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    1. Oh wouldn’t that be nice! Next time dickhead comes out so speak (whenever that is) I would love to see real conservatives stack the meeting to mock, heckle and humiliate him.

    2. Are we not sick of FAKECONS yet? All we have in Canada is varying shades of COMMUNISM in all our political parties. Like Kate says “I Want A New Country”

  1. Oh, Mitt Romney,the guy who was going to soundly defeat Obama and become the best President ever?!

    Like so many politicians,Romney showed us his true colors and feet of clay in the ensuing years. If he had any decency, he’d retire and go away.

    1. Oh, Mitt Romney,the guy who was going to soundly defeat Obama and become the best President ever?!

      I considered him so bad that I thought O’Bummer was the better choice. What were the RINOs thinking?

      1. The RINOs were sure that anyone EXCEPT Romney(care) would soundly beat Obama. And that the “healing” wasn’t done yet, so Obama needed 4 more years. There’s a reason for the INO (say that part of the word out loud a few times, it’ll become obvious).

  2. Perfect and I’m lovin’ it!!!

    Sidestory: Everyone remembers Ex U.N. Ambassador Samantha Powers I’m sure – she of the utterly scandalous unmasking fiasco during the Trump campaign in an effort to smear him, Mike Flynn…just to name a few. Seems she was just recently confirmed by the Senate to head up USAID by a 68-26 vote.

    Who voted for her? Romney, Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham.
    What a freaking swamp!!!!

  3. When I heard the many who still cheered him, I could feel my once-firm opposition to the concept of ‘doxxing’ political opponents faltering. Romney is a scumbag traitor who should be reviled by anybody with any morals.

    American Conservatives are facing similar questions as to what we are here in Canada. Can our primary parties of conservatism ever be purged of the strong liberal-progressive elements within, and if not, will splitting the right vote doom us to the ‘hinterlands of power’ until there is nothing left to save?

  4. So, the Utah gop agrees with the rest of the USA. He’s a traitor of the lowest kind. With an ego bigger than john kerry.

  5. And now Romney can go back to donating even more millions to the pedophiles at the Lincoln Project via Bain Capital.

  6. So about 2100 republicans booed him? Hmmm, that makes for 2100 knuckleheads.
    And Canadian Observer calling Mitt a scumbag traitor? Well that’s a knucklehead times 2.
    It’s not a stretch to say Trump was the most stupid, shallow, mean spirited, corrupt, incompetent jackass president ever.
    It’s too bad you bunch are too dim to see that.

    1. Lol, Mittens will be remembered as a traitor just like McCain. Hopefully!

      Your perception of reality is as astute as UNME’s.

      History continues to prove you are actually unaware of what is really happening.

    2. You’re right, it’s not a stretch.

      It’s an outright lie, but it’s also what we’ve come to expect from you.

    3. I hope your drivel was sarcasm because if not…….you are bat shit crazy!
      Do you live in the US? No? Then dont you think we have enough problems here in Canuckistan to be concerned with that you have time to waste dissing Trump?
      I guess you arent concerned because your Lie-beral friends will always give you your welfare.
      Canuck guy in NB

      1. @Hosed:
        Your assumptions are wrong. Never collected welfare nor EI. Worked steady, saved and was able to take early retirement at 56. and FYI, I despise Trudeau and the liberal government for what they are doing to this country. I have enough common sense and understanding of the facts to see Trump for what he was and still is. But I do admit I am having increasing doubts about the Biden regime, too lefty for my taste.
        And as far as finding the time to diss Trump, well you have the time to defend Trump.

        1. I have enough common sense and understanding of the facts to see Trump for what he was and still is. And this is why we discard most of what you say. We see Trump as a blowhard who left his opponents sputtering while he was getting the job done. He highlighted in his books that if you get the folks you’re negotiating with off balance and worried about the unimportant stuff, then you will win. He did that on a global scale, and brought the US economy back to pre-eminence. Before you get on your high horse, no other modern presidents started zero wars, and no one in HISTORY has come as close to making peace in the middle east. The wealth gap was closing between the richest and poorest under Trump, and closing racially too. And you are eager to throw away these accomplishments because he’s rude or orange or a blowhard.

          Now the earnings gap is widening again, as the “necessary” lockdowns increasingly concentrate business and money into the hands of those who, surprise, surprise, helped to stack the deck to keep Trump from being elected. China and Russia are both rattling sabres, and Iran is almost in a shooting war with most of its neighbours. WTF is wrong with you that this is what you want?

          Conservatives don’t give a damn about what you say, we care about what you do. And you’re acting like a flaming liberal who ignores results. Bernie Madoff had a great early retirement plan that he worked at too. That doesn’t mean Madoff or you were doing anything noble.

          Reagan famously had a plaque on the wall, “It doesn’t matter who gets credit as long as the job gets done.” He was doing the job. (trimming my response there. You won’t understand, and those who do don’t need any further data from me.)

          1. “And you are eager to throw away these accomplishments because he’s rude or orange or a blowhard.”

            And this person obviously hasn’t seen a list of Trump’s accomplishments, from foreign policy achievements to military ones to stuff as simple as mandating breastfeeding stations in airports or lowering the price of insulin and Epi-pens (the later two undone *almost immediately* by Joe Biden…because who needs more sick people, anyway?).

            I too wish that the man had shown more maturity and class while in office, but I’ll take what he actually *did* over what he said any day.

    4. If NB stands for New Brunswick, I’m going to guess you were born and raised just outside Sussex, NB – Canada’s very own hillbilly country, a place where, when couples divorce, they still remain brother and sister.

    5. Romney was mixed up in the Ukraine corruption, corruption well documented when his crackhead son left his laptop and signed it over to the repairman.

      Mitt Romney adviser Joseph Cofer Black, who publicly goes by “Cofer Black,” joined Burisma’s board of directors while Hunter Biden was also serving on the board.

      According to The New Yorker, Hunter joined Burisma’s board in April of 2014 and remained on it until he declined to renew his position this past May. Meanwhile, according to Burisma’s website, Black was appointed in February of 2017 and continues to serve on its board. The timelines would indicate that Black and Biden worked together at Burisma, and indeed, web archives from late 2017 show Black and Biden listed simultaneously on the board. – American Thinker

      Just the fact that Biden apologist trolls are supporting him tells you all you need to know.

  7. Meh. The booing was followed by a FAILURE to censor Mittens. The boos were drowned out in Mormon lockstep. OK … by a Mormon majority. Romney is the exact kind of Pharisee Christ warned us about.

  8. Re: Romney. This quote from a comment about the folks at the McCain funeral.

    “ The people in that cathedral gave us $20T in debt, $800B trade deficits, 9/11, repeated wars in foreign lands, the hollowing out of our industrial base, disrespect for our institutions, disrespect for us as a people, the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, a foreign invasion never before seen in our history and racial tensions as bad as they have been in a long time. Screw em.”

    If I wrote for a hundred years I couldn’t get close to this.

  9. And Romney still showed no shame. It proves that these politicians as sociopaths. I would have been crawling under the podium if that happened to me.

  10. Is it so that the Mormons think of themselves to be little gods?
    In case of the affirmative, Romney is god unto himself and hence superior to anyone else a legend in his own mind.
    While Trump may have his moral shortcomings, Romney has them too, he just does not think so.

    1. My late cousin, a Mormon convert, disliked Trump, even though he claimed to be a conservative. I often wondered if it was because Trump beat Romney for the nomination.

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