“Organic” Is The Latin Word For “Grown In Pig Shit”

How Sri Lanka’s overnight flip to total organic farming has led to an economic disaster;

At the root of this economic catastrophe is a bizarre overnight flip by Rajapaksa’s government on 29 April to ban the import of chemical fertilisers and any other agrochemicals to make the Indian Ocean nation the first in the world to practice organic-only agriculture.

The result: prices of daily food items like sugar, rice and onions have soared over twice, with sugar even touching record Rs 200/kg; kerosene oil and cooking gas prices are surging; tea crops are predicted to fail in October; and there are fears over a hit to production of other crucial export crops like cinnamon, pepper, rubber, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, betel leaves, cocoa, and vanilla.

These developments come amid a 30 basis points rise in the month-on-month inflation in the country, jumping to 6 per cent in August from 5.7 per cent in July. Its foreign reserves plunged 62% to $2.8 billion in July against $7.5 billion in November 2019. Moreover, the Sri Lankan rupee has fallen 7 per cent against the US dollar this year.

According to the Sri Lankan government, two primary reasons have driven the inflation — crashing tourism due to the pandemic, and hoarding of food items. The dip in tourism also hit the forex reserves.

The crisis has now reached such a proportion that a former army general has been appointed as ‘commissioner general of essential services’ to raid and seize food stocks. The officer has been tasked to ensure sale of products at government-named prices or on custom import costs. Sri Lanka is a net food importer.

Eco-fantasy, meet reality.

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  1. “Grown in pig shit…” heh. When you read the article you find out that the government has already quantified the amount of sewage (read, Human Shit) they can “process” each year to replace the now-forbidden chemical fertilizers, and it doesn’t even come close to what’s required. And bear in mind, human waste is downright dangerous, quite apart from the nastiness factor. Appears we might want to check the sourcing on food imports like Sri Lankan rice pretty carefully from now on. And drink less tea.

    1. “How many pigs would it take to fertilize Saskatchewan total cropland?”

      A question no one ever asked Eiizabeth May, that’s for sure.

      1. The REAL question is … “Should MAN still be allowed to EXPLOIT Mother Turtle for (ewwwww) PROFIT!”. Shouldn’t all fields be returned to their natural, fallow, state? After all … that’s what the First Nations did on the land. Nothing.

    2. Well, in the new economy there won’t even be pigs. UK already uses human waste as fertilizer, just waiting for the next outbreak of disease. Maybe that’s why the turd wants so much immigration to canada, increase the crap production to fertilize the fields.

      We won’t need nearly as much though, 1/3 farmland as a minimum will be taken out of production – period. Another third so highly restricted that it might as well be out of production. That last 1/3 is where the shit will fly.

      1. “UK already uses human waste as fertilizer”

        So does Ontario. This peoplekind shit is referred to as NASM: non-agricultural source material. Post application and after periods of rain it has a delightful odour – a mix of rotting meat and turpentine.

        There is no legal requirement for a property vendor to declare that he has applied this shit to his land. However, if it has been used the soil will have an unnatural black color and will have flecks of colour: tiny bits of string, plastic, paint, whatever.

        The province had maintained a registry (accessible by the public) of lands on which this shit had been applied; I don’t know if it is still in existence. There was pressure to relax application and registry regulations.

        1. We can all EASILY buy dried human sewage as fertilizer for our lawns and gardens and enjoy that rich stench whenever it rains. My dear ol’ Dad used it on our lawn way back in the day (he died in 1984) and I can still never forget that smell.

          Dried human poop is produced & sold in large bags by the city of Milwaukee, WI, and it’s called MILORGANITE …widely available at Canadian Tire, Home Depot, etc.

          Google MILORGANITE and read all about its joys!

          1. Dried human poop is produced & sold in large bags by the city of Milwaukee, WI, and it’s called MILORGANITE …widely available at Canadian Tire, Home Depot, etc.

            Considering the liberal outrage at people chucking gravel at Dear Leader, wouldn’t it be fun to…..

    3. You should look into what is done with the solid waste that comes out of treatment plants in Canada.

  2. “a former army general has been appointed as ‘commissioner general of essential services’ to raid and seize food stocks. The officer has been tasked to ensure sale of products at government-named prices”
    …… and that tactic always works where and when it is used.

    1. BTW Maikeru … I just made a quick trip to my locally-owned boutique market yesterday afternoon to replenish our vegetables for the week. I bought fresh; broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, spinach, Romaine and butter lettuce, radishes, sweet peppers, tomatoes, avocado, Red onions, and lemons. NONE of it was “organic” (yes, my market has a pricier “organic” section that I eschew).

      So … I am going to die after contracting cancer from eating these “pesticide-laden” vegetables … Right? Whoever actually BELIEVES that nonsense is an utter FOOL.

  3. The officer has been tasked to ensure sale of [non-existent] products at government-named prices
    We see this stupid authoritarian impulse in the West in spades. We shall shut down all viable energy sources and grow energy by government diktat. Ideologically driven government bureaucrats who are not in touch with reality because they live such a sheltered life. Communism in a different color, green.

    1. It’s why any time I’ve encountered one of the disciples I always inform them that if they are of good faith they go first.
      Then I list all the things they have to manage without that now exist thanks to industrial production.
      They get upset when they realize it includes things like wood frame housing and anything transported by air, rail, or truck.
      Then we talk about rare earth minerals.
      Haven’t made one cry yet.
      Still working on that.

  4. “Eco fantasy, meet reality”. And what a harsh reality it will be. Trying to feed millions/billions without modern farming methods and chemicals will get the new world order folks the population decreases they are seeking.

  5. The upper levels of government, police or the armed forces won’t be impoverished or starve.
    As we’ve stated here before, energy, health care and food are the holy trinity of survival, but also control.
    If the government controls all three, your life expectancy goes down as your survival becomes more difficult.
    Especially in a cold place like Canada…

    Doctor: “What seems to be the problem?”
    Patient: “I’m freezing and starving.”
    Doctor: “Would you like me to authorize suicide?”

  6. It’s not just greenery at work. The full official name of the country is “Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka”. It’s the sort of socialist democracy where the president appoints his brother as prime minister. The current lot are obviously idiots, believing in Western greenfoolery instead of just using it as a political tool.

    I predict a China backed military coup.

    1. That comes after the economic devastation has downgraded our population as this rich in resources that we can’t use on penalties of fine or jail by our own governments.

  7. A few years ago I noticed someone wondering around a neighbour’s field while I was out for a walk. I asked what she was doing, and she replied that she was checking out the field of organic potatoes. The potatoes were destined for dining establishments and stores in diverse Toronto, that served organic foods. Just before harvest time the field was sprayed with top kill chemicals to prepare the field for harvesting.

    1. Bugs and grasses recipes coming soon from our mainstream media?
      The new normal.
      Sounds yummy already.

  8. To be clear, there seems to be a lot of misinformation on Organic Farming.

    The benefit of Organic Farming isnt yield.

    Done properly the intent is to increase mineral and nutrient content.

    NPK Chemical Fertilizers are the answer for Farmers trying to make a living in this Global Economy but dont kid yourself the food produced is of inferior quality. Look at the current Canadian Food Guide against previous iterations. The amount of food you need to consume keeps going up, while the activity level required to be ‘healthy’ keeps going down. You need more food to do less because you arent being properly fueled.

    Yes Sri Lanka is stupid doing this, because they are a food importer.

    Canada should close down all exports of grain before we sell all our water to China VIA moisture percentage, and convert to a more sustainable agriculture model.

  9. Indonesians place their outhouses over fish ponds then they eat the fish that eat their poop.
    Everyone in Indonesia has deadly stomach parasites.

  10. Who knew???

    “Eminent researchers have also noted that organic farming increases farmland due to its low yields. This results in deforestation, leading to large scale extinction of species and a rise in greenhouse emissions.”

  11. Live near tourist area. No shortage of educated city folk vacationing/owning 2nd homes.
    Neighbor sells them a lot of high priced firewood. Clever marketing guy…..his sign says…Organic Firewood for Sale.

    Organic valley loves there Amish & organic production. Of course everything is done with a moldboard plow and horses.
    So at least all the erosion is chemical free.

    Irrigation guys are not being left out either. Bull doze that 40 and put a center pivot on it. Certified organic from day 1.

    Here in the US, F-Joe has made OSHA the general in charge.

  12. Whenever a government’s inept policies create shortages, it’s standard practice for it to blame hoarders.

  13. I Truly believe that this BIG LIE of “GREEN – Climate Change” is 100% Communist Inspired.

    They knew damned well what the results of ANY of this BULLSHIT would be given their stated goal is the Destruction of Western Hemisphere Capitalism (in favour of their Crony Capitalism).

    But not enough FEAR was created…so…? enter Campaign 2.0 – The COVID Scam.

  14. Of course, the Sri Lankan government is now instituting price controls to fight the inflation, despite the fact that price controls DON’T FREAKING WORK AND WILL MAKE THINGS EVEN WORSE!!!! Politicians NEVER learn!! There’s nothing in the world that moves as fast as a politician jumping on a dumb idea. And the two most dangerous things in the world are a hooker with a chipped tooth and a politician with an idea.

  15. The real issue, ignored as always, is uncontrolled fertility and a lack of planning for anything extending beyond tomorrow afternoon.

    (Oh, we need more UN food aid, my ten children are hungry).

  16. Gang Green is gonna get ya.
    After the kleptocracy has destroyed all means of wealth production,they then call anyone who saw them coming,”Hoarders” and rob them using force of government thuggies.

    Watcher is not wrong,if you prepare, you must prepare properly.
    Some people are ,in fact,so stupid and evil that only death will reform them.

    Wealth the parasitic overload cannot see,they cannot steal.
    And the armed “Restorers of equity” will be aided by all the “Gimmee Dats” who never ever considered what happens when you kill off those who produce new wealth,soon enough, if you have heat and lights at night,you are a Hoarder and an Enemy of the People.
    Just as yer average Never Done Paying Voter considers anyone with savings to be rich and holding up social equity..Otherwise known as The delivery of more free stuff,for them.

  17. In the Science Centre in Toronto there is an experiment with mice. It is a glass box, about four feet square with ample food, water and everything that mice need to survive with no limits on consumption. The people in charge introduce pairs of mice and they thrive producing families and makie a thriving community. It always dies out as the males become gay and the females get to old to produce offspring. It could happen to our species.