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  1. The left has a huge problem with President Trump that he may accidentally let more silent weapon secrets out in the future when not so much security is guarding him and they need him silenced. Like some of his speeches before when he accidentally told the world that we were in the Middle East for the oil and not the Humanitarian Reasons the media was pushing. He had that “Deer in the Headlights” look of being threatened and retacted his speech. His last video speech on smooth transition, he has that same look and posture. There have been 2 Congressmen and 1 Senator who past away in the last 5 days along with many people who have quit in the last couple of days as well. The Democrats are well known to be professional house cleaners of people who they have a problem with. I just had that awful creeping feeling that President Trump will no longer be with us very soon…

    1. He’s already been ‘taken out’ …

      – via a fraudulent election
      – disappeared from all social media
      – under the threat of the 25th Amendment
      – under the threat of a second impeachment
      – under the threat of endless lawsuits

      The Deep State is sending an unambiguous message to any other ‘Populist’, ‘Nationalist’, Candidate … we will DESTROY you!

      1. So speaking metaphorically

        He came into the temple and accosted the money changers and called out the hypocrisy of the “priesthood”. During which time the scribes and the Pharisee’s riled up the mob to choose a known criminal over him and now they want him crucified as an example to others that may in the future dare to upset the way things are done.

        1. Perfectly summarized.

          Only the value of dove sacrifices have inflated a bit since then. The sacrificial animal marketplace has exploded

    2. “awful creeping feeling that President Trump will no longer be with us very soon”

      Apparently he is now a prisoner of Pence.

  2. But Republicans and, in particular, Trump supporters were the threats to the country, right?

    1. Sadly … the officer had not yet been fully trained in using “messages of de-escalation” … had he only used ‘words’ instead of ‘brute force’ … he would be alive today. Right? I’m sure there are college classrooms full of eager “psychological de-escalation strategies” undergraduates who simply cannot WAIT to face down … “the mob”. The “right wing mob”. “The smelly people of WalMart mob”.

      1. That’s what happens when police is sent to do a social worker’s job…. (sarcasm = off)

    2. There is very conclusive evidence that there were BLM/Antifa in disguise amongst the Patriots. There is a very good chance it was Antifa who beat the cop to death. The left and the corrupt MSM will claim it was the Patriots.

      There is the man with the hammer and sickle tattoo clearly on the back of his hand. There are three photographs of the idiot with horns. In each, his paedophile symbol tattoo is clearly visible on n his upper left chest. No Patriot would have either tattoo.

      I am disappointed with True North, Rebel and other “so-called” conservatives for dismissing this evidence. It seems that conservatives will turn themselves into pretzels to appease the Left in trying to take the high road.

      1. Some of the discussion I’ve seen of toro-head (Jake Angelii) say “The Tattoo on Angeli’s chest is a Valknut, a nordic symbol also known as Odin’s knot or the heart of Hrungnir. Valknut means literally “killed warrior” (valk) and “knot” (nut).” They go on to note that skinhead groups like to use this symbol.

        Either way, not a peaceful trump supporter.

        If you have the stomach for it, here’s Medium’s attempt at “oh, no, that wasn’t Antifa, it was horrible Trump people the whole time.” I note that Medium only use the pictures from the capital, not any of the side-by-side imagery posted on Twitter of the capital and past Antifa protests.

          1. “I fact checked them”

            Like Hell he did. He said “Antifa symbol”. It was the hammer and sickle. In other pictures released of the same pose, the guy has his hand turned so you can no longer see it.

          2. “Fact checking” is getting a really bad name. Not surprising. Fact checkers are the new used car salesmen.

      2. The left needed this so badly. Up to this time in the 4 years of his presidency, not one riot at any massive MAGA gathering while the Left were Burning, Looting and Murdering across the US. My suspicion…Antifa, at the direction of the Democrats, insinuated themselves among the 60ish year old crowd, sparked and led the incursion into the Capitol Building.
        The media and the Left are our enemies.

        1. There is a lot of evidence that this was staged by the left. There is also a claim that it did not go off as planned. Should have been much more damage. The left certainly had the most to gain, and this was trivial compared to the recent attacks in cities.

  3. Thank you ,thank you , thank you Kate for posting this!! I have a couple of things to add. It is now abundantly clear we need to fire the politicians that have abdicated their responsibility . This likely means Democrats and Liberals are in power longer, but we must rid ourselves of those who are living on our dime and failing to represent us. As long long as they are in their positions of privilege and power they will subjugate any change. Shut off the media that refuses to recognize the Presidential election was stolen and refuses to accept any evidence proving that. This includes well known Saskatchewan talk show hosts ,premiers , and former premiers. Trump is not the problem. The problem is there is 70, 000,000 voters , a good portion of whom understand nothing like government by or for the people is taking place. I really think in Canada the only hope is to start taking over our so called conservative parties and then our Provincial governments. Right now the odds don’t look good.

    1. Fire the politicians that have abdicated their responsibility?!?!?! Have you been on Mars? There is now a Political Elite who will use every “weapon of the state” to maintain control and not give it back to the population! That means they will use PSYOPS, False Prosecutions, murders etc to keep that control, now tell me again WHO do you fire?

      1. jb – you don’t vote for them in the next election. You get a 1000 people to join their party ,go to the nomination meeting and nominate someone different. Your imput at the party level has 100 times more effect than your vote. By the time you vote most of the choice has been taken from you. i didn’t say it was easy or perfect.

  4. Kate, I love, love, love the “Postcards from the Memory Hole” subsection and predict that going forward it will be one of your most important and widely viewed.
    My only worry is that the memory hole itself is close to overflowing.

    1. cha Rel$

      The memory hole OVERFLOWING would be a good thing, not something to worry about.

  5. When a black carrying a weapon and is shot and killed while charging at police the officer must be fired and charged with murder. When an unarmed white woman is shot and killed at point blank range, no repercussion for the officer and no charges will be laid. Instead the msm labels her as a terrorist. It is sad to see what the U.S. has become under the tutelage of Barrack Obama. It will be their undoing

    1. “It is sad to see what the U.S. has become under the tutelage of Barrack Obama. It will be their undoing”

      That was ALWAYS the plan.

  6. Isn’t it past time for normal people to start ‘going Galt’? Top ten suggestions, anybody, woul be appreciated on how to actively disengage from this trend toward ‘progressivism’ aka socialism.

    1. Truly Going Galt is a difficult thing. I read one of Rand’s essays where she talks about how it is hard to be selfish. (Ayn Rand selfish). It involves being able to tell people you know and love the word “No”.
      – No, I will not give in to you, my darling child, just because you are throwing a tantrum
      – No Dear wife, you are wrong on this issue, and I will not go to bat for you this time.
      – No Dear husband, I will not pick up another bottle of hooch for you, you need to get sober.
      – No Dear Sister, I will not watch your children while you hits the clubs again this weekend.
      It is far easier to just “take one for the team, just this once”. Until the demands, over time, become an unbearable burden, where they were once minor efforts.

      I read that lefties have a harder time saying no than conservatives. I know lefties whose lives have been destroyed because they could not say no. But yeah, I think thats where going Galt ultimately begins.

      1. One story: I have a friend who is highly intelligent, a millionaire at 30 through nothing but hard work. Could never say “no” to his SJW wife. They divorced 5 years ago, and he hasn’t seen his four kids since. They spit at him when they see him. The oldest is now in gender studies, and he is paying for it. It’s not that he is a nice guy (which he is), but he just cant say no. Years after all the crap he went through (and actual abuse), and as smart as he is … he still cant say no.

        1. take out the millionaire part, and I have a best friend in the same situation….and the same thing….he is too nice and cant say “NO”

  7. We all know there’s a double standard and it’s been that way for quite some time. The bigger question is what are you/we going to do about it? Unless people like Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson and other media talking heads are afraid to walk in public, it won’t ever stop. “Put a bullet in Donald Trump…” WTF?? Seriously, who the hell talks like that?
    A lot of buzz going around in the U.S. this morning about “purging” Trump supporters once and for all to ensure an outsider never sees the inside of the White House again.
    And now that they have all the power they’re going balls to the wall with their rhetoric and talk like they’re auditioning for the movie “1984”.

    These people are fng crazy.

    1. They will never stop until the mob turns on them.
      The mob turns on them when they can’t deliver the free stuff even after they get their hands on the reins of power. ….. ya know ….. the other people’s money.
      It’s coming in Canada very soon.

    2. I especially loved Johnny Depp. “I’m a spiritually dead mentally ill wife-beater who burns through two million dollars a month and owns 14 homes, and I’m fuggin’ high as a kite on multiple substances right now, and I’m telling you Donald Trump is a horrible human being.”

      Die in a hole, scum. Everyone in that video: go…die…upside down…in a hole full of shit.

    3. There are a multitude of different types of drones today that can do the job quite nicely today.
      Sad to say.
      The media propaganda has worked quite nicely in many people in different countries hate President Trump.

      1. The media and Democrats would love to put the blame on a country like Iran or Syria who have voiced their displeasure on President Trump’s policies.
        And this would change the views away from the crooks in politics.
        President Trump while alive still has a dangerous voice.

    4. burton “These people are fng crazy.”
      They’re not crazy,,, that was their whole plan from the start, you just waking up???????

      1. I’ve known about their intentions for some time now. Pointing out the left’s mental illness should never be construed as some sort of epiphany on my part.

    5. I feel like they went too far this time. People see what’s going on here and have had enough of the bs. Hopefully a strong leader will emerge to win the day. Someone needs to rally all of Trump’s base to turf these people and I don’t think Trump is the right guy to do it anymore. The house and Senate have to be won in the midterms.

  8. Fox News reports that ABC news is calling for the “cleansing” of the Trump movement. Another healing moment.

    1. Fox has gone down the toilet completely. Watched Griff Jenkins insult a Patriot he was interviewing. He come very close to getting thumped out.

  9. There are things going on in the US that I can no longer fathom. I hate conspiracy theories, but the NPR tweet from 9:36 am ET on the 6th that Trump supporters have stormed the capitol and are clashing with police has me seriously creeped out.

    1. Maybe they aren’t theories. After all, the cover up of Hunter Biden by the media and Silicon Valley should tell you all you need to know. By the way, where can I get a screen grab of the NPR tweet? I’m not on that ludicrous mess called “Twitter”

  10. It is to cry! “This likely means Democrats and Liberals are in power longer, but we must rid ourselves of those who are living on our dime and failing to represent us.”
    What don’t you get, the democratic principal of which you seem to now idolize has just been assassinated in front of your eyes. The Democrat/Liberals, have now taken over through an orchestrated effort over the last twenty years and there will never be a return to the belief of a government of the people, for the people, or by the people. The Nazi ideology has triumphed, and like Hitler’s Mein Kampf they told us how they were going to do it. “Fundamentally Change America” remember that phrase. As for the 70,000,000 voters, if the truth is ever uncovered there was more like 85,000,000 to 90,000,000 Americans believed that America was ‘the shining city on the hill’. Shut off the media, that works so well here in Canada, doesn’t it. We’ve been bombarded with Liberal propaganda, paraded around as news, bought and paid for by taxpayer dollars, since the 60’s, so yeah, shutting off the media is going to work. Most of Kate’s readership shut off the media years ago. Now watch how fast the internet is shut down. Remember the internet neutrality that Obama wanted to institute, well we’re well on the way down that road. The internet will only be available to big tech now. I could go on and on but it is too late now since the fat lady has now taken her bow and is exiting the stage.

    1. A 1000 thumbs up !
      I can’t believe some of the posters here this morning, just now wringing their hands.
      Some of us have been warning of the historical significance of this election for over a year.
      Democrats also knew the importance of them winning too,,, and they weren’t going to let anything stop them,,, IT WAS TOO IMPORTANT !
      If anyone thought media was controlled before,,, you ain’t seen nothing yet.
      Anyone reading this blog today,,, YOU’RE LIVING IN MONUMENTAL HISTORICAL TIMES !
      The United States will never be the same as you knew it.
      They haven’t even opened the southern border yet. Can they get 100 million migrants into the U.S. in the next 4 years,,, I don’t know, but I’ll but they will try.

    2. Antenor – I do not disagree with you. However we must realize who is in power and who is likely to remain in power. But I am certain continuing to install opposition who only falls in line isn’t going to get us out of this mess. So far the efforts to start new parties have been effectively and successfully and unfairly portrayed as racist wingnuts. And as you have witnessed in the last 24 hours and for that matter rallies and protests such as united we roll only get you branded as racist wingnuts. I am pretty sure we don’t get out of this peaceably if we ever do.

  11. All countries are going through the same thing. Federal governments are trying to grow their authority over states/provinces. To become more centralized. It is easy to control things if countries are tightly centralized. But it will end badly because the model is that of the former Soviet Union. Oil and water do not mix. Stand by for disruption the likes of which we have never seen.

  12. Let us see now ….

    There are approximately 50% of voters in the US that voted for Trump. You may have noticed that the mass media cartel will never mention that.

    As it stands now, the have no say in anything in so far as the ruling class decides. They are completely shut out as far as governing the country goes.

  13. On a side note does anyone wonder if Ashley Babbitt will get the recognition that George Floyd received. I doubt it, she will be recorded in the history books as a terrorist. There will be no statues erected to her. Then again statues are now meaningless, as are the statutes that were enacted by the men and women that were supposedly immortalized by these images. Even now the impeachment efforts are underway to remove all traces of Trump. Everyone that was ever closely associated with him are jumping ship, trying to save their asses. Meanwhile the affidavit that could have prevented all of this will remain under lock and key, never to see the light of day. The American Patriots are being hunted as I write this. Massive search for anyone seen in the Capitol building is underway, Americans that had the audacity to appear barefaced as they objected to what they construed as an illegal election. Meanwhile how many Antifa or BLM supporters are being prosecuted for the riots and murders that have happened over the past summer?

    1. “Then, with a movement which was as nearly as possible unconscious, he crumpled up the original message and any notes that he himself had made, and dropped them into the memory hole to be devoured by the flames. ”

      – George Orwell, 1984

    2. Antenor,,, It will not surprise me in the least, if the “trespassing” Patriots face the harshest arm of the law.

      Anyone one in the Capital Building could very well be facing imprisonment for life.

      Biden and his DOJ will make sure to set an example of these folks,,, to them, they’re just disposable riprap.

      1. The Right needed to do this years ago and ruthlessly. This came is for keeps and the Evil players (D & R) know it. We don’t bc we’re too nice and profoundly stupid. The weakness of mercy.

  14. By the way, this Walmart theme lacks authenticity, a lot of Trump supporters don’t patronize Walmart because it retails mostly Chinese made goods. There may be a caricature available but it’s not accurately cast at the moment.

    Maybe Biden shops there, he himself is cheap Chinese goods.

    1. Yes, one would think that the Walmart crowd are mostly welfare, and such.
      Those that misrepresent the actual fact are of course making everyone else that actually works for living looking as though idiots.

  15. While I’m here – Are you on Twitter? Get rid of it.
    Facebook? Same
    Receiving television signals via dish or cable. Cut the damn cord.

    These people hate your guts, so why are you putting money in their jeans?

  16. I have absolutely no idea why Republicans turn on their leaders. I suspect that the Democrats tell them they would be cut off from the graft that makes every long term Senator and Congressman worth $100 million while working for a pittance. Not one Republican governor did anything despite knowing that the election was fake. They also lost the Senate through fraudulent vote and they simply don’t care that they gave 100% power to Communist China through their proxy, China Joe.

    1. scar, I disagree. You have a very VERY good idea why Repubs turn on their leaders!!

      A politician sees his role as an alleged representative of his constituents as only the first small step. He lives by the “political means” not by the “economic means” (Albert Jay Nock: Our Enemy the State) which means he needs sinecures after his sorry ass is booted out. And these sinecures are legion and ever-expanding.

  17. My daughter finally deleted her Facebook account. She made a post in response to “if they had been Black they would have been shot” with “A white woman was shot. Let’s calm down and not jump to conclusions here.” She was immediately attacked and denounced as a White Supremacist who supports terrorism by several people. They threatened to get her fired. She even had an email from her former professor of 12 years ago chastising her for supporting insurrection and terrorism. If you are still on Facebook, you are endangering yourself and your livelihood. DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT WHILE YOU CAN.

      1. So am I. She has a senior consultant position in an American company and it could get sticky for her if the follow up on their threat to go after he employer. FFS all she did was call for calm.

  18. I’m not seeing any support for The Great Reset/#BuildBackBetter here today. Very disappointing. I’m reporting you all to the Stasi.

  19. All that Democrat (non media) scum in the clip could be neutralized with one stroke of the pen. ‘Single Term Limits’. The biggest threat to liberty is the state that self-serves. The one career that deserves to be destroyed if you want a self governing citizenry is that of the professional politician (and the bureaucracies they have created). If you are there once and once only, there is little chance special interests that can get their claws and cash into you in time for them to benefit. Re-election is a conflict of interest. You can’t buy votes when you aren’t in power. It should be like nothing but extended jury duty.

  20. There is a silver lining.

    What happens if Biden doesn’t have as short a time in the Oval Office as predicted?
    What if he is still around after four years and decides he wants another four years?
    Would those expecting to get their turn wait patiently for the next time or would they, just as they did with Trump, have an insurance policy? Would Biden put up a fuss if he thought he was being put to pasture?

    1. Easy. Just load up the Dominion machines again with millions of fake ballots.

      Rinse and repeat, it’s the DeMarxist way. Cheat and steal at any cost.

      The US is now officially a banana republic wth the official fixed “elections”

    2. Biden has a case of Arkancide coming on. He’s a place keeper. He can die any time now, and likely will, and Kamaltoe will be president. The US will have a president that earned not a single primary delegate. She is hated a lot more than Trump was. She loved jailing black people by hiding exculpatory evidence.

    3. I very much doubt that the Democrats have any intention of allowing Biden to serve four years. He will either step down for health reasons or be forced to resign because of the Hunter Biden scandal. The DNC, media and powers that be won’t protect him, they got what they wanted.

  21. In the “attack” on the Capital, have we, in fact, just witnessed the USA’s version of the Reichstag fire? It’s not like the garbage media has any intention of investigating and telling the truth about what happened.

    1. Strange – It was an Antifa led attack and Trump gets blamed. The lies never end. Every American has a job – never allowing Mike Pence one minute of peace for the rest of his sorry treasonous life. He was the mole they could never find.

  22. Now how ‘bout this.
    Want to know why all of Congress, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Bitch McConnell in particular are shitting their pants? Seems that when the Capitol was breached, a dozen or so laptops including Nancypants’ were left behind and seized by the good guys. Loaded with incriminating stuff.


    And why they needed to allow the Georgia runoffs to proceed knowing that the fix was in.


    This is really getting good!

  23. I’m starting to get the hang of the new normal narrative news. My first foray is into Trudeau’s comments about Trump.

    Remember, always insert your opinion, spin or prejudice before mentioning the story itself.

    Here goes: Without presenting a shred of evidence, Justin Trudeau condemned Donald Trump for “inciting violence.”

    1. Trudeau is a complete a$$. Just a disgusting human being. Now he picks up the phony media narrative. Hopefully saner people recognize when they are being gaslighted.

      1. Hopefully saner people recognize when they are being gaslighted.

        Hahahahahahahahaha! This is Canada!

  24. W the biden steal ALL NATIONS are now banana republics. I hope trump carpet bombs ottawa amo g other cities on his way to term 2. World war is on. Only US military can snuff the evil.

  25. Just to add some gas to the fire that San Fran Nan has started with her concern about Trump having the codes to the nuclear option maybe just maybe the reason he’s not going to attend the ‘inauguration’ is that he has a Soleimani solution/operation scheduled for January 20. He could take them all out at one blow, Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Lindsay, and who knows how many others. How sweet would that be. Blowing up that amount of bullshit could fertilize the Tree of Liberty for the next three or four generations. Then he could lower the Stars and Stripes in recognition of the fine service they all performed for the country. Wishful thinking I know but better daydreaming than crying in my beer over the death of a nation.

  26. I would like to know who said what in the video. Can you help me out?

    Nancy Pelosi – “I just don’t know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country, and maybe there will be”

    “People need to start taking to the streets. This is a dictator”

    “You know there needs to be unrest in the streets as long as there is unrest in our lives.”

    Nancy Pelosi – “Enemies of the state”

    “Show me where it says that protest is supposed to be polite and peaceful” (when talking about riots in Atlanta)

    “When they go low, we kick”

    “How do you resist the temptation to run and up wring her neck”

    Don Lemon – “The biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized right.”

    “I thought he should have punched him in the face”

    “I’d like to punch him in the face.”

    Joe Biden – “I said if we were in high school I’d take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him”

    “Punch some people in the face.”

    “When was the last time an actor assassinated a president”

    “There still going to have to go and put a bullet in Donald Trump.”

    fantasy of shooting Donald Trump

    Fantasy of stabbing Donald Trump

    “Where is John Wilkes Booth when you need him?”

    Kathy Griffith holding Trumps severed head

    Mirrouri state senator under investigation by Secret Service for saying that she hopes president Trump is assassinated.

    “I will go and take him out tonight.”

    Maxine Waters – “If you see a member of that cabinet out in the store or at a restaurant, you get up and you push back on them,

    Nancy Pelosi – “And sadly the domestic enemies to our voting system, and honoring our constitution are right at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    1. Johnny Depp asks, “When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?”

      That would be when John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln, first Republican President, in the back of the head in a theater.
      The more things change, the more they remain the same.