11 Replies to “Progressive Justice”

  1. Eradicate CIVILIZATION it’s your duty!



    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”

    1. No shit! Those read like the tenets of Anarchists, eh? The tenets of ANTIFA. So … we want to topple our civilization and replace it with black clad looters and vandals. What could possibly go wrong with that?

    1. It is a done deal.. The children, grandchildren and great great grandchildren of the builders of North America and Europe are self-destructing themselves.

    2. And how has the trickle down economics worked for you that we were lied into following?
      Turned us into crooks with laws protecting the politicians, banks and economic money manipulators.
      Nice economic experiment…NOT.

      1. jojo, there is no such thing as trickle up economics. The poor in Canada pay for very little, those of us who managed to benefit under a modestly free economic system are still paying for the others. How many welfare recipients bought a house last year?

  2. 86% of black violence in the cities are black on black and yet the media wants you to believe it is because your a racist for their violence and more white kids need to get killed so that police will look the other way of total anarchy in the cities.
    Why does Maxine Waters goes to a different state and encourages more violence if the police officer gets acquitted?
    Not her state, so who cares…

    You are entering the Twilight Zone, and don’t let the door slam your ass when you leave.

  3. Get woked; go extinct. That is our trajectory. Ask any modeling specialist.

    Am I a “racialized” Canadian in Vancouver? I think so. I am a tall, blonde of good Scottish/Irish/maybe Nordic and German stock and no one here is. Maybe my great grand children will get reparations from killing off “old ” Canadian so called “settlers”.

    Crappy old homes and bills about assisted dying work.. Modern type of local Genocide.

  4. Because: it’s everyone else’s fault – particularly Whites – except your own.

    Because: Everyone is responsible – particularly Whites – for you except for you.

    Therefore, the system is inherently racist and based on white supremacy. There is only one equitable manner to end crime. Those committing crimes are just resisting the system. Thus, criminals must be given reverse punishment. For example: Petty shoplifting is $10 paid for the first offence and it doubles with each subsequent offence. Murder is $1 million for the first offence and doubles with each subsequent offence. The criminal keeps receiving these amounts until he/she/it/zer learns his/her/its/zer’s lesson.
    A Leftist Liberal will subscribe to the foregoing without question.

    1. It gets worse…
      In Canada, you have no Constitutional rights as our governments have no evidence prepared and still assessing the science.
      Your Constitutional rights are suspended.
      Courts will not hear the defense of individual Constitutional rights.
      The health order even if bogus overrides your rights.

  5. The next logical step, is that crime simply stops being reported. Each neighbourhood will have their own police force (i.e. gang) and official government sources will never be informed.

    Of course, we already know that without official police presence, paramedics, fire fighters, will not enter an area. Entire blue cities are permanently going to take on the war zone look of large areas of Detroit.

    The best part? All the people who voted for it, all the civil servants and politicians who oversaw it? They get to setup shop in red counties, and start from scratch!