39 Replies to ““He was turning his life around.””

  1. Literally, trigger warning. Knife cuts both ways. A hostage in the hand is worth 4 in the chest.

  2. His brains are leaking out on the floor but he still wants to do one more pushup at 1:43
    Kid’s got moxie.

  3. Nothing funny about this. Sure the perp had it coming, but I am not laughing at all. Any time someone has to die is a tragedy, but it does appear that there was no other option in this instance. I am relieved that the young lady is physically ok, but imagine the psychological terror that she will have to live with, probably for the rest of her life.
    “He was turning his life around” suggests that this was a bad dude to begin with, probably with a criminal record. If that were the case, then there is something seriously wrong with the legal system that would allow a violent individual most likely to re-offend, walk free; free to commit more crimes.
    Thinking outside the box, if he were to remain in custody, he would have not been able to take this woman hostage, and yes, he would still be alive.

      1. Trying to figure out your response… so… You’re saying if he was incarcerated, he wouldn’t be alive???
        What exactly is your point anyway? What are you trying to say? Don’t be coy. Spit it out!

        1. I’m saying your sanctimony in claiming to care about this thug’s life is annoying, as is your casuistry.
          Both a form of meaningless virtue-signaling, IMHO.

          1. Well… I’m glad we got that settled.
            So… you see genuine compassion as sanctimony or virtue-signaling. Good to know where you stand. I suppose you were one of those schadenfreuding over the perp’s death.
            It’s a small wonder the lie-berals see us as haters with attitudes like that. You ought to be commended (by the other side) for proving their point.

    1. FC
      You gots mental issues , besides enabling Pedo priests?????
      Asking for a friend!

      I laffed my ass off, at the ending.

      1. You’re one sick puppy, GYM. Get help NOW!!! Before YOU wind up on a blood-soaked floor!
        Other than that… The fact that you find my comment so amusing only proves to everyone just how sick and twisted you really are.

    2. Yeah … yeah … and too many black men die at the hands of the white, err … black police … and there are too many black men incarcerated … and too many black men don’t graduate from HS … because of the white man’s curriculum … and the white man’s colonial rules of punctuality are unnatural, yo so how do you expect me to keep a job? An smokin da ganja be my culture, yo.

      And many more

    3. Regarding the woman and psychological terror, she has a choice now, she can spend her time thinking about what she could have done to avoid being in that situation (the, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger approach) or she can let it terrorize her forever.

  4. “Why didn’t the cop shoot the machete out of his hand?”
    –said every leftwing idiot on the north American continent

    1. Marshal Dillon was on another call, That’s why not.

      Allow me to join you in a massive [EYEROLL] You got that one right, Mr. Greg.

      Give the leftwing idiot a gun and tell HIM to shoot the machete out of the perp’s hand. You’d have a dead hostage and possibly two wounded in the apartment across the hall.

  5. What a sad thread of commentary on this post.
    Watch that again and think about what you said.
    This is sad and unspeakable.
    Put yourself in that woman’s place, and those cops, in that place, and write your flippant comments.
    Have a nice day.
    Strawberry Fields nothing is real.

  6. “ Nah, he ain’t like that.” translates to: “can we ching, ching, ching, cash in on this little tragedy?”

  7. Don’t laugh, people! This is serious!!! A man just lost his life!!! Reeeeee!!!!
    ***wring my hands, clutch at my pearls and stagger of to my fainting couch.***

    But seriously, sanctimony is pretty damned annoying, these Karen types try to take the fun out of seeing a cop save a woman’s life while simultaneously making the tax-payer relief shot. WTF is wrong with these people?

    1. We’ll see how many will care if and when you lose yours.
      OOOHHH… There goes my sanctimony….


      1. Gee, I’ll keep that in mind next time I hold a machete to a woman’s throat.
        Your sanctimony is off the scale. Congrats.

  8. Upon being shown the video of his brother holding the machete to the woman’s throat, the suspect’s brother stated: “He’s a good guy. They can’t tell me he had a machete and tried to cut people throat. Nah, he ain’t like that.”

    “Oh, and he can’t breathe.”