Sidestepping the First Amendment

Emperor Joe Bay-den and Jen “Goebbels” Psaki have decided to start walking down a very dangerous path into the early stages of fascism:

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    1. No John it is just the same as what we have had in Canada for years. Remember Mark Steyn, and the Human Rights Star Chambers, or Ezra and the Canadian Star Chambers..
      We are Cuba North and have been for years now.
      They will GAG you with your own dirty socks and force you to keep serving at the Oars of the Save Ship Canada until you collapse and you will OWN NOTHING.
      You already own NOTHIG in Canada FFS.
      You only truly own what you can carry away.
      You do not own your own home even if it is all paid off. You rent it back from the Government in TAXES. Quit paying taxes on your PROPERTY that you think you own and report back to us how that worked out.
      Canadians are so fucking dumb, they think they are free and own their own shit.
      Ha Ha Ha Ha.

  1. Once upon a time, Americans had to go overseas to fight totalitarianism.

    Today, there’s not as much travel required.

    1. Rant warning from a veteran who would court martial then cashier (and possibly shoot – in the strictest metaphorical sense) Vindman, Milley and others for their seditious sanctimony and gross unprofessionalism.

      Now Miiley’s minions bring the fight against totalitarianism to America and its citizens.

      You have a Chief of Staff who actually believes a President, whom he called a NAZI, for the crime of being from the “other” party, tried to overthrow the nation with a motley crew of shit disturbers, dissidents and unarmed protesters.

      While also believing his nation was founded on racism and slavery (well its true!! I love it when they say that), again with zero evidence or scholarship, who seems to imagine half his force must be rooted out as white supremacists.

      He leads the strongest military on the planet (for now). He looks for enemies from within while the nation’s true adversarie watch with glee at their bonus newfound power.

      Or do they see him as a paranoid lunatic and fear him even more than sane people would?

      WTF is going on?

      The most loyal organization on the planet is disgraced and demoralized without cause by its leaders tasked to support them.

      The grifter generals should be fired now, at least.

      Some say they’re not even capable of working at a DQ.

      Still, I could be a good tradeoff. DQ quality drops as their prices rise instead of WW3, where these military medalomanics are taking us. They are DeMarxists after all:

      Taxation, Inflation, War.

  2. Take a good hard look at what you’ve supported and encouraged Democrats – or should we stop pretending and just call you what you really are: Fascist A-holes. May you all rot in hell.

  3. Has Greenwald stopped voting Democrat? No you say, he still thinks the Democrats are a better option than the GOP or third party? Tells you all you need to know.

    All these people who supported and pushed the evil their entire lives, are upset in the last 12 minutes. Good for you. Thanks for everything you did to Resist Trump, Mr. Greenwald.

    1. They were predicting the future when they said that Goballs has no balls at all.

  4. Does ANYONE remember Mario Savio? Does anyone REMEMBER his Spoul Hall speeches and occupation of the Admin. Building at my alma mater, UC Berkeley? Does anyone remember the Free Speech Movement on campus!? WTF!?

    We, Conservatives, have become the 1960’s radicals. Fighting for righteousness and basic human rights. Meanwhile, the old tired dusty bush 60’s radicals are in power … and they are stripping our country of the freedoms THEY used to hold dear.

    Yes … absolute POWER corrupts … absolutely

    1. The 60s radcals are the greybeard Marxists of today. True conservatives today have nothing in common with the young politburo members of the 60s.

  5. 1st Amendment was there to guard against people like Biden and his totalitarian regime.

  6. I miss Kayleigh Mcnaney…Psaki needs to circle back to where she crawled out of.

    This is now where the left have not only definitely exposed their true colours but have jump the shark…Jen psaki’s video is now prime ammo for upcoming elections…goodbye democrats, it’s over.


    1. It’s more like good-bye, democracy. The Dumbs will win again….. and again…… and again……

  7. By-den and Harris were spreading misinformation 100% of the time when Trump was in the office of the president.
    Complete misinformation on allowing planes from china to land, that the Wuhan virus was nothing to be afraid of and they are not going to get Pfizer concoction while Trump is in office.


    1. Heck, the New York Times, WAPO, the Atlantic, CNN, MSNBC – they are all guilty of spreading misinformation. We are on dangerous grounds if the White House plans to crack down on misinformation. Someone’s truth is always someone else’s misinformation.

  8. Can government tell private businesses to deny services or products to people based upon the perception that those persons are a danger to their community?

    Can gun sellers deny services to black persons based upon the perception that they have statistically higher rates of violent crime and may be a danger to public safety?

    Can cake sellers deny services to gay persons based upon the perception that their lifestyle results in a higher probability of STDs and may be a danger to public health?

    1. No.

      But the tactic of the left is to simply ignore (not “defend” as they swore to do) the Constitution. By the time any case gets to the Supreme Court … all our Constitutional Rights will be in a museum somewhere. The same museum where our statues have been banished to. And the Supreme Court will decline to hear the case … as they won’t want to appear too … “political”

  9. Well, at least we can’t say she’s lying eh! Straight out, up front, in our faces, telling the truth.
    I would bet, she didn’t mean to blurt that one out, and it was supposed to be a WH secret, oops.

  10. It should have been obvious even before the election that in electing the Dems the US would be getting a marxist future. Now that they have at least all the elements have been expossed. Does the way that they are try to clean out the military of non left thinkers suggest that they might be expecting a civil war and want to ensure that American soldiers will be willing to kill other Americans. That is a frightful thought.

  11. This is a great idea! And then the social media status of a person should be reported on a ‘social media credit score’ which can then be leveraged to penalize the person who’s spreading the misinformation, limiting what they can buy, where they can go, etc. This is a novel idea that hasn’t been tried before, I’m sure….

  12. Anyone think this isn’t about to happen in Canada, as soon as Trudeau drops the writ? Or steals a majority with mail-in ballots? If it isn’t already happening.

  13. I’d like to see someone get booted off Facebook because of a Twitter post.

    The user would have a guaranteed lawsuit against Facebook. Unless something posted ON Facebook violates the Facebook Terms of Service, they can’t arbitrarily expel someone. Information posted elsewhere doesn’t count; it’s not visible to Facebook users when they’re *on* Facebook.

    The Biden-Psaki method could also be interesting if extended to verbal speech. Say someone is interviewed on a CNN news show [granted, few will be watching 😉 ] and speaks up about vaccination issues. Should they then be removed from all social media? I’m sure Joe & Jen would answer “Absolutely!”