“We appreciate you guys, we really do”

Solid work by the New York Times’Christiaan Triebert. (thread)

More on his assailants.

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  1. From all of the videos in the tweet stream, it would seem that the NY Times reporter actually committed real journalism. Will he be fired for violating the accepted left-wing narrative of the “mainly peaceful” protests? The Times forced their op-ed page editor to resign in June because he approved the publishing of an article that departed from that narrative.

    1. The New York Times will never actually publish it or if they do it will be on the back pages. They will however have front page coverage of the brave ANTIFA who gave their lives trying to peacefully disarm a white supremacist who in cld blood murdered one of their own who was just peacefully. They will cover the funerals, speak about the families and how devastated they are and what wonderful people these poor poor victims of White Supremacy are.

    2. Did you read the comments on the story? Esp. the NYT “selected” comments? Every single one was a call for repealing the 2nd Amendment … because … “white crackah white supremacists with assault rifle terrorists”. The commenters were all practicing their confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance even after watching the videos that clearly show self-defense.

      The Left simply won’t tolerate “fighting back”. Why? Because they’ll lose … every time.

    3. The new buzzword is fiery but mostly peaceful protests.


      As Turley mentioned, look for similar terminology such at looty but mostly peaceful protests, or assaulty or shooty protests.

      However this case plays out, it’s an easy pivot to gun control narrative of underage vigilante inciting shooting to mass murder.
      Which gives him a lifetime membership in the ultra secret but dangerous white supremacist club, including, or course, Trump.
      Let the courts have this one folks. First degree murder seems ridiculous at this point. Back away slowly without firing a shot.

      1. Announcing First Degree Murder charges is the default for maximum potential to defuse the situation. Public interest can wane and move on while the investigation is done and charges can be reduced or dropped when more is known.

        From what we can see so far, it may turn out that he was justified by self-defence, but I think it will still be clear that he would be better off at age 17 not having gone anywhere to provide armed protection to someone’s property, and then he shouldn’t have left the group on his own. You don’t see police officers going into these situations alone in their vehicles, let alone afoot.

        1. He is only guilty of tactical mistakes. In other words: he is innocent. He should never be arrested and have bullshit charges dropped on him to appease the savage mob. This is malicious prosecution.

          The kid is a hero and deserves to be recognized as such.

        2. Not sure how he got separated from his group. Video from earlier, show the mob that those shot were part of actively trying to separate members of the group that he was in. That is a typical predator tactic that can be seen in wild animals, isolate one member from the herd for an easy kill.

  2. It’s very well done but the left are mad dogs who don’t care about anything but their narrative. White man with gun and not on our side = White Supremacist Murderer. The fact that they had guns and were shooting and attacking him is irrelevant. The only thing that counts is they narrative. I predict he is forced to accept a plea deal and vanish from the scene, his life in ruins. As for the people he shot, well to quote someone else “I’m sure they have insurance.”

  3. This is not going to end until enough people have died that people are tired of the violence. There will be a lot more violence before we reach that point.

    I think it’s also time that the NYT building was burnt to the ground. Reparations for the actions of Durante et al.

    1. It won’t end until our masters decide that avoiding a sustainable, long-term solution to the Negro problem—viz. a permanent transfer of the black population to Liberia, in exchange for Africa’s remaining whites—is more costly—to them personally—than it’s worth.

      That could take a while. They and their money will always be welcome in countries without significant African populations. It’s hard to see what would convince them of the gravity of the problem, short of BLM getting their hands on atomic weapons and setting them off in global financial centres. Only when the City of London was under nightly attack by the Luftwaffe did Hitler’s financiers realize what a catastrophic blunder they had committed.

      1. Yes, because it’s all about skin colour. That’s why you have more in common with Jeffrey Dahlmer and Charlie Manson than with Thomas Sowell or Clarence Thomas. /bigot.

  4. I am confused by this apparent outbreak of journalism. How long will it last? What is being done to flatten the curve? Will there be a second wave of journalism? Will anyone showing signs of journalism be asked to self quarantine?

  5. The men who attacked Kyle and who were shot have been identified.
    The OMB media will have a difficult time selling the ‘devoted family men and loving fathers’ narrative.

    As usual, more great work from Andy Ngo.

    To satisfy the woke people their pronouns are ‘was, ‘were’, and ‘winged’.

    Also a picture of him being bashed in the head with the skateboard.

    1. Here is a clear, legible write up that doesn’t use twitter:


      These guys are a daily read for me. They sometimes fall on different sides of issues, and argue their differences respectfully. When they see their posts are incorrect or incomplete, they honestly revise them.



    2. I found this clip of the dead bald guy being EXTREMELY agitated and looking for a fight with a cadre of heavily armed people (presumably the shopkeeper defenders) very revealing. He’s the angry short bald guy in the red/maroon t-shirt.


      He was one shot in the head after chasing the 17 yo kid, and throwing something at him.

      There were a LOT of armed men on the streets. Both sides. Including the guy with the baseball bat sticking out of the top of his backpack. And many other backpacks with metal pipe sticking out of them.

      Nice job police. While you’re hiding in your armored vehicles … using bullhorns telling the crowds to disperse … you just drive on by … completely ignored by the rioters. Nice rules of disengagement. I haven’t seen anything like this since the police spent 2-1/2 hours setting up their JTFMCU command center at Columbine HS … while victims bled-out inside. I hope every city and every police department review their riot response tactics after Trump’s re-election.

  6. I don’t care what the New York Times does.

    As an actual small c conservative, a true libertarian who wants smaller government, someone with values, I would never get a subscription. They want to try to regain enough credibility, simply so that they can relight the fire and begin burning it again pushing communism? No thanks, let suckers pay for that.

    Hanoi Jane, Walter Duranty, the list of people and organizations that supported those people, and who should never under any circumstance be forgiven, is very long.

  7. This is a bad kid and he should be in jail for the rest of his life for what he has done. It’s good that these things are exposed and so quickly after the incident.

    Now if The New York Times could track the “visual investigations” of the hours leading up to the death of George Floyd with the same level of research, perhaps we would have a better understanding of what really happened in that case.

    It’s now been several months for that exhaustive journalism and we’re still waiting.

    1. Crap. Watch some video – every move he made was done to escape and then defend himself after being chased by a dozen blm/antifa garbage.
      The last guy approached him when he was down, faked his surrender, then pulled a pistol, and got his upper arm shot off. WTH, he has another one.
      Did you want the kid to cower on the ground and sustain brain damage from a mob assault? You probably do.
      A bad kid? He’s doing the work others will be forced to do eventually.

    2. I guess you were too preoccupied to read the coroner’s report.
      He died of a drug overdose.
      So much for the narrative.

  8. Best tweet in Ngo’s Thread:

    “Why won’t Democrats denounce the violence in:
    -New York City
    -Washington, D.C.
    Because they’re all run by Democrats.”

    Getting the Government they all eagerly voted for.
    As for the 3 bits of human garbage that were shot… “HUMAN”..?? barely.

  9. Oh to be a young, innocent, heavily armed police fanboy again. That takes me back.

    There is no way that he gets convicted but there won’t be any riots about it either. Low melanin on low melanin violence is just a side show. They’ll just think of it as a s struggle session. Can we make sure they examined their racism and privilege during the fight.

    Travelling across state lines, heavily armed to defend someone else’s property is, maybe, noble. Really, it’s just young and dumb and we are seeing a tidal wave of dumb playing out right now. I’m starting to wonder if we’re at point now where parties are entering conflict outside their own neighborhoods, isn’t that a slow motion civil war?

    1. his home is 30 minutes away from Kenosha, I’d travel 30 minutes to defend my friends and neighbour’s from the mob too, imaginary lines between them be damned.

    1. True, he does not fit the “aspiring rap artist who was turning his life around” demographic. The kid is a hero.

  10. Check out the comments on the times article – overwhelming condemnation of the kid for shooting innocent protestors while using terms like “trump minions” and “nazi”. Even video evidence from their most trusted source cannot dent their narrative delusion.

  11. If Kyle from Antioch is a white supremacist, how come the dead and wounded victims who chased and attacked him are white?

  12. Meh.
    Once you lie by preference ,for the great narrative,truth is irrelevant.
    This accidental journalism will not make a lick of difference to the Demon Possessed,could be very important to those poised to “Walk away”.
    Play stupid games ,win stupid prizes.
    The Kid should start a civl lawsuit against the family and comrades of the dipshits he had to shoot.
    Play by the Libtards rules,they made him do it,thus he is a victim of the second order..
    Oh the agony,make them pay.

  13. An important perspective from burning Kenosha that will never make it into the mainstream media:

    “The mother of Jacob Blake, the man whose shooting by police during an attempted arrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin ignited riots in the city and protests nationwide, condemned rioters involved in the violence. She also apologized to President Trump for words that a relative said about him in anger.”


  14. It is not quite so clear to me.
    Whereas the second man killed (26 year old with a skateboard) is a clear case of self-defense and the man with a pistol injured in the arm by Rittenhouse also looks to be a clear case of self defense, I have not seen video footage of the shooting of Rosenbaum.
    That Rosenbaum was a registered sex-offender and clearly has/had anger management issues are insufficient causes for a death sentence – even if knowledge of Rosenbaum’s moral issues engender a reduced sense of compassion after being killed.

    1. Just a guy,
      OK, the first guy who was head shot was coming after him, and threw something white at him, for all he knew, it could have been a brick or something worse inside the bag. This guy was coming at him while he was openly armed, that suggests he had something equivalent, a form of weapon himself, (you don’t take
      a knife to a gunfight, but I digress,) He has a right to self defense, yet was also underage to have a semiautomatic rifle with him out on the street. The skateboard guy could have killed him, so that too is justified, and the third guy he partially disarmed, (sorry) was armed with a pistol, so justified there too. At age seventeen he was in illegal possession of that firearm, even with the most liberal pro gun laws, so yeah, a stupid kid doing something stupid, with an illegally possessed firearm, but the self defense aspect was, as far as I can see, justified. I’ve been teaching firearms safety for over twenty years so do have some knowledge on the firearms subject. First degree murder will not stick, but homicide might. There is ample video evidence of his defensive actions, from what I could observe, but I don’t have all the facts, and unlike these BLM idiots, I’m not convicting and rioting until all the information is in. He will get time for sure with the underage and illegal parts, and yeah, his unwise ass, due to youth and stupidity, has now ruined his life no matter what! Personally, I would not be on those or any streets doing what he was doing, but if you attack me or my family with deadly force, I will fight back with the same deadly force, and worry about the legalities later, if I’m alive to do so.

      1. Just watched the longer video and still think the shooting defense was justified, that mob would have beaten and kicked him to death if they got hold of him. Still, underage, illegal firearm, and stupid youthful ignorance. Where did he get the firearm?

        1. Gerry, all can say is damn good shooting for a 17 yr kid. I can handle a weapon, but not sure I would have performed as well as he did, under the circumstances!

    1. Thanks for that. Perhaps I missed other videos, but that is the first time I have actually seen the shooting of Rosenbaum starting at about 21 seconds. I have seen other videos of Rosenbaum afterwards on the ground bleeding from the shot in the head. By recognizing the surroundings from the other video, I can see this is the shooting of Rosenbaum.

  15. He fired about 5 rounds, each lasting a millisecond. The rest of his behavior was mostly peaceful.

  16. The Communists (thugs) are all in now, BLM is just an excuse….The NBA, NFL, NHL will boycott the Second Amendment and we will have a Civil war to save the Republic…….Knee capping yourself & your sport is not trivial….. There is no safe harbor from here forward

    That’s the way I see it

    1. Yep not guilty for me too, but guilty of underage possession, on the street with an illegal firearm across a state line and guilty of stupidity! Civil war for sure is unfolding. Hate to say it, but to put a stop to the insanity this became a requirement, because the police have been told to stand down. What are citizens supposed to do, just let the Antifa and BLM run wild? One other small thought, the big city of Chicago right next door has been a war zone for a very long time, this would change and harden a lot of people over time, so none of it is really a surprise.

      1. Not sure how the state line was crossed, but there are legal ways to do that (locked box, unloaded, separate from ammo and vehicle passengers I read somewhere) and I am sure that regardless of the truth, that will be the claim that can not be proven false.

        Pretty sure the firearm itself is legal, even the NYT corrected themselves after calling it an assault rifle and said it was an AR15 style. I suspect that gun control is a dead issue in America now and even some mediots are recognizing this, hard to push that policy while police are actively ignoring citizens in imminent danger and respond to 911 calls by saying we can’t come, you are on your own. Record first time gun buyers from all across the social and political spectrum support that idea.

        Underage possession will be interesting, as he was with adults the whole time until he got separated from the group, and how that happened will be a big factor. I know minors can go hunting and to ranges as long as they are with an adult who can do so, I have no idea what the laws will say about the minor being with an adult in this situation. They might even be able to argue necessity on anything related to carrying, as the intent was to prevent a greater harm than would be caused by carrying.

        Guilty of stupidity? If they make that a crime, I want to get into prison construction. It will be a booming industry.

  17. “That Rosenbaum was a registered sex-offender and clearly has/had anger management issues are insufficient causes for a death sentence”
    In my mind all the more reason to kill him.

    1. Not as far as Rittenhouse’s case is concerned. Self-defence justifies stopping the guy, but not seeking or hoping that it would necessarily include killing him. However, the attacker’s character and past conduct are reasons to be relieved that when someone died, it just happened to be him.

  18. No lie: I’m gonna raise a pint or 5 to that kid on Friday night. If he starts a Shot-an-Antifa-BLM-bully-coward trend I’ll drink to that to.

  19. I get it now. They doxxed him because he WASN’T antifa/blm/thugs for Biden.

    Of the 3 people had managed to lynch him, they would be providing cover.

  20. I don t know if those were photoshopped but there are now photos on facebook that show one antifa with a pistol in hand, thus the 17 year old would have been acting in self defense, he was also having his head smashed with a skateboard while the other antifa got his pistol out.

    It seems to be self defense.

    Also the lawyer who won the case for the Covington boy is defending the 17 year old, it must be because he knows it was self defense.