Hillary Clinton’s Public Temper Tantrum

It’s important to remember the old adage that when a Leftist throws out an accusation, they’re very likely talking about their own misdeeds. Keep this in mind when you read through Hillary Clinton’s latest missive in The Atlantic magazine. Here are some key lines:

  • “When we can’t trust what we hear from our leaders, experts, and news sources, we lose our ability to hold people to account, solve problems, comprehend threats, judge progress, and communicate effectively with one another—all of which are crucial to a functioning democracy.”
  • “… there’s Trump’s breathtaking corruption”
  • “… it’s amazing how blithely the president and his Cabinet have piled up conflicts of interest, abuses of power, and blatant violations of ethics rules.”
  • “Trump makes no pretense of prioritizing the public good above his own personal or political interests. He doesn’t seem to understand that public servants are supposed to serve the public, not the other way around.”
  • “… Trump undermines the national unity that makes democracy possible.”
  • From the woman who declared half of all Americans “deplorables” comes this gem: “Trump doesn’t even try to pretend he’s a president for all Americans.”
  • “And you won’t be surprised to hear that I passionately believe it’s time to abolish the Electoral College.”

46 Replies to “Hillary Clinton’s Public Temper Tantrum”

  1. Remember,

    Not only are we Deplorable, Hillary has said we are Irredeemable too. We cannot be made part of our civilization, as we are not able to be redeeemed.

    And she did not misspeak. She said the same exact phrases on Israeli TV, basically accusing us as Anti Semitic to Israelis while overseas on Israeli TV.


  2. The electoral college protects us from mob rule; that is why Madame Secretary wants to abolish this constitutional safeguard.

  3. I am quite tired of complaints about the electoral college (and the fact that every state has two senators representing it). The simple fact is that states with lower populations were concerned that they simply wouldn’t have voices in elections (or in Congress). Virginia (the most populous state when the Constitution was ratified), Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New York would have been able to dictate what the country would do. If the USA were to eliminate the electoral college or the two-senators-per-state rule, it would be only fair to offer secession to every state with a population of less than, say, five million (which includes Iowa). Anything else would amount, in essence, to breach of contract.

  4. Slightly off topic.
    The calls to abolish the electoral college are similar to the ones upset with Doug Ford’s use of the notwithstanding clause.
    The cries are loudest when they are on the losing side.
    If you knock down all those “impediments” for fashionable causes in the quest to defeat the devil, what protection will you have against him when he turns on you?

    1. You can be quite sure that had Clinton won the Electoral College – even with less than the popular vote – she wouldn’t have said a word about abolishing it. Not a peep.

      All of her utterances above are those of a sore loser. A bitter, vindictive person who just can’t let her defeat go.

  5. She forgot the mythical pee tape.

    Everybody knows Hillary’s had more women than Bill has.

    One day we’ll find out how many women Hillary hooked up with and then murdered to make sure they didn’t squeal to a press that still understood homosexuality to be unbecoming a civil servant or his wife.

    Or how many girls she tortured on Epstein’s island.

      1. I’m just glad that we don’t have to hear about Hillary’s genitals. Discussion of Trump’s dick is bad enough.

  6. The quicker this hag gets a room in the newly renovated Gitmo Hotel the better. If Canada had the equivalent of an electoral college we wouldn’t have a city of TheeBTHee brainwashed morons, (Toronto), totally calling the shots. She is a repugnant humanoid who with her boss used every dirty trick she could and still lost. How many millions did we here in Canada, give her so called foundation?

  7. Without the electoral college, all elections would be decided by the massive numbers of leftists that infest New York, and California.

    Similar to how Ontario and Quebec most often decide Canada’s elections before the western Canadian vote is counted. Not fair is it?

  8. I’d say she’s Chairman Mao in a Dress but actually she actually loves the Moa Suit look. Just Google Hillary Clinton and Mao Suit to see what I mean.

  9. If you notice, she, Obama, Clapper, Brennan, Rice, Schiff and Comey are all out very publicly right now.

    Methinks ahead of some info that is about to make the previous administration and the democrats very, very bad.

    The first ever example of weaponizing the FBI and justice system on behalf of a political party.

    1. At least Obama – whether you like him or not – is an actual living, breathing former president with some residual view on matters of state.

      Even Doddering Bill would have more credibility than his wife, The White House Wannabe.

  10. In her last paragraph Hillary mentions Benjamin Franklin being asked “What have you given us sir”? and he responds, “A republic, if you can keep it”.

    As if Benjamin Franklin would have anything to do with her.

    He’d puke, then lift his rifle, if he could see what the previous administrations have done.

    I remain hopeful, that the trial of Hillary Clinton will be centre stage in the second half of this current Administration.

  11. Yes, it is ALWAYS projection with socialists.
    Whenever they name anything, just assume the opposite of the name they pick.

    People’s Republic of Korea
    People’s Republic of China
    Ministry of Love
    Republic of Cuba
    German Democratic Republic
    Democratic Republic of Vietnam

    The one example where they named themselves accurately was:
    Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei “National Socialist German Worker’s Party”.
    Just like Pol Pot, they were socialists, and they wanted a master race.

  12. Another example of accurate naming is “The Clinton Foundation”.

    It is solely for the benefit of Clintons, run by Clintons, for Clintons.

    So I suppose it is not ALWAYS projection… just most of the time.

    “Trudeau Foundation”… I think they took a page from the Clinton book here.

  13. Let us see now.
    How to put it?
    Clinton is personification of evil in present time.
    She can say any kind of nonsense, any kind of drivel, any kind of gibberish with the forked tongue of a lawyer.
    If it was not obvious that there is something that is looking after her, she would be tried, perhaps convicted and spend some time in the key industry.
    You may notice that there are evil individuals that get away with their actions.
    Aristotle wrote about this in Ethics.
    He pointed to the ethics of doing good even though it really does not pay rewards.
    He noted that there is an appearance of evil being rewarded.
    As it looks, Clinton represents that sentiment.

  14. Will the Clintons never just go away at last?

    Hell, even the Bushes and Kennedys have finally shuffled off the stage…

    1. Will the Clintons never just go away at last?

      Nope. Their daughter is rumoured to be seeking public office.

      Just what we need, eh?

  15. I suppose she could be considered and expert in identifying these things. Personal experience, and all that.

  16. Hillary is the Queen of Denial. Her tantrums are legend. She is purported to have said they’d all hang in Trump won.

    She is also an expert political projectionist/propagandist. She was the initial oxygen of the failed Trump Russia investigation.

    I know you are, but what am I, as we used to say in the schoolyard. Hillary is the class bully.

    What I find most disconcerting about the statist cabal that is Obama-Hillary-DeMarxist-Lizzie May watermelons-Butts land-Justin is:

    They don’t care if or how many times they’re wrong. They just have to be right on election day, the rest is meaningless.

    They’re playing craps with our money, and skimming their bankrolls.

    Look at the latest slimefest – the “allegations,” available for months, but not revealed until the end of Kavanagh’s SC hearings. Based on a “re-remembering” of some mauling she took from two, or was it four boys, not even sure of the year, let alone date, with the Judge’s name never mentioned in the notes from her “therapist” at a couples retreat or whatever. The witness who apparently pulled the drunk & randy judge off her doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She was derailed but is a professor at a university no doubt making enough extra coin to pursue her anti-Trump activities.

    None of that says she’s lying. So she has been invited to appear with the Committee, but so far has not responded.

    If she refuses, proceed with the vote. But again, the Demarxists with no concern for being wrong or hypocritical (would you like some Ellison with that?), will plod and plot on.

    This is all a smokescreen for damaging information coming to light that will put senior statist sycophants in criminal jeopardy.

  17. Ms. Rodham is living in an alternate reality. One in which “democracy” means denigrating half the voters of a nation … if an elitist considers them “deplorable”. One in which SHE is actually considered the “smartest” woman in the world.

  18. Hillary understands perfectly well that she needs to keep ranting to remain relevant, and that editors will gladly publish anything she says, especially now with the mid-terms nearing. Rank hypocrisy, irony, invective – she’ll fling anything to maintain the drama (politics is mostly theater anyway).

    And at this point, what does she have to lose? There’s huge vested interests in how this all plays out. She can remain a hero to the left by lashing out while playing the victim, and of course fighting for freedom, democracy, blah, blah, blah.

  19. You have to admit – Hillary has balls.

    Gangrenous, deformed, non-functioning balls, true – but she still has them.

    I can only assume that they were taken from someone close to her…

      1. Excellent, John! It never occurred to me who the “real” man in the White House was…

        And Reno *definitely* had a set…

  20. Trump must love her being free to continue fowling the Democrat brand. If he put her behind bars where she belonged, he would be accused of committing political crimes and the Dems would, by default, have a better brand in anyone else.

    1. Or, like the Little Corporal, otherwise known as Napoleon Bonaparte, apparently said, “Never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake.” Anything that comes out of HRC’s big yap nowadays is unlikely to make any converts to her side.

  21. Our society is ate up with “totemism”….

    sacred objects and people, places,,…ideologies…yadda yadda yadda…

    NO way anyone on the left, “worshipping” Hillary is ever gonna admit she’s a problem…