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    1. Everyone who aids and abets an illegal commits a felony in the U S of A. Those in government or business who try and support illegals under US law can receive up to 10 years in prison. That folks is a fact. I wonder why it is not happening? It is very easy to prove.

    1. You must surely be impressed by the sagacity shown by the Russians in not splashing blame around pre-emptively, unlike the US.

      /poke, poke 🙂

    1. No surprise that Neil Young supported the trans insanity, but Anne Murray signed that garbage letter???

      Those were the only names I recognized.

      1. Tribal ideology. Check out Peterson’s interview with Michael Shellenberger on the WPATH files.

    2. Canadian Artist translates as On the Government Dole, so of course they have to toe the party line.

      Much like the Canadian Media, even dummies know not to peeve the guy who signs your check.

      1. Shouldn’t that read, “We Canadians are truly blessed taxed and taxed until we are bled dried and then we are offed MAiD”?

    1. Not that I care but Tranny Day was chosen as March 31, 2009 under the Obama Administration while the exact date of Easter changes each year. This year it happened they both fell on the same day. If you asked the average kid about Easter, I think the rabbit would take down first, second and third place.

      1. So they have a “visibility” day and they also have a “remembrance” day.
        How many days of the year are they going to take and make “theirs”?
        How about a trans “children” day, trans “history” day and trans “dress-up” day?
        World Mental Health Day is October 10, so they’ve got that as well.
        Trannies are the dead canary in the coal mine that is western society.

        1. If they have to have any days, it should be one day: Degenerate Visibility Day – every February 29th.

      2. So 2 months into his first term and this is what his administration deemed of critical value. It’s was 2009 when we all should have declared GTFOH with this crap, and loudly. Here we are. How’s it going with the Jewish space lasers and Russian ray guns? Yeah, Alex Jones is the nut.

  1. Not that we need any more examples of media bias, but on one hand …

    “Experts say there’s something fishy about MAGA outrage” and on the other hand…

    “U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris has stepped out of the shadow of President Joe Biden in recent weeks as part of a high-profile effort to persuade the fractious coalition of voters who sent them to the White House to give them a second term.”

    The issue is not the content but rather the contrast. Trump bad, Biden/Harris good. Not worth the links.

    1. fractious coalition of voters who sent them to the White House AKA The US Postal Service unions and Dementocrat ballot counters.

  2. OK, I’ll try again with some key words deleted.

    “I am a woman”, he declares.
    But he is not. He simply is not.

    Human biology is immutable. This is a fundamental truth. But certain people do not realise this. This makes them fools. In addition, they are also frauds and a cowards because of their lack of the mental and moral qualities that constitute character.

    Culture is an indispensable part of human existence but culture must always be tethered to biological reality. But when culture simply becomes a vehicle for wishful thinking eventually there will be a disconnect from reality and there will be consequences

    “Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold.”

    Transexuals and their supporters scream and demand that we become complicit in their fantasy world but if we do we will only find that:

    “Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.”

    And now we have the devil’s disciples entering the temple, dressed as women.

  3. Since my edited version has been posted, the question I have now is “Who did the blocking?”
    Maybe SDA did it. If so, I would appreciate some guidance in this matter. If not, then we are looking at a third party doing the blocking. If this is the case, then I find it absolutely unacceptable.

    1. It’s not you, or certain words.
      It’s the crap platform of WordPress that mysteriously disallows random posts, no matter how many edits one performs. Seems specific to IPads & IPhones from my experience.

      1. Yes, even little anodyne me has had posts disappear, and I’m confident that it’s pure glitch. I only worry about losing posts when I’m actually mending fences, but if the fate of the world were ever to depend on one of my posts, I’d keep an eye on it and repost it if necessary.

      2. DanBC: Perhaps you are right but “the edited words” contained the identity of a military chaplain who is the “first openly (you know what) chaplain in the military. This gives me pause. Is “she” off limits to criticism?

  4. Saw this comment elsewhere:
    April Fuel’s Day


    Gasoline: Going from $65 per tonne to $80, means the carbon price on a litre of gasoline will now be 17.6 cents per litre, up 3.3 cents per litre from before. That means filling a 50 litre tank from empty will cost about $8.80 in carbon price, about $1.65 more than before.
    Diesel: As of today the price for a litre of diesel will include 21.39 cents in carbon price, up from 17.38 cents.
    Propane: The price for propane will now include 12.38 cents a litre in carbon price, up from 10.08 cents. A standard 20-pound barbecue propane tank will cost about $2.20 in carbon price to fill, compared with $1.78 over the last year.
    Natural gas: On average in Canada, households use about 2,280 cubic metres of natural gas in a year, mostly for heat. At $80 per tonne, the carbon price will add 15.3 cents to a cubic metre of natural gas, up from 12.4 cents previously. That amounts to an annual carbon price bill for natural gas of about $347 on average, compared with $282 over the last year.

  5. Happy carbon tax day. I am getting tired of the lies and slight of hand tongue being put out by the BoC and other establishment commentators that it only adds 0.15% to inflation. That the price increase in diesel fuel is spread across 20 tons of canned salmon, blah blah blah.

    This commentary ignores the fact that this tax is applied to every that uses energything or concrete or, increasingly, other things.

    Yes, I know there are other reasons for inflation, but nothing the BoC can do anything about. Liberal sweatheart deals with the chicken and dairy supply boards (AKA cartels) and Liberal budget-busting spendthriftery, to name just a two. I heard on the radio this AM that 5,000 have been hired by revenue Canada just to deal with the carbon tax.

    1. Statscan – lying arseholes – say in the CP article above that it only increases the price of food by .3 %.

    2. The sad thing is the people who vote Liberal will barely be able to afford getting to the polls in 2025.

    3. It still remains a cold hard fact, ignored of course by the media, the scolds, the government and of course, the religiously green left, that Canada could end all HYDROCARBON use immediately, and it would not make any difference to global output.
      But it would end up killing millions through starvation and hypothermia.
      And no, Canada would not be a “leader”, instead, viewed as an ignorant nation.
      Math is hard for the average person, and it’s worse for the unintelligent.
      Today, BC gas prices go well over the $2/litre mark, thanks to the ENDP carbon tax, while our AB neighbours are still in the buck thirty/fourty range. How long is it going to take the mindless morons of BC, that vote ENDP, to realize they’re being continually told lies and distortions by Big Nanny Gov? They love to beyotch about the high cost of living, but can’t seem to conclude that big spendy, borrowing and taxing government plays a huge role in the expense of everyday living. More pain and suffering required I suppose, by the average unintelligent BC voter.
      But hey, they’ve got the “housing crisis” all figured out and are fixing it, dontcha know. Building units specifically for welfare cases, union members and natives is their solution (eyeroll).

  6. On the carbon tax, the “independent” organization Canadian Climate Institute (CCI) agrees with the Federal Government that the most efficient way to fight climate change is for the government to collect the carbon tax and then “reimburse” Canadians.


    The CCI was co-founded by and is funded in part by … wait for it … the Federal Government of Canada.

    See what a consensus is? Keep voting Liberal morons. Anyone who attributes “efficiency” to the government collecting money and then redistributing some of it … works for the government.

  7. And by the way if you read what the economists say about the most efficient way to fight climate change, they preface their claim by saying “if climate change can be solved with government money” then collecting a tax at the Federal level is the most efficient way because it’s just one government getting money from all provinces and territories. They never address the real issue that climate change cannot be solved with government money, but hey, they work for the government. It’s like asking someone “do you need more money?”. Who will boldly say no?

    1. The most efficient way to fight climate change, if you believe it is caused by hummans, is to kill most of the humans. And there are eco zealots who consider (other) humans an infection on the planet, and would happily do that if they could.

  8. Professor Cris Ragan, of the McGill’s department of economics, organized a letter, signed by 100 economists, endorsing Justhin’s carbon tax. He sits in the Canadian Climate Institute’s (CCI’s) board of directors.

    In 2022-23, the federal government gave $4.9-million to the CCI. That year the CCI received $450,000 from other charities and about $1,000,000 in other revenues (probably contracts with the federal government). The CCI took in about $6.5-million in total, so essentially it is a tool of Justhin’s Liberals.

    CTV News ran a piece, this Easter weekend in the run-up to April Fuels Day, where it used the CCI’s anslyses to support the carbon tax. It called the CCI “an independent organization”. This is how the Laurentian establishment works.

  9. Scotland introduces a hate speech law

    The new law will enable anonymous reporting in diverse locations, including sex shops and campgrounds, stirring debates over freedom of speech and the potential for misuse…

    Poland prepares new hate speech law: 3 years in prison for insulting LGBT people

    1. Just wait until the Liberals and NDP pass Bill C-63 in Canada and we can all be jailed!

  10. Simon Fraser University Newspaper Continues Its Barrage Of Anti-Israel Propaganda

    The Manitoban Gives Uncritical Coverage To Attempt By Anti-Israel Pressure Group To Label Opposition To Palestinian Propaganda As Racism

  11. Breaking:
    Israeli daylight raid targets annex building of Iranian embassy in Damascus, Syria. Early reports say 8 dead including high ranking Iranian Revolutionary Guard members. The Iranian embassy is next door to the Canadian embassy in Damascus

      1. Somebody must have forgotten to paint the image of Shiny Pony’s blackface on the roof to mark the target!