrillness and violence.

        Morning Joe types argue fake bombs don’t compare to chasing people out of restaurants, but as per usual, unable to sustain an argument, omits inconveniences like the Scalise shooting, Biden’s threats or Brennan’s hysterics (along with guy in jail for threatening to shoot Trump).

        Again, the broad brush strokes of neo-fascism go but one way, towards to the collectivists so against the citizens.

    2. Translation: there is nothing fake about those fake bombs … other than them not being actual bombs.
      Years of leftists violence are very real.
      Try harder NPC.

  23. I don’t know; I’m asking. What is the minimum criteria to call something a bomb. Wouldn’t it have to release some minimal amount of energy under normal conditions on Earth, as opposed to Death Valley or being thrown in a furnace. One would think it would have to at least release more energy than a balloon popping, and/ or release enough energy to blow the lid off a shoe box.

    D said…
    Just ran across this statement from Wray
    “As far as the devices themselves, it’s important to say, as is in the complaint, that even if the devices—and we’re still trying to determine whether or not they were functional, as they say, so we’re doing all kinds of analysis on that to make a definitive determination, but they did contain energetic material which, if subjected to the right combination of heat, or shock, or friction, could be dangerous to the public.”

    There is parsing and then there is super parsing. This sounds like mega super parsing.
    An “energetic material”? Not an explosive? Most materials contain some energy, not necessarily explosive.
    “right combination of heat, or shock, or friction” well, if it is powdered sugar, and you disperse it in the air in just the right proportions, in a confined space, then hit it with an open flame, that would be the right conditions for it to explode. Under just the right conditions, you can get a really massive explosion. On the other hand, they have to be just the right conditions or nothing much happens.

    “could be dangerous to the public.” Not necessarily kill or maim the recipient but “dangerous to the public” (maybe) Expose someone to high concentrations of sugar and you might trigger a diabetic attack. Would that be a “danger to the public”?

    This statement seems to me to confirm that they don’t think the devices were any particular danger to anyone.
    JH said….
    re energetic material: I seem to recall reading that the devices contained powdered sugar.Powdered sugar can be highly explosive, for example in a sugar mill where it is finely dispersed in the air. Compacted into a plastic pipe, not so much. So would sugar be, legally, an explosive? And if the device cannot, by design, explode wouldn’t it simply be an ID (improvised Device) rather than an IED (Improvised Explosive Device)?

    tim said…
    “they were not hoax bombs, they were IEDs.”
    So is putting a roll of caps under a rock for cars to run over. It’s an IED by any definition, It’s just not a meaningful category. I think until we hear what he has to say, there is no way we can know. It’s all in his intent, isn’t it?

    H said…
    I would like to hear more about this “energetic material, capable of exploding when subjected to high pressure or temperatures.”

    JF said…
    He legally got the materials to build his bomb because it wasn’t a bomb. He used things like PVC pipe, a cheap digital clock, some hardware store wire, and one of many “energetic materials” that you can get at Safeway.

    1. You can’t change it to an IED just because it’s not a conventional pipe bomb of whatever.

      More like an IUD, improvised un-explosive device.

  24. “Hey, Alex, you got all the fake bombs packaged up?”

    “Yes, dad, on my way.”

    “Good, leave one in the mailbox, won’t you.”

    “Sure thing. What country are we destroying today?”

    “Oh I don’t know, how about … Saudi Arabia?”

  25. Just to rub it in, my statement in an earlier thread “some sort of extreme right wing Trump supporter wacko(s) is responsible for this” turns out to be accurate. Nailed it!! Easy peasy. It’s so comical to see the right wingnuts go ballistic over that revelation declaring it ‘fake news’ which is their answer to facts they don’t like.