34 Replies to “Flynn Pardoned”

    1. Ha! Great idea! But wait until the election has been “ settled “.

      Then, make an announcement that despite his past criminality, he wants to help Joe turn over a new leaf.

  1. I’m very glad that Flynn was given a full pardon. He should also be compensated for his legal costs.

  2. The timing is very odd on this. There was nothing pressing in terms of pardoning Flynn. Trump could do it on January 20. So why now?

    I think that since Flynn has served as national security advisor in two different administrations That he would not have to be confirmed by the Senate, as that would’ve already occurred.

    If he had a criminal record I’m guessing that might disqualify him from serving in government at least a national security levels.

    Does this leave him a clean slate so that he could potentially step in to any key position to assist Trump right now?

    Also the fact that the NAACP has a case against Trump that has been awarded to be heard in judge Sullivans court, what a joke, might shed some light on why they cut ties with Powell

    They wanted to keep her free from getting tied up in that mess.

    1. ” . . . why now?”

      First, exactly as he said, to give Flynn a Thanksgiving, and the style of the thing.
      Second, as a sign, that he is still President and will continue to act as President. This isn’t “turning the lights out” as he leaves the office.

    2. Ward, Flynn is now free to speak up, and shine the light on O’Butthole’s criminal behaviour from when he was president
      and emmit sullyvan can not interupt Sidney’s efforts at exposing voter fraud

  3. I’d like to see Obama’s secret service stand down so Flynn can go punch out his stuffing.
    Happy Thanksgiving General Flynn.

  4. Unfortunately, Flynn’s name and reputation is still tarnished. He should have been cleared by the court. The pardon also now absolves Judge Sullivan of the duty to grant relief that is long overdue. He now gets to wash his hands of a total shit show that he allowed to happen.

  5. If you are like minded you would think that Trump should have pardoned Flynn move than a Year ago.. It was this type of chicken-shit, bull-shit that lost the Election…Barr & the DOJ were never going to Indict anyone, and Trump let them keep dancing….


    1. Exactly.

      Pardons are for real criminals.

      In a sane world, among President Trump’s last acts as president would have been to pardon a few globalist jailbirds too old and broken, mentally and physically, to still be enough of a threat to bother keeping on the inside.

    2. The political interference by a particular judge is why it’s a pardon instead of an exoneration.

  6. Annnd every news outlet I’ve found so far is using this headline word for word.
    “ President Trump pardons Flynn, taking direct aim at Russia probe”

  7. He should write himself a couple dozen post-dated pardons to take with him, the next administration will be out for vengeance for all the good he has done, especially if it is a Democrat one.

  8. Nice to see the stars are aligning for Flynn and his family, a joyous Thanksgiving to be sure.
    The bigger question of course is how did it ever get this far.
    Which brings me to what I’ve been preaching for the last while – Don’t ever talk to law enforcement without a lawyer.

    1. “Don’t ever talk to law enforcement without a lawyer.”

      And the lawyers primary job is to tell you to “shut the flip up.” His other job should be to tell the police not to question you without him present. Trump should negotiate the appointment of Flynn to head the CIA to clean out the treasonous communist filth. Trump might be wise to have the current Senate replace any cabinet members before the new Senate takes over in January plus fill every judicial opening available. The Democrats and Romney might control the new Senate.

  9. Or just maybe,President Trump has a need for an angry relentless man,who will really go after the corrupt slime who have harmed us all and so far have escaped punishment.
    A man who understands the depth of corruption and personally knows what the promises of the compromised are worth.
    The Trump Show is not over yet.

  10. The thing though is that a pardon, more or less accepts guilt.
    Its a dilemma, one wants the general to be free of the whole bullshit, on the other hand he should be cleared of all charges and those that put him in that position should be held responsible and jailed for knowing, willful wrong.

    1. Lev,the “new rules” apply.
      Given the lovely people Biden is prosing to surround himself with,concepts of innocence ,ethics,standards..those are so yesterday.
      Today we use the Progressive Rules.
      Destroy your opponents,by any means available.
      Due Process?
      Wrong universe.
      Now it is condemn,accuse and then fabricate evidence if you are caught.

    2. “The thing though is that a pardon, more or less accepts guilt.”

      No, it does not.
      The need for a pardon indicates in this case that the process is broken
      and requires an executive remedy to right a systemic wrong.

      Milgaard spent 21 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.
      He was shot late in his sentence for attempting to escape, he could have died.

      1. Yes it does, you can’t be pardoned if you’re not guilty, you have to be cleared of the charges.
        As I mentioned, it’s a dilemma.
        It is rather sad that It’s a game the bottom feeders enjoy playing, in fact, and making vast sums of money along their low life schemes.
        This is semantics, you don’t hafta accept that, it does not follow necessarily that it isn’t so.
        Anyway it is the way I think since as you detected I don’t know anything.

        1. Run that by me again?
          If you have a gross miscarriage of justice,which a corrupt Just Us System will not address,a Pardon means your victim(of that system) is guilty?
          So your stance is PS Knight for example is guilty..because the government decided to abuse their authority..

          Or “he’s gotta be guilty,he called the policeman a liar”.

          1. Take your pick.
            You mean certain Rich was not guilty when pardoned?
            Pardon in this case means only that Flynt can be free of the corrupt system, it did not clear him.
            It sucks though it is what it is.
            I said what I think.

        2. “Yes it does, you can’t be pardoned if you’re not guilty”

          Simply restating your original premise is not an argument nor does it advance your position.
          A pardon erases and removes the penalty, it is not an admission of guilt, rather it is an act of MERCY.

          1. You obviously don’t agree with my argument, restating just means that, that is my position.
            I don’t need to advance anything.
            My position is solid and you can argue with it endlessly if you like.
            I’m right in my position, you may not like it, it has no effect on what I say.
            There is a saying that sometime rope breaks up, it can be tied together again but the knot will remain.
            American justice industry is corrupt, probably to the core and it would seem that there is nothing that will fix it but another bloody, bloody revolution.
            Not the best prospect.

  11. I just hope he sues their asses off, and gets a well deserved payday. The bonus will be if Trump puts him in a position to go after the the evil ones that abused their office and power to create this insanity.