The Sound Of Settled Science

A peer-reviewed study measuring the effectiveness of a controversial drug cocktail that includes hydroxychloroquine concluded that the treatment lowered hospitalizations and mortality rates of coronavirus patients.
The study, set to be published in the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents in December, determined that “Low-dose hydroxychloroquine combined with zinc and azithromycin was an effective therapeutic approach against COVID-19.”


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  1. It is criminal that all these bastard politicians , Trudeau , Ford etc. in Canada and internationally have essential criminalized the use of HCL , when there was ample evidence that early treatment in the home with HCL and zinc was effective as a treatment and prevented hospital overloads.

    So what did these bastards do .. lock down of course .. and more local downs

    1. No, Brian. It’s not just criminal, it’s unspeakably evil, wicked, Satanic. The people who blocked the use of hydroxychloroquine for what can only be described as political reasons all have blood on their hands that will not wash off. In a better world, there’d be lampposts in their future.

      1. “it’s unspeakably evil”

        Gotta agree, of course the Wuhan virus thing from the beginning, looking back, seems as though the western political idiots just did not want to upset their chinese paymasters with statements that there was nothing to it and just never mind.

        You are right on, the other thing is, nobody gets sacked, nobody gets busted, nobody will even admit documented evidence of their evil doing.

        It could be said that political scum and the extremist media cartel lied and people died.

    2. We had a family member pass early yesterday morning, taken off life support after a very short bout with CV-19.
      His brain started hemoraging this past Friday evening. Brain activity stopped Saturday, removed from life support when all hope was exhausted.
      He was in his early 50’s.
      Family is shattered.
      Evil is more than words can say.
      God collects each and every tear, nothing is forgotten. Vengeance is His, he will repay.

  2. Our neighbor is the poster child….late 80’s…very over weight…and diabetic

    …she was in and out in 5 days….called on the 4th day…said she was fine and bored out of her mind

    1. My brother, under chemo treatment for CA spots on liver, was ill for about 10 days, rested, on antibiotics at home, recovered.
      I chatted with him at his Florida home on his 80th birthday. Not quite ready to get back to jogging on the beach…but feels better!

  3. will that Pee reviewer ,unDork , come in here and tell us it ain’t so, the study is all wrong???

  4. If Obutto had praised HCQ, the MSM would have sung its praises 24/7. Dear Leader would have told Dr Tam to order lots.
    Since it was Orange Man Bad, it must be condemned as ancient alchemy.

  5. I guess it’s safe to like this therapy again now that Blumpf lost. Probably sometime next month Biden might even start pushing it (WITHOUT EVIDENCE I might add).

  6. Covid Settled Science part two – Theory vs Reality, reality wins.

    “A larger group who had received two full doses – as planned – resulted in an efficacy read-out of 62%

    Reality – the trial that was done “wrong”:
    “vaccine could be around 90% effective, when administered as a half dose followed by a full dose a month later”

    H/T Scott Adams

    1. Would someone please explain to me why anyone needs a vaccine for an illness that has 99.5% recovery rate?

      1. It’s a 96.7% recovery rate in Canada for all ages, however, the answer is “To take away the excuse for politicians like Kenny to lock us down”!

        People are sheep. They believe whatever the press tells them.
        Man – “When will this plague be over?”
        Dr -“How should I know? I’m a doctor not a journalist “!

        1. India has 98.47 recovery rate with dropping cases and death. HCQ is a common over the counter drug in India to what I know.

        2. 99.8% world wide. Numbers are being manipulated. Sad, but people die by the tens of thousands everyday, 153,400 approximately from all causes it is part of our life cycle. The whu who flu has not increased the number of people dying world wide from all causes.

      2. bluetech, stay out of old age homes , as a resident, and recovery rate in Kanukistan is about 99.9%, so only chicken shits would need a vaccine. Calling COLON R~4!!!

      3. Measles kills one in a thousand, I read somewhere. You still don’t want your kid to get it. Although I had it along with most of my brothers and sisters.

      4. EXACTLY.
        There is an agenda and this proves it alone.
        People ill not be able to travel or assemble without proof they had a vaccine.
        A huge violation of our civil rights and the majority will comply.
        Those that don’t will be forced into a permanent lock down.
        Nothing to do with the flu.

  7. Some time ago your agent mentioned that there was no mention of hydroxychloroquine combined with zinc and azithromycin in reference to Trump getting over the Wuhan virus in a few days.
    It is also interesting that Trump is somewhat of larger mass than he should be and works almost 24 hours a day.

    One can deduce without any degree of anything that something worked in his favor

    Anyway, can’t say that I know anything at all, just some thinking.

    1. Lev,

      My thought also as he was likely taking HCL as a preventative , perhaps with zinc , before getting sick. It is questionable if the magic drugs he received did anything. For certain remdesivir didn’t as has been proven , especially in later symptoms it makes things worse.

    2. Polyclonal antibody treatment, which worked for him almost immediately, and which is also approved and shipping now for everybody. It will take a while to ramp that up, but this virus is all but beaten now.

  8. Remember when Trump said a vaccine would be available soon and he was labelled as a liar? Well it’s true it won’t be available soon in Canada. Sort of like 230 mil spent for ventilators that haven’t yet been built.

  9. They had to destroy HCQ, or there would be no need to lock down, no mass mail out ballots, and as such no stolen election.

    Mass Murder to effect a coup. Plain and simple.

    And to effect sweeping suppression of civil liberties.

    And media full partners.

  10. what is needed in Canada and the USA is to remove speech nbprotection from news media who knowingly and willingly lie for political purposes. And also make it so politicians can be sued for the problems they cause by lying.

  11. This is just a test.
    Tried to reply to CTH that ” I just heard ” Stairway to Heaven” again AND LISTENED
    And I felt better “regarding the US debacle’
    Thank you for your time.
    Conservative Tree House is being de-platformed and this is how it happens now.
    Welcome to the new age, to the new age……..;..

  12. L-A clinician speaks about her experience treating patients using HCQ. She doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Being banned on youtube/FB/Twit… did something to her career. She has patients traveling long distances to see her.

  13. Dr Steven Hatfill, a biological weapons expert was on War Room ep 533
    Go to 1:39:00 for 20 minutes

    Dr Hatfill wrote 3 Seconds to Midnight about a coming pandemic it was published in late 2019.

    – 47 countries are using HCQ as standard treatment
    – In the Mumbai, India slums they controlled Covid-19 in 1 month. They used aggressive community outreach for early use treatment.
    – No test kits, they instead relied on physicians recommendations.
    One of the diagnostic tools used was a pulse oxymeter to quickly measure blood oxygen. They also used a defined checklist. If enough symptoms were present they gave a free treatment pack.

    – In Guayaquil, Ecuador the Cov-19 death rate was 500 per day. The city leaders got HCQ and Azithromycin for EVERY citizen in the city passing it out to clinics and pharmacies. Treatment kits were given out free of charge. By doing this they reduced Covid-19 deaths to near zero in 1 MONTH!! Ecuador has a lower Covid19 death rate tgan New York City.

    In Para State, Brazil, the PM of Brazil moved in with HCQ and brought the health care system under control in 2-3 weeks.
    – Brazilian private hospitals were handing out HCQ and Azithromycin. State run hospitals in the same city were NOT. The death rate was markedly different….

    1. Excery from the Real Clear Politics link written by Dr Steven Hatfill.

      “countries such as China, Turkey, South Korea, India, Morocco, Algeria, and others began to use hydroxychloroquine widely and early in their national pandemic response. Doctors overseas were safely prescribing the drug based on clinical signs and symptoms because widespread testing was not available.

      However, the NIH promoted a much different strategy for the United States. The “Fauci Strategy” was to keep early infected patients quarantined at home without treatment until they developed a shortness of breath and had to be admitted to a hospital. Then they would they be given hydroxychloroquine.

      In reality just the opposite was true. This was a tragic mistake by Fauci and FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn and it was a mistake that would cost the lives of thousands of Americans in the days to come.”

  14. Korea and Japan death rates are around 15 per million. US and Western Europe are 800 per million Eastern Europe death rates are one third that if the west.

    Diet plays a huge role. These countries consume a lot of fermented vegetables sure enough I checked and studies are now showing consuming fermented veggies massively cuts death rates from COVID.

      1. Yes. Its also the metabolites of fermented cabbage in particular that are beneficial against COVID. We’ve always eaten fermented stuff just because it was something we always did and we loved the richness and complexity of the taste. Plus its a fun way to preserve our garden output.

        You can start here and follow up the various links including the study itself:

    1. Of course the fact that they almost universally wear masks is completely irrelevant, right? Must be the fermented veggies? They eat a lot of sour kraut in Germany, what happened there?

      Edit: Actually Germany is doing pretty well. Hmm…

      1. Yes. Compare Germany to Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, UK, US, Canada. Germany is doing well. So is Poland, the Balkan countries and Russia. All doing well. Then look at Korea and Japan where they eat fermented everything. Shockingly low mortality.

        Masks are useless and give a false sense of security. A virus is 1/8000 of a micron which is 1/1000 of a millimeter. No mask can stop it.

      2. Wearing a mask more than two hours, or the same one over and over, creates a Petri dish on your face. More people will get sick from masks than the virus.

  15. Yup this plandemic is a testament to Government Run Health Care.
    Funny how,9 months in,our medical profession appears to have no agreed upon procedure to treat Covid victims..
    This of course is because politics is more important than citizens lives.
    For the bureau of health must cover its butt before dispensing any of our stolen wealth toward the health of the taxpayer.

    Once we were adults,able to make informed choices and take the consequences .
    Now we cannot even get accurate information.
    But we must be made prisoners,to protect us from the Dread Covid-19.
    All the “health Agencies” we pay for,have proven themselves of Government Quality.
    I have sat back and watched this exercise in mass hysteria and natural government incompetence,reaching a conclusion.
    Buyer beware.
    The “experts” are fools and bandits,the media fancy themselves the Health Experts,while demonstrating their total idiocy and herd mentality.

    We have a disease,that is neither unique nor of pandemic grade.
    A 98% survival rate is not a pandemic.
    The prevalence of “Asymptomatic Carriers” at the high rates we see,whenever testing of the general population are permitted, makes it very clear this “Unique Virus” is nothing new to the human immune system.

    And the collapse of our healthcare systems,should not be news to any taxpayer.
    The “Free Healthcare” lie is still selling,even as the panic exposes the system as unable to cope with a moderate increase in demand.
    Imagine if this was a real pandemic,with mass graves,collapse of all civic institutions due to staff deaths/sickness..
    Then review the theatre of “prevention measures”.
    We are seeking to prevent the spread of a virus.
    So are the public prevention measures able to do this?
    Do the “restrictions” imposed on the private citizen accomplish this?
    Do our so-called leaders even believe their own pronouncements?

    “This is an opportunity..”
    Yeah a golden opportunity,to get a whole bunch of pensioners off of the payroll.By murder most foul?
    Frees up a whole bunch of money to redistribute..

    An opportunity to seize and hold ever more power for the state.
    An opportunity…??
    What about the story that there is a pandemic which endangers the health of the public?

    The “health of the public” is endangered in 2020,but not by a virus generated in a defective Chinese biohazard lab,but by the corrupt greedy fools who wish to RULE us all.

    Time to embrace the Wuhan Flu,as the US university students did months ago.
    Fear of contamination has no power when “We all have Covid Here”.
    Puts the run on the do-gooders and concern nannies.
    Were is my Yellow Star?
    Which is not mockery nor denial,when your whole country is a concentration camp.

  16. In light of this, Class action lawsuits need to be brought against individuals in government across the country. Suing the government is pointless, that would be the same as suing ourselves.
    They need to have all their assets seized for this crime against humanity and I am including sock puppet here to and all the bureaucrats that made it happen at every level of government.
    This is murder on a grand scale.
    “Cases” continue to rise but the death rate continues to decline yet the media keeps pushing case case cases. They should be celebrating we are beating this thing. If you want the cases to go down, stop the mass testing!! Get HCQ out there and stop this terror campaign.
    Sue their sorry asses off.
    There is zero justification for this second lock down, zero. 82% of deaths are in nursing homes, a failure by the very same people telling healthy people to wear a mask. I heard the number is even higher but cannot confirm it.
    I am in Winnipeg and large swaths of stores are blocked off as not essential. Small business being destroyed. If a job puts food on your families table it is an essential job. Period.