11 Replies to “Who Is John Galt?”

  1. A bunch of talking heads thrown onto some stuffed shirts spewing hot air.
    Just do some research on the judge who made that decision.

    1. All that tax income moving to Nevada ,
      30 billion -keep NH on the map.
      Woke Idiot and her fortune soon separated. Funny.

        1. It has property & income taxes, with allot of new blood to support its economy.
          Factor in subsidy companies that will move closer to the action, Navada will do very well over such a move.

  2. Neuralink? Geez, nothing Orwellian about a brain to computer interface that I can see. Carry on. Why does he do it? He’ll tell you “it’s the future” so what are you afraid of?
    I like what Musk has done for Twitter/X and free speech only because it’s a far sight better than what Dorsey has done, and yes, he got a rough deal from the Delaware court, but there’s something a little off putting about him that prevents me from going all in into his corner.

    Carbon taxes – yup, he likes it and wants more of it. Say what?
    Climate change hoax? See above.
    EV’s? How much time have we expended on here discussing how utterly useless they are? But ol’ Elon keeps trucking along. What’s different about his battery technology that the big brains at Ford, GM and others aren’t getting?
    Musk wants to colonize Mars – Fantastic! I have an idea…why not see if you can leave low earth orbit and maybe we’ll talk again.
    Musk’s Boring Company – Where is it? Has he started? I know he got a few laughs because he fooled investors by digging a trench 80 feet deep and 300 ft. long but has he done anything since? No.
    He’s a smart guy, no question. But as time goes on I’m beginning to think he’s simply a dreamer with a ton of money.
    Nikola Tesla he ain’t.

  3. Musk really is unlike the rest of them.
    quasi related point: Howard Hughes was a brilliant but tortured engineer.
    if it wasnt that damned OCD he had we might have for instance
    been on the moon 5 years earlier.
    colonizing Mars. ummm, need to wait oh, 2-4 billion years until it has its cynobacteria oxygen phase.

    1. Life will never reach that state on Mars. Its surface is bathed in radiation. Its atmosphere blew away soon after its magnetic field pretty much disappeared.
      In 2-4 billion years, the sun will be be hot enough to pretty much wipe out life here in Earth.

  4. If we listened to the neuralink naysayer types, we’d still be living in mud huts.
    You freakin’ luddites can’t see any benefit to any new tech.

  5. I just assumed Biden already had a brain implant. Not a very effective one, but still…
    Neal Stephenson co-wrote about a presidential candidate who was managed by guys in a white van. Interface. Not one of his best but readable.