14 Replies to “Censor Vs Censor”

  1. Well given the article is from CNN…which from the way its penned is nothing but OUTRAGE of course. Its nice to see a govt give Twatter some of its own medicine.

    I found this comment from Twatter most interesting:
    “Access to the free and #OpenInternet is an essential human right in modern society”

    Yea, as long as its inline with their marxist woke blm antifa pro biden anti trump mandate.
    Looks good on em.

    1. As IF … the white San Francisco lefties at Twitter gives one shit about Nigeria …

      PS … I suspect all the Nigerian complaints originated from the local CNN offices.

  2. India recently raided Twatter HQ in India. I look forward to a blindfold and cigarette party for twitter staff somewhere.

  3. The Nigerian blackguard is alluding to the Biafran war. The Christian Igbo tribe who lived in the southeast realized that they were living on borrowed time in an independent, majority-Muslim Nigeria, and declared independence.

    The Muslims were not about to let the Christians walk off with the oil. “Biafra” was crushed after two and a half years, having gotten no real assistance from anyone but Rhodesia and South Africa, two other Christian African countries facing destruction by globalist forces.

    Jack forgot his side the arrangement he has with the powers that be:

    No real genocidal monsters, thirsting for Jewish and Christian blood, are ever to be censored. Just decent people who insist on the right of their ancestral nation to exist and prosper in their homeland, and to worship God in peace.

    1. And the Janjaweed Muslim genocide squads have been doing … cleanup work … ever since. Someday … Christians across the globe will care. Or we will all pray for RED China to do our dirty work

      1. There are very few true Christians across the world. The whu who flu proved just how great their faith was, they closed their freaking churches at a command from government. Jesus died for being Jesus, we ran, closed our churches and corporate worship, because of a flu virus with a 99.8% recovery rate. “Christians” don’t care and saying one does is not the same as taking action.
        I don’t have book or tape to sell so I guess I am not a real Christian.

        1. VOWG … there were a smattering of Christian Churches who made a stand. And got arrested/fined for their faith. Some were clever and circumvented church closings with “old-fashioned” Robert Schular Drive-in Church services (only to be harassed for THAT as well). But the vast majority of our contemporary woke, socialist, churches simply shut their doors with tail between their legs.

          My book … “How to swear like a sailor, and still be a Christian” … is on sale in the Narthex. Err, is available for a small “donation” … in the Narthex.

        2. Sorry was it only churches closed? Mosques too and all other places of worship, business places etc. we allow sentiments destroy a future. Pray very well and don’t move a finger and watch manner fall from heaven or better still never die

  4. Good for Nigeria!

    Banning the New Hitler Youth is the right thing to do.

  5. If you want a vision of the future of the Internet, imagine a masthead saying ” we unreservedly apologize for Kathy Shaidle’s comments” on every blog forever.