Governed by Hypochondriacs

Or maybe they just don’t like wearing pants.

National Post- Liberals propose another year of hybrid Parliament

The Liberals are looking to keep Parliament by Zoom call in place for another year, with a motion to extend the hybrid House of Commons to be introduced this week.

Liberal House leader Mark Holland announced the government’s plan Monday morning, as the House of Commons enters its final week before breaking for the summer.

He said the hybrid Parliament, where MPs can appear in person or via videoconference, made Parliament work during the pandemic and it might be important to keep around. As an example, he said five MPs, including the prime minister, had COVID-19 in just the past week and otherwise would not have been able to participate in debates and votes.

37 Replies to “Governed by Hypochondriacs”

  1. I don’t understand why they aren’t all back. I’ve been going to work through this whole mess.
    But the, I’m just a lowly transit worker.

  2. Governed by fascist shytes who know their hellish frackery can’t sustain even the slightest bit of scrutiny. Frack Justin Castro

  3. So Trudeau announces he has covid and within a few days is meeting with foreign dignitaries. Now others are declaring they have covid…..right before they announce maybe they will continue a virtual parliament. Anyone else find the timing very suspicious? I call shenanigans.

    1. The little Shenanigan from Shawinigan! The Cretin named Chrétien…they come by it honestly!

  4. Motion:

    Mandatory rectal probes after every self declared “COVID diagnosis by twitter”

    That would end the charade real quick.

      1. It would exaggerate ex-ass-erbation.

        And you thought nobody was as clever as you and everyone would miss your word play. Hah.

        Is asserbation a homosexual thing?

  5. F*ck that…

    Shut the .gov’s down now…

    And see how much better everything gets…

  6. in a zoom call they can be in their underwear and you would not know

    they can even have their mistress, a prostitute ( female or male) under the desk do something ( I will not mention here) to them during the zoom call and you would never know.

    That is why they prefer zoom calls 😉

    1. ha ha ha !!! like the coffee commercial!!!
      l want mine black. the coffee not the hooker.
      ha ha ha !!!

    2. Another year of Liberals playing with themselves while they listen to the Turd and Freeland.

  7. Liberal in

    Cons in

    Liberal in

    Cons in

    What about the .gov that never gets voted in or out but is always in power???

  8. anybody see this msg and any one by our friend kenji, tell him very important communication to him in the ‘J6 hearing backfire’ posting tq.
    y’all have a nice evg,

  9. What’s in your head zombie?.. You didn’t think the douchebags were going sue for peace.. Did you?.. No they are going disappear into the woodwork again so some UN or foreign body can deliver the bad news..

    I have had an epiphany.. I will never vote again.. They are all foreign agents..

  10. With a physically fractured parliament, there is no chance of a general sentiment disrupting the “coalition”. Trudeau is never there, why would he be, he’s only asked awkward questions.

  11. “we cant do zoom meetings for international conferences because it requires our presence in order for anything of substance to be achieved….. Also, zoom Parliament is completely acceptable!!”

    And… Does Trudeau even vote???

  12. The Lieberals don’t want Covid to end.

    300 BILLION a buys a lot of favours and fills the pockets of thousands of bag men.

  13. If the covid panic were to end then the government might have to end their covid bribes to their bought and paid for media whores.

    The Liberal government covid handouts to the media keeps the corrupt media producing corrupt love letters to the Liberals.

  14. “Governed by Hypochondriacs”

    Or a Trudeau Plant…Like the Nazi Flag…

    plant noun

    something or someone planted

    Veterans 4 Freedom

    (Z) A warning about political violence in Canada

    R eal
    C orrupt
    M aniac
    P eople


    A psychotic or otherwise mentally ill person who exhibits violent or bizarre behavior. Not used in psychiatric diagnosis.

    A person who has an excessive enthusiasm or desire for something.

    A person who acts in a wildly irresponsible way.

  15. And voting will be by mail … permanently. Because other people are dangerous. Right?

    1. Can’t wait for the bonfires when Canada collapses and is broken apart into separate countries.

      Watch what you wish for…

      That’s the plan from day one…

      We are weaker when divided than together…

      The True North strong and free!

      1. F*ck the Diseased Dominion and rule by an elected Queeny Thingy. Best thing for Canadians is the End of the Penal Colony of Canada.
        Nut Up Because It Is Coming.

  16. ‘I have Covid and are isolating’ is the new ‘Dog Ate My Homework’.

    sorry, let me correct myself there;

    ‘I have Covid and are isolating but fortunately my vaccinations mean that the symptoms are a lot milder’ is the new ‘Dog Ate My Homework’.

  17. “Tyrants seek to normalize the convening of Parliaments as “optional” or to suspend normal Parliamentary processes long enough to hollow out a legislative body’s deliberative powers, and to ensure that when and if a Parliament (or a Congress, for that matter) meets again, it will be merely a ceremonial assembly. Parliamentarians in Canada also do not seem to understand that “dictator” is no longer rhetorical. A member of Parliament was shushed when he cried out this epithet, but the fact is that this is not a slur at this point. Justin Trudeau is by definition now in fact a dictator.” ~Naomi Wolf

    1. Naomi Wolf, of course, is slightly to the left of Karl Marx, but even she thinks Trudeau is a dictator. Personally, I think he’s just a dick, though I’m told that Trudeau translates to “Little Potato” in Mandarin, so in that sense, he is a dick-tater.

  18. More taxpayer funded va-kay for the parasites. Each and everyone of them should be put on CERB and their myriad of perks revoked.

  19. I’ve watched this V4F video a couple of times now; and a lot of alarm bells keep going off. There is something about it which does not seem right! They are too slick on touting their qualifications and experience. Then the malicious and un substantiated charges about Marcus Rae seems to me to be a red herring. I have never heard of him till now. I keep wondering if this is just a continuation of the war against the Freedom Convoy, and an excuse to bring out the thugs again and cause more problems. By biggest fear right now is that our Military, CISIS, and the RCMP have been taken over by Trudeau and his bunch and something bad is going to happen around Canada Day. I guess investing in precious metals is a good idea.

  20. Call your MP and politely tell them no, no more get to work or quit. I left my Liberal MP a nice curt message. I am sick of them getting lavish salaries while wiling away at home.

  21. I’ll make a different argument… Technology has moved on, just think how much money could be saved if Parliament was always run on video conferencing, no more ottawa offices, no more ancient poorly insulated buildings that have to be heated with the “evil” hydrocarbons, no excuse for not being in the Parliament, no more ridiculous travel. The members of parliament can show up for work every day at their constituency office and be there at least 9 to 5 every day (adjusted for time zones).

    of course, it would never happen, because the MPs won’t want to give up their perks and benefits over the common peons.