“The warning from the OPP had come over the farmer’s phones the night before.”


Anyone with a farm tractor, transport or other vehicle going slow on the highway on April 1, to protest the carbon tax hike that day, would be charged under the Highway Traffic Act for endangering people.

There was a shrug from the dairy and cash crop farmers, transport drivers and other drivers, including a Scot with a French accent wearing a tin foil hat, all congregated in Herb’s Truck Stop parking lot.

They had seen this movie before, where threats were made.


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      1. Not until the sheeple stop bleating compliance. Too many sheeple give the police a pass claiming they’re just following orders. They are a pathetic bunch who are more at ease living in East Germany.

  1. Here is a warning I’d gotten yesterday from my local Legion:


    Dear Comrades,

    Some of you may have received an email which appears to come directly from the president of Branch 80, Mr. Ron Adair, asking for a significant sum of money to be transferred with the promise of future reimbursement. Take note: this is a sophisticated “phishing” scam by bad actors using details of the executive structure of our Branch easily found online.

    Although the email appears to be genuine, and contains personal details of sender and recipient, it is a spoof email account and not in any way associated with Branch 80 or its president.

    Rest assured, the Midland Legion will NEVER ask any of its members for money through email with the promise of later payment. Emails from any of your Branch 80 Executive which do so should be immediately deleted without opening any associated links or attachments.

    More information about how to protect yourself from phishing scams is available on the Government of Canada Website found here:
    Don’t take the bait: Recognize and avoid phishing attacks – ITSAP.00.101 – Canadian Centre for Cyber Security

    In comradeship,

    Dan Travers
    Vice President
    RCL Branch 80 (Midland)

    1. I get them regularly, I guess because I am on line all over the freaking place. Accurate names but look closely at the info following it, it is a scam.

    1. I would not put it past the local constabulary to ram a moving vehicle and then, like a bully, scream their innocence, and blame their victim (like the RCMP goon did to David Menzies when David tried to scrum Chrystia Freelunch).

      1. Yes, any leftist cause will be totally permitted. That includes the wastes of protoplasm sitting in the middle of the highway to protest people trying to live normal lives. Anyone physically removing said wastes of protoplasm will be promptly arrested.

  2. Yet throughout the summer, there will be numerous protests all along Portage Avenue and Main St. in Winnipeg, with police escorts. For the usual indigenous, sexuality, climate, ethnicity, etc. groups. Undoubtedly supported by PM Sox. Probably funded by PM Sox so he can point to being “responsive to Canadians”.

    But against the overlords? Heavens no!

  3. So much for the “back the blue” campaign.
    So called police groups like RCMP AKA killer elites Vic P D AKA Bolshevik Protection Service and OPP maybe should be “Back The Blue up against the wall and offer them a blind fold and a cigarette.


    1. Amen to that they chose sides. Trudeau bag licking thugs, scared shitless by actual men. Shun them, don’t ever talk to them, kick their kids and families out of the community. Make their double digit IQ’s get that they are despised as the garbage they are.

  4. The pro-Hamas crowd are allowed to spew their venom every week but the cops come down on farmer protests with an iron fist. Yea one side is harmless and patriotic the other frothing at the mouth haters?

  5. Still think cops are your friends? They’ll club you like seal pups one day then beg you for money the next because they want more toys so they can really stick it to you.
    And just on a brief inventory I see they’ve dispensed with the annoying yearly fitness tests.

  6. As Rose has already pointed out.

    Farmers? “Release the hounds!!!”
    Hamas supporters? OPP food truck.

  7. These police stand and watch the pro hamas protests but are all in against Canadians who are upset with the direction this country has been steered by our clueless leaders

  8. I was at the PPC rally in Hamilton where the viral video of two pantifa thugs preventing an extremely aged couple with walkers from entering the venue was shot. The police stood by twenty yards away and did squat.

    The police. Are not. Your friends.

  9. I”m thinking it’s time the Truckers get together with the Farmers…..and just figure out a way to stop all shipments of goods to cities like Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver….any cities that have a lot of Liberals or NDP’ers who support the carbon tax.

    As for the RCMP….they should just come out and show their true colours. Time for them to ditch the Red Serge…and go directly to the Brown Shirts.