“Forget it, downtown Toronto? Nobody wears a poppy.”

Triggering all the right people.

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Update: So let me get this straight… The country just elected a man who wore blackface more times than he can say, who backs a values test for immigrants but only to Quebec, backed dropping Quebec’s immigration level and was weak on Bill 21. But Don Cherry is the big problem?

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The ratio has begun.

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  1. Let’s not forget that these British draftees from Canada were CONSCRIPTED against their will to fight in a war that the retarded foreign British Monarch had already lost. If Canadians want to honor soldiers then honor the United States Armed Forces who were the only fighting force that was capable of delivering freedom to England and Canada while paying for it with our hard earned cash.

    1. I have no clue what you are talking about. A small fraction of the dead in both big wars were conscripted. The US was almost irrelevant in WWI. Their biggest effect was that the Germans knew millions more Americans were on the way.

    2. “while paying for it with our hard earned cash.”

      Like all the other countries involved in WWI and WWII, the U.S. borrowed the money. It wasn’t done with cash, it was done on credit.
      Did the U.S. “deliver” freedom to Canada? No. Was England invaded either? No.
      I could go on debunking your mythological “U.S. Saves the World!” revisionist history, but it suffices to say, “You’re an idiot”.

    3. The single, individual Canadian and Australian army corps that spearheaded the British sector attacks during the 100 Days Offensive took more German prisoners than all of the American army corps combined. (Although there were two U.S. infantry divisions attached to the two British armies containing the Oz and Canuck army corps.) The Aussies took about 24 more prisoners but the Canadians took more ground.

      If the war had continued into 1919, not likely because of the effect of the R.N. blockade and poor harvests, then the U.S. might have “won the war” but that didn’t happen.

      BTW, in WW2 there were more British Imperial and Commonwealth military fighting in the field (air and sea included) than Americans until August 1944.

    4. John Q. Canadian Forces in WWI and WWII were overwhelmingly volunteers. Fresh American troops, latecomers that they were, did make a big difference in WWI from 1917 to the armistice of November 11, 1918.

      However, our 67,000 war dead and 173,000 wounded warriors in WWI from an expeditionary force of 620,000 (from a population of 8 million) demonstrates that Canada paid an enormous price. Our freedom was bought by the courage and blood of our brave volunteer troops, not American cash, important though that was.

      At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.

      John the Mad CD Major (Ret’d)

    5. I have a relative who volunteered for service during WW2 as did thousands of other brave young Canadian men. After several years of training with the RCAF, he was sent to serve with the RAF in the UK. Canada trained allied troops from around the world during that war. We shared resources and made sacrifices so that anonymous little creeps like you could post your BS from your mother’s basement. My relative died in battle and made the ultimate sacrifice for the liberty and freedoms you’ll never understand or appreciate. Ban John Q. Citizen from this site. He’s a leftist coward.

    6. John you’re facts are wrong !!!! My Grandfather Harry Hardcastle fought at Vimy and Passchendaele and was from Canada! ( No Conscription )
      Don Cherry Nailed it on the failure to wear a poppy! I’m sure immigrants are never told of the sacrifices of our troops! All of the Political Left wouldn’t lift a finger to stand for Canada, let alone put their life on the line! Don did something that needed strength !

        1. Thanks he couldn’t talk about the war it was too hard! He did tell me a few incidents while he tutored me in math in his later years!

  2. Well, Thank you Don Cherry. You are a patriot, and when I see the list of morons mad at you on twatter, I applaud you some more. These are the very same morons who cheer when our moron PM gives over 250 million Canadian taxpayer dollars to some grifters called the cf, and why have none of these so called journalists never asked the moron why? If you are triggering media morons Don, you sir are completely correct and we love it. Check out the Alabama LSU stadium yesterday you media morons if you think you are the majority. I think not. Proud to wear a poppy and always will be.

    1. Yes… and the “media morons” are quite selective in their “outrage” aren’t they… Wearing racist blackface is okay with the Media, championing murderous dictator Fidel Castro is okay with the Media, praising China’s “basic dictatorship” is fine, labeling Canada a “Post Nation State” is fine too, sexually assaulting a female reporter is also just fine, etc, etc etc… just don’t be Catholic and what ever you do don’t tell people to buy and wear Poppy”s, the Media get very upset at these things… Blackface? Good to go… Wear a Poppy ? Fascist. Shut down Alberta’s economy based solely on a warped globalist ideology, good to go… Be Catholic, fascist. I look forward to Don Cherry”s next, “Coach’s Corner” where Don wears Blackface stuffs a banana down his pants and sings Day”Oh… and the Media is silent.

  3. Interesting how the so-called discreet folks in the MTV don’t seem to have a problem with those that are here as citizens of convenience.
    It starts when they cross the border illegally aided and abetted by those whose duty is to arrest the law breakers and not help them with their luggage.

  4. Soon … George Soros, Lawfare, ANTIFA, Extinction Rebellion, et.al. Nutjob leftist anarchists will print their own “poppies” to commemorate their dead. Let’s hope it is soon for Soros … and the whole lot of em.

    PS … I am writing this during the MINUTE of silence before the Liverpool-v-Man City match. Absolute silence. Dead quiet. Not a sound in the packed, excited stadium. Respect. Complete and total RESPECT. Thank you my civilized brothers!

  5. Hmmm, according to the twitter thread we’re all a bunch of damn racists and white supremacists.
    Is this new?
    I hadn’t heard that before!

  6. One of the very few at CBC who shouldn’t be out of a job. Defund CBC and let them earn their way.

  7. Canada has become a sick self-serving Country of worthless grifters….The insane immigration policy has rewarded those cowards who left their own Countries and now work, hidden behind the scenes, against Canadian values…. The cockroaches of the World are assembled in metro Toronto & Montreal & BC…….

    Only Canadians stand for Canada’s past valor & distinction… The children of the cowards, including those Americans who fled to Canada in the 60’s have no values…..Zits the lot

  8. Don Cherry .. I salute you SIR..!!
    For stating what most Normal Canadians think.

    As for YOU Communist MoFo’s at the CBC and your baying sycophants. Be it known now, that in an independant West, Your Facilities will be Bulldozed (far too tainted/infected to be allowed to stand), your Employees deemed Persona Non Grata and “invited” to leave…By force if necessary.. at least in IMO. I see zero need for subversive Socialist filth in the Republic of Buffaloe.

    have a lovely day…


    1. I second that Steakman, the sooner the better and Jason better realize there is a very cold anger out here to get rid of the Toronto yoke before the next phase kicks in.

    2. Apart from the fact that I believe it should be called “The Athabasca Republic”, not “Buffalo”, so people don’t think it’s near Rochester, you and I see eye-to-eye…

  9. Blackie’s CBC is still showing that clip of a woman in downtown Toronto who says Remembrance Day glorifies war. But then we must all bow down to our Liberal masters in Toronto. They speak for all Canadians. Blackie’s Toronto Star is no better. Its edition today has a number of stories about too much emphasis being given to white Anglo Saxons fighting in the wars, and the wars being colonialist, imperialistic ventures.

  10. Oh dear, one of the twitter mob informs us that Don is also a climate change denier. Horrors!

  11. Perhaps the veterans should take their poppies away, seeing how we’re pissing away all the freedoms they fought for.

    Maybe we need to start pinning white feathers on all the cucks again.

  12. Delete CBC off your TV channels, dont turn on their radio station.
    Too bad Harper didnt have the backbone to cut them off the taxpayers teat!

    1. Why are we being forced to kiss immigrant ass. These people should be kissing our asses for letting them into a first world country that they didn’t contribute anything to yet. They can start by honoring our traditions.

      The bleeding heart self-loathing Canadians who are offended by other people’s realities can shut the FK up and go join the peace corps.

      There is no global warming either. What we do have …. is some global cooling. I am not sure how a carbon tax is going to warm things up.

      1. “Why are we being forced to kiss immigrant ass. ”

        You’re not.

        “These people should be kissing our asses for letting them into a first world country that they didn’t contribute anything to yet. They can start by honoring our traditions.”

        OK boomer.

        1. “Why are we being forced to kiss immigrant ass. ”

          You’re not.

          “These people should be kissing our asses …”

          They’re not.

  13. Deep inside they know he’s right. That’s what Triggers them.
    If you click on the ‘Triggers all the right people’ link you won’t have to scroll to far to find Michael Coren… exCUSE me… Rev. Michael Coren. He tweets about family members that fought along side Asians and Don “shames their memory”. But… HOW exactly? He’s imploring people to buy a poppy thereby giving money to the Poppy Foundation that helps Vets. That’s a good thing, no? By signaling out ‘new’ Canadians he’s just making a point that this is part of our culture. It’s what we do this time of year. Or it should be. The reaction, one even suggesting this is evidence that hockey itself is a racist sport, is bizarre but not surprising.

  14. At least small town Canada isn’t totally over-run by the anti-poppy crowd. I attended a Remembrance Day event at a local high school on Friday (Monday is a holiday…), will be on parade tomorrow and will attend a Remembrance Day event at a local seniors’ care facility in the afternoon. By the way, I’m an immigrant who served Canada for more than three decades! But Don Cherry is right.

    1. Posted this before but when I went to the local grocery store in Georgetown, Ontario there was a lineup of high school students patiently waiting to get their poppies. A real mix of races.

      1. High school students are told to stand in line for the poppies. They don’t do it on their own.

        Don is talking about the welfare immigrants that have flooded our country thanks to the rodent PM. They are here for the free stuff. if we instituted the draft, so that all young men AND women must contribute at least 2 years of service. That would help a lot of young people grow up. it would probably cut down the number of people coming here from elsewhere.

        1. ” the welfare immigrants that have flooded our country ”

          These don’t actually exist.

          “if we instituted the draft, so that all young men AND women must contribute at least 2 years of service. That would help a lot of young people grow up.”

          FO slaver. Grow yourself up.

          1. Hey fuuktard.
            There are tens of thousands of immigrants on welfare in Canada. Most of the adult immigrants can’t speak English or French so they can’t find work. Thus, they and their families rely on welfare. Get it, Fuuktard?
            There aren’t many jobs left for uneducated Canadians let alone uneducated immigrants so many of these type of Canadians and immigrants wind up on welfare. Get it, Fuuktard?
            Millions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted since the border in Quebec has been allowed to be open to fake immigrants via housing, healthcare etc. Get it, Fuuktard?

            I guess you despise all those ‘progressive’ European countries that require military service. Apparently they think it helps young people grow up.

          2. “I guess you despise all those ‘progressive’ European countries that require military service.”

            Yes. It is slavery.

            “There are tens of thousands of immigrants on welfare in Canada. Most of the adult immigrants can’t speak English or French so they can’t find work.”

            Lies. Canada’s unemployment rate has not increased but rather decreased with more immigration, including the people fleeing the Trump regime.

          3. Yes, Sporty … which is why all the Muslim immigrants are huddled together in no-go zones collecting welfare and terrorizing the native Swedes … soon to appear in mass communities which will vote for MP’s like Ilhan Omar after they outbreed the locals … and will make your well-established Hindu and Sikh communities long for their mother countries. Not to worry, we Christians will be fine … once the shooting starts

          4. UnMe: I gather you never listen to Western News…Alberta has a 20% unemployment rate for people under 25 of age, which is not put in the average of unemployed…in fact all people that have been on unemployment benefits can only collect for so many months then you are on welfare until you get a job. These figures are NOT put into the unemployment percentage for our country. So UnMe you are lying and gov’t of Canada is lying. A lot of NOT real refugee’s came across in Quebec and are now in Edmonton they lived in the US for years before coming to Canada as refugee’s. The Moslem Brotherhood. Lots of unemployed refugees and immigrants. So get your head out of your a$$.

  15. Cherry said nothing that isn’t true. It’s a reflection of what TruDOPE proclaimed as his post national state.
    We all have our neighbourhoods in major cities that’s are enclaves of the third world immigrants that have been built by chain migration. North Delta aka NORDELHI, as it is known, in greater VAncouver. Pretty much all East Indian. None of the extended families speak English nor participate in our society, but stay in their enclave. Only the youngest generation is “westernized”, kind of. They still maintain arranged marriages.
    Immigrants haven’t paid into our tax system and most, those on assistance, continue to take, take, take. Is it any surprise that there are huge housing shortages and our medical system is bursting at the seams? Immigrants are largely the reason, they’ve contributed nothing, but take advantage of our generosity.
    Trudeau’s post national state. Any complaint about it? RACIST!!!!!!
    Immigrants have no roots or culture for OUR country, at least the country we used to know. And that country, is being buried by New World order implementations. Thanks Groper!

    1. In the last couple of weeks I’ve seen ONE Asian person wearing a poppy and ZERO east indians wearing one. They just don’t care.

    2. “immigrants haven’t paid into our tax system”

      That’s a lie. They’re basically keeping Canada afloat.

      “North Delta aka NORDELHI, as it is known, in greater VAncouver. Pretty much all East Indian. None of the extended families speak English nor participate in our society, but stay in their enclave.”

      The horror! THE HORROR! TRIGGERED

      1. Hey Fuuktard!
        Tell us all how an immigrant who doesn’t have a job because he/she can’t speak English or French and/or has no specialized skill is “basically keeping Canada afloat.”

        Include documented facts.

          1. UnMe: If I’m right the 3 Billion is from the gov’t of Canada bank that Trudeau/Morneau have set up for new bussiness such as AI. As far as I’m concerned AI will take away jobs, what will happen to millions of Canadians then that don’t have jobs. Trudeau wants to put in place a GI for all and you know what that means Socialism for all!! (AI is Artificial Intelligence and GI is Guaranteed Income.)

      2. Yeah, cuz ADDING 10% of our population with no corresponding increase in hospitals, doctors, nurses and all health professionals, and NO INCREASE in rental housing stock , has no effect, according to you, MORON UNME.

        You keep proving over and over, just how STUPID leftists are.

    3. hey unDork, when I had a small apartment building, one tenant wound up out of work. He and his wife went to the welfare office, but left before being helped, because they felt out of place, as the only whites in the line up. so go fuck yourself retard

  16. Sad that immigrants fleeing war would not see the importance of remembering those who fought to let them into a free country.

  17. Tonight Sportsnet is broadcasting the Leafs Hawks game and the pre game starts at 4:30 MT. Your KNOW they’re going to have Ron McLean grovel to the offended. It’ll be interesting to see how it’s played out. CTV did a segment on this with a hushed tone interviewing some guy whose family emigrated here many decades ago, his grandparents in fact served in WW2 and he said they’d be offended by what Don said. Didn’t explain why, just put it out there. He cant concider that perhaps his grandparents would appreciate the man who’s voice is loudest about REMEMBERING. He’s so offended that he feels the apology from Sportsnet isn’t enough. He wants everyone to complain to the advertisers. He wants to CANCEL Ron and Don. Of course no one allowed on to give the other point of view. But that’s how our media works in Canada. We’re not allowed to think… we’re told what to think.

    1. I was hoping that game would be Sportsnet’s worst watched televised game on record. That would send the message the idiots need to receive

  18. Haha…I haven’t heard Don apologize (must be because he’s got balls and a spine)…just the whiny commies that are more interested in virtue signaling than standing for anything.

    I disagree with Don in his belief in canaderp being a good country, but other than that he’s a great guy. 😉

  19. Is Don seriously connecting immigrants and society not being as Poppy-tastic as yesteryear? Cuz that’s retarded and indeed racist. This guy just needs to fade away already.

      1. You must be new here. You’re not the first to ask. Just don’t bother arguing with him. He is consistently consciously disingenuous in his arguments. He hates the Western World and culture and white people. Insult him, ridicule him, laugh at him, but do not bother engaging the scumbag in a debate. He is not worth it.

    1. What does race have to do with immigration?

      Is canaduh only allowing certain races to be immigrants? That WOULD be racism if canada was excluding anyone by reason of race.

      1. Johnboy, as an immigrant I see no racism in Canada’s immigration policies, I only see stupidity in the likes of unDork, and can’t understand why the asshole doesn’t leave, if he finds it so bad

      2. “That WOULD be racism if canada was excluding anyone by reason of race.”

        White South Africans say hello.

    2. Actually, I think the real issue is that immigrants just need to be aware of the poppy tradition. Many would probably participate. Don’s remark is a good opportunity to inform them. By contrast, the CBC seems to think the new immigrants do not wish participate in Canadian culture. I think that is short changing them.

    3. It’s not racist. It is fair comment and also accurate. Now the issue may be that the new immigrants do not know about the symbolism behind Remembrance day,so Cherry’s comment provides an opportunity for them to learn about the poppy custom. If the CBC did not have such a big cob in it’s butt, it could do something useful like provide background on remembrance day and its significance.

    4. Your snide-tastic comment is vile and despicable. Your animus toward every Canadian tradition and value, make you unsuitable to live anywhere but in a refugee camp … permanently

    5. UnMe: I’m getting really tired of everything being called RACIST! We as Canadians and I’m a immigrant are ALL Canadians when you choose Canada to live. This is part of our culture and if you don’t like please just leave!!

  20. UnMe….unfortunately TOO many of the dead on both sides died so retarded useless A Holes like yourself could spew your ignorance and loathing for a country and people you live in and with and not be ignored like you should be…Steve O ( rant off)

    1. Maybe you and Don et alia need to get a grip and find more important things to gripe about.

      For that matter, does Don have some way of detecting New Immigrants? Does he have any data backing up what he said at all? Of course not.

      1. Hey Fuuktard.
        You mean more important things like; forcing an unscientific belief that there are more than two genders on all Canadians, spewing a ‘climate catastrophe’ (5th different name for Global Warming) fraud to children so they think we are all going to be dead in 12 years.
        Do you live in Mississauga? If not STFU. If yes, then you’re apparently oblivious to the fact that there are thousands of recent immigrants to Canada living there. That would qualify you as….wait for it….a Fuuktard!

  21. From the Warmington article:

    ““There are rows and rows of graves there. It’s very moving. Everyone of those dead troops gave us our freedoms. They were all so brave,” said Cherry.”

    From the structure of the article, it sounds like he’s talking about WW1. How did Canada’s participation in the stupidest of conflicts protect Canadian freedoms? How Weimar Germany threaten us?

    1. unDork, thanks for demonstrating your complete lack of understanding the “flow” of historical events

    2. ” it sounds like he’s talking about WW1. … How Weimar Germany threaten us?”

      Oh boy.

      This, ladies and gentleman is the level of edumbacation you can expect from a millennial product of publik skulling.

      One can’t ask for a more perfect display of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

      1. That comment is really stupid especially when the Weimar Republic only existed after the Treaty of Versailles. In the century up to and during the Great War Germany/Prussia was an empire ruled by whoever the Kaiser was at the time. Wilhelm was the last Kaiser.

        Weimar Republic (German: Weimarer Republik) is an unofficial, historical designation for the German state between 1919 and 1933. The name derives from the city of Weimar, where its constitutional assembly first took place.
        Weimar Republic – Wikipedia

        1. “That comment is really stupid especially when the Weimar Republic only existed after the Treaty of Versailles. In the century up to and during the Great War Germany/Prussia was an empire ruled by whoever the Kaiser was at the time. ”

          My point exactly. As usual UnMe is out of his debt in a puddle. He heard somewhere that WW1 was “stupid” heard that Hitler replaced Weimar and off he goes with another theory. Few bricks shy of a full load as usual, combined with utter lack of understanding of Canada’s place in geopolitical landscape of the time, our ties through Commonwealth and all that boring heritage stuff. Clearly, there is only that much that can be explained to a turd world savage.

          Hey UnMe did we fight Weimar before or after mooselimbs invented calculus (yes he said that too)?

    3. Go watch Schindler’s List, maybe that will help you figure out what was going on.
      Go look at the concentration camps.
      Hell, maybe even read a book!

  22. The mayor of Toronto, John Muhammad Tory trashed Cherry on twitter today for his comments. CP24 was also excited that NDP leader Andrea Horwath also trashed Cherry. You know the Ontario NDP whose candidates trashed vets and Remembrance Day during the last provincial election, and she defended those candidates.

  23. Whether you like what Cherry said or not, the fact is he has a right to say it.
    All these offended people who are demanding an apology are fascists, they are insisting that only things that they approve of can be said.
    Fact is free speech is one of the things we went over there to fight for.
    Remember Voltaire’s position on this stuff . . . I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. That important principle is what everyone who is piling on is forgetting.

    1. He has a right to say it and many people agree with his comment. I think it is a good opportunity to make immigrants more aware of Canadian culture. Probably a lot do not know about the poppy tradition. Now they do, because of the big fuss.

  24. I await tomorrow,apparently CUPE and the Ontario teachers are going to use memorial day to protest,cause Ford is Hitler.
    I fully expect no one in Ontario to even notice the contempt these professional parasites hold veterans in.
    One day per year,set aside to contemplate the sacrifice these people made,5 or 6 years away from their loved ones at best, mutilation,permanent sickness and death at worst.
    But no way can the Woke and Righteous put themselves aside for November 11th,instead they must grab Remembrance day for their pathetic causes.
    Our Progressive comrades are consistent,cause it is always about them.
    “Me..Me..ME..Respect my Authority.”

    Same BS over the poppy,I am almost ready to clue in any wearer of a white or rainbow poppy,as this is all about these losers demanding we validate their existence,their personal disorder must be of more importance than the actions of previous men,useless.clueless worms demanding ;”Look at me”.
    What they really say is”I have nothing to contribute”.

  25. I look forward to Don giving a heartfelt apology to the Media and other intolerant Liberal Party authoritarians by dressing up in “Blackface” wearing an afro wig, stuffing a banana down his pants and singing Day’O… he could also read Quebecs new “Values Test” for immigrants and remind the Media how racist a “Values Test” would be if it was introduced in any jurisdiction other than Queerbak… that should make the Media feel better.

    1. MacLean used to make $600,000 for being Cherry’s bum boy. God knows what he makes now. He’s guarding his pay cheque.

  26. I didn’t see Grapes go off on HNC but apparently MacLean gave a ‘thumbs up’ at the conclusion.

    He’s now sorry for what he didn’t say but tacitly endorsed?

    In order to give the apology some real weight why doesn’t SN roll out the sports gurls to add some authority….

  27. John Tory says Don is wrong. He says people from all backgrounds honour our veterans and demonstrate their love for Canada on Remembrance Day. More politically correct lies.
    Just got back from a Remembrance Day service in Ontario. Maybe two hundred people, only non-white face was the trumpeter.
    I can assure you that at Costco, 2 miles down the road, there would be more people and at least 50% non-white faces.

  28. Cherry fired.

    Wish I hadn’t cancelled my sports net subscription last year so I could cancel it.