The Children Are Our Future

From the replies: We are in Ontario. Our school board has a policy that gr 11 English class is now taught thru the lens of indigenous culture. English class. No grammar. No Shakespeare. All the reading was indigenous stories. One essay project was “sports mascots are racist. Tell me why”, etc

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  1. As Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit is fond of saying – public schools are a form of child abuse.

    1. And who elects the fucking school trustees? Yah the dumb fuck parents.
      Homeschool or private education.

      1. It’s probably 2% or less of parents that actually vote for school boards. The apathy is incredible.

        Except in the US where they are waking up to what school boards are doing with respect to CRT and mask mandates, and are showing up to meetings to be heard, which of course puts them on the FBI’s radar as “domestic terrorists”.

      2. Watcher…the problem is, that local trustees don’t set the curiculum…at least that’s what I’ve been told by more than 1 “trustee” …?? However I’m pretty damned sure many of them influence what goes on in the classroom

        We have a Provincial Education Minister through which his minions set Curriculum… granted, all of those useless phuques are unionized and kiss Notleys ASS.

        So regardless… of who we vote for, the fix is in. Long Overdue to ANNIHILATE PUBLIC SERVICE UNIONS…our real ENEMY.

  2. To be fair, unless the commenter is a single parent, your children are probably as retarded as you are for sending them to schools. Public or private.

    Homeschool or die

    1. I am the commenter you’re talking about. I’m not a single parent. But I am a divorced parent, with an ex who refused to agree to homeschooling. And no, my children are not retarded. Idiot.

    1. +++++/\ RN

      Pedophiles writing School Curriculum…..
      Surprised actually that POS is still among the living…”Protective Custody” no doubt (and who the Fk dreamed that stupidity up anyway…A Roman Catholic Priest.??)

  3. The decline started with the demise of one room school houses but didn’t seriously degenerate until around 50 years ago. Now they appear to be cesspools of post modern nihilism. Home schooling is likely the best alternative. Even large private schools are into the Kool-Aid.

    1. I have to agree.
      Teachers were allowing the kids to fire their shoes and jackets up and down the hallways.
      I guess it wasn’t their job to get on their case to hang things up and a little discipline.

      1. I found that out at Armpit College.

        We shared our building with several departments. One of them had a bunch of students who, one year, were unruly punks. They insisted on playing basketball or soccer in the corridor and their department head did nothing about it.

        It was so bad that during a CAD lecture, I stepped out the door to see what was going on and nearly got smacked in the face as a ball came sailing by.

        One day, they were so noisy that even our department secretary complained. That’s when I took action. I went into the corridor, found them, and gave them a thorough dressing-down. I reminded them that when even the secretary can’t get any work done because of their horsing around, they had crossed the line. They were stunned into silence after that.

        While I was doing it, a commissionaire just happened to be passing through the building. After I finished ranting at the twerps, he gave me a sign of approval. I, on the other hand, wondered why that useless prat didn’t do his job like he was supposed to and restore order?

        Several days later, the department head in question brought up the incident in a conversation. Apparently, I had thoroughly scorched them with my rhetoric made worse by, as apparently one of them put it, I “yelled” at them. Yeah, how dare I, someone who actually worked in that dump, should try and maintain some semblance of discipline using appropriate means.

        They weren’t much of a problem after that.

    2. You’ve hit the nail on the head. CESSPOOL. It has all kinds of names, communism, socialism, progressiveism all kinds of ism’s. different spelling same stink.

  4. I can’t wait until this generation is planning the energy and healthcare policies that I will need in my senior years.

    1. And racist!

      Now, I demand money!
      Or, our government mandate will fine your business for reparations.

  5. Mathematics is subjective? Huh!? Tell me that a “professional educator” didn’t write that!?

    Here’s the deal with mathematics. It takes practice and repeated drilling to fully comprehend each math fact. It takes homework. More than any other subject. It takes personal responsibility to LEARN it. Starting with learning your times-tables to solving equations with multiple variables. Most BIPOC kids lack the personal discipline … and yes … stable home life to DO THEIR HOMEWORK.

    BIPOC’s do very poorly in math (by the statistics -math- not my “racism”) hence math is racist. Because THAT is the current mantra. If a black person is a criminal? It’s because of “racism”. If a black person does poorly in school – racism. A BIPOC is part of a professional shoplifting ring, or drug courier? Yes. Racism. ANY negative experience or outcome for a BIPOC? – racism.

    Perpetual victimhood … advertised … yes advertised … to each and every BIPOC is the perfect way to guarantee their perpetual victimhood. “The Village” erases all need for personal responsibility. And the “Western Village” has been declared – racist.


        We can all agree to excuse Asians from BIPOC … as I have yet to see an Asian who looked “yellow”. They all look pretty whitish to my eye.

        AAPI = Asian American Pacific Islander. This is used anytime a black criminal assaults or kills an Asian person … and has his crime blamed on Trump’s “racist” pronunciation of “Chyyy-nahh”

  6. Awesome!!! I like math.

    So, let’s say that 33% of Chicago’s population is made up of black people (which it is in fact).
    Let’s say that 75% of all murders have a black person as a victim (which it is in fact).
    Then, let’s say that 71.3% of the perpetrators of those murders are, also, black (which they are, in fact).

    What subjective assumption can we make from these three mathematical truths?

    Let’s see…75% black victims. Hmmm….71% black murderers. (sigh) Hmmmm…ok….got it. White people suck.

  7. Mathematics is the universal language. To ignore it is to be illiterate. Mathematics is essential to operate a modern complex society.

    I suppose the fact that we are all heading for high rise cubicles with government as the universal landlord, not much complexity is required in the commie systems, just a lot of dull-witted brute force and repression.

    Everyone seems think the all the various colored people have been repressed over the centuries, so their solution is to now repress all white people for being so successful, generous, kind, inventive, hard working, brave, creative and good at math.

    Nations are colored people have been repressed by their own colored people,mostly. White Liberals are the second most repressive group quickly becoming first.

    1. Yup.
      You sure as heLL are not going to build and then sail some hyper cruise missile around the globe in low earth orbit without a firm grasp of essential mathematics.
      Ain’t gonna fly.
      Guess who is producing more engineers and builders of things than us Westerners.

  8. Can you imagine how higher education will have to dumb down universities that teach the law and medicine? Gawd help us, med/law school will become social justices centers where real skill sets aren’t an issue?

    1. Already happened. Law was the first to go and is waaayyyy gone. Medicine is rapidly working to catch up. I was listening in on a “lesson” from med school (one of the advantages of online school is it opens it up to people not enrolled and indoctrinated).
      During this lesson, I got to hear all about how POC and LGBTQWERTY peoples are adversely affected by our scientific medicine and many non-scientific way to help them achieve “better” health outcomes. It was sad, drivel coming from teacher and students throughout the discussion period.

    2. We graduate wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too eff’n many lawyers! As far as I am concerned any lawyer that looses a criminal case should also be locked up with his/her/their/xit/xim/???/ client purely and simply for aiding and abetting a criminal!

      1. Shakespeare and Twain said something about them and that was a long , long time ago.
        Turns out they were correct.

        1. @ John Bosley: This is what I found on Wikipedia: “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers”. Shakespeare may be making a joke when character “Dick The Butcher” (Henry IV play) suggests one of the ways the band of pretenders to the throne can improve the country is to kill all the lawyers.
          Personally I think killing all the lawyers is a little much, I would guess only about 25% deserve termination.

    3. Medicine’s gone. To get into med school you have to have a statement of virtue listing participation in approved social organisations, this has the effect of weeding out the curious and rebellious who might question the Pharma led research taught as fact in faculties reliant of Pharma’s largesse for research funding. I can remember the mockery of the thesis that stomach ulcers were caused by Helicobacter pylori when ranitidine(now withdrawn as carcinogenic) and cimetidine were wonder drugs and incidentally Pharma’s top earner. Professors would decry the obvious lunacy of the proposition.In this age, Dr Marshall would not be to get a hearing or a Nobel Prize for Medicine nor would cheap generic antibiotics be the solution.

  9. You see, instead of uplifting kids by increasing their knowledge of precision using valuable tools, we trap them, for their own good, in the oppression and depravity their parents and descendants fled. Race decides who you are, not your character, so know your place.

    Especially white supremacists whom nobody can name, other than Trump, with KKK leadership historically Democrat. Sorry that last part, we’ve consulted the experts who tell us inflation is good that this is indeed Russian propaganda which must be delay suppressed.

    We cannot allow this to continue in Canada unless we want more dead British British MPs murdered by Somali Islamist right wingers.

    So get your vaccine. There’s no other solution. Otherwise the unvaccinated white supremacists will get covid. Umm – damn it, Russia!

    All to do a double reverse on their bigoted mendactic belief white supremacy, not Sharpton race baiting, is behind inner city misery.
    You see, with gang culture, dem boys get to be lazy criminals. Racist police interfere with their mayhem. Slavery reimagined perhaps?

    Btw, same goes for repudiating and reversing the Trump agenda. Same ends and means of political power and perverse patronage.

    Ineffective or otherwise, poor judgment or otherwise, ignoring what little good advice you receive – disastrous results are irrelevant.

    Two parent families dominated black communities in the US until they hit the wall, or rather it hit them, of intergenerational poverty.

    Everybody else everywhere, as a rule, regardless of race, creed, sexuality – you name it – manages to escape poverty in their lifetimes.

    Not so in DeMarxist hell holes which for generations had $billions poured in as their communities rot, wagging their finger at others.

    The ruling class state – aka tin pot dictatorship or politburo of pain- sacrifices income mobility to their cause. Know your place, or else.

    Equality is Misery.
    Knowledge is Dissidence.
    Work is Oppression.

  10. Two words: Flash Cards. Every. Single. Night. And the younger they are the better.
    They’ll groan and moan, but they’ll thank you later. Not always the magic elixir to counter the current state of mediocrity but it doesn’t hurt.

  11. Education Public Style went to Shit 55 years, little sister came home with a set of Wooden sticks of 10 Different lengths and colours.

    WHEN MY 2 daughters were in Grade school…the utter fucking idiocy and manner in which working with fractions drove me…and them nuts. No mention of common denominator for adding/subratction, or simple way of Multiplying / Dividing them (cross multiply & for divide: invert & cross multiply). The convolutions and utter BS they had to do was beyond the pale.

    Besides…when in your entire life have you had to divide one fraction with another…???

    1. steakman, “Besides…when in your entire life have you had to divide one fraction with another…???”

      I think it has something to do with subratction, but I’m not sure. 🙂 Sorry couldn’t help myself.

    2. @Steakman:
      Call me old fashion(baby boomer here) but another thing that has been dispensed with is the ‘times table’. They now are taught multiplication in some sort of convoluted way that is slow and pointless. Skip the crap, memorize and then get on with advanced math, FFS!

  12. Doug Ford holds the purse strings. The local school boards get extra funding if they have classes with an Indian bent as part of ‘reconciliation’. That’s how you end up with Grade 11 English studying Indian literature and Grade 9 art studying Indian art.
    The good teachers work around it. Must be hard on those teachers. It is hard on the students. The students wonder how they ended up in such classes.

    1. FUCK Fat Ford ( FFF ).

      From the looks of it, someone or something has their hand up his ass and is making his lips move while whispering sweet nuthins in his malformed ears.
      Ford and his cabal don’t run nothing, they are told what to do.
      The Mandarins run the show and are told what, when , where and how by their shadowy masters for THEIR benefit, not ours.

      All levels of Govt across the land are corrupted, some outright evil.
      Voting ain’t getting us anywhere.
      We need to up our game and fix this ourselves.

      1. I have maintained for a long time that Ford and O’Drool; have for a long time, have had some one, or something, have pictures of them doing unspeakable things to animals or small children , and that is why they are doing what they are doing to us right now. I also think you should start to follow the money….

          1. Great idea lets get rid of Ford and elect another Liberal government,maybe we can get that hard core liberal dyke Wynn back in power. Even better we could get a Liberal minority with the NDP aligned with them. Then all the welfare cases and new immigrants who have never contributed a dime of tax money can get free drug coverge and free dental care. A socialist utopia is just an election or two away.

  13. That this is happening under a “Conservative” government is just more evidence that there is a progressive deep state in Canada that dominates the bureaucracy so it doesn’t matter who is in government, the progressive agenda is advanced. Trump couldn’t beat it in the US with the support of 50% of the population so there is not much hope for Canada. Conservatives in Canada have become like the Conservatives in the UK before Thatcher (and what they are becoming under Johnson). They adopt the same policies as the Progressives but with the promise they will implement them more efficiently.

  14. “. . . marginalization of non-Eurocentric mathematical knowleges . . .”

    Which is why we use the Indian numerals that we learned from the Arabs. Not to mention the Sumerian minutes and degrees we learned from the Babylonians, so I won’t mention them.

  15. I don’t want to drive over the bridge built by an engineer that thinks math is subjective.

  16. Stay out of Montreal David! I’m sure there are still a few ‘leftovers’ from the Olympics days.
    Or have those old structures all collapsed or been replaced?

  17. I see

    So the anti racists have become racists.

    Aren’t these folks who are saying that math is racist the same ones who were defending Islam and it’s great contributions to modern society with all the science and math they created a little bit ago?

    I guess defending Islam is so yesterday…

    Or is memory loss a transmittable disease

  18. This was my comment on James’ post. The board in question is Upper Grand District School board.
    Here is an article about the change:

    One of the field trips in the class was a tour of a residential school – For English class. My daughter was told that if she missed that trip, she would need nothing less than a doctor’s note, or she would fail the unit. She came home from that trip crying, because she was told she was personally responsible for what went on there, because she’s white.

    1. Really appalling. I had heard about this type of thing happening elsewhere, but did not realize how dire things are in Ontario. The only option for parents is homeschooling or a private school. I think this type of thing is too entrenched in the public system to change. Also I am just heartsick at the story of your daughter being made to feel guilty for the circumstances of natives. How could some of these ” teachers” be so obtuse. Half way through primary school I switched my daughter to a Waldorf school. It was great. They have their own curriculum which is a very rich curriculum with many things that are not available in the public school factories.

      1. That’s easily explained.

        Far too many teachers are brain-dead unionists FIRST, and educators SECOND. Unfortunately as more of the latter retire, more of the former take their place.

        In a local high school, Golding’s “Lord of the Flies” was replaced by “The Marrow Thieves”, a bleak dystopia where Canuck residential schools reappear to kidnap Indian children and harvest their bone marrow, and this was expanded to the whole aboriginal population who are hunted for profit . Why? Whites weren’t sleeping and dreaming and indian bone marrow helped ease their dreams.


        I picked up a copy (borrowed it; I’d never buy) and it was crap: lacklustre prose and thinly-veiled anti-white screed. But it won the Governor General’s Award for English-language children’s literature and the Globe and Mail praised it, so there’s that.


  19. Who is doing this?
    Are there names attached to the ideological bullshit?

    How is it possible that people that went to school for a long time write that kind of nonsense and nobody but nobody tell them to go to hell.

  20. There are three prongs in education, the student, the parents and the teachers.

    One or all may be defective or astounding.

    If parents don’t fight to see the curriculum and use their g-d- brains in what their children should be taught (and what should be reinforced at home) then they should count themselves lucky in Junior has a stellar part-time job at Tim Horton’s with which to pay off debt, China and line the coffers of the Laurentian elite.

    Some of the students where I teach are inundated with the above garbage. It’s no wonder that they are falling behind. If basic math and literacy are worth less than “indigenous novels” (badly written social commentary dreck) then those donut-serving jobs are all they deserve.

  21. So now we have elevated these unknown indigenous authors who couldn t sell a book to anyone, except to morons in charge of educating our children and grand children, to being the equivalent of Shakespeare. If they continue with their goal of modifying the education system of this country its a race to the bottom, with the compliance of the techers unions whose main interest is saving that goldplated pension plan.