They Went From “Flatten The Curve” To “Solitary Confinement” So Fast We Didn’t Even Notice

Western Standard;

The new [Trudeau] rules weren’t even announced yet Thursday night, but it appears officials at YYC were ready.
“(My wife Nikki) arrived in Calgary tonight and when she got there she was greeted by a Police Officer and an AHS official,” wrote Pastor Chris Mathis on his Facebook page.
“They rejected her results and told her she needed to go immediately to an isolation facility. She was told if she resisted she would be arrested. She called me, and I immediately asked to talk with the officer. I talked with both a police officer and the AHS official, they reiterated what she had said to me. I asked for the address of where she would be, they said they could not give me the location address as it was confidential.
“I asked for their names, again they would not give me any information or their names. I pushed, I questioned, I tried to fight but they said they would arrest her if she resisted. They would not give me any information on where they were taking my wife.

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The original FB post is here.

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  1. At some point someone will lose their shit and start taking action on these corrupt psychopaths including the Covid Gestapo

  2. At this rate somebody’s going to get shot… and they are going to deserve it too. There better be more to this story than what is being told.

    1. There may be….given that entire planeloads of people were coming in, why were they waiting with a police van for this one woman? They were obviously expecting her, and planned to take her away, regardless of how carefully she had followed the rules.
      BTW, if they will not even accept 2 negative Covid tests, and hauled her away anyway:
      a) Why are we bothering to test at all?
      b) Obviously AHS and the cops don’t trust the tests. Why are the media reporting the daily test results?
      Has she ever committed the unpardonable sin of blaspheme against the ruling junta? On Covid mandates, American elections, or any other sacred cows?

      1. first timer:

        I was wondering exactly this, viz., if there something more to the story. She is a pastor’s wife. That can’t be good nowadays. Has she committed blasphemy against one of the growing number of new woke orthodoxies.

  3. OK, how many fools think that we will not eventually have blood shed over a fucking flu virus? Good God what the hell has this country morphed into? Communist bastards is not a strong enough description. Where the hell are all the free Alberta patriots? That is not permissible in this damn country and if it is then I will be dead before next month is out. The police have become your worst enemy make no mistake about that.

    1. What to do?

      The media cartel won’t touch it, you write letter to the editor they won’t publish it, they will delete the comments.
      Nobody knows except few of those that are interested in the affairs of men.

      1. Yes. I agree. The media censors any comments that go against the narrative. Make the claim that the vaccine is experimental ( undeniable ) or that masks are dehumanizing, or that lock downs slow herd immunity, or that the virus is not that deadly (all true) and your letter will not see the light of day, and on media comment sites, your claims will be deleted, even though there is considerable evidence that they are correct. One of the interesting claims in the Lee Merrit interview ( see first item in Reader tips), is that typically a virus weakens as it makes its way through the population. Why have we treated this virus so differently? Unfortunately, at this point, they are all just covering their a$$as — government, medical advisors, media misleaders. They have and continue to make serious mistakes, but cannot admit to those, so doubling down, hoping the virus just goes away. It would, if you let it run its course. The experimental ” vaccines” will just make things worse. It’s a nightmare.

        1. ” …covering their a$$as — government, medical advisors, media misleaders …

          This is exactly what’s happening.
          They just can’t let it go, they got so deep in the latrine of this that it is impossible.
          There was a guy in Ontario and a lady in Alberta, I think that said something different and got sacked.

          Yeah, I remember as a young punk in the communist paradise an actual journalist saying the same thing. The interesting thing is that you could have said things like that, though not broadcast it as it were. It was a common public secret.
          The trouble today is that the masses are scared and are good with it.

        2. “They have and continue to make serious mistakes”.

          LindaL, LINDA-L
          Make no mistake: they aren’t making mistakes.
          If you and I know everything in your post, so do they.
          They will also, most assuredly, have received many letters from truly qualified people outside gubmint.

          This is a global communist revolution energized by threats, bribes and blackmail of gubmint leaders and bureaucrats.

          It is about population control (reduction). This is climate change redux only much MUCH more successful.

          1. Me no Dhimmi either.

            1: If this were a True Pandemic – We would have seen 100’s of temp Hospitals set up across the country. DID NOT HAPPEN

            2: For 40 Years Big HARMA has been trying to develop a “corona virus” vaccine. They have NEVER been successful – EVER. (And during those attempts 4 times Animal testing was done- and 4 times ALL ANIMALS DIED)

            3. Chloroquine was touted as far back as Aug 2005 in Dr Fauci’s own Journal as having V. good efficacy against Corona Sars Virus. Funny that he trashed it a mere 10 months ago and then recently had to EAT SHIT cause HIS Celebrated Studies touted by LANCET & the NE Journal of Med had to retract them due to 100% FRAUDULENT data.

            4. YET, the Masses, totally blinded by what they have been indoctrinated with all in a mad dash to partake in Big HARMA’s BS Treatments.

            5. Now we hear MSM reports of ‘variants – mutations” to which I and LINDA L will say…nah i don’t think so. As per Dr. Lee Merritt….and it makes perfect sense to think, that as a virus goes through a populations immune systems, they will in fact degrade, loose virulence and become less infectious. As such…any True NEW Variant must be a NEW Virus and must have been LET LOOSE ON PURPOSE. ( strangely enough, just like predicted in that LOCKSTEP article…??)

            6. As per Dr. Professor Laura CAHILL, there is EVERY possibility that these treatments have Significant LATENCY in what it is that can kill you….Lovely, and I have little doubt that is true.

            Tell me we are not all being HERDED to partake in these FAUX vaccines.??
            MADNESS….but then, didn’t someone say: “THEY WANT US ALL DEAD..”

            I for one will fight to my END to prevent that shit from entering my or my wifes Bloodstream.

          2. Dhimmi, I’m glad I’m not the only one that see’s this as a far bigger picture than what we actually are able too. Yes, it’s about population reduction/reset/Davos/Soros/China/Biden/Harris/Turdo/Laurentian/hollyweird/commie green revolution upgrade! I’ve got so many tin foil hats now, I need to match em to my daily attire.

      2. You march on the damn government You stand up enmass and take the bastards down.

    2. You forget the incident in Minden, Ontario some months back ?
      Local old timer went to store to get some grub and was told to mask up.
      He lost his shit and Holy Hell from the OPP Coppers descended upon him.
      He retreated to his redoubt and unfortunately brought out his guns to defend himself and was shot dead.
      The war has started.
      So blood has been spilt over a fuking mask.

  4. To those that know dicktators (sic) this is very familiar.
    The henchmen won’t give their names.

    Very typical of creeping totalitarian sentiments. Not surprisingly, the plebeians are ok with that and fully support it.

    Little bit … by little bit … by little bit ……

    1. They’ll be masked, fully masked to obscure their identity that is, balaclava, before too long. Can’t let the domestic terrorists know who the brave frontline workers are.

  5. The whole BS is for the enrichment of a bunch of criminal rent seeking hotel operators. When did three days cost you $2,000?

  6. This puts a new slant on “back the blue”. Like the killer elite (formally rcmp) who went from serve and protect to select law enforcement it is time to get rid of all cesspool inhabitents. Instead of back the blue its time to kick in the ass blue. Make them decide publicly which side they are on. I mean personally not as a group.

    1. They have individuals claiming it happened to them. I’ll bet Kenney has been misinformed by his fascist bureaucrats.

    2. Kenney tweeted that this person wasn’t taken by Alberta Health Services as AHS doesn’t have anything to do with “international quarantine”

      Chris Mathis (husband of the woman now quarantined) says it was AHS, and a local Calgary police officer. … I used to think it was RCMP only in the airport as it was of federal jurisdiction.

      Keean Bexte knows…

      The accompanying photo certainly looks like any hotel near YYC airport.

      1. Kenny may well be telling the truth. All airports that receive international flights have PHAC offices (Health Canada) as airports are federal jurisdictions, AHS may not have been notified and typically isn’t when CBSA refers someone to PHAC when arriving in Canada (ie: coming from an area with an outbreak). CBSA wouldn’t have likely been involved either, but the fact that the Calgary Gestapo was is rather disturbing.

    3. Yea…funny that he has NEVER Responded to questions about COVID internment KAMPFs..??

      The ones RUN by MEDIKA North Inc..?.
      The ones in Ft McMurray and Ft Chipewyan..??
      The ones that had placed an ad looking for Kampf Managers on Indeed.??

      Isnt true MY ASS.

  7. To be upfront, Prime Minister Shit for Brains has stated he admires China’s dictatorship. It’s not like he was discrete in his admiration.

  8. They must have a big facility to house all those returning truck drivers. Oh ya.Truckers(especially certain ethnics) don’t get covid.

  9. If you get arrested, does that remove the $2000+ hotel stay, where you get to pay for 3 nights in a motel 6 at a government inflated rate?

    1. If you make them arrest you, I don’t see how they can charge you room and board. If they put you in a hotel, leave. You may get brutal fines. If you want to be a martyr, a great opportunity.

  10. I would like to point out 2 things.
    The biggest oxymoron in the universe is “honest politician”.
    The biggest terrorist org in Canada is the government of canada.

  11. Remember when Trudeau was asked in parliament about internment camps? Oh, not happened we were assured. Now it is happening. It seems obvious to me that this is preparation for acclimatizing us to unlawful confinement. Once we accept this for returning Canadians it then becomes a way to start confining troublesome types who won’t abide by the COVID stasi rules. Then it becomes any one who questions the COVID stasi and pretty soon people start getting disappeared for criticizing Trudeau or voting Conservative or supporting White Supremacy.

      1. Churchill June 4th 1945. Prescient as always. “No Socialist Government conducting the entire life and industry of the country could afford to allow free, sharp, or violently-worded expressions of public discontent. They would have to fall back on some form of Gestapo, no doubt very humanely directed in the first instance. And this would nip opinion in the bud; it would stop criticism as it reared its head, and it would gather all the power to the supreme party and the party leaders, rising like stately pinnacles above their vast bureaucracies of Civil servants, no longer servants and no longer civil. Not so humanely directed it seems.

      1. Yea…funny that he has NEVER Responded to questions about COVID internment KAMPFs..??

        The ones RUN by MEDIKA North Inc..?.
        The ones in Ft McMurray and Ft Chipewyan..??
        The ones that had placed an ad looking for Kampf Managers on Indeed.??

        Isnt true MY ASS.

      2. Funny that…I have what I believe is a Legit copy of said RFQ on my laptop.
        I guess Randy Hillier was on Glue when he asked about that too….

    1. JB, Well, at least I won’t be “disappeared” for voting conservative….Not any more! Not even the white supremacy thing either….the criticizing of sock monkey however….sigh!

  12. It took some time but I finally convinced my wife,or rather the police did it for me that law enforcement is not your friend. This has repercussions as both my sons don’t trust them either, they have friends that feel the same way and they have friends and so on, a ripple effect that will continue to erode any confidence that the police may have previously enjoyed. I’m almost rooting for Antifa now.

    1. United We stand, Divided We Fall.
      My enemy, who is an enemy of my enemy, is now my friend.

  13. So, what’s the over/under on this poor woman already being dead and her harvested organs already being in Beijing?

  14. Forced detention with no crime. It’s beyond my comprehension how this is legal.

    What’s disheartening though is that a majority of canadians do support this totalitarian behavior. So much so that Castro Jr is very likely headed to a majority government in the upcoming election.

    Time to start working on a plan to leave Canada I think

    1. Well sitting at a nice pool in A free country .. Imagine Lagos Nigeria. Some masks but optional and a nice cold beer.. Think most Nigerians have gone to Canada.
      Sent the Calgary airport incident to a nephew back in Canadastan and he said can’t worry about things he can’t control and enjoys living is a great country .. 29 and a smart guy and hard worker with good career ..
      Lost for words .. will wait it out here
      Wench bring me some grog!

    2. Trudeau, Tan and WHO, as well as the MSM, spent months brainwashing the stupid public, inviting them to be “Karens”. This is why so many support “no fly” measures. I am livid! What is the difference between lockdown in Canada and lockdown at my golf resort home? nothing. I am being a bit careful due to age, by personal choice. Curfews down east are insane. The UK is insane too, as is California.


      2 ea AK with a truck load of 7.62mm
      2 ea Colt 1911 .45 with holsters and Boxes of ammo.

      That would suffice.
      ..and possibly this: Henry Lever Action X Model .45-70

    2. I lost mine in a boating accident.
      The gold and silver went down with the ship too.
      Forgot which lake it was on.
      Got that Oldtimers disease ya know.

  15. I’m with you, TrumpWon! But where to go? A year or so ago, when all this totalitarian and fiscal madness in Canada began, I wanted to go to the States.
    But now they are worse off than we are, although at least they have a segment of their population who KNOW they are in a fight, and WANT to fight back, although they are not sure how at the moment.
    But we are not allowed to live there w/o a green card.
    Where would you go, SDA readers?
    I really wanna know.

    1. The states, but being careful about which state. My brother lives in Florida so I have an easier path in, although not for employment purposes necessarily. And they are absolutely not rolling over like Canadians.

    2. First timer, I posted over a year ago that there is nowhere else to go. I was also thinking of the US, maybe Utah or Texas, but you’re right, they are worse off than we are right now….but I expect that to change, as I still see civil war brewing there. So, out to the boonies or at least a small town in nowhere Canada. Pay off debts, get the “G’s”, Gold, Grub, Ground, and Guns, stay off of social media, keep your head down and it’ll take em 20 years to even take a look at you outside of the cities. Oh, and make sure you have somewhere separate to bury the spare G’s, and the bodies 🙂

  16. So Shiny Pony decides to lockdown now when cases have been falling for weeks. If the trend continues (which it will as herd immunity is kicking in and spring is around the corner) they will announce “see lockdowns work!”.

    1. He’d claim credit for the sun rising each morning if that would help enhance his image.

  17. I don’t do twitter. I was sent a screen shot of Kenny’s tweet.
    I wonder if he would step up and defend Albertans?????

  18. There may be more to this story than what is at the moment being reported on. Was she the only one selected, where was the plane load of passengers coming from, in said planeload wouldn’t it be prudent to isolate everyone on board? Ah, there is the rub. One passenger among a hundred, great way to instill fear in the masses. I’ll just throw out for the reader’s enlightenment that when the Nazis started rounding up the Jews they didn’t start with cattle cars. They started with single arrests, to sow fear and in sowing fear they made sure that the general population succumbed. Something to think about.

  19. It seems to me that the majority of the population is scared witless. Or is it that is what the lib (read cesspool) owned media want you to think? Maybe its time to bead down the media, possibly with frozen politicians. All politicians. Maybe if they were all frozen the stink would’t be so bad. Go WEXIT.

  20. Marc in Calgary….you are correct Transportation is Federal. Unless the City of YYC owns the airport….but….still Aviation is Federal.
    Of course Kenney would place the blame for this on AHS. He is squeaky clean dontcha know? Useless carpetbagger!

    And Prince Shit For Brains says NOW that Toronto Airport has to test everyone coming in. NOW.?? That should have happened back in March, he had his beach vacation so now lock down the whole damn

    As for where to move to? costa Rica or some place beachie and warm. Good bye shithole Canuckistan,

    1. Yeah AB, Costa Rica or Belize would be nice, but they don’t let you own guns down there. At least here, we got some guns before “they” decided we could no longer be trusted with them.

  21. While the manner of detainment and secrecy over her location is horrifying, this is basically how New Zealand beat the virus.

    1. I was thinking th same. New Zealand did put people in hotels for 14 days but they did not make it a secret location where you could not even use a telephone to let everyone know you were safe. And they did not have another secret internment camp you got transferred into if you came up positive either.

  22. L – There is no truth to the rumour! I repeat there is no truth to the rumour!
    What rumour, you ask?
    That the fed. gov’t is breeding prides of Mountain Lions in sports Colosseums for sporting
    purposes; that of games between Christians and the Mountain Lions to be broadcast to
    raise the morale of the imprisoned… err self-isolating citizenry.

    On a more serious note, without having their own provincial police force Alberta, Sask, Man.
    and B.C. governments have no way of securing the Constitutional Rights of their residents
    nor of themselves. Mind you so far, that does not seem to be a concern of any Western
    Premier. Their provincial regulations on the Wuhan virus clearly violate the Charter and
    are causing higher mortality and morbidity than the virus.

    The Alberta and Saskatchewan Premiers position is expressed clearly via their silence !
    Shortly, the Trudeau regime will outlaw all unapproved internet news as hate speech.
    So yes, the Trudeau Libranos do have a plan. It may be written in Mandarin, though.

  23. Below is a link to a document that may be of interest in this case. IMO legal counsel should be engaged to challenge the actions of the Police and Alberta Health Services in court. It is entirely possible that the pastor’s wife, Nikki, had her Charter Rights and Freedoms denied by the overzealous actions taken by the police officer and the AHS officer.

    COVID-19 Perspective of Active Duty Peace Officers in Alberta

    Alberta Bill of Rights

    Province of Alberta Public Health Act

  24. Isn’t it cute the way they put the word “Patient” on the document to cover their assez? It just sounds nicer than “Prisoner”

    She shouId have toId them she is escaping from the racist United States……and then at Ieast she wouId have had Trudeau and at Ieast one of his cabinet ministers meet them at the airport with CBC camera crew in tow.

  25. My wife was talking to her sister who told her about the mandated visit to a isolation facility for 3 days. In my sometimes arrogant way I said to my wife: “That won’t be true.” Whoa. True.

    I re-read that Western Standard link. In it, ALL arriving out of country passengers must go to a isolation facility. Get this important detail: people who test negative may go home for ANOTHER 11 DAYS.

    So, incredibly, ALL are kept at a gubmint facility for 3 days.

    1. And did you catch the part about if they test positive they transferred to yet another undisclosed location? Combine that with taking away forcing doctor to get permission to stop treatment and you gotta wonder if Canada will soon be harvesting organs like China.

  26. So, has anyone come across any confirmation that the Spawn was in the Bahamas over the New Year’s break? Perhaps he should be thrown into one of his concentration camps retroactively. It’s tough getting information or holding tyrants to account when you have to rely on a couple of crowd-funded online media outlets when all other media is state owned, funded or aligned.

    1. We really need to find out about those flights. There must be someone in “P” division of the RCMP or at the relevant airports who would risk being a “deep throat”.

  27. Let’s not forget our critical reading skills people.
    According to the article which states she was taken away in a white van surrounded by police vehicles, one has to wonder how this tidbit of information passes the smell test as could there have been a fly of sorts on the proverbial wall live streaming this apparent debacle?
    I’m assuming his personal connection with her was over by the time she was purportedly transported.

    At this point I recommend Don Surber’s 24 hour ‘let’s wait and see what develops’ rule.

    1. More like “72-hour-rule,” but yeah, you’re right.

      It does not, for example, make any sense that she was the only one “greeted” in such a style, assuming the commercial flight had any other passengers on it at all.  Where are the messages/DMs/Tweets from the others who were “outrageously” greeted in this fashion?  If it was only her, why was she singled out in this manner?  And what to make of the Premier’s and AHS’ messages to the public that AHS wasn’t involved because it has no enforcement capability or mandate?  My wife and I were kicking around other weirdnesses with this story whilst walking the dog, and right now there’s far more questions than answers.

      That being said, it would be ever so nice if at least one of the legacy media outlets would do some sniffing around on this one and, y’know, be investigative journalists for a change.

  28. The world is literally going to Hell except for real Christians. All of what we are seeing was predicted and reading prophecy is like watching the news. Pretty amazing watching the convergence of the two.
    It will get worse and it’s happening this year faster than I expected. We can thank Johnson, Trudeau, and Biden for that.
    Look for big events this year as the lefties get bolder. They are bullies and political extremists and, like any bully or extortionist will only get bolder until someone, figuratively speaking, punches them in the nose.
    Unfortunately, as my wise uncle told me, until the kids are hungry the revolution will not begin. By then they will have our guns. Then it will be too late. The first thing the Nationalist Socialist Workers Party of Germany did was disarm the Jews.
    BTW, Hitler stated the he was a socialist.

  29. Update:

    “An incorrect COVID-19 test in Dallas led to an Edmonton woman being detained the Calgary airport and being sent to a federal isolation facility.

    Pastor Chris Mathis wrote an emotional Facebook post Thursday night detailing what his wife, Nikki, had gone through when her flight from Dallas had arrived.

    Federal law states anyone returning to Canada must have had a negative COVID-19 test before they board their aircraft. Nikki said she went for a test in Dallas but the doctor administered the wrong one.”

  30. This is absolutely insanity and I think this entire lockdown is a bunch of BS but I have to ask one question… why didn’t she get the required PCR test rather than the rapid test beforehand?
    It was made clear to a family member of mine before his flight that ONLY a PCR test would be acceptable any other type would require quarantine at a government facility. Was there something different for this case that I am missing as their flights were around the same timeframe. Her test paperwork that has been shown across social media shows she got a Rapid test before her flight yet it was made very clear that a rapid test would not be accepted for release once entering Canada.
    On that note can we please go back to being normal human beings that get colds sometimes and don’t require a #%$@ing swat team every time someone sneezes?