26 Replies to “If Women Ran The World”

  1. About 10 minutes before everyone gets annoyed and proceeds with the vote on Kavanaugh, the accuser will have a sudden improvement in memory and there will be a witness floated on her behalf. Then, they will do the same little dance. Not sure she wants to talk. Not interested in testifying under oath. No real details other than a name.

    This is a stall, plain and simple. The Democrats figure they can give just enough information to suggest something might have happened, but refuse to go anywhere near trying to prove it. This will continue on and on until someone on the other side says “enough.”

  2. And? Nothing is served by attacking this lady. Insist she come forward or the matter will be dropped.

    Having said that, why does she want an investigation prior to her interview, when she’s the only witness, when getting a statement from the accuser first is standard operating procedure. They’re hoping voters are too dumb to connect the dots, to see the investigation isn’t done in reverse, the FBI has no jurisdiction, and the Senate has an apparatus to look into all of this, with the FBI now out of the game with all background checks completed; by all means, though release the unredacted letter of accusation.

    But, the fact of the matter is the DeMarxists are desperate to keep any originalist off the Court, let alone a swing voter.

    This is another piece in the enigma wrapped in a riddle that is the DeMarxist ploy to play out the clock to November, when all will be well again as they sweep back into power, with their transgressions whisked away.

    The Dems are spitting mad and fit to be tied. They know they can’t escape the court of public opinion with the deep statists obstructing Trump’s declassification order. They must know several Republicans on the Intelligence Committee have read the unredacted documentation around the FISA applications and can now speak freely about them.

    Which puts the power abusers on defense, as they have to confront and contradict the apparently shocking details of abuse of authority and weaponization of institutions vital to American’s prosperity and well being, with criminal liability attached.

  3. The Porcupine life in MD …same State as Pelosi….High School life is really one of experimentation. Who gives a F&&k

    The 5 million that her Husband wants to collect is becoming difficult… Under Oath testimony without FBI provided details ( time lines & possible connections) has complications… Anita Hill was provided a road map (FBI investigation) that allowed her to tailor her lies & STORY to near match…… FBI investigations, in 2018, can’t be trusted to be kept secret from the scum lawyers and they need that to make sure their client doesn’t perjure themselves….


  4. Party girl barfs her brains out; and has a memory lapse due to being absolutely BLITZED.
    Too much truthiness for the media!

    Will she testify under oath, in the inebriated state, and will the Senate take her drunken remonstration ‘seriously’?

    “But I only had ti mar-two-nis, yer honour, but I might a ‘bin caught up in the drunk at the brewery with live kegs ‘an all.”


    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group ‘True North’

  5. Ex Cathedra: Loftus’ Luster Lost
    Controversial Professor Is Latest UCI Employee Associated with Pedo-Priests

    By Gustavo Arellano
    Orange County Weekly
    February 17, 2005

    [See also other articles by Gustavo Arellano.]

    For years, attorneys for the damned have called upon UC Irvine Professor Elizabeth Loftus to save their clients’ asses. And save asses she did—Loftus signed on with numerous defense teams and earned a reputation as an academic get-out-of-jail-free card. Her job: share with jurors her controversial research that argues memory can be manipulated, that sexual abuse isn’t something that the human mind can merely seal into some dark crevasse, that repressed memories are—as her most-famous book states—a “myth.”


    1. Fascinating coincidence.

      Let me guess what they would say: inconsistent, SJW, Flake, her politics over academia.

    2. Palo Alto Univ. is rather pooooorrrly rated … mostly due to a crazy, insular, faculty

      PS … I don’t believe the Senate, the FBI, or anyone should have anything to do with … this woman … until ALL of her digital footprint is restored to public view. Every social media site she has ever had, or ever commented upon. ALL of it. The PUBLIC needs to see WHO this woman IS … not some careful construct of her which has no basis in reality.

    3. I saw a story of the reviews when she first came public, so BB, Fox, Daily Wire or someone DID capture them.

      They were overwhelmingly negative, some stating she was kinda creepy, overbearing and generally advising not to take her classes. The author noted that all of these negative reviews were older, well before her accusations were ever public.

      1. There are two women of the same name. The reviews we saw were of the woman that is not saying she was assaulted.

        I think her reviews were wiped prior to her coming forward. Sen. Dianne Feinstein has had this complaint on her desk for a couple of months, and there is a case to be made that she would have told the complainant to tidy up her backstory.
        It’s what they do.

        1. Yes, marc

          Just finished trying to find the link I was referring to and instead found the articles claiming the mistaken identity. Glad to be straightened out on the subject.

          There are already plenty of serious red flags in her story, don’t need to be muddying the waters with fake ones.

          Man, news is so damn weaponized these days, trying to lock down even the basic facts of a story is getting as complicated as trying to determine the truth of how the universe began or ‘why we are here’.

  6. Wow! My own upper middle class, highly academic, public HS had more than its share of killer parties (like EVERY weekend) … and my class ‘74 even hosted the First and only annual Sophomore Drunk Day … wherein a substantial number of Sophomores got lit for breakfast … and provided humorous antics the entire day.

    But we were NOTHING like that woman’s all-girl prep school. And we certainly couldn’t get ANYTHING like THAT past our yearbook editors. Sheesh, the editors threw out HALF of our Senior quotes in the name of good taste.

    Shame on the prep school for OFFICIALLY condoning this behavior (where were the adults?) … and then for REMOVING the evidence. Lies of omission are more insidious than lies of comission.

    And finally … this woman appears to have been a sad homely-looking high school girl who obviously compensated for this fact by becoming an easy mark by liquoring herself up. A tragic tale … that I can understand would lead to a lifetime of therapy. However, to drag an innocent man into your therapy sessions is just sick … sicker than the original disease

  7. Has anyone given thought to this being a retaliation gesture on behalf of Beijing for Trump tariffs? Specific instructions were given to Feinstein by her driver.

  8. Who would have thunk it? Apparently the entire Holton Arms school is full of nothing but Mattress Girls. And their parents are proud of them all. Just like Monica’s…

  9. She was at a party with 4 guys, the only girl…odd she remembers all these facts during a session with a gypsy Fortune teller…and an ex-FBI gave her a lie detector test… Good enough for NYT & WAPO… Wonder what these same folks told law enforcement

    Yes I expect that after her letter was given to the FBI by a Sfran Senator that the FBI have done an in-depth investigation of the whole load of crap.. and they are not sharing that report….So sad for Her lawyer & the MEDIA….Hope they catch the FBI media leaker

  10. When will the Democrat Hillary – Residue stop the High School Games and begin to act like Adults and Representative of the –Sober Second Thought– elected Representatives.

    It is about time to Revert back to an Appointed Senate By Each Individual State Government. Senate Representatives for each State by the State Government Representation or by the Governor of each State.

    It is obvious the Elected Senators from each State are not mature enough to provide proper and sober second thought.

    1. Could you find enough of them who are sober enough to sufficiently provide the supposed ” sober second thought “!

  11. Let’s see if we have the facts correct (as reported by Dr. Ford):
    Sometime during high school she went to a party where everyone was drinking.
    She can’t remember where the party took place.
    She can’t remember when the party took place.
    She can’t remember how she got there.
    She can’t remember how she got home.
    She can’t remember exactly how many people were there.
    She remembers being (sort of) sexually assaulted but didn’t report it.
    She didn’t tell anyone about it until 2012.
    And supposed witnesses can’t recall either the party or the alleged assault.

    I don’t think she’ll show up to testify. But if she does, Kavanaugh’s attorney needs to pounce on her and rub her nose in her yearbook and her recollection of the ‘facts’.

  12. Well, this is all a big bloody mess. What a country! Bottom line is you cannot really blame the Dems for trying anything to block Kavanaugh’s appointment. That’s because the Reps stole a SCOTUS seat from Obama. So much for respecting the Constitution. Trouble is Obama didn’t have the balls to fight. Now Neil Gorsuch is a well qualified judge. You cannot say that about Kavanaugh with all his political baggage. Crafty ole Mitch did not want Kavanaugh but the dufus in the White House liked his opinions on Executive power. The GOP has got themselves in a bit of quicksand. Kinda fun to watch. What say it’s time for a third party as the old two are basket cases.