Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors


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  1. Well the Chicago brothers are suing the (Media) & Lawyers for false and malicious intent…..The judicial system may push back, but the GATE is open…This should be where the Corrupt & incompetent Media get hammered…….The civil legal system works when there is blood in the water…

    Trump should Cancel all the security clearances for the Media whores… like known CIA assets. They are dropping unverified raw intelligence into the Media….We have analysts that Must evaluate ALL intelligence before it gets into the system.. Unmasking raw intelligence is a crime…One Agent’s report is not Fact… Mueller’s Report is not Fact…The only fact finder is a Court of Law…. The Democrat House Investigation should face ALL witnesses claiming their 5th Amendment Privilege… F*** off Aholes…

    BTW… I have had occasion @ NBC during my Career when I looked around the Group and “knew” that I was the only one who did not have CIA connections….Strange bedfellows indeed….That was a time when the CIA had competence & an impeccable reputation….They were very good @ their tasks


  2. Reminder to those considering speaking to the press (or the FBI), record all conversations with them, to make sure they don’t “misrepresent” what you have said.

    1. “ … I think we are done here.”

      Yes, sweetie … you’re “done” … you falsely accused AG Barr of being a LIAR on your TV program. That’s all you wanted to accomplish. To push the daily DNC talking point which has no basis in FACT. Just another pointless accusation, that you couldn’t be bothered to properly INVESTIGATE before hurling into the public consciousness like a drunk Sorority girl throwing-up on her own shoes.

      Yeah, “you’re done here”. The average American voter has turned you off and tuned you out. You’re the LIARS.