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  1. Yet another one of my movie alerts.

    TCM Monday night: Red River, one of the best western movies ever made, with John Wayne plus Montgomery Clift and Walter Brennan. Also, look for a number of actors who worked with the Duke in other films, such as Hank Worden, Harry Carey, Jr., Paul Fix, and Ray Hyke.

      1. I dare say that situations like that weren’t unique to whites. The filching of other people’s land , for whatever reason, is an age-old activity.

        Many people assume that all of John Wayne’s movie characters were good guys. They weren’t and Tom Dunson is one example. (Perhaps the darkest one he played was Ethan Edwards in The Searchers.) After seeing Red River, director John Ford made the remark “I didn’t know the SOB could act.”

    1. It’s cultural. Whitie has a great survival instinct. You can’t rule the world if you’re dead. Example – white Chicagoans don’t shoot 100 of their lookalikes on a single weekend.

    1. BADR

      Yes, that seems to be the path discussed. It is also possible that the House could elect Biden, if they so chose. There is also the possibility that NanZi does NOT call for a vote in the House, though the Constitution language says that the vote must “immediately” go to the House.

      If NanZi doesn’t call a vote, it could then go to the Senate, where they vote for the Vice-Prez. The balance of power becomes very important all of a sudden in the Senate…….

      What if Cocaine Mitch doesn’t call a vote either? Speaker of the House………..

      Beer and popcorn, coming right up.

  2. Hey All,

    Just a few disjointed thoughts on COVID-19. My opinions are based on three different sources; myself and what I have seen, my sister who is a nurse in New York and what she has seen, and my other sister who is a lab technician in Boston and what she has seen. None of what I am going to say is scientific, it is only my opinion based on discussions with my siblings who are on the front lines in hospitals in different states so I could be completely off base. Any reasoned arguments would be appreciated.

    1. COVID-19 mainly kills off the old and infirm. If you look at who has died to date it is mostly the elderly or people with underlying health conditions. Healthy people have over a 99% chance of a full recovery. I think that there is a general consensus around here that this is true.

    2. Some people, I am not sure what percentage, will need hospitalization in order to make a full recovery and be part of that 99+%. We can see this by the number of people discharged from the hospital and going home rather than going to the morgue. I think most people here would agree with that as well.

    3 There is only a finite amount of the specialized medical resources available at any time for those few people who do end up in the hospital. When the number of people who require specialized medical care is greater than the available resources people begin to die needlessly. We saw this in New York and Boston in the spring and we are beginning to see this again in some states as autumn progresses.

    4. Other than the old standbys of washing your hands and staying home when you are sick we really don’t know what is the best way to reduce the spread of COVID-19. However we do know that the rate of new infections needs to be kept below certain levels in order to avoid overwhelming medical resources.

    5. Because we don’t yet know how to manage this outbreak so many, if not most, governments have resorted to heavy handed and sometimes contradictory measures to reduce the risk of infection. In a number of cases this has lead to “the cure being worse than the disease.”

    I’ll stop there. If you have any opinions I am hoping you will share them. If you disagree with what I have written I would appreciate you explaining why you disagree and provide correction.

    1. Well written! I agree with everything you said except part of #5. I don’t believe that most politicians have given any thought to the damage caused by these perpetually never-ending lockdowns.

      1. Just stay at home and order all your stuff from Amazon – it’s pretty simple. I don’t know why Amazon delivery drivers don’t do the same. Or why factory workers who produce all the stuff that Amazon sells don’t simply stay at home as well. I’m sure all the police, firemen, ambulance drivers, doctors and nurses, power plant and water plant workers, all the restaurant and retail workers are sitting at home enjoying their time off.

        1. The ones that enjoy staying home the most are the members of the government workers union. Teachers, all government office workers. Totally unaffected by wage cuts. Not inconvenienced in any way. Unproductive when they are at work. Holidaying when during the lockdown

      2. I’m afraid too many politicians (and bureaucrats) have given some thought to what you (accurately) call “the damage caused by these … lockdowns” and see not a problem but an opportunity to make government easier for them.

      3. Thank you for the comment Robert. My own opinion is that Politicians are so risk adverse that they don’t want to change how they are doing things in case it is suggested that they made matters worse. They live in constant fear of a bad reputation and so act accordingly. I think the Ford government in Ontario took a “big risk” when they devolved some decision making ability down to the regional health authorities. While I personally believe that pushing authority and responsibility down to the lowest level possible is the the right move, if someone in a regional health authority makes a bad decision it will be the Ford government who will be held accountable.

    2. Deaths can be cut over 50% immediately for about $20. Some doctors getting better than 90% success. For those that live illness severity and duration can also be dramatically and immediately improved. EARLY TREATMENT. Treat in first 5 days of illness. Stop viral replication. Use a proven very safe cocktail of an ionophore (hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin etc.), zinc, and an antibiotic. Ionophore opens a channel allowing zinc inside cells which blocks RNA replication – end of problem. Regulatory/research establishment trying to block.
      Axe many heads in western nations regulatory offices; these orgs. have all been captured by drug manufacturers – textbook case.
      Nov. 19, 2020 Senate Hearing
      * Early Outpatient Treatment: An Essential Part of a COVID-19 Solution *
      I don’t believe a word said by blinking babbling boy: Ashish K. Jha, M.D., M.P.H He likely has to get drug industry cash for his small Ivy League university and so I imagine he is in a conflicted position. Plus he has never treated any covid patients.
      There has been published opposition “research”. This year Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine had to retract very negative papers within about two weeks of publishing after it was revealed bogus data was used. I don’t believe that was accidental. There have other similar attacks.
      See Dr. Zev Zelenko on Twitter (USA) Prof. D. Raoult (France) Prof. Tomas Borody (Australia) Dr. Brian Tyson (USA) & many others on web.
      I think I recall that it was stated in testimony (at link to Senate hearing) that India has about 100 deaths per million persons while USA is experiencing about 800 deaths/million. With much higher poverty and a lot more crowding India’s success should attract immediate media attention – why does it not?
      Does this treatment protocol also threaten vaccine industry’s multibillion dollar annual sales of flu vaccine?
      Are we also seeing the putrid hand of the World Economic Forum stirring up and prolonging the fading covid pandemic?

      1. GGO,

        I think you have a valid point. Part of the issue is that doing “experiments” on the public is forbidden under the Canada Health Act. One of the unfortunate side effects of the act is that it straight jackets the provinces and territories and prevents them from trying different things lest they are punished financially.

        One thing I would like to see my tax dollars going toward is limited trials of preventative measures with clearly predefined criteria for risk, monitoring, and the measuring outcomes. For example it should not be very expensive to provide every person in an Orange zone with a cocktail for a period of 28 days plus daily monitoring and measuring of results. Officials can work with community leaders to overcome any hesitation with the trial in order to improve outcomes. At the end of the trial the raw data and conclusions can be made public so everyone can make informed decisions based on the same information.

    3. good points jgriffin. A couple of other points. Medical resources were available in NYC that were never used, the same in Canada. Ventilating patients turned out to be a disaster. There is no way to avoid or stop the spread of a virus, if there were the common cold would cease to exist. You are correct that 99.8% of all those who get sick do recover. We are now calling positive tests, cases, which they are not. The mask silliness has to stop along with social distancing. When you go out do you wear the same jacket, the same shoes, do you sterilize every item exposed to the air after being out for any reason? of course not. Nothing short of a level four bio-hazard outfit can prevent a virus from being inhaled, a we ain’t wearing that to wally mart. It is time to accept the fact that this is another flu virus and get on with life.

      1. VOWG,

        Thanks for the reply. I agree that COVID-19 is hear to stay. We need to find ways of living with it. Living, not just existing. That said we need to find a way to live and not overwhelm the health care system. I don’t know if the answer is to simply beef up the health care system or to adjust our behaviour to accommodate the ebbs and flows of infection rates until COVID-19 become just another seasonal illness.

        Does anyone have any suggestions?

        1. Again, it is just a flu bug, it will run out of time like all other flu bugs . We keep buying into the lie that it is something different, it is not and the numbers on the ground prove that. The government is still using computer models to gin up fear through the media. They are wrong. Last week there were 2 people in hospital in Hamilton 2. 10 in ICU units in Toronto. Those numbers were spoken on the floor of the government by Randy Hillier last week. That sir is nothing. There is no reason what so ever for destroying people’s lives and businesses. Anyone who is freaking terrified should stay the hell home and let us get on with our lives. I am bloody tired of this crap. Stop paying the politicians and bureaucrats their fat salaries and see how long you have the whu who flu panic.

          1. VOWG,

            I agree with you that it is just like a flu bug. The Spanish Flu was just a flu bug but it killed about 50,000 Canadians until people built up a resistance to it. I think we both agree that draconian measures are not the answer. So how do avoid a repeat of the Spanish Flu mortality rate while not violating peoples fundamental rights? This is something I have been pondering for a bit and I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter.

            BTW, I don’t think wearing or not wearing a mask is a fundamental right any more than I think wearing a shirt in a store is a fundamental right. Dictating who and how many people I can assemble with is a violation of my fundamental rights.

    4. The number of cases is a fiction.

      A case is where a PCR test finds some bits of RNA, whether part of a living virus or not.

      A PCR test is not a diagnostic tool, it simply multiplies the bits of RNA picked up in a swab of your nose, it does this by running the multiplication procedure many times. The more times it is run, the more “cases” it finds There is no hard line in number of runs to say “yes” or “no” and the number of runs used by labs varies all over the Canada, let alone the world. Consequently, as Public Health Ontario has stated, https://www.publichealthontario.ca/-/media/documents/ncov/main/2020/09/cycle-threshold-values-sars-cov2-pcr.pdf?la=en, there is a 50% false positive rate.

      There are many varieties of corona viruses in existance, some 20% of colds are caused by them and even more cases of indluenza. How discriminating between corona viruses are the PCR tests? Remember, it is cold season now and ‘flu season is building.

      What is the purpose of lock-downs? We know they do not “fight the virus” as it is still around after the first lock-down.

      What is the purpose of masks? No sooner than masks were made mandatory, the “second wave” started.

      The government experts and their computer models are nonsense. The government response has been one of hysterical incompetence, bungling and covering up, in the CYA sense.

      How, then, to respond? Treat it as a bad influenza, the Chinese or Wuhoo Flu, Each ‘flu season, thousands of people die, mostly the same people who are being knocked off by this ‘flu. Old people don’t die of “old-age”, they die often of pneumonia, or other diseases, that their immune system is now too weak to deal with.

      Therefore, if you are sick, stay home. That isn’t too difficult now, is it? Protect gran and grandad. Personal hygene. That’s how to deal with it.

      There should be some very red faces when the authorities state “there was very few cold and flu cases this year, but look at all the Wuhoo Flu cases”. There CYA answer will be “See, our prevention techniques worked, they reduced the cold and flu”. Anything but admit they over-reacted..

      1. Hi Robert,

        I think COVID-19 will become just another seasonal virus over time but our immune systems are not there yet. If our immune systems could handle COVID-19 we would not have had the issues we did in the hospitals.

        In Ottawa at least, masks have been mandatory since at least the summer so I don’t think there is a correlation between masks and the rise of cases. Also, again in Ottawa at least, there is a strong correlation between population density, income levels, and cases of COVID-19. Check out the number in Vanier or Riverside South. I haven’t looked lately but those two areas used to make up more than half of the reported cases for the whole city. Vanier is a lower income area and Riverside South is full of high rise apartment buildings (for SDA readers who are not familiar with the city.)

        From what I have seen of the computer models they are way too abstract and can not take changes in behaviour into account. The reason the death rate in Ontario never even reached the theoretical best case mortality rate is because people changed their behaviour. The new predictions are also inaccurate for the same reasons.

        One of the lessons learned from this whole experience should be that a reliance on computer models for public health scenarios is a bad idea.

    5. 100% on point. Good stuff and i would think that 99% of us here would agree with your assessment. I do.

      I maintain that the MSM is obsessed with “CASES” as are most Health Authorities.
      I also maintain THAT is a useless metric which is SOLEY designed to instill FEAR.

      What we all should be pushing for is this: A Metric corralling only those who:
      Are under 70 yrs of age
      Have ZERO Co-Morbidities
      Have ZERO Complications
      Died SOLEY DUE to COVID.

      In Alberta that figure as of Nov 10 2020 (since the pandemic started) …… is 10 People.

      10 …!! and so when you look at the RABID hysteric response in Provinces on either side of us with beyond Draconian measures:
      Selling of “Non Essential Goods” VERBOTTeN.!! (Who decides what’s non essential..??)
      Massive Fines for non compliance..!!

      Would someone kindly inform me as to what the FUCK any of this NAZI BS has to do with stopping the spread of a virus..???

    6. It just all fits into the current mantra of political leaders across the board in Canaderp. “Saving Lives”, its the same mantra for the Opioid issue, and reasons for now giving them FREE dope, the cries for decriminalizing, etc. Saving lives at any cost, no matter the immoral actions taken to justify, no matter the lack of personal responsibility for same.

      Our governments and health “authorities” do not know what they are doing, they really don’t. All of their hope for a vaccine and a vaccine only, throwing all their eggs in one basket. Gee, who was roundly criticized for allegedly doing that about 5 years ago…..?

      Just look at BC, and sweet little Dr Bonnie. Isn’t she sweet? Isn’t she calm? Isn’t she so nice? BAH! She is clueless. Here’s the thing, back in the spring when this broke out, they closed down all sitting in restaurants and bars, and imposed other rules that were economically crippling, social distancing, etc, but no broad mask agenda. And, well, it seemed to work and diminish numbers significantly. So, it worked, for sake of argument.

      What does sweet Dr Bonnie do today? Well, let’s not go with what worked before, let’s try something different this time….MADNESS. Our population has been so cowed and manipulated into masks as being believed as a fortress against any and all nasty things that come near. People are so stupid….when your glasses fog up, wearing a mask, its a clue that masks have little to no effect, one is still breathing the same air as others.

      Another clue how inept our health authorities are, is the lack of any study to therapeutics, any relief, or any supplement that might help even a little. HCQ was demonized because of the Bad Orangeman, but there’s enough studies out there, and real world examples, that suggest it helps. Millions of people for decades, have taken it on a regular basis, to prevent malaria, and relieve lupus. It could be dangerous, if one takes real high toxic doses, but then isnt that applicable to MANY medications out there right now? Why are Africa’s numbers so low? Widespread use of HCQ to prevent malaria is a huge factor.

      Ivermectin is another, that is actually more effective than HCQ. Hint, it can be obtained without prescription, its a veterinary product as well, and comes in apple flavour. Preventative maintenance.

      Take adequate Vitamin D, get your Zinc levels up, supplemental Selenium as well, these are all good for our immune systems. WHat is the harm of our health authorities recommending to take these supplements?


      As Dr Chris Martensen has said recently (peakprosperity.com), are our governments acting on another, darker, agenda? This, after qualifying that he hasn’t let this line of thinking enter his process, but, after all this time has gone by, one is left to ask if its a possibility, since health authorities refuse to address these issues, and refuse to perform REAL double blind studies on the appropriate usage and application of medications like HCQ and Ivermectin. This should be SOP. Instead, all the chips have been shoved in the middle, betting on an unknown vaccine to be the all-in-one solution, despite no knowledge of longterm efficacy, or longterm effects or side effects from this ‘new’ technology of RNA methodology. Sorry, stick that shit in someone else’s arm, I’m relying on herd immunity, though am concerned about the possibility of health passports being required to travel, or worse……

      Its either incompetence, corruption, or criminal. Can smart people be incompetent? Sure, but at this degree?

    7. Hey All,

      This comment generated a lot more conversation than I expected. Thank you all for your thoughtful replies. I apologize if I missed responding to your comment. I am not intentionally ignoring you nor am I suggesting that your comment is not important, I am just running out of time in my day. If I get a chance I will try to respond to those I missed this evening.

      I am also hoping to have another conversation like this in the future as I found the comments edifying .


  3. Courtesy of Newsmax,


    A little question about what has transpired in the last two weeks. If the lawyers in this fiasco representing Trump and trying to prove the integrity of the election can provide evidence of a foreign actor being involved and that foreign actor was either aided and abetted by American citizens or if American citizens had been aided and abetted by a foreign actor wouldn’t that come under the auspices of military authority? As CinC, wouldn’t Trump have the authority to order the military to conduct an investigation and charge accordingly. As a national security threat, militarily, why would the DOJ or the FBI be involved? Any comments would be appreciated.

    1. Trump has already moved, fired or sidelined individuals in the alphabet agencies. The Seal teams are now under a different command, and one report stated they conducted the raid on the US facility in Germany to grab the servers and that neither the FBI, DHS or CIA were notified. Krebs the supposed head of cyber security has been fired. A blind deaf mute would see that the entire system is filled with evil, venal. creatures and Trump knows this, stupid he is not. I am enraged that the FBI, CIA, DOJ, DHS, Elections commission etc, etc allowed this debacle to occur but their thundering silence speaks loudly. No President in the history of the USA has been subjected to such vile attacks by these hyenas from the moment he decided to run for office but he has bested them at every turn, so despite my pessimism I have to keep the faith and believe they know what to do.

      1. A real life political drama with special ops and bad guys and good guys and the fate of the world at stake! It can’t get any better than this as an action/court/political drama. AND Canadian content! All we are lacking is love-interest. It should be called “The Storm”.

    2. I watched this last night.

      I was stunned when she suggested the DNC used Dominion to cheat Bernie Sanders supporters, too!!!! Won’t take much to get Bernie supporters to believe this.

      Even if only a fraction of what Trump’s legal team claims so far can be proven, this is indeed “biblical”.

      1. – I can answer that! –

        Why we prefer to believe lies is, invariably, because the lies are all we hear, and:

        1) the governments (who want ever more More MOAR votes, power and tax dollars, and don’t give a rat’s @$$ whether their pet projects are good for us),

        2) their cronies in the too-big-to-fail businesses (who want ever more profit, and have no worries about their pals in government ever tossing their sorry @$$ in jail as long as their re-election campaigns get paid), and

        3) their compliant lapdog Press (who know that the bigger and louder the lie, the more the voters will believe it so long as anybody who tries to spill the beans quickly gets strangled)

        – Are all in on the game. This is why every last one of them HATES “free speech”, and why every last one of them LOVES horse-pucks like global warming – the governments see a big crisis not to waste, the businesses see max profits a’coming selling us mandated $hit we don’t need, and the Press sees lots of hysterical scaremongering. And nobody out there, at least nobody on the gravy train, will tell the sheeple what’s actually going on, because they all share the same motto –

        “For Fun And Profit”.

  4. True North reports on how religious leaders are sounding the alarm about the genocide against Christians in Africa.

    1. Corrupt MSM won’t report it. Because, the next step is to eliminate those persons of European origin from the Americas.

    2. You won’t hear anything from the Pope; he’s more pro-Muslim than pro-Christian these days and won’t care at all about African Christians who tend to be orthodox in their beliefs.

  5. Angry Adolf will be addressing the G20 conference virtually today from his winter palace. He will be ranting about global warming. Meanwhile its cold and snowy in Ontario today. And now a summary of Blackie’s bought and paid for media this morning. Lots of Trump is Hitler stories. Doug Ford is Hitler for not totally shutting down Ontario. Right wing Nazis are spreading conspiracy theories about Blackie’s great socialist reset. Carlton University students and faculty want all university staff and students, to receive instruction that white Canadians are racist bastards. Socialism is wonderful. Indians need more money. Islam is wonderful. Justin is wonderful. The Liberal Party is wonderful. Canadians are racist bastards.

  6. SDAers have said it many times, but this is likely the first time anyone in the mainstream media has: Canadians are mindless sheep, blindly following the orders issued by ignorant politicians and incompetent public health officials:

    “As such, there is really no reason to expect anything to get conspicuously better. They lock us down, we breathe a sigh of relief. They let us out, we cheer and await the next lockdown. The vaccines can’t come soon enough.”


  7. I firmly believe the lockdown will work this time. Now that international flights are forbidden to land in our airports that should help control the Whu Flu and no one can cross at the Roxham Road border and our baggage handlers (RCMP) can stand down……oh, they’re both wide open….never mind then /sarc off.

    1. Ivan Loustein

      This is outrageous. Bone broth is cultural appropriation? How stupid is this person? Never mind.

  8. Kate:

    Is there a reason that anything from c i t i z e n fr** press does not get through?

    1. Micro soft is censoring. On their last update I have had sites vanish and when went to retrieve the site I was blocked a couple of ways and the site was described a far right radical site and not safe. . Microsoft is just as bad as every other left wing provider.

    2. I’ve frequently posted links to their items. If you’re posting a couple of lines of text, then one or two URLs, then no problem. If you’re posting just URLS or more than 3-4 URLs per message, you’re probably hitting the spam filter.

      I’ll post a link as a response to this message.

  9. No one in the government can give me an answer:

    If masks work, why do we need social distancing?
    If social distancing works, why do we need masks?
    If the first lock down worked, why do we need a second lock down?
    If the first lock down did not work, why we need a second lock down?

    1. Indeed.

      If Donald J Trump is responsible for US Covid Deaths, then so is Trudeau in Canada, and sweet little Bonnie too.

      If Bonnie gets kudos for how well things went in the spring, then shouldn’t she be roundly criticized NOW, along with Trudy? Oh yeah, its The socialist leftwing press, crickets and propaganda……………..its someone else’s fault. They get the credit, (shallow anyways) but get no responsibility when things go wrong

    2. Yes!! Best questions!

      A personal note. Covid hit my relatives in Florida a few weeks ago, started with the young adults, teens had sniffles, my sister in law was in bed for a week. Last one to get sick was my brother, who happens to have a few spots (cancer) on his liver. They all recovered. My brother was treated with antibiotics and sent home. He was ill for a weak, but not enough to be admitted to hospital. He felt much better on Wednesday, his 80th birthday. Chemo was delayed for one week.

    1. We called that the minesite winter car wash. Bighorns (that knew there was no hunting there, so humans weren’t a threat) loved to lick the road salt off the side of cars in the parking lot. I never saw one stuck to a metal bumper, they stuck (no pun intended) to the painted surfaces.

      1. C_Miner – I think sheep are smarter than moose. They can tell the difference between a parked car and a moving one. I would rather hit a sheep at speed than a moose. Were you a hard rock miner?

        1. Always open pit, currently coal, formerly porphyry copper/gold. I’m an engineer, so clean faced these days (20 odd years in).

    2. I always learn new things about Canada from Americans. I never knew it was called “Alberta Province” until now.

  10. Post Millennial reports on how public servants in Alberta will undergo the extreme leftist Critical Race Bias theory training. Apparently the Alberta government believes their civil servants are racist bastards.

  11. Others have probably heard about this before but it is completely new to me.


    And there is no mention of any fine or jail sentence involved here.
    If anybody knows what the penalty was, please post.

    Justin Trudeau has become a perfect lightening rod for Western Independence supporters.
    There is absolutely no way that the educated voters in western Canada would ever vote a virtual criminal, a liar, a thief, and an all round idiot like him to ever lead Western Canada.

  12. A reflection of the Liberal’s policy——Quebec”s Medicago gets 173 million of the Liberal grant of 214 million for the Canadian search for a covid vaccine!!! There are a number of good research groups in Canada!!

    So the rest of Canada”s research units get 41 mlllion to share!

  13. Kate:

    I can post, but anything with even just one link is caught in the filter.