The Revolution Will Be Televised

Grab a beverage.

Tom Luongo- The Great Reset is Dead, Long Live the Great Reset

Spoken like the true authoritarian that he is, Harari can only see violence and chaos. He’s not wrong. The violence and chaos coming, however, have their roots in his attempts (or complicity) in trying to force, through violence, a global order on humanity which humanity doesn’t want.

This push towards violence, however, can stop tomorrow. All that has to happen is for cretins like Harari, Soros, Schwab, Gates, and all the people behind them, to truly accept the fact that they have failed and cut a deal with us.

25 Replies to “The Revolution Will Be Televised”

  1. Cut a deal with them? Ok, here’s our offer:

    Death by hanging, or by firing squad. Either way, their families get the bill for the rope or the bullet.

      1. uhuh. and who has the muscle, weaponry, trained equipped and motivated personnel to be committing the shootings and hangings and etc?
        good grief. not even the sound of crickets.

        this reflex urge to resort to those guns carefully sequestered away to fight the man.
        what if thru some horrid outcome the ‘man’ shows up in the form of a horizon covering cloud of locusts? who do you shoot then?

    1. Took the words out of my mouth.
      Their heads on pikes as a warning to other megalomaniac psychopaths.

  2. Dont really want a scht dystopian future .. I would rather take all their stuff and have a “less” scht dystopian future.. Force them to eat bugs and sit in the dark.. Force them onto public transit.. No toys for them..

    Not to save the world, just for our amusement..

  3. This war could end very quickly with a few strategic strikes against those that are trying to kill all of us…
    Soros, his raging weirdo of a son, Klaus Anal Schwab, Bill the pedo Gates, lunatic Harari and their cult members and every politician, bureaucrat and “journalist” that they own etc etc… should all be rounded up and thrown into an active volcano… that would end the “climate crisis” overnight.
    Its science…
    Call it, the Gilligans Island theory… you wanna stop the “climate crisis” and the forced medical experimentation…?
    Start throwing these satanic shit stains into an active volcano…. Ginger was in a movie this one time and thats how they appeased the climate gods, by throwing virgins into the volcano… Instead of virgins we throw pedos and psychopathic Globalists into the volcano… if it worked on Gliiligans Island … than it should work on Globalism.

  4. Today, the political left is no different than the mob. They will kill you if you get in their way. We need to re-think our approach, because laws, precedent, historical context is not working.

    1. I think the best approach is to kill them first. As soon as they start to make threats on our lives, jobs, food, lifestyle, etc, just kill them. It’s like shooting a mugger or home invader. It’s self defence.

    2. The “political left” have ALWAYS been just like the “Mob”. At least the National Socialists had Hugo Boss to design their fancy-dress costumes.

      Murderous thuggery is BAKED into socialism in all its forms; National, International, corporate statism; you name it.

      Sometimes one of their heroes drops the “Fabian” ball and tears back the curtain. Thank-you Saloth Sar, AKA, “Pol Pot”, the overseer of the “purest’ socialist regime to have “graced” the planet, so far…. His henchman Ta Mok was a serious, “hands-on” player who is remembered as “The Butcher”.

      Like Pol Pot and almost all of the “inner circle”, he was “educated” at fancy French universities; coming home with a head full of Gallic-style revolutionary doctrine. This was “supplemented by a VERY close relationship with Maoist China. A nightmare steadily returning to Cambodia as we type.

      The focus shifts from time to time, but there is a LOT of it about, globally, right now.

      Socialism is a DEATH CULT.

  5. I got a deal for them…

    A) Go live in your luxury doomsday island bunker in New Zealand or wherever, and never poke your head above ground again.


    B) A one-night stand with Madame Guillotine.

  6. FTA:
    ““Nuts and Sluts” is easy to understand. Simply accuse the person you want to destroy of being either crazy (the definition of which shifts with whatever is the political trigger issue of the day) or a sexual deviant.”

    Remind you of anyone?

    1. ?
      l thought deviancy was the ‘pass GO collect $200’ card
      l am in the position l NEVER have to deal witht eh green and orange hair shaved on one side gang. and in fact recently just made it officially: to whit l am “disengaging”

  7. “Populist leaders are on the rise around the world, attacking the liberal global order. They haven’t explained what will replace the order they have destroyed, and the result is the disorder, chaos and violence we are seeing today.”

    The “liberal global order” is responsible for the disorder, chaos and violence we are seeing… Just ask Yugoslavia or Libya, or any other victims of the “liberal global order” that’s been in place since 1946

  8. Did they really fail? Why then, are they continuing to push ahead if they know that we know what they’re up to?
    Because they don’t really care what we think anymore. They’re going to push ahead regardless, because they’re not going to let go of 50 years of planning for this… not when they’re this close to achieving their goals.
    As long as our own government is stuck on the “vaccine is safe and effective and you’re a monster for not taking it” narrative, I don’t think they’ve failed at all. If there was any failure, it is that they let too many people know what their plans are. I don’t think they thought that part of it through, only because there were people like David Martin, Peter McCullough, Byram Bridle, Paul Alexander, and many others that still had a conscience and the where-with-all to ask important questions no matter what the consequences were, and we are all grateful that we had these people with the expertise to ask those questions.
    But the fact that the cat was allowed to get out of the bag will not be enough to dissuade the criminal architects of this crime-of-the-century against humanity from pushing ahead with their agenda of world domination, so have they really failed? Well, history is still writing that book. Let’s see how the final chapter is going to read.

  9. We’re in the proverbial unstoppable force meets the immovable object territory. The authoritarian control freaks want to push forward because they think they are so close to victory. The immovable objects are the small core of resisters rebelling against the authoritarians and gaining support and reinforcements from citizens disillusioned with the authoritarian regime aka. “Hold the Line”.

    In the end, the authoritarian are vastly outnumbered and they know it. Taking out as many potential resisters as possible is their only strategy. I don’t think the authoritarian control freaks have enough time or support do get that job done. Like the grieving process they’ll go from denial to anger to bargaining to depression to acceptance. I think they are between anger and bargaining right now.

  10. The end is first when their apologists turn on them, and then when their bodyguards start discussing who gets what when they’re eliminated. I.e. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  11. With the death and destruction those named and unnamed have committed there is no compromise. Death by hanging in public execution may send a warning message to all those who would follow in their footsteps. Humanity is worth saving and if that requires the removal of the evil doers from our midst.

  12. Cutting deals with megalomaniacs does not make them change their goals. No deals. Jail for life or gibbet is all they might understand, noting that jail to people with that much money and influence is rare.

  13. Jesus speaking about the last days, our days, or getting ever closer, Matthew 24 : 21, 22.

    21 “For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now—and never to be equaled again.” 22 “If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.” NIV

  14. Deprive them of Oxygen & a Parachute.

    Free Plane Rides to Venezuela with Zero landing Rights – Depressurize the Main Cargo Bay on a C5 Galaxy @ 41,000 and out ya go….Ta Ta.!

    Film at 11.