48 Replies to “Duck Duck Gone”

  1. Duck duck run?

    Duck Duck duck?

    Duck Duck cower?

    Duck Duck Squat?

    Duck Duck Google?

  2. Deleted the app. Anyone know a better search engines? Ones that are not assholes about free speech?

    1. I’ve just moved to Brave. Seems to work very well, and gives what appears to be unencumbered results.
      Ditto Brave browser, I like it veddy veddy much.
      Note to IPad users, the mobile version of Brave doesn’t import bookmarks from other browsers, a slight problem. But it imported desktop bookmarks from FF seamlessly.
      FDDG. They promoted themselves as an Indy, and unfiltered search engine.
      Typical Silicon Valley BS.

  3. Already switched to Brave search engine. Available as an extension for firefox.

    1. Ditto. I’ve run the Brave browser for many months, so switching to their search engine seemed like a no brainer.

  4. Looking for alternatives as browser engines for Firefox, founs Qwant and Swisscow. Any experiences out there?

    And for my Iphone (where I use DDG as search and browse app), what would be some alternatives?

    1. I used SwissCows but it lacked reach, seemed more geared to Europe.
      It was not bad but I switched to Brave as a browser a while back and use Brave search when it became available as an all in one package.
      If I am looking for technical I switch to Google only for that, gives more options.
      Use a VPN and clear your history cache often.

      1. Thanks John B.
        Have now Qwant Swisscow, and Brave as search engine options in Firefox.

    2. What? I thought you “stand with Ukraine” along with all the other Globohomo WEF Davos Uniparty government media complex toadies and would be thrilled about this news.

        1. Exact same question Klaus Schwab, Soros, Hillary, Biden, Harris, the EU, UN, government media complex, US Deep State, Trudeau and Freedland are asking.

          Do you stand with them? You can’t deny it.

    3. It took me forever to finally switch to Brave…I was happy with PaleMoon but started to have issues.

      Brave is fantastic. When you start it up, it tells you the total number of ads it blocked since installation and the hours and gb saved which is kind of cool.

      You also have the option of opening private windows with Tor.

  5. I have been using BRAVE browser for quite a while and won’t switch.

    If DDG has gone astray, my next one to use is https://www.startpage.com/

    Search engines are the gate-keepers of the internet: they help us find stuff.

    We trust them like our closest friends, sharing our most private questions and thoughts. However, if you’re not using a private search engine like Startpage, all searches, including those about your health, family, finances, issues, and interests, are being logged into the digital profile Big Tech is collecting on you.

    For that reason, we created the first-ever private search engine with the mission of raising awareness of and protecting people’s worldwide right to privacy.

    1. If you’re going to use Google, then Startpage is the one to use. It makes inquiries using Google’s search engine, but because startpage is an intermediary inquiring Google on your behalf, Google has no way to track you.
      Unfortunately, that will not prevent you from encountering the same filters you would have seen had you gone to Google directly.
      That’s why I switched from Startpage to Brave. I’ve had a brief experience with Swisscow, but not enough to make a judgement. Someone said that the reach of Swisscow is limited, mainly to Europe. I’ll have to check that out.
      I’ll also to take a look at Quant. This is the first I’ve heard of them.

      1. There is also http://www.yandex.com .
        Some here may not have the stomach for it as it is located in Moscow.
        It’s reach is more centered on things Russian and then English.
        But it is useful for certain things that are forbidden to be downloaded elsewhere.

  6. Granted privacy and free speech are important, but how state of the art are these other sites? Are they fast, efficient, clumsy, user friendly?

  7. I’m a long time user of Duck Duck Gone quite insane … I WILL dump it this weekend … NEVER to return. EVER.

  8. “Yeah, let’s censor speech. That will show that dictator Putin who’s the real dictator around here!”

    —typical “stand with Ukraine” moron

  9. Wow! They seem not to understand who their customers are. People who want a search engine that spoon feeds them politically correct results, will go with Google.

  10. Sticking with DDG Not a fan of Russia anyway.If people want to make a difference quit using Twitter and Faceplant but that would just be a little to inconvenient wouldn’t it?

  11. Tried to switch to “Startpage” in IPhone and IPad but I can’t find “preferences” in these devices??

    1. “When everything is a lie just what constitutes disinformation?”
      An easy answer ‘truth.’

  12. As the saying goes ‘any organization that isn’t overtly conservative is inherently liberal’. DDG fooled me too.

    1. They did not go about it in the best of ways. It would be better if they gave an option to the user to keep that filter or not. So there would be a version for sane people and one for victims of ocular penetration like Angel/ray/Ahmed/defaul/Doug/other-spammer. That way they would avoid the bad PR and they would not be deciding for their users. I am happy to stay with them for now. If I want Pootin’s propaganda I can always find it linked by some halfwit Kremlinbot that came here on the within the first few days of the war.

      1. With all due respect, you sort of touched on the key issue ; “If I want (Pootin’s) propaganda I can always find it linked …”
        It’s an issue when someone else is deciding for you. Which side you pick isn’t relevant. If you can’t readily locate the information you seek, because someone is tampering with the search, then yes, you’re being censored.

        1. Yeah I agree. It is a mixed bag. I would love a filter that gives user an option but doing it for me without asking rubs me the wrong way. Having said that, Pootin’s bots have been spamming during this war and previous invasions (Georgia, Crimea) and I can see why a search engine might decide to downrate sites prompted up by Kremlin botfarms. They are also clearly open about it.

  13. I have been a long-time user of Opera browser and absolutely love the mouse gestures feature to the point where I get frustrated using a browser without that feature.

    I have recently started using Vivaldi, which is a spin-off from Opera, and it allows you to specify your own default search engine, and they specifically recommend Startpage. Vivaldi seems to work great and with a recent update I found an annoying bug – it loses the wallpaper picture and then won’t let you reload it. I reported that and received a nice email saying they have reproduced it at their end and placed it on their to-do list (not done at the last time I checked).

    I think I will port all my bookmarks to Vivaldi and use Startpage for searching.


  14. Thanks for the suggestions for alternative search engines.

    I’ll be leaving DDG today, never to return.

    Gabriel Weinberg is an idiot.

  15. So I noted that the Freedom Convoy web page had been “suspended”. ??
    So was it DDG that suspended it?

  16. Been with DDG for 3 years. Just switched to Brave search engine using Edge browser.
    Thanks to those posting alternative search engines.
    DDG wants to go woke they can do it without me.
    Just like my bank whining why I was pulling all my assets out of their clutches, It’s all about “trust”.

  17. So WHO decides what is miss information?
    Saw a video clip talking about the MANY Uke casualties all lined up in body bags behind the reporter.
    Then opps.One of them got up.
    Also saw where they said the Ruskies bombed a maternity hospital.Saw video evidence where the bomb landed in a parking lot.
    OPPS. again.
    I 100% DON’T believe western media. As for the ruskies. don’t know yet. But if Putin s trying to eliminate the bio labs and kill the ONE WORLD ORDER I’m all in favor if that.

  18. How disappointing. Been using DDG for years, believing they were above this sort of thing. Looks like Brave is the best alternative.