21 Replies to “Freeland’s Blacklist”

  1. Let’s hope that someone asks Ms. Freeland to explain the purpose of this blacklist during question period.

    Of course it is totally irrational to expect an answer.

    Still good theater.

  2. Theatre is all QP is. The reviews are in: this play stinks, and the audience is getting angry.

    1. Who allows the politicians to get away with theater?

      The Media.

      Theater is easily stopped by honest public fact checking.

      The biased, partisan agenda-ized Canadian Media is co-opted and dishonest.

    1. scar… it runs in her Family.

      Freeland… the purple Nazi turd of the Anal Schwab Battalion. Like Grandfather like Granddaughter.

      When Klaus takes a dump he calls it, Krysta.

      Why hasn’t Freeland the Nazi, Basic Dick Turdhole, Maggot Mendecino and the rest of the Anal Schwab Battalion ruling over the country been arrested as foreign agents working against Canadians and Canada’s interests?

      Who were the Chinese paying off at Elections ( Liberal ) Canada, who were the “candidates” they bankrolled ?
      Did they bankroll Krysta, did they bankroll Juthtin ?
      Too bad we live in such a corrupt lawless society where this type of basic information is kept secret from the public.

  3. I still don’t want to fix the system. I want to employ all of the same tactics against them. I want Ms. Freelands passport cancelled and all of her assets frozen. I want the RCMP combing through all of her emails, text messages and financial transactions. I want mandates that force her to take covid vaccinations every 90 days until covid disappears from the face of the earth or she croaks – whichever comes first. I want to do this to every one of the bastards.

    1. This is it. When’s and if these POS leave office, house arrest until all further investigations are complete. Probably never but whatever.

      But this is why conservatives are called cucks. Still banking? Still working and serving Liberal voters at work?

      They don’t do anything but bitch and cuck.

      That any Liberal MP or bureaucrat can safely eat any food anywhere in this country is a testament to the conservative lack of fortitude.

    2. Dan

      90 days? I thought current US CDC thinking was 60 days?

      And anyone in close proximity to Justin should get a Monkey Pox shot too.

      And probably a rabies shot.