24 Replies to “The Children Are Our Future”

  1. So will they be instituting ritualized gang rape as part of the sexual education curriculum? Must respect other cultures, right?

  2. Seems to becoming a worldwide problem of reprogramming our children.

    In the same venue of the climate change hoax and get your flu shots.
    Turning our kids into sheep….listen to the government and media they are your best friends…

    And crap like that.
    Taking away the innocence and replacing with activism. Noticed how kids coming out of school are professional activists with no clue to life skills.

  3. A few of problems that I find with these lockdown.
    One, they haven’t fixed the system at all, just added more laws and restrictions everywhere.
    The lockdown effect only people who don’t have immunity passes and school children need to go to school.
    And the schools discourage parents from understanding what they are teaching them in this internet schooling.

    1. Sadly, you’re correct. Either Mommy and Daddy are too busy with their own BS to take notice or care; or, actual (I.e. non-activist union idiots) teachers got fed up and quit to be replaced by the aforementioned activist union idiots.
      For example: Teacher and Principal to parents: Little Tommy broke out all the windows and urinated on the desk seats.
      Parents response: Don’t you talk to my kid that way.

    2. “It takes a village to raise a child.”

      A village is made up of a group of families living close proximity. IF all or most of the families are living right and being good neighbours, they help each other and it’s good for upbringing of all the children. Otherwise, it’s not good for the children.

      If there aren’t other families living in close proximity, a good family will raise children well, a bad family will raise its children badly.

  4. The public education system as currently constructed (and frankly a majority of the colleges/universities) need to be completely dismantled and destroyed. It’s not only churning out tens of millions of hate-filled Marxist activists every year, but also a total failure in supplying an educated workforce for a complicated world. I just found out that my completely brainwashed woke/SJW 30-year-old niece living in Brooklyn is still only making minimum wage. This, after receiving a “communications” degree from a $50,000+ a year college. As her uncle this makes me very sad. I can only imagine how her parents feel.

  5. Public schools are little more than indoctrination centers at this point. Taught WHAT to think, not HOW to think for themselves.
    Socialist slavery seems to be the goal, and the Communists are well on the way to transforming Kanaduh into the next Venezuela.

  6. If parents had balls and wisdom they would have yanked their kids out of those commie camps long ago. But they willingly keep sending their little lab rats every day.

    1. Tough job to do, now that dope is legal. I’m speaking for the parents of today, not the yard apes. You get your balls shipped to you from Amazon, today. Apparently, they aren’t “home grown”. Only in Chinah. Pity.

  7. Call it what it is.
    Communism by not so stealthy methods.
    Why is a orthodoxy so bent on eliminating capitalism need other people’s capitalism to fund it?

  8. Society does not have the will to resist how their children are being educated and yes, groomed. It is already to late. At a personal level we can try and influence how our family thinks but that is even a tall order and requires constant attention. How much time do we get with our grandchildren and do our kids agree with our concerns?

    As we go down this socialist/marxist future I blame the lack of leadership from our conservative leadership. They have largely been a failure. Unfortunately most people look for father and mother figures thru life as beacons that they can emulate or listen too. Critical self thought is not a big thing anymore. Leadership is required and there really isn’t any. Progressives live off the subjectiveness of issues faced by society and craft their dialogue to whatever serves their cause best. They are rarely held to account.

  9. Don’t forget that we greybeards and silverbacks have to obey and listen to these twerps. After all, they’re paying for our pensions, aren’t they? (Some basement-dwelling soyboy actually told me that on a certain website I’m no longer associated with.)

    Uh, no. It’s the other way around and my retirement includes income from investments that I made and money that I saved long before these self-important twits were mistakenly conceived.

    1. Ditto. I still “earn” a living. And my forced government “pension” was also earned, no matter how you look at it. My other pensions aren’t invested in Chinese “corporations” without my say so either, as I ‘m self directed. I make better returns on my own pensions vs that government one. My personal pensions can be passed on to my heirs, or a charity, not terminated on my death. CPP is a ripoff of life long work. Socialism at it’s best.

      1. The aforementioned twerp, who thought I should be beholden to him, had, at the time he made the comment, no formal education past high school, had no idea of what he wanted to do with himself (he was around 20), didn’t seem to have a permanent job of any sort, and used as his website title “Emperor of Knowledge” or something equally as inappropriate.

        Yup, I had better kowtow to the likes of him as he knows everything better than me, eh?

        When I was his age, I was about a year or so from finishing my B. Sc. and was looking beyond that. I guess I was raised wrong, wasn’t I?

  10. So this was the position prior to the election(which I believe there was a thread on SDA),,, until they noticed it was polling so well with blacks. Mainly because most African Americans don’t want to live their lives in the wife swapping, no singular man culture, like the tribes back in Africa did two or three centuries ago(yes some do).
    So then 6 or 8 weeks before the election they backed down and blamed this “black philosophy”(rather anti-white philosophy) on some black female university professor.
    But it seems like they were just being honest the first time around. No wonder more blacks than ever, voted for Trump. They’re slowly seeing what Democrats are doing to them and their families. If only the media didn’t bury, so much of the truth.

  11. So. My wife teaches 1st grade in the Urban jungle. She has been teaching “remotely” since last March. She just handed out this Fall’s First Report Cards. … she “grades” on a 1-4 matrix. In 25 years of teaching she has rarely had to give 1’s to any students. A score of 1 … means that child is destined to REPEAT the 1st Grade! This Fall? Remote Learning? She handed out 10 grades of 1. That’s 1/3 of her class. Remote learning is hurting the children who need the most care and help

    At the same time her class scored mostly 80% and higher in math … yet she knows that’s an erroneous test result based on her individual interaction with the kids. Why did the kids score so high in math? Because their parents cheated. Their parents were giving the kids their answers … Remotely … during the test. She could HEAR them in the background.

    Remote learning is hurting the poorest and neediest kids in our society. My wife has been willing and ready to get back into the classroom since the end of the Spring semester. I support her in that, even though we are both in our 60’s … and I am diabetic. We don’t FEAR the CHINA Plague. We are smart, and careful (and wear masks … because we MUST) … but don’t FEAR the children as transmission vectors. I worry MORE about the teachers lounge.

  12. How many of these households have a dad who actually spawned those children? I bet lot of these households have a divorced woman as head of household, maybe with a new “partner”.

    Every hollywood household in movies had this configuration in the late 80’s

  13. Many men now are afraid to marry, as even living together=marriage under the law in most provinces. Even people who do not live together can now sue for alimony in Ontario.

    All the Hollywood moms are wonderful mothers and the divorced husbands are shit. Men have had it.