38 Replies to “Vote rigging: How to spot the tell-tale signs”

  1. Wow. Amazing how many of these boxes the media and Democrats are checking off.

    Thanks for a great find. It really adds perspective.

    1. None of them except in the mind of a delusional Trump supporter that can’t accept that their boy lost.
      It took a decade or more for 9/11 truthers to die out.
      I suppose it will take just as long for the Trump election conspiracies to die.

      1. If it was such an honest count, why did the Democrats fight so hard against observers? Tells you everything you need to know right there you naïve little child.

        1. Thanx SID for that reply to the resident commie loving imbecile.

          Only those whose craniums are devoid of anything but deadwood would come out and state this was an Honest election. A New definition for Vacuous.

        2. The complaints about observers are fake news.

          The only issue before the courts is a question of whether observers should be 6ft away instead of 12ft but an observer at 12ft is still an observer.

          If you disagree then provide a link to a court case that was not tossed out for lack of evidence. I won’t hold my breath because making stuff up is easier than actually providing evidence.

        3. I agree with you Steve…. just because the fake media says lying biden has won doesn’t make it so…..this is far from over and very surprising so many people go along with this fake news??? crazy stuff

      2. I thought YOU, Tim G, were a prominent 9-11 Truther?

        Good to see you become sensible about something

      3. Says the delusional TDS Trump is a Russian stooge moron. Your POV is a POS of no validity always in opposition to truth.
        It took four years to overturn the pornographic propaganda that was the seditious attempt to remove DJT as POTUS.
        You of that belief are not trustworthy people, but are quite good at projecting your nasty mendacity.
        No, unlike TDS idiots, Trump supporters have a life and will therefore get over it and move on to fight the good fight.

        Of course, ongoing business would have to continue with currently underway FBI criminal and Senate investigations into Hunter Biden and his corrupt father. Oops, better cue to the Georgia runoff Senate races, and bring in the vote fraudsters.

        Like Scott Adams says, they’ve been doing this for decades and the straw man “widespread fraud” is a tell talking point.
        Go riot in your pants Timbitwit if and when SCOTUS turns this fraud around and restores the vote to credibility.
        As an aside, gotta love the “we had enough votes in PA” when the count should have stopped and didn’t. Easily refuted.
        SCOTUS’ Alito said ALL votes after 8pm on election night are out, not just mailed in ones.
        So buckle up, Monday will reveal how far this goes. The Democrat victory lappers could get a cramp real soon.
        Cue the rioters, I mean looters, I mean freedom fighters. Let’s just leave it a Dennis Miller’s “violent do-gooders.”
        I don’t care what happens because I am of the strong, not of the weak who must hamstring the other team to win.
        We will always come out of top because we truly understand what winning is. On that point, I like Scott feel better.

    1. About 10 million brain dead monkeys managed to cast ballots for Biden in the U.S.

      They can easily spot their own sh!t, then throw it at the other guy.

  2. When the vote hits sky high like a big pizza pie
    that’s a fraud eh?

    When there’s more votes than people and some from the steeple
    that’s fraud eh?

  3. Since the election will be going to the courts — likely the Supreme Court, the outcome will depend on whether or not the Dems cheated. If so, I am pretty sure it will be identified. What will get them is the use of Hammer/ Scorecard — where mass numbers of votes flipped from Trump to Biden. That appears to be identifiable. The turn out for Trump was astounding, so they were rushed and they got sloppy. If Dems won fair square, no problem. But I think a lot of Dems should be worried about that. As Trump is fond of saying, “We’ll see what happens.”

  4. Of all the bad things you read about Trump, all the things, true, exaggerated or false, why haven’t we heard him called an election cheater? Why wouldn’t someone of such low character cheat?
    I’m sure TimG has the answer, but if I was dying of thirst I wouldn’t ask him for a glass of water as he’d give nothing but hot piss.

    1. Simple: the US electoral system is extremely robust with numerous checks and balances. The notion the that large scale attempts at fraud could go undetected by state officials is absurd which is why democrats did not make any such accusations in 2016 nor did they make any such claims about all those the races that they unexpectedly lost in 2020.

      This does not mean fraud does not occur. It just means the cases are isolated enough that they won’t affect the outcome. The recount process will give both side a chance to review every ballot for irregularities but prior experience with recounts shows that errors greater than 1000 vote have almost never occurred.

      At the end of the day this is all about Trump’s ego. He can’t accept that he lost so instead of accepting the facts he creates fake news and whips his followers into a frenzy.

      1. Thanks for admitting you didn’t check out the link. If you had, you would note how the methods for detecting a fixed election include the methods to bypass the checks and balances. And that transparency and openness are the best ways to stop such corruption.

        Shoo, shoo pidgie. Stop pooping on the chessboard.

  5. Are you saying that the Amerikan elections are getting Afrikanized?

    …. as somebody on channel 4 would ask ….

  6. What I find most disturbing is the impunity with which Democrats are gaming the system. They’re not even trying to cover their tracks. They are 100% certain that there will be no consequences for their actions. They know that the media, which should be a watchdog on behalf of American citizens, is actually an arm of the Democrat party that will do everything necessary to cover for Democrat election crimes.


    1. I agree wholeheartedly…. This is far from over but tough with the fake news saying biden won when the election has NOT been called officially…..Why anyone believes fake news is beyond me but……lots of nut cases out there I guess….

      1. Because it’s Dem friends tampering with the software. They won’t be tampering to give votes to Trump.

  7. So what is the end game for you guys?
    What has to happen for you to accept that Biden won fair and square?
    Would all of Trump’s court cases getting tossed out be enough?
    Or would you start accusing courts of being part of the conspiracy?

    If your answer is you will never accept the result as legitimate then what is the point of court cases? Why don’t you start your armed rebellion now?

    1. Court victory for Biden is not sufficient reason for armed rebellion. But there will be resistance. Implementing his call for gun bans will likely lead to significant armed resistance. If .1% of those subject to raids resist, which I consider low end likelihood, you will run out of officers.

  8. @TimG “Would all of Trump’s court cases getting tossed out be enough.” That would do it. But it is not what I would expect. Courts are most likely to find cheating. Once the courts rule, I think even Trump would concede. What he claims he is after is a fair election. The courts will rule on that.

    I had been thinking the Hammer Scorecard would be the biggest thing trapping Biden cheaters. I have changed my mind. That will be a factor, but a bigger and deciding factor will be late votes being counted. This is unconstitutional in several swing states. The late votes will have to be disqualified. They are illegal. Happily, normal people got their votes in on time. It was all the Biden cheat votes that came in too late.

  9. So then … America has become nothing more than the equivalent of a corrupt African Nation ? Thanks for the reminder, BBC

    1. Cernovich is calling for declassification…letting all the crap out of the bag in Washington.
      Trump apparently is in a position to do that.
      While we are focusing on votes, is anyone looking at the money behind the frauds, and vote fixing, postal workers ?
      Good old main street Dems would not get involved unless there was some cash involved, am I right?

      1. And further to that…is it possible that Barr is so quiet because he is working on charges against Biden?

        Trump is always full of surprises.

  10. worth repeating:
    ah lOOk
    the t-RUMP having a john diefenbaker moment.
    remember him? dalton camp triggers a leadership convention and theres ol’ prairie johnny
    cling cling cling to powah.


    here’s a hint: e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g the t-RUMP does and says goes into the carved-in-granite historical record.
    including this tidbit about ‘losers’ muttered within earshot of a senior military commander:

    and that for me was the utter irreparable LAST straw

    note the journal name ‘MILITARYTIMES’ not some commie leftoid rag

    so now president orange face is the big LOSER.