61 Replies to “Violence and Intimidation for Me (& Mine) But Not for Thee”

  1. Easy comeback for the selective whiners:

    I’d no more condone the violence on Capitol Hill than I would (choose from many examples of recent murderous mayhem).

    Let’s contrast with this time 2017. Democrats, including the outgoing POTUS were holding high level meetings forwarding the absurd idea of Trump Russia collusion affecting the election as grounds to remove him from office. Now? Democrats holding high level meetings forwarding the absurd idea Donald Trump can be removed from office prior to the end of his term. Unprecedented all right.

    plus les choses changent, plus elles restent les mêmes. No need to translate it’s the same old same old of statist corruption.

    Remember, wars and rioting, and especially cowed populations are great for statist corruption. Just ask Biden and Soros.

    Luckily for Democrats, Republicans will once again do their job for them and destroy the GOP as it presently exists with a 25th amendment gambit.

    Time to shake off all but conservatives in GOP. Progressives are socialists btw. Then the party can fuse with vast swatch of actual liberals of natural rights and limited government, which all agree on, once and for all. Donald Trump will do just that and a new Tea Party with roommates will develop and turn the centre right around, from facing inward and leftward.

  2. If she did not present a lethal threat she should not have been shot. If she was going to destroy artefacts surely she could have been subdued without deadly force. Having said all that, apparently a very disturbed lady and tragic waste of a life.

    1. You mean, like the people destroying artifacts all across the USA in the last year were “subdued”? Whatever. Take your Ph.D in Armchair Psychology elsewhere.

    2. Shamrock wrote “apparently a very disturbed lady….”
      Are you writing about Ashli Babbitt ?
      If so, What have you seen that suggests she was “very disturbed”?
      Please post link(s)

    3. I am in favor of destroying all communists no matter what party they support.

    4. *
      “If she did not present a lethal threat she should not have been shot.”

      “Babbitt was reportedly climbing through a broken window near the Speaker’s Lobby
      at the Capitol building when a gunshot was fired and she fell to the ground.”

      i’m sure officer unme would have stopped to greedily lap up her blood.


      1. 14 year A/F vet.
        Graphic video of her execution was censored by Twitter on Wednesday evening to keep people from seeing the horrific crime which took place.

        The video showed no evidence to indicate she posed any sort of threat.

        1. She didn’t. Lone “police” shot her from maybe 10-12 feet away as she climbed through the window. https://gab.com/system/media_attachments/files/061/367/316/original/44b1abc3f3593a57.webm

          Strange, there was no return fire, or any evidence “she” was armed. Cold blooded murder. But hey, Biden “won”. Makes you wonder what was the AM/PM briefing, when COP dude came on shift.

          Then there’s this: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/01/06/just-fing-shoot-them-all-verified-twitter-accounts-call-retribution/#

          Funny, there wasn’t that level of “shoot them all” in cities that BLM/ANTIFA rampaged through for a few months, previously. What changed?

          1. She wasn’t black so by definition can’t be a victim of racist police brutality. Perhaps is was misogynistic cops?
            More likely negligent, to the point of criminality? Watch what doesn’t happen on that front.
            Are Republicans now allowed to riot and loot in the cities for unjustified killing of their tribe’s unarmed?
            White Lives Matter, they should yell from bullhorns, demanding defunding of Capitol guards.
            They should demand artists and athletes take a knee to their cause. They should occupy the streets until then.
            Unfortunately they can’t. Unlike the leftist “most peaceful protesters,” they have jobs so can’t make it.

          2. Oh my, the vid has been taken down. Wonder why? Hope y’all got a peak before it was goned.
            Gone in 76 minutes from my POV.

          3. I saw the video. How DARE it be taken down. And the REAL reason it was taken down … ? Because it clearly depicted that she posed no threat to anyone or anything (not that we should care about “things”, right?). The video is a shocking indictment of the shooter. And BTW … didn’t the same censorship take place with the videos depicting Kyle Rittenhouse acting in clear and obvious self defense?

            We hear lot about “deep fakes” where someone will now create a video which shows Trump telling his followers to go KILL some Congresspeople using CGI … but the REAL “deep fakes” are simple censorship. Simply eliminate all evidence and truth … and just replace them with an approved narrative.

            We are living in shocking times. When we have the ability to see instantaneous videos of actual events … and at the same time allow extreme partisan hateful leftist corporations to censor and “disappear” the videos and the videographers.

        2. Simple cold blooded execution. At one point maybe conservatives will realize that cops are not their friends.

  3. The difference between the two events is that the BLM / ANTIFA actions were Democrat coordinated and funded by Act Blue while yesterday’s event was more grass roots, relatively uncoordinated, and completely unsanctioned by the institutional left. Had they not entered the capital building, they would have been censored by the media and it would “not have happened”.

    1. There were clearly provocateurs at work yesterday and the vast majority of patriots opposed vandalizing and entering the Capitol. Unfortunately, several did enter.

      You can hear the crowd booing and demanding this person stop breaking the window at the Capitol in this video pic.twitter.com/Ue1DEx0qIA— Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec) January 7, 2021

  4. The left’s riots are media sanctioned, corporate sponsored and establishment approved. Left wing mobs serve the purpose of the current establishment while right wing mobs do not.

  5. The MSM in in overdrive trying to deny that those rioting in the Capitol were BLM/Antifa. The photographs were very clear that they had hammer and sickle tattoos. As well, idiot with horns had the paedophile symbol tattooed on his chest.

      1. Security opened the barricades and let some “protesters” in. “And once they were inside the building, they were herded toward particular areas. For example, you can watch one “guard” actually lead protesters up several flights of stairs ”



  6. Make sure to click on the language warning.
    And listen good- he has some rough language but he telling it straight.

    They better straighten this fraud out.
    Or no sense voting again.
    Cause damn straight, trump won.

    This isn’t over- the fraud will be exposed!
    To many know what happened!
    About 80 million.

  7. The 24-hour news cycle is so well established as the “most respected” way to obtain information about the world that almost all of its consumers are unaware of a time when it actually DID supply information – as opposed to constant hysterical editorializing.

    Jake Tapper last night: “THIS IS SEDITION! THIS IS AN ACT OF SEDITION!” Over and over of course, for those who missed it the first time. Who was it, Himmler or Goebbels, who described what Tapper and his ilk do every day for large sums of money? I can never remember which. Wikipedia:

    “In 1992, Tapper served as a Campaign Press Secretary for Democratic congressional candidate Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky (PA-13) and later served as her congressional press secretary. Tapper also worked briefly for Handgun Control, Inc. (now the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence) in 1997.”

    Is ANYONE so Goddamned catastrophically STUPID that they believe a single thing that comes out of these people’s pieholes? Give me a break.

      1. There may be plenty of valid reasons not to support CPC, and certainly a lot more reasons not to like them, but Chong doing anything or saying anything should not be the reason.

  8. Michael:

    “…Is ANYONE so Goddamned catastrophically STUPID that they believe a single thing that comes out of these people’s pieholes? Give me a break..”

    My reply to that:

    Goddamned straight there are – look no further than to our own country, where voters have instilled a 2 bit trust fund punk ASSHOLE with the intellect of a LICKED dry Dog bowl… And given none of my family is on here: I include the Entire lot of them as well…wife excepted.

    They spend 95% of their time shitting all over TRUMP Cause “he said something – one time”. While never ever FUCKING once LOOKING at what HE HAS DONE…

    In the US as in Canada: The Pay for PLay Deep State carries on.

    Better schedule your Cantonese or Mandarin Lessons….

  9. “Is ANYONE so Goddamned catastrophically STUPID that they believe a single thing that comes out of these people’s pieholes? Give me a break.”

    Every single one of my relatives, all of my friends, both close and casual. There are 2 ladies in my town who, if we spot each other in the grocery store, we huddle and unload our frustrations on each other.

    The unquestioning sheep are pretty much the entire population.

    1. I’m in the same boat Kelly. Nobody in my family are conservative let alone a Trump supporters. Good thing we live 800 miles away. Couple of friend are on side with me but the rest believe everything the Lisa LaFlamme’s say. At least the Americans can still rely on their talk radio. Those days are dwindling if not over here in Canada.

      1. Nobody in my family are conservative let alone a Trump supporters.

        The last two immediate relatives I still have in this country are the same way.

        One, a self-proclaimed genius with a Ph. D. from a boiler room university, always loathed Trump, though he claims to be a conservative.

        My elderly aunt believes whatever the MSM says. Worse, she’s trying to convert me to the Cult of Covid as she keeps sending me videos by all sorts of Bonehead Bonnie wannabes, expecting me to cower in worship of those morons.

        I’m now beginning to regret resuming communications with them after my father died several years ago.

      2. Boots and Karen…you can be sure those Trump haters only get news from CNN and CBC. I am surrounded as well.

  10. The New Normal of Abnormality, and Amorality:

    Trump supporting riots, none of them looters apparently, have ended, but the media will talk about them for months.
    Trump hating riots, most of them looters, went on and on but the media never talked about them for months.

    1. So much damage at the Capital the puppets were back in the theater at 7:30 PM yesterday.

  11. A few points:

    1. BLM and antifa are never going to rebel against the people who pay for their bricks.

    2. If a black supremacist or anarchist gang were daft enough to try storming the Capitol, Pelosi and Schumer would have happily looked on as the big men with guns used them for target practice.

    Our masters are evil. They’re not actually stupid. They tend to be considerably more sensible when it’s their own necks at stake and not the neck of some frightened kid fresh from basic training or police academy, or of a small business owner.

    So it’s no surprise the left-wing mobs never seem to bring the fight to the alleged class enemy, at least not while the class enemy can count on the big men with guns to shoot back.

  12. Ordinary people don’t do revolution or agitation very well, they lack the Alinsky training.

    That being said, at some point enough people will be pissed off to the extent that nothing will hold them back. We are not far from that point now (in the U.S., Canada passed the point of no return when Harper sold out 2005-2008).

    Not to say we can’t return from the dead, but that would be the requirement now for our country to escape the grip of the globalist tyranny that has descended upon it.

  13. Over the next few years we will all begin to realize that the United States is no longer a democracy. As of this year it’s elections are already much like Putin’s Russia. 2020 will rank as the darkest year in the history of western civilizations although as in Orwells 1984 the history of this year will be rewritten by the establishment to present it as a great and glorious beginning of a new and brighter future.

  14. Just deleted my facebook account. I wasn’t an addict so it was easier for me than it would be for some.
    Now to stop using Google!

  15. The founding fathers of the US thought of this and made provisions in the constitution.
    They expected the citizens of the US to revolt if the government became a corrupted tyrant, including stolen elections.
    The founding fathers would be proud of the capital building storming by the average citizens.

  16. Anyone that has a passing knowledge of history knows where this is heading. The difference this time is that it appears to be a global effort rather than a national one.

    DC is going to become a state, maybe Puerto Rico. I’m not sure if they will even need to pack the Supreme Court as even Trump appointees seem to have taken the hint. Republicans are severely divided, with most officials in the party toeing the establishment line. Any dreams of retaking the house or senate in 2022 are just that. Once the commies own the Presidency and congress things will move fast globally.

    Things are about to get bad.

    Enjoy the decline. 😉

    1. Republicans enjoy the big fat gravy train just as much as the Democrats, they won’t rock the boat.
      The average person is always the one that pays for it, not just in the vast amounts of money that they vacuum up for themselves and their special interests, some pay with their lives.

    1. And the MSM propaganda machine is in overdrive providing cover for the staged “storming” and fingering Trump and MAGA supporters.

      1. Very obvious. Everything Trump was blamed for, they ARE doing. Nothing in politics happens in a vacuum.

  17. Even the pigs at the trough republicans, same as the conservatives in Canada, realize that it is people like President Trump that would eventually shut off the never ending gravy train of money and privileges, that is why both sides hate him so much. The MSM loves their large crumbs that fall from the table too.

  18. Good to have pics of ‘mobs’ of ‘insurrectionists’ ‘storming’ the Capitol, ‘armed’ and ‘threatening’. How else could we believe the tales of rioting (no mention of burning anything or maybe looting). Wait, a lot are armed with cellphones. Mind you these seditionists are waving dangerous Stars and Stripes flags


  19. Anyone else notice that John Gormley, Rawlco’s 650/980 conservative(?) talk show host has gone off the deep end lately and to full-blown stupid? Approaching Murray Wood’s derangement!

  20. Shrug. The dummies hit the wrong place. Should have trashed the HQs of CNN and NYT to give the bastards a taste of what they’ve been cheering for during the past year.

    1. This, yeah. And the WaPo. Burn them right to the frigging ground. Then go after FB and Twitter. Sow the wind…