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    1. Good article. I’ve been reading a few features on this whole election fraud issue. Keeping in mind that I’m not a huge fan of Donald Trump, I do however believe that as the Prez, he does have a constitutional right if not a duty to investigate any irregularities in a federal election. My question is: If President trump has no right to question the outcome of a US federal election, where did the the FBI have a constitutional right to investigate him for four years on false claims that he (Trump) had colluded with the Russian administration? Even after the CIA had informed the FBI that their investigation would end in a mess of unfounded claims!!

  1. I recently visited a 97 year old lady who is as sharp as a whip. Like many elders, she’s stuck at home because of her family’s fear of Covid-19. I visit her on a regular basis. She can’t recall the 1918 Spanish Flu; nobody can, you’d have to be about 110 years old to recall 1918 clearly. However she claims that her mother told her several times that the flu arrived in Saskatchewan in 1918, and a year later literally disappeared overnight. Keeping in mind that antibiotics and vaccines were not available in most rural areas. I hope she’s right.

    1. The Spanish flu didn’t “vanish.” It’s called H1N1 today, its last major outbreak being in 2009.

      The difference between now and then was that Woodrow Wilson was global finance’s stooge, and it was not politically convenient to blame him for the Spanish flu.

    2. It didn’t disappear. My aunt and uncle got the Spanish flu in 1920-21. 7 kids in the family and they were the only ones it impacted for their entire lives. The high temps affected their brain functions.

    3. I remember my mother talking about the Spanish flu. They were on a farm, and Grandad self-quarantined in the barn because he was the one going into the nearby town for supplies. Mind, Mum would be 111 had she not prematurely left us at 99.

    1. nobody tells the truth, nobody. Canadians better wake before they are marched to camps and put in prison for their own good.

    1. Neat video.
      Yes plants move as in a response to stimuli. I like the
      “Prayer Plant” (Maranta Leuconeura) it closes its leaves at night quite literally and opens them in daylight.

    1. It is not just stupid it is evil. Denying people access to mobility under the pretense of environmental psychosis is evil and cynical on multiple levels.

    2. I sent an email to that guy asking what about rural folks who depend on fossil fuel. Im shocked I wasnt arrested so far

    3. May the God of Global Warming turn their electrical grid into a broken mess of steel lattice with the Mother of All Ice Storms.
      In 2034.

    4. The math on this is huge. I don’t know if this applies to K-bec but why wouldn’t it? And that’s saying they’re even telling the truth. Remember, it won’t be a tax increase, but a rate increase.

      ‘He adds that the existing grid should be able handle the extra load – although the local transformer handling your street might not. Typically, five to 15 homes are served by one transformer.

      “A Level 2 charger draws about the same power as a home. So, if every home had EVs and all were charging simultaneously, then we would need to assess the location and the area impact to see if upgrades are required to the local infrastructure,” said Toronto Hydro spokeswoman Tori Gass in an e-mail. “This could be as simple as a routine transformer swap-out.”

      The cost of replacing a transformer starts at around $10,000, she said.’


      1. The thing nobody ever talks about with electric cars and home charging is that all of that power generation is peak power. Not only is it peak power, that gets demanded during what is already peak load. Currently, people come home, turn on the TV and cook dinner and this results in peak load supplied by the least efficient but most throttleable generation. Now they will drive home, plug in the car, then turn on the TV and cook dinner. Add in Gang Green power to the grid, and you now need even more peaking stations running inefficiently because efficient base generation has been cut back to make room for the episodic generation from solar and wind.

        Even if the grids were ready for an electric vehicle surge, it would be an environmental catastrophe.

      2. Very few people ever talk about the fact that you cannot build wind turbines or solar panels without fossil fuels and machinery built without using fossil fuels. Those transformers cannot be built without fossil fuels. It seems that these idiots have long since lost the ability to think logically and critically. The damn cars they think they are going to charge up cannot be built without fossil fuels, the freaking batteries can’t be built either. Idiots, each and every one. By the way, try building and maintaining a grid with out fossil fuels.

        1. Correct, a grid can’t be created without fossil fuels, there is plenty of evidence and everyone knows it. They are just pretending, as one post said. But the Great Reset is a time for sunshine, lollipops and rainbows according to our great leader so off we go!

          1. “The Great Reset” was something long advocated by leftist elements in the church, disguising it as “liberation theology” or “social justice”. The church has gone from being the body of Christ to the branch plant of whichever communist party happens to hold sway. (Back then, it was the Kremlin. Now it’s the CCP.)

          2. California’s grid is already showing strains from this rush to Green Utopia. It will collapse long before any other jurisdiction gets too far along in screwing up their own grids. We only have to hope California’s collapse doesn’t bring everybody else down with it.

      3. And where was it made, Chinah? Bet it lasts as long as the next day then ……..mmmmmmmmmmm POFF! SPARKLY…….piffle.

  2. Just about to go to bed, when I read this:

    “The team led by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and longtime Trump private lawyer Jay Sekulow has been expanded to include former Justice Department officials Victoria Toensing and Sidney Powell, former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova and trusted campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis.”

    Those are top level, tough and determined lawyers. Very GOOD.

    1. They’ve been scheming multiple plans in the past 4 years. All big fails with latest being Durham. Barr needs a kick in the cunt too.

      1. When you consider they seem to be pretty much helpless and useless they need far more than a kick.

    1. Another Ian – Best COVID joke this month and most accurate.

      As I noted before when you compare Spartans to McIntosh:
      Canada with wholesale lockdowns, economy shredded – Nov 16
      – Cases = 6115
      – Deaths = 74


      Sweden (1/3 population of Canada but close, no lockdowns and economy somewhat normal) Nov 16
      – Cases = 2178
      – Deaths = 5


      1. VOWG, does Jesus Christ know you, and do you know Jesus Christ? Virtually every one of your posts advocates violence. Just asking.

        1. When people wake up and kick these politicians and bureaucrats to the curb , it will be a glorious day for Canada. I think Jesus suggested that if you did not have sword that you sell your cloak and buy one. I am sure he didn’t suggest that to harvest olives. As far as violence goes there are many things that can be accomplished without it, but when all else fails, just what are you going to do? I guess the Second World War was a complete bust when it comes to keeping our freedom. Many times I have suggested solutions other than violence and yet the stupid always seems to rise to top.

          1. Some anonymous source once said:
            “You can vote your way into totalitarianism, however, you usually have to shoot your way out of it.”

    1. Yet this is the same church that reveres people standing up against oppression or are willing to be martyred for the faith. There comes a time when rendering unto Caesar makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

      1. I believe that the Church has very little to do with God other than the artwork. It is a 100% creation of humans. Not a scholar of religion but I recall a set of scriptures that described that God indicated organized church was not the path to God. They were rejected by religious scholars (at the time were all church officials) and removed from inclusion in teachings. Like I said could be fake news and could care less so not checking.

  3. Blackie’s bought and paid for media are excited that all MPs voted to congratulate Biden on his election victory. They all also invited him to speak to parliament. So all MPs think Biden is wonderful, even though he wants to shut down pipelines between Canada and the U.S.?

  4. “Build. Back. Better.

    I know it’s odd, but when I hear a bunch of powerful people spread out all over the world suddenly use the same totally improbable lame invariant phrase, my hand involuntarily clamps down over my wallet. Almost like they need to chant before taking my stuff.”


    Indeed I’m really thinking what these people have against me and the middle class in general, again. Every time they come up with a new slogan, it means they’re not going to do what they say, but advance their radical international (anti-national) policies with the said excuse. The fact the slogan has already spread, is a sign they all got the memo and are ready to go implement it.

      1. A minister who probably thinks that hammers are obsolete as there’s probably a smartphone app available to put nails into wood.

        1. Hammers will never be obsolete to our political elites – you gotta have them, to pose with sickles…

          1. True.

            Hammers are also necessary as intellectual benchmarks for those same elites to reach. Climate/Builder Barbie has a way to go before she reaches that level. Then again, so does the rest of the cabinet as well as Prinz Dummkopf.

    1. The true story of Librano Canada.
      Don’t miss the explosive ending!

      “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.

      Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

      Steal a fish from one guy and give it to another–and keep doing that on a daily basis–and you’ll make the first guy pissed off, but you’ll make the second guy lazy and dependent on you. Then you can tell the second guy that the first guy is greedy for wanting to keep the fish he caught. Then the second guy will cheer for you to steal more fish. Then you can prohibit anyone from fishing without getting permission from you. Then you can expand the racket, stealing fish from more people and buying the loyalty of others. Then you can get the recipients of the stolen fish to act as your hired thugs. Then you can … well, you know the rest.”
      ― Larken Rose

    2. Repeal the Magna Carta! Kanuckistan has been slowly doing that since the 1960’s.
      Thanks to the dictators in the Supreme Court the government has a work around “innocence until proven guilty”.

  5. I feel so much safer. Blacklock reports that the dept. of immigration does not track members of the Chinese communist party that are in Canada posing as students or tourists etc. Also the federal government was so short of PPE supplies that the military were issued expired equipment. And federal employees are complaining they are bored and work too hard.

  6. I doubt Biden will be able to last thru is victory tour. Harris is waiting for him to drop. Hope he isn’t pushed.

    1. The Dems will pull bait and switch if Trump fails to get the election results reviewed. Should that be the case, Kameltoe, who was rejected early in the primaries, will become president on Inauguration Day.

  7. Blackie’s media is excited that Obama’s new book hits the market today. It was printed in Germany, which I suppose is fitting considering Obama’s view that industry will never return to the U.S.

  8. Justin and his Libranos have been criticized for openly politicizing the judicial appointment process:

    “The Canadian Bar Association, Canada’s largest professional association for lawyers, penned an open letter criticizing the presence of political vetting in the federal judicial appointment process.”


    Don’t expect to hear about this anywhere else in the mainstream media.

  9. Say it isn’t so Joe…or Andrew.

    Andrew Scheer has been employing his sister-in-law? C’mon.

    This guy has spent his whole life going around stepping on rakes. Arrrruuuugh

    1. The unbiased, non partisan, non co-opted Canadian Media, as is their wont, called Dandy Andy everything but a pale fellow and he responded with Scheer Sheep, the Great Joe Who imitator.

      They can’t miss any opportunity to justify their continuous cause of conservative character assassination.

      “True enough, the country is calm. Calm as a morgue or a grave, would you not say?”
      ― Václav Havel

      “Just as King Midas turned everything to gold, Justin turned everything to mediocrity.”

    2. Gone, yet still giving the Liberals get-out-of-jail-free cards.
      Will the people of Regina-Qu’Apelle please send Andy back to the private sector. Immediately. Lance the boil.

    1. Maybe the seasonal flu is showing up in the covid tests? Now wouldn’t that be inconvenient. And maybe the common cold triggers a positive in the test? And maybe the test is completely unreliable.

      Where’s the proof that all the above aren’t true?

  10. Been listening to the Senate grandstanding and sucking up to their new masters of Facebook and Twitter..
    All parties concerned know they are smarter better and best bred to rule,than the citizen taxpayers..
    None seem aware of the basic rules,Buyer Beware,is the only thing consumers can rely on.
    But we are so stupid that we must be protected from wrong think,in the eyes of these effete elites.
    Time to cull their ranks.
    The swamp is built upon the Uni-Party,vested interests and butt covering..
    George Carlin called it,”It is a big club and you ain’t invited”.

    Little Cartman’..s are everywhere.respect my authority.

    1. Nenshi sees the writing on the wall. He will be gone next year. He is just looking for his next paying gig. Hopefully Donny will follow him.

          1. He’d probably get that third pension whether or not he takes over from that battleaxe.

    1. I don’t believe he even thinks about Canada any more, he delegated that away to Butts and Red Dress. All he wants is to be Secretary General of the UN, cares about nothing else.

      1. It’s quite obvious that RD wants to be PM. That way she gets to hang out with the big kids. And, no, she won’t be an improvement over Prinz Dummkopf.

  11. Canada hosts media “freedom” conference with Botswana:


    Note what Botswana did to those two reporters. Meanwhile, it takes “Global Affairs” (which sounds like the antics of some randy international libertine) says it needs at least a year more to find electronic documents requested by Rebel News.

    1. I take it, then, that “The Great Reset” is designed to return us to the Paleolithic Era. That way, we can “build back better” and do things correctly this time. After all, the past 6,000+ years of human civilization have been bad, right?

  12. A Provincial vs Federal App Fight: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/alberta-covid-app-abtracetogether-apple-ios-functionality-issues-1.5799537
    I can see the sneer from here. And smell the bull on this one. On either application. NB: I ditched my “smartphone” a few years ago for a better flippy, industrial grade specs. I don’t do the web on the street, it’s turned off on the phone, only at home with a couple of bigger screens and a lot of power.
    Can someone tell me, or identify “an expert” for me?

    1. Will that mean I’ll have to buy one of those %%$@^*& phones in order that the government can track my whereabouts?

      My last cellphone decorated my wall nearly 20 years ago. I’ve never had or used one of those blinkin’ things since then.