Finding Joy in the Suffering of Leftists

In a few short years we will all be dead.  Whether that’s 2 years of 52 years, it’s still going to be “a few” and they will indeed be short.  And though you have every right to be angry, even rageful at the left as they literally do nothing short of parasiting off of you and your labor, you cannot let their parasitism ruin your one and finite life by making you angry all the time.  This has forced me to look at things like health, friends, love, and thin chicks as things I will get to enjoy that leftists can’t.  But it wasn’t until recently did I realize we have something else the left doesn’t – sanity.

The short version is this.  You cannot live the lie most leftists are living without suffering incredible psychological pain and damage.  Living a lie guarantees you will suffer mentally.  And while the left may be getting government checks off your sweat and toil, they are an absolutely miserable lot.  Thus, in addition to family, love, friendship, employment, and thin chicks, we should also celebrate something we get to enjoy that leftists don’t – sanity.

Thus I published this essay, “Sanity is the Future of Wealth.”

It is not the answer to all of our problems.  It’s not even a solution to save Western Civilization.  It’s just pure, unadulterated vengeance enjoying the pain and suffering of leftists, with the added benefit of knowing they did it to themselves.  So if you want to enjoy the dirty pleasure of enjoying watching evil people suffer, read “Sanity is the Future of Wealth” and appreciate the fact you might actually enjoy your life on this planet, unlike nearly every other leftist out there.

9 Replies to “Finding Joy in the Suffering of Leftists”

  1. Very true, Aaron. The left are miserable and they will do their utmost to make everyone else miserable.

    But many of the left are merely parroting the leftwing bromides. Going along just to get along. That group seems to be fairly happy.

  2. Actually, a certain amount of wealth is important too. Some of the 60’s Hippies figured it out, eventually, but forgot to tell the kids. This book is for younger people, who did not experience values training. Are the 10 Commandments not as relevant today as they always were? I have not been attached to a church for decades, but the early moral training is there, possibly an antidote to modern school curricula, and proper parental training.

  3. Three Saskatchewan farm boys were walking the sidewalks of a small town on a Saturday night. One was a Liberal, one was an NDP supporter and the other a Conservative. A guy drove by in a new Lincoln Town Car.
    The Conservative lad exclaimed: ”Oh boy! I’m going to work hard, save my money and someday I’ll drive a car like that. ”
    The Liberal thought for a moment and said: ”I’m going to write to my MP and see if I can get a government grant to buy a car like that Lincoln. ”
    The NDP lad looked at both of them and said” ”Don’t kid your self, someday that guy will be walking, just like we are tonight.”

  4. How socialism works:
    Never judge a man until you walk a mile in his shoes –
    That way you’ll have his shoes and be a mile away from him.

  5. I believe I have a head start on this …. for the past 4 years, every time I come across an anguished post about how horrid conservatives are and how bad Trump is … it was clear these assholes were in pain.

    My standard comment to those folks was … I cannot express how much I enjoy your pain.

    The left is insane and they are miserable and in pain.

  6. The captain has verbalized what most of us instinctively know.
    Life is short and we all use shortcuts as we age.
    Humour a fool gladly,stops being amusing when you have shit to do.
    Having to feed unwelcome guests,who you do not like,did not invite and cannot evict,gets old real fast,especially when they are miserable destroyers.
    We use shortcuts ,such as I am happy being me, I assume most other people are much like me,thus most people must be happy..
    Until I am forced to deal with a Progressive Creature with full blown Navel gazing Madness.
    Then I realize their continuous pleadings for attention,their desperate attempts to “educate” everyone else and the emotionally charged angry righteousness..are just their attempts to ignore the obvious.
    Truly unhappy and unwilling/incapable of the necessary self examination to ask themselves why.
    Empathy is not easy when you hate yourself.
    Forget single use plastic,our Progressive Comrades need to recycle more.
    As the comment ;”By and large conservative women are beautiful,progressive women are Bi and Large.”
    Sums it up rather neatly.