22 Replies to “Happy Holidays”

  1. There is no greater sign of a desperate government than when they let you keep your own money.

  2. *Golf Clap* Throwing bread crumbs to the great unwashed using their own money. Most with a functioning brain cell would know going forward with Keystone might be the better option but Biden and his Bolsheviks aren’t going there.
    Judging from Jennifer Granholm’s comments yesterday that now, painful as it is, would be a great time to transition to a much more greener future tells me they have other plans in mind and you’re not going to like it much.

    Which brings me to my second point – There’s a lot at stake in the midterms this year and Republicans had better get right with Jesus on how those elections are conducted because if Dems cheated once they’ll surely do it again. The pandemic “crisis” might rear it’s ugly head again.

    1. The Repukes will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in November. You can already see it happening.

  3. The Turd should follow suit.
    Let the tax holiday expire when domestic production triples.

    1. If he doesn’t, a lot of Canadians will be taking summer road trips south of the border!

  4. Are they looking at a ‘windfall’ tax on O&G to offset? It would make government sense. They just signaled a price cut which should increase demand, that can be married with a profit seizure to decrease supply.

  5. “The price of gas is up dramatically around the world, and by almost $2 per gallon in America, since Putin began amassing troops on the border of Ukraine.”

    When Biden’s puppet masters are serious about bringing gas prices down—never mind avoid nuclear war—they’ll cut Zelensky loose.

    Whenever you’re ready, kids.

    1. “The price of gas is up dramatically around the world, and by almost $2 per gallon in America, since Putin began amassing troops on the border of Ukraine.”
      -that is an outright lie, its only happening to the west and the foolish nations in orbit around it.

      1. In Alberta, the gasoline price spike is due to carbon taxes, and only carbon taxes.

        Which will continue to rise as the idiotic tax on carbon is increased, using the anti-scientific lie of global warming as the justification.

        And Jesuit Jason Kenney is proposing the same thing as Roman Catholic Joe Biden – a TEMPORARY break from one of the taxes they imposed in the first place.

        Just theatrics for the ignorant.

    2. Hahahaha ha ha … just imagine if Stephen Colbert (reportedly, a comedian) were POTUS? AYFKM!? Yeah … cut Zelensky loose. Let him retire to his FL mega mansion

      1. Um, sorry. No.

        Zelensky need not retire anywhere but the Russian prison cell where he’ll await trial for treason—declaring war on the Russian people and giving aid and comfort to their enemies.

  6. It’ll do very little, since the excise tax at the pump is probably the smallest issue causing the current price spikes.

    it will do nothing to address the general hostility to hydrocarbons that is causing the decisions to reduce continued investment in exploration and production, let alone the regulatory burdens which block investment and cause uncertainty

    1. The relief would still be welcome to those who work for themselves, and those who earn the least. That said, they aren’t going to do it. The entire tack has been to force it to nearly twice the price it was when Biden entered office, for the sake of ideological satisfaction and for “demand destruction”.

      From today’s WSJ:

      “Now comes the feeblest effort so far—a White House request on Wednesday that Congress suspend the 18.4 cent a gallon federal gas tax for three months. That’s only long enough to reduce the irritation of drivers, er, voters, every time they fill up the tank during the summer driving season. Has there ever been a more transparently cynical vote-buying policy exercise? Ah, yes, we forgot student-loan cancellation.”

  7. I think there’s a pantomime drama at play here. His party normally calls a call for the gas tax holiday “a gimmick”, and they’re chanting it now as we speak. I think it’s one of those things where he can say he asked congress for it, but they wouldn’t play along.

    Besides, it’s the FEDERAL tax he’s talking about here, which $0.184 per gallon, or 6 cents per liter in Canadian gold pressed latinum.

    Where it really counts is at the state level. My illustrious Governor, Glenn Youngkin is still pushing to convert our budget surplus into a gas tax holiday. It’s 26.2 cents per US gallon. Some states are 60 cents.

    Every little counts, y’see.

    On another note, Virginia is not a state, but rather a Commonwealth, which is also what Canada formerly called itself. Now it’s apparently just what a few people could agree on: just “Canada”, when in reality its a constitutional monarchy, and this should be properly and more accurately named “The Kingdom of Canada”.

  8. Translation: Vote Democrat in November because we let you keep some of your own money for a few months.

  9. Hahahaha ha ha ha … California already has the HIGHEST gas tax in the country … and is set to INCREASE the gas tax on July 1 !!!! To over $0.53/gal. !!!!!


    Annnnnnd … CA has the SHITTIEST highways in America. Why? Because only a small amount of our gas taxes actually go toward building and maintaining freeways. Most of the gas tax is spent on “mass transit” projects … LGBTQq2s+/- “education” … anything EXCEPT projects that would serve the automobile. Ha! There is NO WAY Gavin Newsom would relieve the PAIN of drivers. He HATES drivers. Wants drivers stripped of their automobiles.

  10. Justin is too proud and now powerful to give the peasants a break.

    Jagmeet Singh gave him that power. He can go to hell.

    Don’t forget that thirty-seven years ago, the men Jagmeet admires killed 332 people.

  11. My wife and I will save about $5.40 every two weeks or so, plus whatever minimal effect this will have on food prices. C’mon, Joe, you can do better than that. Try dropping the drilling restrictions and finishing the Keystone pipeline.

  12. Cheapest gas in Alberta at Walsh, AB, Save On Gas. $1.769, former PetroCan. Operator told me he buys at “rack” bulk price per truckload. Sells at same.
    That’s less than Costco@Medicine Hat.
    And less than $2.069 in Sask, 30 km east!