The Magical 14 Days to Efficacy

Joel  Smalley uncovers some statistical slight of hand in the Alberta database.

Alberta just inadvertently confessed to fiddling the COVID vaccination stats.
More than half the newly vaccinated deaths were dumped in the unvaccinated.

el gato malo adds his two cents to this discovery.

in short, the issue goes like this:

there is a 2 week window of immune suppression post vaccination. it roughly doubled the base rate chance of healthy people getting covid back before even delta. (it’s likely far worse now given omicron and OAS issues) this has been demonstrated in trials.

In related news eugyppius has some new data out of the UK government files regarding the “efficacy” of the boosters.

In fact, the UKHSA have given us a great gift, in that they finally provide separate case and severe outcome statistics for the triple-vaccinated and the double vaccinated, allowing us to compare rates across all three groups.

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And in case anyone missed it the British Medical Journal is pissed. 

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  1. There is no Statute of Limitations on Crimes Against Humanity. And the Government can not Grant Itself Immunity from this, Hitler already tried that too.
    They must be pursued and prosecuted with no exceptions. Globally they have murdered over 5M people.
    Presidents, Vice Presidents, Prime Ministers, Premiers, Officials and all those complicit right down to the Doctors need to be eventually rounded up.
    Some of them hung and others imprisoned for years.

    1. Don’t hold yer breath dude, they will all get a Nobel prize. The only uncertainty is whether it’s for medicine, chemistry, or fiction.

  2. I am not doubting the reduced immunity for 2 weeks post vaccination. I wonder if people are being told to be extra vigilant after their vaccination or whether they just walk around with a shield of invisibility.

    1. Is anyone actually surprised at the fudging of data by the gov’t swine.
      The bullshit will continue until the people stop it.

  3. I think it’s not just reduced immunity. Don’t forget that in Manitoba any adverse reaction to the vaccine days 1-14 is automatically reclassified as COVID in the unvaccinated. So I think a lot of that “reduced immunity” is people dying directly due to taking the shot.

    1. Correct. Vaxx free are also much less likely to contract the virus in the first place than the vaxxed.

    2. I agree and it’s not just Manitoba playing that game, which puts the whole “early efficacy” bit into question. Could be no benefit in the short term and sucks in the short, intermediate and long term. There’s a good video on New Zealand data to that end (full moon market ticker comments). Are people really catching covid in the 14 days or is covid being blamed for vax-i-fects? Could also be both. In the sub stack comments there is a post on some older NIH papers on the observed Complementary Activation Related Pseudo Allergies (CARPA) triggered by nano lipids. It read like gasoline to the cardio poison of the spike protein. Just sayin. And these papers are from 2014 ish.

  4. Much of what this guy was saying back in August of 2021. I remember sharing this on my Facebook at the time and having the post removed for spreading disinformation. I believe it is almost criminal how little information Sask Health is providing people with upon their vaccination. In the UK, they advise parents vaccinating their young children to limit their physical activity for two weeks following vaccination to reduce the chances of myocarditis. In Saskatchewan – nada. I remember my friends getting almost upset at me when I expressed this concern to them when they got their 12 year old his second shot the same day he was off for a weekend long physically intensive hockey tourney. But alas, one of these parents also works for the Health Region, and in her words doctors have told her myocarditis is less severe than a sore throat in most people, and that it is just a scary word used by anti-vaxxers to try and convince people not to get their shot.

  5. Interesting, it is almost as if the people with prior covid infections have decided that their natural immunity is enough and they don’t need the vaccine. They’re not getting sick, only us dummies who figured we had immunity but didn’t.

    It’s not over till everybody gets it. vaxxed or not.

    1. Correct, it has to run it’s course like every virus that has ever existed, man made or not. Of course no one is vaxxed they just took experiment gene therapy that ain’t working.

  6. In the Pfizer summary report to the FDA they described a 36 year old male with no medical comorbidities who developed what appeared to be full blown COVID. The man was hospitalized on Day 2 after the second shot. Pfizer attributed this case to one of three causes, an adverse reaction to the vaccine, a false negative PCR test in someone infected with the virus, or another unrelated infectious process. Further, symptoms of suspected cases of COVID occurring in the vaccine group in days 1-7 happened twice as often as in the placebo group yet there appeared to be no PCR testing to confirm COVID. (see page 41) This report precisely matched my concerns about the possibility of the mRNA for the spike protein traveling outside the muscle area in larger than expected quantities causing the very disease it was supposed to prevent. This is why I refused to get vaccinated. If the spike protein from the vaccine traveled over the body and ended up in nasal mucosa then they would test positive even though the spike was from the vaccine. Add to that the ridiculously high false positive rates of PCR anyway and you have the perfect cover up to hide when the vaccine immediately kills people. That’s why they manufactured the day 1-14 nonsense. It was to disguise deaths and hospitalizations directly due to the vaccine and convert them instead into deaths and hospitalizations due to COVID.

    If the authorities did not know it, they should have. I am not that brilliant and discerning yet I saw it. It was right there in the Pfizer data. In the best possible scenario this is extreme incompetence and outright negligence. In the worst case scenario this is deliberate premeditated murder.

    1. Last April the Salk Institute published a study of the toxicity of the spike protein followed by the Japanese regulatory authority releasing the pharmacokinetic studies performed by Pfizer and Moderna showing the jab travelling to sites beyond the injection including the brain, ovaries and bone marrow. This was confirmed by a small study of health workers postvax by Harvard…and yet they continued. Health authorities worldwide are culpable.

  7. Wasn’t the clot shots, or MRNA shots, designed to suppress the auto immune system to prevent full blown aids from developing in HIV positive people? It makes sense that they’d kill a healthy immune system and render the vaccinated open to any and all kinds of dangerous infections?

  8. I am looking at today’s Saskhealth Covid dashboard. If I am reading the numbers correctly, the new Covid cases in the triple vaxed group now exceeds the “unvaccinated” group new cases. That’s not counting any double vaxed folks who are far ahead in new infections.

  9. Hey this is no surprise to many SDA readers, we have discussed this statistical deception on many occasions. It was predicted to be going on behind the scenes. And the news won’t reach most of the sheeple anyway. Instead they will be told it is “just about a certainty” (I think I heard this today) that an unvaccinated person will end up on life support in the I.C.U., now there’s an example of lies, damned lies, and statistics for you.

    1. I read, forget where, that the Feds in the US give hospitals 30,000 per covid patient if they are on a ventilator. When the dust settles I suspect they put alot of people on death causing ventilators for profit not for the benefit of the patients.

  10. In domestic legal terminology this is called first degree murder.
    In international legal terminology this is called a crime against humanity.

  11. As a bit of an aside, I have been bombarded with requests lately from Canada Blood services for me to come in and give blood. I was quite surprised I was still allowed to donate blood being as I am one of those misogynist, racist unvaccinated individuals that according to the MSM everyone seems to hate or want jailed. Anyways, while looking at the Canadian Blood Service website, I was kind of surprised that they are not keeping the blood from vaccinated donors separate from the existing blood supply. Maybe it’s because I’m old and still remember the big tainted blood scandal of many moons ago, but with something as fundamentally new as these mRNA vaccines I would have thought they would mark or differentiate to avoid tainting the supply should something be found in the days ahead. The data presented in this thread certainly gives one reason to pause for thought.

    1. Blood supply was my dilemma when I was informed 3 months ago that I would
      need complex surgery for an aortic aneurysm within the next year.
      Though I have been a strong hold-out against any shots I realized that
      this surgery would require more than a few pints of blood transfusions.
      I found that blood donations are not separated by shot-status, and reluctantly decided that I had to prepare myself against having to fight rogue spike proteins
      while also recovering from the surgery. So I have taken the first Pfizer shot and the second is now due. I figure that my body should accommodate to the shots by the time the surgery is due (probably another 3 months). I have no intention of any more shots after that, no matter how much the goal posts have been moved.

      I wonder if there are any others on SDA who are facing this problem.

      Oh, and thanks in advance to the blood donors of whatever “purity”.
      And to Kate for this forum, where I can now get this off my chest.

      –Bad News

      1. I hope and pray all goes well – covid shots and surgery. It’s promising that you made it through the first jab without complications. I think Peter McCullough has recommended ivermectin and vitamin D&C and zinc as prevention for covid as well as treatment for the vax itself.

      2. I have also received the reccomended vaccinations due to my age and so called commorbidity status. As of now I have received 3 covid inoculations, that is all I am going to subject myself with. I m done with this Government con game. If they can t fix this supposed pandemic with three shots then two more or five more won t make any difference, we have been scammed by big pharma. Its time to tell these government and big Pharma weasels that we don t believe their BS anymore and put a stop to this raid on the taxpayers finances. Its not the governments finances because the only money any government has is what they take from us the citizens!

  12. The co-mingling of the different groups (uninjected with the within 14 days of injection) has always stood out as garbaging the data. The governments have had the data but mixed into together by choice. No one with any scientific knowledge would mix the groups together.
    Not accidental.
    Do not ascribe to incompetence what can be explained by malice.

  13. Yes, it is malice. It will be interesting to see the final cost benefit analysis when this thing is over. If they bother to do one at all. But if the government does not do it, outside interested bodies will, and the end results will not look good.

    In reality, they should have completed a cost benefit analysis three months after the virus first hit our shores. How can they make policy decisions without a proper cost benefit analysis? If they did one, they should make it public. We paid for it after all.

  14. How come on the dashboard we can have 8 deaths and no change to hospitalization counts or ICU counts. Methinks they are all from nursing homes or seniors care

    1. Far too late for those they kill and injure. God needs to step up and take action against them now.

  15. The war on covid (seasonal flu) involved war time propaganda.. You know, bayoneting babies in the crib?..
    I dont know if this can be fixed..