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  1. Of course they are refusing to leave. They have organized this very well. And they know full well that they have more than 85% public support behind them. When you are winning, kick harder.

    Canada had the most excessive lockdown response to Covid of all the principal industrial nations and with nothing but negative side effects to show for it. And this is what Justin has to eat. No wonder the little worm is in hiding. Figuratively, they’ve got him on the run. And his MSM lackeys with him.

    1. Yep. It’s time for truckers in other parts of Canada, beyond Ottawa, to create controlled chaos in the supply chain. It’s Ottawa’s and the provincial capitals weakest link.

      1. Oh, I agree.

        The real problem in Ottawa is that the truckers have not been aggressive enough.

        The 417 and all practical truck routes in and out of downtown Ottawa should be at a standstill. You bring anything worth edible into the city, it had better be for the truckers.

        Parasites trying to leave should be obliged to go on foot and expect to surrender everything they have of value. That includes their bank cards (with PIN numbers) and the keys to their cars and houses.

        Failing that, let them use their pandemic puppies for meat.

        1. To some degree, agreed.

          The real blockade needs to move where it hurts.

          Block the Ontariowe/US border crossings.

          The blockade in Alberta, is well meaning, but the enemy is in Ontariowe and Qweebeck, Jason Kenney yellow belly notwithstanding. The time is done in Ottaweird, that was just the kickoff show of power and support. Now, the rubber hits the road. And brings it to a standstill!

          1. My understanding is the AB blockade is directed at Kenney’s AB mandates. Kenney loses them, blockade gone.
            Seems well directed.

            ON needs to deal with Ford’s ON mandates.

          2. I agree.Trudeau won’t pay much attention to a roadblock in Alberta, might even call out Jason Kenney on it. But a roadblock in Ottawa or anywhere that blocks then flow of traffic in that area will get his attention quickly.

            I wonder if he’ll declare the Emergency Measures Act and start arrests.

          3. Dan, Don, probably not. The OPP and a host of municipal police forces said “fuck you”, when Ford tried to get them to close Ontario’s borders with other provinces. When the guys with the guns say no, that’s the sign that Versailles is about to be stormed. Ford isn’t stupid, and he backed down immediately last April.

            Spawn isn’t that bright. It should be obvious by now that he’s truly, deeply stupid. The one with most of the brains is Butts and sidekick Telford.

            Awful Truth is likely wrong. Read the tea leaves. This episode has scared the living shit out of them. They are now starting to understand just how truly Justin is hated by Canadians of nearly every class and walk of life. Oddly, loathing Justin is one thing that is starting to unite Canadians. The low-key tactics of the folks organizing the truck convoy have thus far been precise in winning the support of Canadians. This is most of the reason why Canadian support for the truckers in nearly 90%.

    2. Yep. We all learned the COST of Bush Sr. not continuing on to Baghdad … the inevitable FIGHT had to take place later … at an even higher cost. It’s best for Canadians to NOT wait to fight for your Freedom … later. You might NEVER get it back.

      Your Dear Leader is already hiding in a hole somewhere … just like Saddam. It’d be fun to see some truckers find him, and drag him out of his dirty hidey-hole

    3. From the Western Standard: https://westernstandardonline.com/2022/01/ucp-mla-scolded-for-supporting-truckers/

      “Minister of Jobs, Economy and Innovation Doug Schweitzer has condemned Cardston-Taber-Warner MLA Grant Hunter on Monday for joining the blockade at the Alberta/Coutts border on the weekend. Schweitzer said he was “disappointed that Grant Hunter made the decision to go there and participate in the illegal blockade.”

      His email: jei.ministeroffice@gov.ab.ca

      Mr. Schweitzer needs to get more than my letter reminding him, he works for us!

        1. MikeT
          It took me all damned day to compose mine! But I got it done.

          Thanks for joining in!

          My sister is making lunches for Truckers at the Emerson crossing, I feel like I need to do something, aside from worrying and praying.

    4. The truckers know if they fold before negotiations are settled, (not actively negotiating for months)
      then Trudeau will know exactly how long he needs to wait for the others in the future to fold as well.

      No folding allowed. Those who blink, lose.

      When Trudeau states on national Tv that “focus group of the moment” is suffering in Ottawa as a result of trucker’s actions, the response is, “cancel all mandates and internal passports now”.

      No other response will be worthy.

      Those who fold, will lose.

  2. I don t watch tv but someone I know who watches CBC news – everyday – has just told me that the truckers are ( apparently ) peeing on monuments and are doing a bunch of other bad things, she called the truckers, crazy -bad people.

    I wonder how much of that ( peeing on statues, etc) is true…

    Are the media making it up as they go along? ( so that Trudeau will keep sending them money )

    or if the liberals hired actors and trouble makers to go do that to give a bad name to the truckers? (Like the FBI does in the USA when they pretend to be Trump supporters and cause trouble so that right wingers will be blamed )

    I seriously doubt truckers behaved that badly as that protest – so far – had been quite civilized.

    1. We’ve heard some stories from the other side,too. The press conference the convoy organizers had addressed these issues. Well worth it to watch. The link was on here earlier under reader tips, I think

    2. Remember, the media has a vested interest in the political survival of Justin. When Justin goes down, if Justin goes down, their payouts from the Canadian taxpayer come to an end. So those rats are fighting for their political lives as well. Any slander that can be retweeted is good for them.

    3. It’s lazy thinking to project, that one person did something (agent provocateur) that they all did it too.

      But that’s the media groupthink and how they project illwill and LIES to the average stupid Canadian that eats the media BS by the yard.

      1. DannyBC

        now that is a hillhairyass post you get there. I point out a lefty Jew is a Jew, and you try to implicate there is a NAZI slant to my doing so. Grow up already, the was against western democracies is being fought by billionaire LEFTY Jews, with help of some others who have a vested $$$$$ interest

        1. Excuse me, but I don’t speak IDIOT, can you be more precise? I know, silly question to a fckwit like you.

      2. Well use it against them!
        Every Liberal is a black-faced wearing racist with multiple ethical violations.

    4. “I wonder how much of that ( peeing on statues, etc) is true…”

      I am betting on Potato’s Antifa skirmishers provocation.

      On the other hand it is amusing that Libranos and their own media have finally found statues that they don’t want toppled or defaced.

    5. Well the guy carrying the confederate flag was followed everywhere by a guy who looks exactly like Turdo’s personal photographer snapping pictures. The confederate flag guy was told to leave and he did, with Turdo’s personal photographer following right behind him. So what does that tell you?

    6. First I heard of the ” desecration” of the tomb, it consisted of someone dumping onto it.
      It now appears as though it could be the result of someone needing desperately to urinate and doing so into the snow that was piled part way up the base of the tomb. I saw a photo of it on Twitter yesterday. Maybe someone was being disrespectful, but, I doubt it.

      Quick thought on Mr. Kenney — it looks like he may be continuing to acquire that new, smaller base that he was talking last summer about needing.

      1. All bs I’m sure. But have seen real live action video of protestors cleaning up garbage after the protest on Saturday and stacking the bags neatly for pick up. Then accused by some media of leaving a mess, showing the bags piled up. They left things cleaner than they were, then get accused of leaving a mess. Lefty media liars.

    7. CBC = Ministry of Truth

      did your friend also claim that Russian Actors are behind the convoy?

    8. I watch the msm every day, have to know what the enemy is saying. Yes, they claim people have been urinating on things,but there is no indication who is doing it.On any given day you can see street people pissing on building,lamp posts and cars in every city in Canada and the USA.

      The Ottawa contingent had better have a clear plan as to what to do next as the Liberal media army is about to attack big time. In a few days most of eastern Canada will believe they’ve been invaded by western rednecks,a species that makes the Taliban look reasonable.

      1. What these liars won’t tell you is the abundance of poor unfortunate souls without a home in the downtown core.

        I was down there earlier, and there was one poor joe on nearly every street corner sitting or lying on the sidewalk along Rideau St. I don’t have to remind you how cold it is in Ottawa these days, although the temp creeped up a bit to the negative single digits.

        I’ve even had 2 people approach me asking for spare change (I don’t carry cash, especially when I’m downtown.)

        I don’t mean to point fingers, because I really do feel for these people, but if the protesters are going to be slandered, maybe it should be suggested that it could be possible that… I’ll let you finish that thought.

        On a brighter note, passed by many truckers… fist-bumped and thumbs way up all the way. Nice to get the comeback from the guys (and gals). Even thanked a few cops for the job they’ve been doing. It felt soooo good. I really do feel that the holy spirit is calling us to arms. Having been taking a neutral position most of my life, I think this is only the second time I actually participated in a protest/rally. The first time was the rally at Dorchester Square in Downtown Montreal back in ’95 during Referendum Part Deux. Yep… I was under that giant, iconic, Maple Leaf flag you saw in those famous aerial pics.

    1. So the Liberal response is, “The protesters have made their point, so please go home and let us not only continue our fascist crackdowns, but make them worse.”

      1. Yep, pretty much that. Don’t think it is going to fly. Listening to Candice Bergen or Pierre Poilievre today, it is clear that thy smell blood in the water

      2. If you are talking about Province to Province restrictions, I think it’s just a bluff. BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan already went over that hill and I can’t see it being revisited.

  3. The mayor of Ottawa is currently on all the TV networks taking questions on the insurrection at Parliament Hill. He has also setup a hate line for people regarding the truckers.

    1. Bum-blaster Watson is a large L-liberal and as corrupt as Juthtin and Dalton McGuilty.
      And a dirty cock-sucker as well.

  4. With PM’s and Ford’s comments today, we are f***ed. I can’t believe neither of their bunch of handlers can’t smell what’s in the air. Let’s put them all in work camps for two years when this is done.

    1. Just relax for a bit. It really doesn’t much matter what the PM says, or Ford for that matter. Ford tried to close Ontario’s borders with other provinces last April. The police, OPP and municipal said ‘fuck off, we’re not doing that.” The end of the monarchy in France came when the army refused to suppress the people who stormed an obsolete, mostly abandoned old prison called Bastille.

      1. Wishful thinking. You’re not going to see police or military siding with protesters. If I’m wrong, great, couldn’t make me happier. It does matter what they say.

        1. Effectively they did last April when they told Ford to fuck off about blocking inter-provincial crossings. They got away with it because Ford backed down immediately.

  5. Is someone planning:

    “Waco on wheels”?

    Sure looks like it.

    MORE PROVOCATION to set the “situation” for more repression; Politics 101.

  6. Easy peasy, all they need to do is self identify as transgender black lives matter supporters and the left will arrive enmasse to support them. We’ve been held hostage for two years, house arrest our rights negated and our governments at every level is worried Cosco might run out of cheap stuff for liberals to buy. Hear that it’s me giving liberals the finger with a rasberry to follow.

  7. Does anyone know if it is Canadian S.W.A.T. or American? If the Mounties are ordered to shoot, and they decide to do it, all bets are off. Then it is time for rocks thrown at any authority.

    1. Canadian. Apparently the RCMP’s going to send in negotiators to see where they go from here.

  8. When half of Ottawa burns, we can call it “mostly peaceful”
    Until then, its “entirely peaceful”

  9. It seems to me the obvious solution is they “give up” and stand down and then another crew shuts down Emerson. The truckers should play whackomole with the mounties.

    1. Hopefully his Party throws him under their bus first. Maybe they could throw his costumes under it, for him to rescue.

  10. Similar truckers strikes were the powder keg that overthrew a Marxist democratically elected government(same thing here) that was striving for absolute power. in 1973 in Chile.

    The difference is that Chile had a real constitution , an independent judiciary, a robust legislature, a free independent press and media, and most importantly, a military unwilling to let the country being taken over by foreign ideologies and going to hell.

    I can’t think of anything the truckers here have that will help their protest from being smeared/ignored/crush.

    1. Augusto Pinochet saved his country from a scuzzy marxist asswipe. He was a great man.

      1. He had to be. Leftists everywhere disparaged him relentlessly. Including by the elite in Kanada.

    2. They deliver food and essential goods and equipment.

      If gov cracks down on them, truckers just walk out, resulting in a completely paralyzed economy from sea to sea. It’s essentially an internal siege of the country.

      Truckers will largely stick together. They know that if they break with their fellows, the government will roll them in the future, but also that they would be reviled and targeted by those they betray.