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    1. godam smarmy n-word REALLY needs all those volts coursing thru that demented demonic psycho brain.

          1. Nope not relevant, only relevant in your demented, civilization hating, Pootin and Talliban fellating, overdue for a retroactive a abortion head.

    1. I liked Henry’s books.

      I’m currently re-reading To Engineer is Human, The Role of Failure in Successful Design

    1. Any comments on Crescent City, CA, Kenji? I’m headed there in a few days and all I can find on the Internet is good seafood restaurants.

      1. Crescent City? Lots of local ganja too … gourmet ganja! “Real gourmet shit” … to quote Quentin Tarantino in Pulp Fiction … Just don’t buy from the cartel

    1. Great Life Hack … however … A certain strain of AMERICANS are committing mass murder daily … and NOTHING is being done about it. See my post above. Perhaps Chicago and Oakland need to call the IDF for a solution to their problems, instead of flying the rainbow pflaaggggs

  1. i was this many days old when i found out the Lethbridge High Level bridge is the highest and longest trestle in the world.

    1. MBA – a waste of money? I have a business degree from 40 years ago from a big provincial university. It was math heavy and that made it tough for me. Later I took a distance MBA. Academically it was less than half the bachelors degree but still looks good on my letterhead. Did it pay financially – no and it didn’t cost 80 grand.

  2. “More than 55% of sperm samples from a French infertility clinic contained high levels of glyphosate, the world’s most common weedkiller, raising further questions about the chemical’s impact on reproductive health and overall safety, a new study found.

    The new research also found evidence of impacts on DNA and a correlation between glyphosate levels and oxidative stress on seminal plasma, suggesting significant impacts on fertility and reproductive health.

    “Taken together, our results suggest a negative impact of glyphosate on human reproductive health and possibly on progeny,” the authors wrote.”


  3. Webinar tomorrow with Roger Pielke Jr. on climate.
    Climate Discussion Nexus (CDN)is hosting its first live webinar this Wednesday, June 12th at 8:00 PM Eastern and we hope you can join us for:
    Roger Pielke Jr. on 30 Years in Climate Research
    Free, but you need to register: https://streamyard.com/watch/ymZHqy5UEEkT

  4. Man who set woman on fire aboard Toronto bus found not criminally responsible for her death

    … In an interaction that lasted mere minutes, Norbu, who immigrated to Canada in 2008, asked the woman if she was Tibetan before removing a mason jar of lighter fluid from his backpack, dousing her in it, and igniting the substance…

    It’s funny how we welcome in so many “mentally disturbed” individuals, but maybe it’s just that the Liberal Party is devoted to bringing in more of their core constituency?

  5. I seldom watch the videos posted on readers tip because they are usually too long. However, at 17 minutes, I figured I would give this one a try.
    W.O.Wow! That was fricking amazing! He was interesting to listen to, especially considering he is an engineer. No disrespect to engineers but the ones I know are pretty boring.
    I subscribed to his channel and look forward to watching more of his videos.

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