Monday On Turtle Island

Biden’s America:  The media can’t save lyin Joe Biden.  Hunter’s gun charge is a big problem.  I was a Levi executive.  Promoting globalism through illegal immigration.  The hysterical left goes to war with Trump.  Your morning meme.

Global Warming Scam News:  Eco-terrorists spray Brandenburg Gate with paint.

Migrant Invasion News:  The end of Europe.      Today In Islam:  Richard Dawkins and Islamophobia.

Blackie’s Canada:  Canada sending air defence missiles to Ukraine.  A decarbonization of homes.

9 Replies to “Monday On Turtle Island”

  1. RAP Music is dying a horrible death from being monotonous!
    Unfortunately it’s the black city’s that the white population left years ago that hype ‘New Song’ when all they’ve done is change the wording and not it’s musical style structure…Hey, isn’t that Bieber over there?
    Oops, sorry the Jabba Juice affected him terribly during the ‘Pandemic’.

  2. Why should we think that Weiss won’t give Brandon Jr another sweet plea deal like he tried to do before? This time he will look for a friendlier judge to approve it.

    Also – Captcha thumbnails are very hard to see.

    1. Bucky: “Also – Captcha thumbnails are very hard to see.”

      Amen, amen! Preach it!

      I have to go over to page magnification and crank it up to 175% just so I can see which squares have a bicycle or car or whatnot in them. And even at that I still get it wrong often enough and have to try again.

      Meh. It’s a petty annoyance in the grand scheme of things. I gather the bots and spam were so bad that SDA had to do something to keep the blog rolling.

      P.S. Now that my comment has posted…

      I went through 8 screens at 150% just to get past the guard dog. My vision sucks.

      Still, it’s a small price to pay for the relief it provides to SDA.

    1. I was asking the same. We dont have a gound based air defence system anymore since ADATS was scraped. So the Liberals and the generals buy the Ukes missiles they would never give to their own troops.

  3. Brian Cates is a good read on the Hunter Biden charges, can find him on Substack and Truth. Daily Caller et al are all part of Con Inc., they tout the Uniparty line.

  4. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, “The “future of Europe is at stake” if the human flood tide is allowed to continue.”

    You just realized that now? Too late. Twenty years too late. Europe is done for, will be a muslim stronghold in a couple generations with a second class white minority whose traditional European culture will no longer exist.