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    1. It’s like a certain part of Edmonton I know of, which shall remain nameless. It was originally a WASP yuppie community when it was established many years ago. Now it’s an area with sections where, if you’re white, it wouldn’t be a good idea to stop and get out of your motor vehicle.

      Some 20 years ago, it was good for at least one drive-by shooting a month.

  1. As I passed through Edmonton airport security yesterday, I was reminded of just how much of a financial scam that system is.

    There are a lot of security personnel, both government and rent-a-cops, whose job, it seems, is to just stand in place and direct people to where they should go. I wonder just how much they get paid for doing something that mundane, but, then again, it’s a government operation, so what should one expect?

    I could probably go to a home improvement store, buy a ready-made sign, make a stand for it, and put it in the same spot. It’ll not only do the same job, but it’ll do it better, quicker, and cheaper. It’ll work longer hours with no overtime pay, without taking any breaks, and it’s not even unionized.

    1. B.A.D. I saw a Seinfeld episode on the weekend where Gerry wonders what bargaining leverage the New York city doormen would have as they were all going on strike. Then he gets taken advantage of by the doorman in the building Elaine is staying at (while house sitting for her boss). Same thing.

    2. In complete agreement. Coming through Montreal, Toronto and Edmonton airports three weeks ago, I was taken by how the number of “security” personnel at the airports has not changed even though you could drive a bus through the terminals and not run into anyone. What on earth are they doing? The one security member at Montreal made the comment to me that he and his colleagues were bored as they had nothing to do for most of the time.

      If I hear “we are all in this together” one more time, I’ll scream.

      1. I was taken by how the number of “security” personnel at the airports has not changed even though you could drive a bus through the terminals and not run into anyone

        Yup. When all this flummery started, there was so little for the Edmonton airport check-in security to do that they were actually polite for a change. Now it’s back to “I’ll punch your headlights out if you don’t do as I tell you.”

        I’m sure you noticed the entrance to the security area at EIA. That gaudy display, complete with large digital screens, looks like something out of a Nevada casino or a WE rally. (I’m sure some “preferred” government contractor made a lot of money putting in that frippery. It’ll probably be torn out and replace in a year or so.) Going through the first gate, I’d almost expect to see a chorus line of showgirls doing the can-can when I turn the corner after scanning my boarding pass.

        1. “Showgirls” – thanks for the laugh. Actually you are more correct than maybe you were thinking of with that line. Most of the so-called security IS just for show.

          I didn’t find Edmonton too bad for surliness which was a change – Montreal employees were polite. Forget Toronto. They are the most miserable bunch you can encounter. I try to avoid Toronto at all costs but no choice this time around.

          1. The security check-in agents at EIA have a bad reputation with other people who work there.

    1. I have been reading about this over at http://www.iotwreport.com and Yes, it does apply to Dominion Voting Systems ad DVS is a Canadian operation. Methinks there is a “whole bunch of hurt” coming at Canada, just over the horizon.
      But then, “What do I know?”

    2. Trump is a long term thinker, methinks. Read your reference at Conservative Treehouse, yesterday….in a comment. A whole lotta people could get tripped up on this, maybe, possibly even PM Sock Buoy et al. Dominion is a Sorearse op via the See Eye Eh….maybe that SCOTUS bunch might have a handle on it, maybe not. The way things are playing out south of 49, I’m not holding may breath on any “news” these days.
      On the virus front this AM, another drug company has a “vaccine” that is 94.5% effective, markets go wild. At least according to BNN. Apparently vaccines are effective on viri, except they tend to mutate with time. By the time WuFlu got to the EU, there were at least 4 different versions recognized from the original WuFlu one, then silence ever since. That was back in February.
      China industrial output up 6.9% this AM. WHO’s measuring it?

      1. How else does one explain the shakeup in his post election cabinet? He’s figured out who is loyal and who had to be replaced. The lawsuits provide a smokescreen while all the other evidence is being collected. I recall seeing on Twitter that Trump was watching the election results at the Eisenhower building which happens to have a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility). He was watching the fraud in real time and decided to drop the hammer.

        1. Yeah, I saw that too. I keep telling my wife: “Trumps got this. He keeps paying out line, loaded with more hooks to see what bites”. I think he’s having a lot more fun with this than Biden is, win or lose. The noose awaits all things Biden, if he loses and then some other folks might need to leave town, too. I think even if he wins. Bullseye on him and others. I’d bet money he’s just a place holder, even Kamella.

  2. Sidney Powell Drops a BOMB on Sunday Morning Futures
    “t’s really an insidious, corrupt system and I can’t tell you how livid I am at our government for not paying attention to complaints, even brought by Democrats… No one in our government has paid any attention to it which makes me wonder if the CIA has used it for its own benefit in different places. And why Gina Haspel is still there in the CIA is beyond my comprehension. She should be fired immediately.”


    Here is Sidney Powell and Eric Bolling getting into some more detail on the “ghost in the machine” fraud.
    Sidney Powell “They can watch the voting real time. They can run a computer algorithm on it as needed to either flip votes, take votes out or alter the votes to make a candidate win… It’s massive criminal voter fraud, writ large across at least 29 states… It’s obvious the algorithm and the statistics that our experts are tracking out are batches of votes and when the votes changed. It’s going to blow the mind of everyone in this country when we can get it all together and can explain it with the affidavits and the experts that have come forward. ”


  3. The Story of How We Got Here……… Nov 14th at The Burning Platform, by Stucky. I think he is right.

  4. If AI (artificial intelligence) was already in charge of us, what type of person would they want elected in the US?

    An empty suit only interested in kickbacks from charities or foreign governments perhaps?

  5. Moderna announcing this morning that its China vaccine is successful. Of course CNN is using the news to trash Trump. Meanwhile Blackie’s CBC continues to follow orders, pushing the idea that Angry Adolf needs to go full Nazi and take over the China virus fight.

  6. A bit off topic here. Some of you may remember Richard Evans, who ran the blog Let Freedom Reign, and before that the Cannukistanian Chronicles. He passed away in the Philippines earlier this month and his family has set up a Go Fund Me page to raise $20,000 needed to pay his final medical bills and repatriate his remains.


    Kate, please delete if you don’t want this here.

  7. Great news for Trudeau’s feminists. Blacklock reports that pay equity in the federal government will cost over two billion dollars. And the federal government has ruled that a Christian postal worker must remove her Christian ring because its not religious. But Sikh postal workers can continue to wear religious stuff.

  8. This is the … “healing” … a Biden-elect Admin. is bringing to Suburbia?


    Hey suburban women!! D’ya remember when PDJT WARNED you that “undesirables” were coming for your safe, suburban enclaves? Well … Biden hasn’t even been installed yet by the High Tech-Media-DNC-Communist Party of America… and the “urbanites” are coming for WHITE-suburbia (and Asian Suburbia). Hope you have gotten “geared-up” with Bear spray, concrete milkshakes … and all the other weapons of Anarchists, BLM, scum.

    Please Note that these violent thugs have, once again, been referred-to as … “Protestors” … automatically affording the group license to commit mayhem. In the name of “Free Speech” which is being denied you.

  9. Blacklock reports that Angry Adolf’s languages minister wants hefty fines against federal agencies that don’t speak French. The Post reports that the premier of Quebec is outraged that not enough French is spoken in Montreal shops. Adolf held a virtual meeting to promote media freedom. The media was banned from the event. The budget for parliament hill renovations went up another 156 million dollars. Nobody in parliament knows what the billions for renovations is being spent on. Trump is Hitler. Doug Ford is Hitler. Indians need more money. Islam is wonderful. Adolf is wonderful. The Liberal Party is wonderful. And that’s the news so far.

  10. Amid the covid hysteria it has become apparent that it is the Canadian health care system itself that can’t measure up. All those years of doctor shortages and acute care beds are now manifesting themselves in real time. The first crisis and the system fails. This sounds like something out of the third world.

    Sure there are lots of hospital administrators, health care bureaucrats and nurses making 200k/yr but when you need a bed in ER or IC well…there are none.

    The system has been under water forever. You need an MRI – you get in line. If your still alive when you get your test and it shows you need an operation, well, your back in line waiting for a spot to open up in OR. Anybody been to any hospital emergency room in the past 25 years…I rest my case.

    How could you reasonably expect a system so burdened with inefficiencies to be able to respond to the simplest emergency let alone a pandemic? At the first sign of stress the system failed to pass muster. Why Canadians continue to tolerate what passes for health care in this country is a mystery.

    1. “You need an MRI – you get in line.” Maybe you don’t really need one right away? I’m slated for one in 4 weeks for one thing, just had one in October for another thing. Results were used to do surgery two weeks ago. I guess I’m the one holding things up? If you “need” something here (Alberta), you will get it. I can attest to that. Not everyone “needs” an MRI, or a CT Scan toute suite. Unless it’s some kind of emergency, like a car accident, or you fell down some stairs. I’m quite impressed, overall with the health care I receive in Alberta, even under COVID RULES. Even at the ER. Shut down? I’ve been frequenting Foothills the last 10 months, unimpeded. Even had surgery 2 weeks ago. An acquaintance had surgery and a 2 day stay over a month or so ago, all while COVID raged in a couple of wards upstairs at Foothills. The biggest impediment is hospital workers occupying restricted space for patients in the lunch room. The same ones out on that wildcat strike a while ago. Dawgfarkers. They PTB could thin that herd and get better efficiency out of the remainder. Save us some money, too. Oh, and you might follow this for an idea on how the NDP under Notley has been messing with our health care, the last while. Give HER a piece of your mind about it: https://twitter.com/MakisMD

      1. Canada is 2nd from last place in the OECD (26 countries) when it comes to acute care beds.

        We consistently rank around 30th in the world for health care. Are we a nation that is 30th in the world for wealth and standard of living?

        Some provinces already are spending close to 50% of their budgets on health care. Are they getting value for their money? Is Alberta?

        Your slated for an MRI in 4 weeks (how long have you already been waiting)?? Hope you don’t have anything going wrong because 4 weeks is an eternity in some cases. I once had an MRI in 2 days following my visit to the doc. I paid for it myself rather than line up – for 4 weeks or months.

        Doctors themselves have sounded the alarm that cancelled surgeries are going to result in deaths.

        Good for you that your estimation you’ve had good health care. I’ll bet this site has many stories that are otherwise, excluding what our health care did to the occupants of extended care homes.

        1. Well, that MRI was booked from late August, so expected. I get one every 3 months for that Doc. Like clockwork since 3 years ago. Last I was in, the sign says I might have to wait for emergency folks, before mine. Haven’t yet in 19 years. There are 4 active hospitals in Calgary, but the Holy Cross and the old Children’s at 17 Ave and Crowchild have had a crack at me on their machines in the past. That makes 6, never mind the private units in town. I’ve been doing them for 19 years and in some cases longer. The one in October was in response to some other stuff going on, somewhat related to the first, but not directly. Last time I had a problem in that location was about 9 years ago. Was down about 6-7 quarts when all was said and done, that time. Sorta cropped up out of the blue, this time. I recognized the type and intensity of the pain and explained it to the ER Doc. We went over the scan, together. Tumor related, not hardware. I’m a 20 year veteran of Calgary/Alberta health care institutions. I have a file stack, not a file folder. I have the original X-Rays of my problem, because I actually paid for them to speed things up so I could get back to work. The Mayfair folks will take your money, anytime on anything they can scan. You’re allowed as much personal input as you care to make of it as you want in Alberta. Take advantage of it, please. My first MRI was at Mayfair, paid for out of pocket, tax deductible. Didn’t wait long. A week? Only $650 25 years ago. Drove to drill a well right away. Truck was already loaded. You can wait for .Gov care, or grab the bull by the horns if you want. It’s just money and deductible along with dental work. Keep the receipts for tax time.
          If you do have a health problem, don’t wait for your family Doc, head to the ER in any town. Some of the best Docs out there are ER Docs. They see a lot of stuff your regular one doesn’t. I recommend it. You’ll wait like everyone else, but more likely you’ll get an answer for less wait time at the ER.

    2. Why do the Stupid CBC PARROTS (Canadians) Keep Chirping Free Health Care. I Am Canadian I Get Free HealthCare. When FREE HEALTHCARE Costs 7600 per citizen, that is man, woman and child is beyond me. That is like 30,000 for a family of 4. And the stunned CBC Feather Heads think it is free. Free Healthcare chirp chirp

    1. As one attuned to extra terrestrial events that formed this planet (Geologist), a good idea to spread our genes to other locales. Preservation of the human race, in case we get lined up for another chunk of space junk that wiped out the Dinos. Last one was smack dab in the Yucatan and Gulf of Mehico. The “wave” ranged’ as far north as the Brazeau in Texas and points north, never mind what it did to the atmosphere and ambient lighting for a while.

      1. The fact is that this planet’s been clobbered by all manner of space debris for millions of years. It’s only in recent decades that many of those impact points have been recognized as being formed by extra-terrestrial materials, even though many have been hidden by vegetation or faded due to weathering.

        One of the most famous is Meteor Crater (aka Barringer Crater) in Arizona, whose origin, even 60 years ago, was the subject of debate. It wasn’t until Dr. Gene Shoemaker found evidence of rocks that had been subject to shock loading, likely due to forces produced by high-velocity impacts, that earlier suggestions that the crater had been the result of a meteorite were likely correct.

        The Charlevoix crater in Quebec is one, as well. I’ve also heard suggestions that certain prominent Canadian geographical features such as Hudson’s Bay and Ungava Bay, might have formed that way.